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Author Topic: [Interest check] Galaxy Of Confusion  (Read 1165 times)

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[Interest check] Galaxy Of Confusion
« on: May 21, 2008, 02:14:29 pm »
The Partical SR17 -10th may 6924, Say what you will, but this once isolated criminal-organized sector became the most prominent part of the Milkyway, 3 Ideologies clash in this part of the galaxy, each refusing to back down, each claiming it is in the right.

The Galactic People's Republic
Home-world: Zeta-Centauri
Ideology: Communism
Faction Leader: Triumvirate - Kain Sigfried Springfield, Edmund von Grimbanks, Felix Dzierzynski

From the eastern parts of the galaxy, with the Hive world of Zeta-Centauri as the capital, the ancient book " Das Kapital" is worshiped as the holy book of the Working proletariat of this galaxy.  Found from the ashes of the fascist "Curvetian Enclave" lead by the Swinarags, also commonly called Boarmen, the tome raised the supreme ideology that was dead for nearly 2 thousand years. The Triumvirate sets their rule in the most part of the eastern borders, surrounded by numerous Socialist planets.  The very heart of the "Galactic People's Republic" is considered one of the greatest heavens for the abused worker class. With the child leader Kain Sigfried Springfield, or should we say the 12th clone of the over 700 year old comrade, and the loyalty of the Engiseers of the forge world Shakuras, he is ready to hold his ground and protect the people he swore to sustain in friendship and equality, which he did for almost 12 of his own lifespans.


Humans or how there called by other races "Terrans" are the most numerous race of the Milky-way, following the event of the Moon crashing down on to there birth-planet, Earth, they have scattered throughout the whole galaxy and seated colonies on numerous planets - usually already inhabited by other races, but did that ever stop them? Humans are multi-purpose and they can take on any profession in the galaxy, but its almost 100% assured they will be half-assed compared to races that find a chosen profession as there heirloom and have been perfecting it for decades. Humans excel in diplomacy and politics, the art of "pouring water" has been perfected by them ever since the dawn of their civilization which allows them to add a +1 to their persuasion roll score. Humans by standards are the race easiest to bribe or corrupt, since by nature they're greedy, selfish, and arrogant.
Sexuality: Chaotic
Average lifespan: 100
Highest sexual activness: 15-30
Time of overbloseming: 45

Dubbed "Elves" by the Humans arriving on the planet, the peaceful race of Zetarans live in the woods of Zeta-Centauri. Their pointy ears and human-like features make Zetarans one of the most accepted race by Terran colonies.  They don't look for fights or trouble in general and more and more of the zetarans are moving in to the suburban town where workers live, since the Hive hearts of the world are deemed unfit for any living creatures. Zetaran women are considered vixen and exotic  They're usually found in the many Pubs located in the factories, where workers get an hourly break once per 3 hours. Zetarans are accomplished trackers and Marksmen, which allows them to add +1 to their hit roll when using ranged weaponry or +1 on a tracking roll (one of them has to be chosen while making a Zetaran Character) yet still they may take on any profession.
Sexuality: High
Average lifespan: 140
Highest sexual activness: 15-70
Time of overbloseming: 100

The 88th Column
Home-world: Zerundo
Ideology: Fascism
Faction leader: Singwardz Graveltusk

From the Wester sub-wastes came the horrendous and sinister Remenents of the "Curvetian Enclave" with their new home-world of Zerundo, now baptized with the name " 88th Column", often with swarms of mindless zealots and Swinragian Uberfuhrers, preaching the quotes from "Mein Kampf" to the swarming brethren as they crush the lesser races under their steel hoofs. The Grand-Trupler Singwardz Graveltusk has taken all measures to ensure his power over the already conquered slave races, and has built most of his potential on forced labor and slavery.


Swinarags are the most rotten and sinister race within this sector, their fascination with racial purity has cost many races their freedom and birthright. Swinarags stand about 7 feet tall and their faces somewhat resemble someone completely faceless (think - protoss from Starcraft).  They breathe CO2.  Cosmetically they're not at all hideous, they're quite charming, their skin dyed ash Grey and their eyes are usually large and yellow. Awkwardly enough the race itself originates from plants; the only reason they're called "boarmen" is because their racial name is awfully similar to the word "Swine" (Pig), and because they have massive hooves instead of feet. Swinarags are intimidating and strong, but also they're mostly composed of shock troops which gives them a +2 to save rolls against hits, but at the same time adds a +1 to hit roll to the opponent, since Swinarags classify as Big targets.  The swinarags themselves get a -1 on puzzle or any other intellect required tasks. Swinarags excel in professions such as Slavers, Mercenaries, Bodyguards and Interrogators; they accomplish poorly as Spies, recon and slaves, they cannot be assassins.
Sexuality: Moderate
Average lifespan: 250
Highest sexual activeness: 40-140
Time of overbloseming: 180

Any Other race that decides to be affiliated with the 88th Column automatically receives "Slave" status.

The White Empire
Home-world: Nexus
Ideology: Feudalism
Faction leader: Baroness Alexandra Pernolde

The very center of the galaxy is the shining sector called the Nexus.  People from all over the galaxy enjoy this great big hazard sector, seeing most of the manufacturing consists on the reproductivity of both communists and fascists, the Nexus has no need to fear recession or crisis, the Borgouise of the galaxy laugh and enjoy the pleasures of life only the raw power of Capitalistic money can provide.  Supplied with food and machineries from the Republic and slaves from the Column, this is considered a a true paradise of the wealthy and snobbish. But Aside from that, Duke Alexander Pernolde, the Emperor of the "Free Imprerium" is nevertheless preparing his fleet and monarchist ilk to be ready to spill blood in the name of feudal values. Supported by the vast knowledge of the Izaragdian, also known as "Vizardz", the vast clan of Hussars that are in servitude to his vassal Felix Stronski and the Zealous Monks of the Crimson Crusade, he will go to any length to keep his position in this sector.


The original inhabitants of Nexus, Nexarians are a short and fragile race of mystics.  With their obsession with in-depth exploration of the marvels and mysteries of newer and newer Spell books, it's surprising there's any of them left to reproduce. Nexarians stand a mere 3-4 feet tall, their skin dark Green and their bodies quite fragile.  Nexarian women are obsessed with their looks and use more and more advanced spells to give their curves a larger and fuller profile. Nexarian men, on the other hand, are consumed with their work.  The most prominent university is located in the heart of the Nexus - Izaragdian. There the most brilliant minds of Nexarians called "Vizardz" research spells and rituals that will aid the Imperium in the time of need. Nexarians excel as Mystics, Warlocks, and Occultists; they accomplish poorly as Diplomats and Tacticians.  They cannot hold any Melee-originated class, except assassins.
Males: close to almost nothing
Females: extremely high
Average lifespan: 800
Highest sexual activeness: 100-350
Time of overbloseming: 450

Both tactical and Political moves have begun, this game of eternal chess can finish only with the total victory of one of those 3 ideals, and the total defeat of all others.
The Game is technically free-form, but whenever it comes down to faceing hostile NPCS or other players, weather phisically or in polemics, also rolls will be applied to events like breaking key-codes, or hacking in to Mainframes.

The races listed are the moste numerous and/or influencial in the galaxy, your free to make up your own race, but before you can play it I have to approve there racial bonuses and penalties, anything els is free to manipulate as you wish. Note too that your race can be afflicted with any of the fractions, but keep in mind a Swinrage will defiantly have problems getting accepted by any other society than the Column itself.

I'm thinking of making Boarmen only GM playable but you guys can decide weather or not I should.

Reviews would be appreciated
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