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Author Topic: Corruption (And Other Such Stories) [M/F, M/M, F/F] [Human + Exotic] [MUL-NC-EX]  (Read 1318 times)

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    Sorry, this thread is under constant construction! Please don't mind the mess; I'm still looking for games.

    Hey there. I go by Sigma Octantis (or Kolya) around here, and this is my search thread. I love to explore kinks and I like to please my partner, so I'm usually pretty happy to incorporate something upon discussion. I have an O/O thread here, but it rarely stays up-to-date.

    I never play characters that are wholly submissive, though they can be trained into it if it suits the game. Likewise, I don't want to play with any wholly submissive characters. (That said, there's a difference in being submissive and having no motivation at all... never, ever lay there like a dead fish or write like you don't understand how sex works; that's the quickest way for my interest to drop off, if not immediately. I have, in the past, had experiences where my writing partner turned out to be underage, despite slipping past other sensors and that's just a big... no.)

    Also, I write from a 3rd person perspective; I would very much appreciate it if you do the same.

    A few notes: if something is listed under may, by no means does it have to be involved, it's simply something I'd like to discuss before hand as a yes or a no. I can be reached here or by PM. While I haven't had a lot of luck here on-site, I'm looking forward to playing with you— and thank you for taking the time to read this thread!

    The Fair Angel
    [Possible Characters: Lily]
    [Setting: Middle Ages type / May touch on fantasy, if desired. (Fae?)]
    [May Include: Non-Con, Bondage, Gagging, and General BDSM - Including Extreme (To Be Discussed)]
    [May Become Plot-centric with focus on: government, political ties, war, escape, etc]

    Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
    [All mentions of him are mentions of your character!]

    She was a pretty thing with soft brown curls and a rich, mixed skintone. A subtle blush and freckles lay across her cheeks and framed stormy blue eyes. Her nervous pink tongue kept darting out to run across lips that looked soft and held a delicate color. Fresh-cut stargazer lilies were tied into her hair alongside softer white flowers; a petite frame and small breasts rested underneath her brilliantly white dress that was delicately laced. It fell only to her thighs, a thing of obscene beauty on her. She was as innocent as could be; she rarely even spoke but possessed an interesting (but useless,) gift that usually made up for it. She was supernaturally empathic, both able to sense the emotions of others and let them know of her own desires and emotions without visual or audio clues.

    She had earned her common-given title in both personality and appearance; never had anyone else deserved to be ‘the Fair Angel of Mons Montis’ more than her.

    Her given name was Lily and she was truly a flower; she was a gift and a sign of goodwill between the two nations. She was a gift because, while it was all discussed behind closed doors in hushed whispers and quiet laughs, what better sign of faith than to hand them their most precious flower to be… deflowered? (That's when the laughter came in. It was a good joke and doubtless the humor would be appreciated, they snicker.)

    She was a prefect gift because she was only a flower—something they could pluck for brief enjoyment. Maybe he’d tend to her needs and try to make her last, or perhaps he would see her petals ripped out. He might see her pressed and preserved; a pretty thing for all to see until they grew bored. Who knew, except he? And who would tell; who would care? A flower was, after all, just a flower. She was useless in the long run, but if it could secure an ally…

    She came along with four young guard dogs. Two were doberman, trained to attack with a single cue in order to protect her. They were trained only to listen to their new master’s orders; they paid Lily no heed. Alongside them were two males of a different breed with stark white coats—Argentinian mastiffs. They were intelligent, handsome males and fiercely loyal, affectionate towards her and violent towards others... and very poor with orders. She was supposed to be his and his alone unless he decided otherwise, and so the dogs would be her only companions and friends.

    She came with fabrics and garments and gems and other gifts of monetary value, all of which—including her—were presented after a grand feast and show.

    When the drums beating out to present her die out with a low rumble, she steps forward. There’s fear in her eyes but the faintest hint of satisfaction in the air when she lowers herself to the ground to bow.

    [M/F, M/M, F/F, Other?]
    [Possible Characters: Lily, Elian, Yana/Isaak, ...]
    [Setting: Dark Modern Fantasy (Likely nWoD style, not System unless specifically requested and arranged)]
    [May Include: Exotic Characters, Long-Term Transformation, Non-Con, General BDSM - Including Extreme (To Be Discussed)]
    [May Become Plot-centric with focus on: escape, retaining humanity, or embracing change]

    Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
    [All mentions of they are mentions of your character! (Mentions of 'you' are mine. Sorry for the confusion!)]

    Being in the wrong place at the wrong time has never been a good thing, but at least it sometimes gives interesting results. Unfortunately, getting bound to an Unseelie’s wishes might just be a little too interesting. They seemed fine, at first, almost human-- maybe there was just a little something off. They strolled right up to you in the park and pulled you into a kiss that lulled you into relaxation until you felt something sharp bite down. Pulling back, the fist thing you see is a long line of teeth and a wicked grin…

    The leaves falling from the tree seem to have frozen in place, but they steadily drop off in pieces like rain. The entire world is warping, melting, growing, pulsing— wild vines are springing up from the ground, curling up trees that shrivel and droop or grow strange fruit. And the person in front of you, they’re not the same anymore. They’re not even… a person anymore, with wicked claws and elongated limbs, strangely colored skin or scales or feathers, strange glistening eyes or hair that seems to be made of twigs and leaves and gently crumbling dirt...

    "Mine," they say.

    A Tale of the Sea
    [Possible Characters: Elian, ...]
    [Setting: Historic, Historic-Alt]
    [May Include: (To Be Discussed)]
    [May Become Plot-centric with focus on: the journey home, a change of heart, sweet revenge, extortion.]

    Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
    Overlooking the massive trade city of Waterwalk is the DeMaynne estate, owned and only just recently occupied by a ruling noble family. Their reach extends far along the coastline and a good day's distance into land and it is far from a little known fact that they often choose to move around to new locations on their land.

    The people of Waterwalk seem relatively indifferent to the change-- while they hate having the nobles breathe down their neck, trade and market have prospered because of it. Likewise the town has hardly seen the DeMayne family out and about, even if they knew close eyes were being kept on them.

    This is why people do not recognize the dark-skinned man who strolls through the docks as a man of nobility; he certainly does not look much like either of his parents... Or, at least, he did not look like his father's wife. Those who knew the truth behind this were far and few between, but those who suspected it were a dime a dozen.

    In Waterwalk, no one seems to know him, and while he was catching a few stares, this was likely due to his upscale clothes rather than anyone realizing his identity. This was a worker's dock; it was no place for the rich. Regardless, he seemed to know exactly where he is headed. He stops at one of the smaller vessels, a trade ship that more often then not transported spices. More important than their cargo was the fact that this particular ship has always been owned by the DeMaynne family, and that there were very few sailors nearby... and that made for perfect conditions for a stowaway ship.

    It isn't until hours later that he was discovered.

    A young noblemen who's family holds power over a ship sneaks onto it knowing that they won't realize his identity if he's discovered. He wants to play at being a seaman, mostly to conquer a nasty fear of the water. (This is due to a jellyfish getting tangled around his leg when he was a young child.) He did not factor in how stowaways are treated out at seas, nor that once they're out there he holds no power whatsoever-- they could throw him to the water and he'd be done for. He traps himself with a captain who does not take kindly to stowaways on his ship, nobility or not... but all of the DeMaynne family bares the family crest branded across the left side of their back-- it wouldn't be too long before the captain spotted it.

    He should present the young noble with an ultimatum-- do work or get tossed to the water. (Or worse.)

    To Be A Hero
    [M/F, M/M]
    [Possible Characters: Lily, Elian, Yana/Isaak]
    [Setting: Modern, Modern-Alt]
    [May Include: (To Be Discussed)]
    [May Become Plot-centric with focus on: doing what's right, giving up hope/switching sides, self-sacrifice, the difficulties of training]

    To be edited later.

    (I will play in a universe and with canon characters, though I will very rarely play one myself.)
    • DC Comics - Batman, The Flash, Green Arrow
    • Supernatural

    • Fae; always fae
    • Superheroes
    • Military Settings
    • Professor/Student
    • Some Mythpunk

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    Re: The Fair Angel [M/F, need M. NC/ Possibly EX]
    « Reply #1 on: October 10, 2012, 11:46:48 pm »
    The Characters

    A petite young woman twenty years of age. She has soft, lightly curly brown hair that falls past her shoulders and stormy blue-gray eyes. She has rich, nicely toned skin with a subtle tint and freckles scattered across her cheeks and shoulders. Her breasts are small but shapely; they suit her frame and lend to a subtle, innocent look. Her build is fit and possibly a little athletic; it neither lacks in muscle nor fat but has no overabundance of either.

    She's is opinionated and will not hesitate to speak up in most situations, unless she believes that it would be better to hold her tongue. True to the thought, she tends to think things out in advance, but she's always best when she's thinking on her feet. Lily is slightly playful and very observant; she's fond of horticulture, holistic medicines, and animals driven by a sense of neo-shamanic spirituality. Unsurprisingly for someone so often adorned with fine clothing, she enjoys such things and is easily pleased by such a gift.

    In games where she has a gift/power/ect, Lily is empathetic and/or has the ability to see and manipulate 'auras'. Both abilities allow her to sense the feelings and simple desires of a person, but they differ from there. With her empathy, she's able to make her desires known without visual or verbal clues as she so chooses; her aura abilities allow her to understand the 'feel' of a person. If she trades some of her aura for another's, she can keep very loose tabs on them over a distance. She can their aura through physical contact in order to heal up spiritual 'damage' or inflict some herself, but if the physical or aural contact is broken, it will hurt her greatly.

    [For: The Fair Angel / To Be A Hero / Corruption]

    A young man twenty-two years of age. He has long dark brown hair styled into dreadlocks that are often tied back and hazel (blue dominate) eyes. His skin is a fairly dark hue due to an interesting mix of genetics dominated by Cherokee ancestry. Simple geometric tattoos of lines and circles trail down the outsides of both of is arms, cuffing at the tops and bottoms. He's muscular and very fit, but he's not very wide. He stands at a 6'2.

    He's well-endowed, exceeding the norm in both length and width, but it's a double-edged blessing for him. Elian's constantly driven by sex, flirting his way through man and woman alike. When he's not thinking about sex, he can be surprisingly thoughtful; he concerns himself with the well-being of his friends and crushes alike.

    In games where he has a gift/power/ect, Elian has an ability to produce electricity. The amount he can produce is nearly limitless, but often has disastrous effects under many conditions. It often arcs to metal and electronics, and if there is any electricity back fed to him (or introduced by a foreign source,) it will still injure him. These injuries are less than what they would be for the average person, but still extremely painful and debilitating, often leaving lichtenberg figure scars on his skin that slowly heal. After using a particularly high watt charge, there will often be a leftover surplus that will discharge on the first thing it can upon contact with Elian's skin like static electricity. He also tends to act as a lightning rod, which can lead to some very painful results in a storm.

    There's a dull buzz around him whenever he uses his powers or he gets particularly emotional. When the electricity off him is strong enough to gain a visible form, they're often accompanied by several loud pops and snaps.

    [For: Corruption, To Be A Hero, A Tale of the Sea]


    To be edited later.
    [For: Corruption, To Be A Hero]
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    Offline Two FacedTopic starter

    Hrm hrm. This thread is still under construction, but I am looking for someone to play The Fair Angel with. Please contact me if you're interested!

    Offline Two FacedTopic starter

    Updated and added plots and a general list of things that I'm looking for; only filling out Yana/Isaak's outline and 'To Be A Hero' are left on my list of things to add to this thread. I'm sure I'll edit and add things later on, but for now the thread is mostly polished off.