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Author Topic: Shadowguard's Ideas. [Female Seeking Any]  (Read 560 times)

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Shadowguard's Ideas. [Female Seeking Any]
« on: October 05, 2012, 08:57:25 PM »
About Me:

  • I am a pretty easy going person, open to a lot of ideas that my rp partner might have. So please don't hesitate on letting me know if you have something you would like to add/change. I won't bite.
  • I really like when my partner has ideas to add, it is a bit frustrating when I am the only one making up events that should happen and stuff like that. Brainstorm people.
  • I'm not a grammar nazi, but come on, people on here should have a good grasp on grammar and proper punctuation. Also, BIG thing, know the difference between; your, you're, wear, were, where, their and there. I am really surprised at how many people don't know when to use the right word.
  • A good plot is essential in the game, I do not want it all to be about sex. There will be sex, but don't make it out to be all about sex, you know? Good story line is also important.
  • I am pretty much known to be able to post every day, I don't like making my partner wait, so I post as soon as I can. True there will be those days I may not be in the mood to rp, but other than that, no problem with posting. I post as much as my partner does. If you don't want to put effort in it, I won't either, which will lead to me eventually asking for an end. So, I pretty much try to stick to 2+ paragraphs. Oh, and no godmodding.
  • I usually play submissive characters, but can switch. For more information about my O/O's please use the link in the bottom. Again, if you want to add something, please let me know. I am happy to discuss it with you.

Ideas For Games

  • Craving: FF7 Game: A couple years have passed (After Dirge of Cerberus) AVALANCHE was relocated to an isolated base outside of Midgar. Where Reeves is the leader and Cloud, Tiffa, Yuffie, Vincent, Barrett, Cid, Shelke and occaionally Rude, Tseng and Reno, are the inhabitants. One night, Reeves asks Cloud and Vincent to pick up a package deep in Great Glacier in a helicopter, little did they know, the package is actually a person. (they think it is a male, being that she is wearing male deep ground uniform) Once they arrive at the base, Cloud and Vincent talk to Reeves, not taking notice to the person taking the uniform off, revealing it is a female named Alexia. Vincent instantly feels something for her, but refuses to act upon those emotions. Later on Reeves asks for each person at the base show her what they do, starting with Vincent at the gun range. There the story progresses with Vincent trying to deny his feelings for Alexia, the more he spends time with her the more he forgets about Lucrecia and accepts his love for Alexia.
    There will be lots of drama throughout the game and even after Vincent admits his love. So it won't stop there. Looking for a long term game, need someone to be Vincent (m or f, doesn't matter who plays him). I can play the npc's you are welcome to as well. Also, Vincent strikes me as the rough sex kind of type, so that is a want in the whole sex events, along with him being the dominant one.
  • Craving:I am also craving an Kingdom Hearts game, though it would consist of Sora and the gang being older, maybe early 20's. Still haven't thought of a good plot for this one, but I will gladly brainstorm with this one. Looking for someone to play Sora.


  • Would like someone to play as Death (will be able to shift from reaper to human form) He would be dominant and possessive. Death has been looking into the human world for a very long time, taking souls where they needed to be taken. Watching people die, live, thrive and fall. He found the humans to be weak minded, waste of space and unworthy. That is until he visited a woman that was about to give birth to a little girl, he knew the mother was going to die. She had been given a choice, either save herself or her daughter. True he found that she had sacrificed herself for her daughter intriguing. After seeing the girl being born, he instantly had a bit of an interest in her, so he watched her grow up into a beautiful young lady. It wasn't until a night out with her friends that Remy had to walk home when her father failed to pick her up. Little did she know that that night was going to be her last, unless someone saved her. Death was there, watching, knowing she had to die that night. He saw the car coming for her, but he had saved her just in time and took her to his own world. A world where vampires, ghouls, werewolves and every creature of the night lived. She was going to be the first human to set foot there, causing a few species to get interested and start the chase.

    I have other ideas for this, but that needs to be discussed with partner. Also this will be a NC to C.

PM me if interested. Thanks for reading!
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Re: Shadowguard's Ideas. [Female Seeking Any]
« Reply #1 on: October 18, 2012, 04:27:58 PM »
Updated with Death idea in the 'Other' section.