SWF looking 4 STR (F/F or F/M)

Started by Kirce, October 14, 2012, 06:36:36 AM

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Hey there!

I hope that the title didn't scare you too much! It's part of the story!

My character posts that ad either on a newspaper or the internet or maybe somewhere at college. It means "Single white female looking for short term relationship". Plus an attached email.

She's not desperate, she's very attractive but she barely has time to date, she own a bar/nightclub, she's less than 30 and she might be studying at college too, go figure! She's totally tired of pointless dates, she also doesn't trust online dating sites so she has decided to create a little echo and just see who answers to it.

That's how the story starts anyway, from the answer to her add the story could go on several ways, depending on what my future writing partner desires. For example:

~ Maybe her stepbrother is the one that she choose without knowing it, thus creating a rather shocking first date.
~ Or maybe it's a total stranger that happens to be her twin soul and.... the short term relationships turns into a true love story.
~ Or... the one she chose happens to be a dangerous one that wants to rape her for no apparent reason!

Or something else! I welcome any ideas and suggestions. Please read my O&O's and spend some time if you decide to contact me as no subject or one line request will be ignored!

Again, don't answer in this thread, PM me instead.