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April 10, 2021, 09:10:52 am

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Author Topic: Through the Looking Glass ~Female seeking Male~  (Read 507 times)

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Offline CyanideKandiKissesTopic starter

Through the Looking Glass ~Female seeking Male~
« on: October 05, 2012, 02:44:32 am »
I got this idea from a thread of rabbitEye's.

As a child, you found you were able to... travel to another realm. Be it through the looking glass, a pinch of fairy dust, down the rabbit hole, or through the wardrobe. Except this other-worldly realm was a bit, backwards. A place for shadow folk and demon-like creatures. They tormented you, filled your head with nightmares, were always whispering for you to do horrible things as a child. One day, the whispers, the shadows, their entire horrible world, had vanished. Perhaps the mirror had cracked, the wardrobe had burned, or you had been moved away, away, from all of the unseemly specters. Many years pass. You age and mature into a lovely woman. You have made a life for yourself. Perhaps you are married. One night, they return. Well... not they, per se, rather, him. This villain of your childhood, who, too, has become more than a childish demon who merely whispers things through the glass. Seemingly enamored with you, obsessed in the most disturbing of ways, he has come back to take you with him, and will do everything within his other-worldly power to get you to comply.

Here is my spin on the original idea.

Perhaps, instead of so much time passing. She has changed from the dark, slightly withdrawn child plagued by demons and nightmares into the wild, rebellious partying beautiful teenager. Always searching for the next thrill to keep her from thinking of the hauntingly drawing villain of her childhood. Who has turned from a scary specter into an interesting fantasy of a man who can treat her the way that deep down inside of her, where no light shines, the way she really wants to be treated. She has distracted herself with parties, wild friends, perhaps mind altering substances, and all around rebellion. Causing her parent all kinds of grief by covering her once beautiful blonde hair in dreads and sometimes wild colors, piercing her face and tattooing her body...

What I am looking for is someone to play Him who has come back through the looking glass for her. Is he horrified by the changes in the child she was, or is he delighted by the darkness that has grown in her?

Offline CyanideKandiKissesTopic starter

Re: Through the Looking Glass ~Female seeking Male~
« Reply #1 on: October 05, 2012, 02:45:16 am »
Please PM me if interested :)