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Started by BitterSweet, October 14, 2012, 12:37:12 PM

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I can't seem to get my time to show up correctly. I'm Pacific Standard Time (west coast us) which should be GMT -8 but... it's never right for me.  And, if I do manage to get it corrected, will other people's posts show up in my time or in theirs?


You can change forum time through your profile (Look and Layout > Time offset). Unless you do so, everything shows in server time, which is GMT-6.

After adjustment, all timestamps appear according to your own time settings.
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I do have my time set at GMT -8 and the time is shows on my post is like ... 6:20 am, when it's actually 12:20 pm here.


Oh wait - I changed it to GMT-2, to adjust for the base timezone the forum is in and I think I've got the correct time now.

ETA: that's correct.  That isn't very clear on the layout - that you need to adjust to inlude the forum base time.


Just went to look at this myself, and it doesn't actually say 'GMT-2' - it specifies 'offset' and gives what the current server time is as a guideline.  I also just noticed an 'autodetect' link next to the input box, which also worked nicely.
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I assumed offset from GMT 0, which has been usual in other forums I've been on (since, for example, I had no idea what timezone the forum is based in).  When it auto-detected, it did give me -2 but I (also incorrectly) assumed that when I saved the change it would should the accurate time in the example near the box - but that's a fixed example that just shows how the format would look, not the actual time.

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It seems there are several methods sites use for setting time and if you have a suggestion, since our owner is working on new programming you could include that in the Feature Request Thread.

We love hearing your ideas. :-)