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Started by doodasaurus, October 07, 2012, 08:39:50 PM

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Hi, I'm doodasaurus and I'm looking for new players.  I'm pretty experienced at post-based online RP.  I consider myself to be funny and smart, basically a good egg.

What I'm looking for is players, who primarily play female characters, who are interested in a fairly rapid game with lots of plot.  While I do like frequent posting, I understand that things happen and I won't be bothered if a person had to go off for a while – if anything, I'll be worried something happened than concerned that the play was interrupted.  Sometimes, I might also have to lapse in play for a variety of reasons, too, because life happens to me, as well!

I am interested in developing lasting, respect-based role-play relationships with these players.  While I like playing with new people, I like having a stable group of people with whom to play.  When I am comfortable with a player, the things I'm willing to do with them increases considerably.  I like trust.  I also like to think I'm loyal to my friends.

I think communication is very important.  If I have a problem, I'll bring it up and we can try to work it out.  I want people to do the same.  I cannot guarantee I we will work things out, but so long as respect and honesty is maintained throughout, I promise not to hold a grudge!  I have definitely been at this long enough to know that finding compatible players can be challenging. 

As to everything else?  Take a look at my posts to see their length and such.  You can find my sexual RP limits here – the sexual limits are my maxima, not my minima; I would be quite content with a vanilla relationship (or no sexual relationship at all if required by the plot) if I like how my partner plays.  For length, it is somewhat variable according to the situation but I have been told my entire life that brevity is one of the key virtues in writing and I have entirely adopted that into my style, so I write the minimum necessary to express myself and give my fellow players enough with which to richly respond.

Important Note about doodasaurus -- he is sick

It's happened twice, now, on E, which means it's likely to happen, again.  I am sick.  The sort of sick that means I can go from 100% raring to go to in a deep, dark, hospitalized and/or heavily medicated hole in hours.  When I'm good to go, I am generally very communicative with any issues that might arise.  But when I get sick, I . . . often can't get online to even say I am sick.  I, also, sometimes, have false starts, when I think I'm better but I am not, so I'll come online and say, "I think I'm better" but I'll be wrong and I will be seized and dragged back into all that misery and darkness.  There's some more about it in my A/As.

It's not something I much like talking about, but I know that this pattern of behaviour really annoys a lot of people.  But it's a fact that anyone who is going to play with me must deal with, I fear.  Several times, I've gone, "Oh, this time it'll be different" but it hasn't been in the past, so I doubt it will be in the future.  I am trying to cope with the dimensions of my illness and I have made progress and I hope to continue making progress . . . but the odds are I'll get sick, again, without warning.

When I return, I would like to start things up, again, too, even though I am aware that is not always possible.  To make it worse, when I do come back, I often feel embarrassed for having left without saying anything and this makes me hesitate to contact people I had been playing with, before, even though it's almost never the case they've done anything "wrong", and this is especially true of if I've had one or more false starts with them.  So if you're reading this and going, "That jerk never contacted me", well, it's probably sheer embarrassment on my part.  I generally welcome it when previous players contact me.

Characters I Like to Play

Everyone has character types they prefer to play, types that they've had success with.  I'm going to list some of my favorites:

  • Backwoods aristocrat: Not just fit for pre-modern settings, I can play this kind of person in very modern ones, as well.  The character who comes from a place where honor still exists – a kind of tough and hard honor, touchy and frequently violent.  A knight from a rural province, an outlaw biker, a crook moving into the big city from the Ozarks.  People with their own sense of right and wrong who are willing to live and die by it.  More than occasionally, they are tarnished, too.
  • Decadent aristocrat: This is the mirror image of the backwoods person.  He's been raised in wealth and privilege all his life.  Honor is just words.  He will often be treacherous, generally well-educated, navigating the world through wits – though often capable of surprising amounts of violence when pressed.  After all, war is just an extension of politics.  Murder, too.  The character could be a rich count, a poor baron, a corporate executive, spy or assassin.  The key traits are decadence, treachery and selfishness.
  • Athletic rogue.  Generally coming from a poor background, this character has made their way up from the gutter through daring and quick wits.  They are street tough, often veterans of ugly conflicts, generally self-educated and cynical.  However, more than just about any other character I play, they are likely to have a soft side.  They have seen how bad life gets and they despise the system and people who grow rich off the fat of others.  They are cat burglars, bandits and con men.
  • Tough guy.  Many of us, here, are frustrated writers.  I am a frustrated martial artist, pretty committed to the martial arts but not having the particular combination of dedication and pain tolerance to make a run at it professionally.  As a result, a bunch of my characters are the tough guy I will never be!

There are certainly other things and I'll add them as I think of them!  I am also willing to branch out if you've got a good idea!

Character Types I Like to Play With

I also like specific types of characters, ones I prefer and with whom I've had a fair bit of success.

  • Bad women: I like women who are bad.  Dangerous.  They don't mind using sex to get what they want.  They are manipulative and powerful, refusing to play second fiddle to anyone.  Mmm.  Bad.
  • Tough women: They can take care of themselves.  They are good at risky endeavors – they run, jump, climb and fight as well as any man.  They know it.
  • Athletic woman: I also like it when women are athletic.  Oh, I very much like curves, but I like athletic women very, very much.
  • Intelligent women: I have nearly no interest in women who aren't sharp as a tack.  This is doubly so on a medium like this where physical presence places a slight role![/li[
I don't intend for this to be read as a straightjacket.  If you're a good player with a good idea, I'll listen!  But over the years, I've definitely noticed there are some things I like.

Preferred Genres of Play

This is very general, but serves to give an idea of the things I like.  I go into more detail later on with specific plot ideas, but I you've got plots in these areas, the odds are I'll be very interested!

  • Sword and sorcery fantasy (Game of Thrones, the Elric Saga)
  • Low fantasy (Thieves' World)
  • Alternate history (Ancient Greece, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance)
  • Superheroes (Anything from Silver Age to modern deconstructed superheroes, but especially Nightwing)
  • Science fiction and fantasy so long as it is not hard sf (Dune, Battlestar Galactica)
  • Dark modern fantasy (Buffy and Angel, Once Upon a Time, Highlander)
  • Post-apocalypse and end of the world (A Boy and His Dog, Jericho, the Biblical Apocalypse)
  • Modern action and adventure (James Bond, Jason Bourne, 24)
  • Crime fiction (LA Confidential, Devil in a Blue Dress, The Big Sleep)

This is not comprehensive.  If you're an agreeable player, we'll probably be able to sort something out.

Specific Games – One on One Ideas

I've put in at least one plot hook for each game so people know that I do have plot ideas in mind, but everything is open to negotiation!  So, talk to me!

Gotham Knights and the Demon and the Terminator
Type of Play: DC Universe fandom, specifically the Bat-family.
What I Play: Nightwing.
What You Play: A character fitting the idiom of Gotham City play, basically meaning a “normal” person with extraordinary skills often supplemented with gadgets and weapons or a “minor” super-power.  Canon examples would be Catwoman, the Huntress, Black Canary, Talia al-Ghul.
Plot: Deathstroke the Terminator got a job he couldn't refuse, to kill the Bat according to the orders of Ra's al-Ghul and after a long struggle did so.  He has now become the battle commander of the League of Assassins.  Ra's al-Ghul is starting his program, at last, to bring about the global genocide necessary to accomplish his goals of saving the earth's environment – he is doing this by flooding the black market with transhuman weaponry, weapons of alien, extradimensional or super-science origin.  He has been collecting such things for hundreds of years and in the hands of the wrong people, well, they will become more powerful than the government but too widespread for the world's “heroes” to stop.  That's his plan, anyway, and he's got to be stopped.

To Ride the Lightning
Type of Play: Highlander immortals.
What I Play: Duncan MacLeod or some other immortal, either canon or OC
What You Play: An immortal, canon or OC, or even a mortal
Plot: Someone has learned to harness the power of the Quickening to give it to people, turning them immortal.  It all starts when a player character kills another immortal and rather than recieving the Quickening, themselves, they see it flow away to some remote location.  This beings the investigation into the man who would create immortals and control their Quickenings . . .

A Setting Sun in Westeros
Type of Play: Game of Thrones, sword-and-sorcery low fantasy.
What I Play: Jaime Lannister.
What You Play: Open to considerable negotiation.
Plot: The point of deviation would start when the Robert Baratheon visits Winterfell.  Your character would be either a member of the Winterfell Court or part of the King's entourage, or anything else that strikes your fancy.  The initial plot would be quite similar to the novel/first season of the TV show but since we would control our characters independently, divergence would be reasonably swiftly, going where we will as Westeros falls quite apart.

The Many Faces of Chaos
Type of Play: Fandom based on the Amber novels by Roger Zelazny, particularly the Corwin novels.  If you're familiar with the rules for the table-top RPG, I was intending the game to be freeform but acknowedge they're pretty good inspiration!
What I Play: Karna, son of Flora, of Amber; good-looking, charming, cultured and sophisticated, but he bears a great sword that flashes like the sun when drawn.
What You Play: The daughter of one of the Princes or Princesses of Amber (including Flora), or a minor to mid-range member of the Courts of Chaos.
Plot: After the great war between Chaos and Amber (before the Merlin books begin), both Amber and the Courts of Chaos have to deal with the repercussions of Amber's victory, the redrawing of the lines between Order and Chaos more towards Amber, and the largely unknown presence of the second Pattern.  But somewhere in the depths of the oceans, the darkness of the skies and the cold places of the world, something stirs, something ancient and terrible . . .  The plot would be the characters investigating and facing the forces unleashed as a consequence of the Patternfall War.


Rebman Apocalypse
Under the mountain of Kolvir, on the bay of Amber, there was a hush.  Few knew the Rebmans has been seeing a dark shadow over them, and those who knew hand no idea what to do.  Fewer yet knew that Random had engaged with the Jewel of Judgment to no effect.  What happened, then, was a surprise.  Even for Random.

In Remba, there was an earthquake.  The towers fell and there was chaos.  Then there was darkness.  The city, in a mass, fell into some pit beneath it.

Amber saw this as an explosion of nuclear proportions.  In the vacuum created by the fall of Remba, a city-sized bubble went up.  When it burst, it did so with the volume of all of Rebma.  This created a vacuum that sucked an enormous volume of air into the void, it leveled the city near the water, it tore towers down.  Kolvir trembled and the seawards walls slid down into the water, exposing the Pattern chamber.  Then the backblast happened, knocking down buildings far inland.

The void of Rebma was replaced with a giant whirlpool draining down to what no one knew.  But it was frigid.  It sucked the heat from Amber, when a wind blew from the sea, it snowed, coating the city in ice.  Many called it the end of the world.

Spike and Faith
Type of Play: Buffyverse fandom, well, Angelverse, you know, same diff.
What I Play: Spike.
What You Play: Faith.
Plot: Spike and Faith have always been the outsiders, either with Buffy or with Angel.  They just didn't fit into either of those boxes.  They could never get fully behind how those other people did things.  So they're out there doing their thing, fighting the good fight, and they run into each other . . . where they discover that while they don't to things like Buffy or Angel, they do things pretty much alike when they're with each other.  The plot would be action-y, going around, fighting demons and other threats, getting into hijinx of all sorts![/s]

Horrors from Beyond the Curve of Space and Time
Type of Play: Cosmic horror heavily influenced by Lovecraft.  It can also be historical, played in the 1890s and 1920s as easily as the modern day.
What I Play: Heavily dependent on the time period and structure of the plot.
What You Play: Highly variable, what you want.
Plot: The idea is that two people who are together at nearly any kind of event you care to name see something horrific that marks them.  They have witnessed something that is indisputably supernatural and, worse, it has seen them.  Bonded by that experience and their mutual enemies, they must try to survive in a world of terrors beyond imagining.

Lost in the Underdark
Type of Play: Fantasy, heavily inspired by D&D's Underdark though the game is freeform and the Underdark is inspiration only.
What I Play: An adventurer from the surface who has been swept deep, deep into the Underdark and doesn't know how to get home.
What You Play: At a guess, a sexy drow but whatever floats your fancy, so long as it's a native of the Underdark.
Plot: My character is a fish out of water, a surface dweller trapped in the decadent Underdark.  Since it's not often that they get guests from the surface world, he is not killed.  He is, of course, enslaved.  Your character would start off as the mistress of the slave, tasked with discovering what he knows while preventing his escape as he's a canny one.

The Cinequecento – the Tale of Firenze
Type of Play: Renaissance historical, taking place in the late 15th century in Florence, Italy, with some clockwork miracles that transcend the technological boundaries of the time, some alchemy capable of doing things outside of the actually possible.  Mostly historical with a touch of the fantastic.
What I Play: Gianfrancesco di Rocca Pietore, a young nobleman just returned from the Orient.
What You Play: An Italian noblewoman, a woman of beauty, dignity and breeding.  She can have as many secrets as it takes to make the character interesting in a game of politics and murder, of course!
Plot: Cesare Borgia has his sights set on conquering Florence.  He is negotiating with the King of France to get the troops to do this.  The de Medicis need agents to stop both of these things from coming to pass, and our characters are them – they will have carte blanche to break up the Papal-French alliance, or to sabotage it from within, or sabotage Cesare's war efforts.

Taken Game Ideas

All available for play, currently.

Lapsed Game Ideas

Just a place for me to keep those game ideas that I am not currently interested in.  My interest could return but it would take a really good pitch!

The Knights of Caerleon
Type of Play: King Arthur-based role-play, somewhere between Geoffrey of Monmouth and the Alliterative Morte d'Arthur – historical with elements of magic and fantasy.
What I Play: Gawaine or Lancelot, depending on where you want to go.
What You Play: One of the more powerful members of Arthur's court or one of his frenemies – Guinevere, Morgause or especially Morgan le Faye.  An original character would also be welcome, so long as they can play a role in society either through magic, status or arms.  Redefining one of the traditional knights as a woman would work for me, too.
Plot: That would depend heavily on the specific characters played.  The clear options, to me, would be either Arthur's court when it was young and they were consolidating his power in the face of his many, many enemies or near the end of Arthur's reign to witness and participate in the moral and physical collapse of his rule.  There are others one could imagine, too!

The Apocalypse – Fimbulwinter
Type of Play: Post-apocalypse.  There has been a nuclear holocaust and the nuclear winter has transitioned the earth into a cold, windy world and jump started a new Ice Age.  The characters are locked in a perpetually ice bound major city, such as New York, with nowhere to go, really.  Survivors of the holocaust and ice age generally fight over scraps, though if a person can fish there are plenty of things in the icy seas to eat . . . and some that will eat you.  I was also seeing there being some strange mutagens that were used during the conflict that have created ice zombies – dead humans who have risen in the cold.  They hate the warmth, anything above freezing is eventually death to them, and the prefer it well below freezing (they also avoid the sun for long periods of time unless it is quite bitterly cold).  As the mutagens progress, the ice zombies become increasingly freakish and there is some proof that there are people behind the accelerating mutations since they are just too convenient.
What I Play: A survivor.
What You Play: Another survivor!  I know, creative!
Plot: The first part of the plot will be survival horror.  The characters are brought together in a skyscraper that is surrounded by zombies when a storm hits.  The whole building is well below freezing and there isn't any sunlight to give anyone a break.  They will need to pass the gauntlet of horrors and find safety in the warmer tunnels beneath the city.  Sorta like Die Hard with zombies when it's really cold.  They will collect clues as to a greater conspiracy along the way.

Prison Entertainment Complex
Type of Play:Dystopia near future, possibly cyberpunk.  In a corporate controlled future, prisons are run for profit.  One of the most profitable revenue streams are death matches.  Prisoners are set against each other in gladiatorial contests – unarmed, armed, guns, death races, or even just lethal game shows like fighting dogs for meat.  The goal is to accumulate enough points to earn freedom.  Inside, teams have formed where like-minded prisoners train to win – these sessions are co-ed, though heavily monitored (for ratings sake).  Winners get the good life, prison-wise, the losers die. While at the same time, the prisoners must survive the interior power struggles of the prison – gangs, a corrupt administration, things like that.
What I Play: An inmate who just might be good enough to make it out alive.
What You Play: Female inmates are allowed to participate, so probably another inmate.  Matches aren't random, they are structured to provide the highest entertainment value, so even in hand-to-hand combat dramatic mismatches are rare, so don't worry about that.
Plot: First survival in the brutal system to bind our characters together.  Then a prison break.  Then being on the run from the authorities, which might mean getting recaptured and put back into the system for at least one more prison break.

Hollywood Noir
Type of Play: Crime drama based in the 1950s Hollywood, Los Angeles and Las Vegas.
What I Play: Martin Sainclair, a former Marine who served in the Pacific Theater, including Burma, a former LAPD officer, and current bagman and dogsbody for Mickey Cohen and Howard Hughes.
What You Play: Socialite, adventurer, actress, singer, call girl . . . someone classy, perhaps rich, but your own creation depending on how you want the play to go.
Plot: Your character is related (either by blood or a romantic relationship) to a person now dead.  But that person had something that several people want, including Martin's boss, Howard Hughes, and Martin has been dispatched to get it, believing your character possesses it.  When he arrives, other people arrive, too, after the same thing, and now it's up to Martin to make sure your character doesn't fall into the wrong people's hands.

Profile of Martin Sainclair
The character is roughly based off of two people, Robert Maheu and Fred Otash.  He's a Hollywood insider who worked with (not for) the FBI, CIA but mostly with organized crime (particularly Mickey Cohen) and Howard Hughes, as well as major studio heads when they needed things done off the books.  His main employer is Hughes, for whom he serves primarily as a pimp and drug dealer for Howard's heroin addiction, though Richard Nixon comes in a close second.

Personally, he's a relocated French-Canadian who was in law school and working for the LAPD when the war broke out.  Up until then he was a good guy, hard-working, steady in his relationships.  But when his parents relocated they didn't understand the racial make-up of LA and settled between a lower class black neighborhood and a middle-classed Japanese neighborhood.  As a kid, all his friends were Japanese, and instead of learning to wrestle, he learned judo.  Instead of boxing, he had karate.  More importantly to the OSS, he spoke Japanese.  So when he went into the Marines, he got to go to the Pacific theater and Burma.  It was pretty bad in Burma, both sides ran out of bullets so there was a lot of hand-to-hand combat that was medieval in its intensity.  It was a horrible cycle.  His unit would be destroyed, it would be combined with other destroyed units and sent out to be destroyed.  Every so often they would get some kids who didn't know anything about jungle fighting, who would die.  They kept sending him back in because almost no one in the United States spoke Japanese.  Excuse me, almost no white people spoke Japanese and they didn't let the actual loyal and patriotic Americans of Japanese descent serve in the Pacific.  It also meant after the war, he got sent to Japan to help oversee the occupation.

It changed him.  He got back, didn't finish law school, quit the police department and got a private investigator's license.  Mickey Cohen liked having an ex-cop on the payroll and introduced him around, including to Howard Hughes.  Howard liked it that Martin was a war hero and introduced him around, too.  Soon, Martin knew everyone and everyone knew that if you needed something done, well, Martin was the guy who would do it for you.

In personality, Martin comes off as cold and gruff because, let's face it, he's fucked up.  He's got a huge serving of post-traumatic stress disorder and no one knows what the hell that is, so he can't hold down a straight job or anything like that, and his moral compass is very much off-kilter.  Under the gruff is the violence and under the violence is the depression and under THAT is the guy who wanted to become a prosecutor to put away bad guys.


I would love to talk and discuss potential in plotting an RP with you if you are still in search of a partner. Thank you. (:
Hello E friends. For those who've role played with me, I disappeared for a while due to lack of access to a computer and personal issues. Life has calmed down and I now have access to E and inspiration has struck me again. :)



I just got approval this afternoon, so I think I'm all set in regards to the "new player" requirement. Read through your interest check and noticed we have fairly similar expectations and standards when it comes to games and writing. Unfortunately, I'm not one who'll be able to post every day. I tell my partners from the get-go that my posting schedule is as erratic as life tempts it to be, but I do always give a heads-up when they're in for a long haul. If by any chance you'd be willing to overlook that, I'd be more than happy to create a story with you.

Drop me a note if you're interested.  :-)


I would be interested in a plot in the vein of Once Upon a Time, if you're interested. Specifically, I really, really like Jefferson and would be over the moon to play Alice as his "lost" wife and mother of Grace. PM me if you're interested in working out a plot. I am a frequent poster and my posts tend to be as short or long as the moment needs.
Read my ons/offs. Want to one-on-one? PM with ideas

Ons and Offs: https://elliquiy.com/forums/index.php?topic=42859.0



I've been dying to do a Gotham-based play and 'Gotham Knights and the Demon and the Terminator' sounds perfect. If you're interested, let me know. I've got the gears going for a badass new heroine, perhaps one falsely imprisoned in Arkham Asylum and recently released? Hmm... :)


Mar 5: Moved games around to reflect current make-up of games!  Still looking and such!
May 29: Added section about my illness and why I sometimes just vanish.  Some general updating, too.
May 31: Added sections about the kind of characters I play and the ones I like to play against!
June 19: Added Game of Thrones storyline.
July 13: Added Highlander storyline.
Aug 23: Edited for clarity.