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Author Topic: A Romp Through The Chou Chou Train's Sprinkle Paradise (fxm, fxmxm, mxm, fxf)  (Read 4191 times)

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Offline Chou chou rheastarTopic starter

took a bit of a hiatus again, had some family issues to work out. I am back again and open to re starting stories and making new ones with anyone who wishes too.

Some Interesting Things You NEED To Know:

I have been RPGing since I was around 14 years old. Which, is a pretty darn long time. Considering this, I really do appreciate it when people try to add detail and respond with at least one to two paragraph’s worth of text in an RP. If you find your responses dwindling that is probably a lack of interest or a lack of material in the story and we need to change what we are doing! Please do not be alarmed if I ask you to beef up your replies and you have nothing to add, just talk to me and we can work on finding a way to make the story more interesting! Please PM me if you wish to write with me and do not comment on this thread, thank you! Also feel free to contact me via Discord, just PM me for my username :)

Wait! There’s MOAR!
I am always open to RPing with new people but I really do not enjoy it when all a person wants out of a RP is sex. Once in awhile I crave a thoughtless, dirty, one shot, full of sex but most of the time I enjoy at least SOME plot. Don’t take me wrong, I LOVE the sex, I just want to have a story to go along with it sometimes.

I WILL make grammar and spelling mistakes. I take care not to but sometimes they slip through and I will apologize now. I lived in Japan and I did not use English as my main language, as such I do not think much in English and I have to think carefully sometimes when I write. But, I do try and write correctly and check for spelling errors, so please do so yourself!!

If you want to IM with me during a RP that is fine, I don’t mind giving my IM out of people I know on here. But please don’t use that as an excuse to cyber sex or hit me up for anything in that nature online. I don’t mind a bit of flirting but I want to keep RP on the forums and chatting in IM. (I use KIK, Snapchat, or Discord)

I DO want to do epic RP’s and create a new interesting world for us to play in. I  DON’T want to start a story and have both of us lose interest in the middle. If you want to do an epic long term story we both need to make sure we have ideas and material to back it up. You can’t fill a long term RP with straight smut it gets boring after awhile.

Real life happens. I think I am one of the people who REALLY understands that sometimes you have to pay attention to RL more than you need to be on E. Just let me know and I will understand. Also, if you find you are unable to get online for awhile just drop me a quick note, I’m not very difficult that way. Likewise I hope you understand when I have to not be online sometimes. I have a two year old and don’t always have time to post regularly. Another note, my spouse has a mental illness and sometimes that is the cause of my disappearances, please do not be angry or offended with me if I just need to be away from E for awhile. I TRY to let you know but sometimes it sneaks up on me. For that I am deeply sorry.

There is no need to choose one of my ideas to post with me! I WELCOME random PM’s full of ideas!! Please do contact me if you feel the urge to write with me and we can chat!!

Basic Needs:

  • Communication is Love. If you need something or want something you are not getting in our RP please PM me or IM me!
  • If it isn’t just some One Shot RP, Plot = Love. (Unless we specifically started a one shot.
  • Spell Check = Love.
  • New Ideas and Richly Detailed RP Ideas = Love.
  • Please Don’t God Mod. You are not me, and I am not You. Please do not act like it.
  • PMing me to say it’s my turn to reply to our RP is perfectly fine, bombarding me with 8 million PM’s begging me to respond or asking why I HAVEN’T   responded is not the way into my heart.
  • Fantasy, SciFi, Steampunk, Horror, Historical, etc.. If you have a genre you love chances are I will love it too! Ask me!!
  • Please be Open Minded. If you have things you hate or are picky about something please TELL ME before it becomes a problem when we are already neck deep into an RP.
  • Please Read my On’s and Off’s BEFORE PMing me about a Role Play!

My CURRENT RP’s I Have Going

Exotic Cargo take two (Chou Chou Rheastar/National Acrobat)
Another Person's Junk (Chou Chou Rheastar/Countdown)
Italian Mama (Chou Chou Rheastar/rpguy37)
One Last Lap (Chou Chou Rheastar/Bevtoria)
To Make a Monster (Chou Chou Rheastar/Quinz128)
In the Mind's Eye (Chou Chou Rheastar/ CrownedSun)
Plus One (Chou Chou Rheastar/Moebus57)
Dante's Inferno: Deal with the Devil (Chou Chou Rheastar/shii)
Cliffside (Chou Chou Rheastar/Geriant)
For a Piece of Art (Chou Chou Rheastar/Khoraz)
Fate Doesn't do One Night Stands (Chou Chou Rheastark/Incant)
Can't Quit You (Chou Chou Rheastar/assionpay)
Forbidden Knowledge (Chou Chou Rheastar/Captain Maltese)
Makin' it Rain (Chou Chou Rheastar/Sekah)


Curious Cases (Chou Chou Rheastar/Nebuchadnezzar)
Masterpiece in the Mind's Eye (Chou Chou Rheastar/Crawl)

(If this story is one I am writing with you and you wish to restart it please PM me!)

Of Witches and Kings (Chou Chou Rheastar/Swashbuckler)
Mind the Teeth (Chou Chou Rheastar/Rafiki23)
The Extra Mile (Chou Chou Rheastar/Rafiki23)
The Lion and the Lamb (Chou Chou Rheastar/Erlind
The Trip: Begins (Chou Chou Rheastar/CuriousEyes)

My Current Group RP's I am part of:

Curse of Salem

My ONGOING Fandom Love List

Click Here
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Chronicles of Riddick
Alice in Wonderland
Star Trek
Wizard of Oz
Harry Potter
Criminal Minds
Lord of the Rings
Wolf Rain
Van Helsing (the movie not the manga/anime)
True Blood
Three Musketeers (new movie)
Pitch Black/ Chronicles of Riddick
Once Upon a Time
Fast and the Furious
The Neverending Story
The Labyrinth
Penny Dreadful
Wonder Woman
The Flash (TV SHOW)
Black Panther
Justice League
Game of Thrones
Witches of Eastwick
Doctor Strange
Jessica Jones
Once Upon a Time
The Magicians
Shannara Chronicles
Beautiful Creatures
American Horror Story
Lost Girl
Hemlock Grove
The Paradise
The Alienist
The Hobbit
Resident Evil

Fandom Pairings I Enjoy

Clicky Clicky!
The Chronicles of Riddick

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
*notice a theme yet? lol

Star Trek
Tom Paris/Chakotay
Janeway/Seven of Nine

Alice in Wonderland
Alice/Cheshire Cat
Alice/Queen of Hearts
Queen of Hearts/OC

Wizard of Oz
(Note, I like the Syfy origional miniseries Tin Man as well)

*Tin Man Pairings

DG/Tin Man
Tin Man/Glitch

Harry Potter
Snape/Harry Potter

General Pairings I Enjoy

Once Again with the Clicky!
Vampire/Human (no glittery vampires please!)
Witch/Other Magical Being
Escaped Convict/?


College Girl/ Professor
Young Woman/Werewolf
Young Woman/Orc
Young Woman/ Monster/Monster

Other Stuff

** If you were in a thread with me, and want to continue, please PM me. But, I’ll be posting new ideas sometime soon.

Please PM me if you are interested in an idea of mine, do not reply to this post. Thank you! I look forward to many romps!

Images that feed my Ideas

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Offline Chou chou rheastarTopic starter

One Shots
« Reply #1 on: May 11, 2018, 01:58:19 AM »
One Shots

The Ride

She (MC) worked the night shift at the diner right next to the truck stop in one of the smaller towns along the route. He (YC) is running from something and ended up in town. There aren't very many attractive men in town and every woman is interested but he seems to not want to connect with anyone. One rainy night he offers MC a ride home and they become entangled in each other's lives. What happens when his past catches up with him?

Need: Bike riding bad boy (human or non human)

Wet Nurse
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

MC had always struggled with the fact that she lactated since she had become an adult, even though she had never had a child. One of the few elves in the village, she worked as a wet nurse at times to make extra money. YC becomes infatuated with her and does everything he can to get her to become his.
Need: Male Human/Orc/Werewolf (whatever)

Adventure Awaits

YC has always loved video games, even ones he dug up from the bargain bins that no one else wanted. He found this game at the very bottom of a bin one night and brought it home to play, unknowing that he would get sucked into the game. YC runs the game and is the leader of their own adventure, MC is an elven princess who needs his help getting her kingdom back.
Need:Game Player

All That Glitters

She never went to parties, never drank too much, had never really kissed a guy, but her friends wanted to take her to the new supernatural club and see all the vampires and werewolves, and whatever. Who knew she would be so delectable to non-humans?
Need: Supernatural Males (Can be multiples)

Forbidden Fruit

Every day he saw him(yc) watching from the stands as he practiced. In class he(yc) usually sat just behind him and would tantilize him with slender fingertips along the back of his neck when passing things forward. Today they would be graduating and he wasn't sure if he could go another day without asking him(yc) WHY he followed him so closely.

Need: Male who is crushing HARD for MC. (can go romantic or stalkerish in this one)

Fairy Tales

She loved to read, the adventures in her books much more enticing than her dreary life as a young noble lady. Her only value was who she could marry but all the available men were horrid. What would happen if her favorite character in her books showed up to court her, as if he had stepped from the pages of her stories and into her life?

Need:Fairy Tale Suitor

What Moves in the Loch

A mercenary spies a woman in the loch, her skin as the vaugest tinge of green and a circlet is adorning her brow. Does he take her for a bounty or does he take her for his own?


You Say Slut Like It Should Insult Me
Not Safe For Work Image
She had never understood societies need to shame women for wanting sex, for enjoying multiple partners, for delving deep into the world of different positions and kinks. That wan't a popular idea in the highly religious community college she was forced to attend, but she made it work.

Need: Two Male Students

Never Judge a Book by it's Cover

They were from two different worlds, the only thing connecting them is their Mexican heritage and their parents illegal status. She's a straight A student headed for her first year of college, never touched drugs, never tried alcohol, and prefers books to partying. He's spent time in and out of prison, owns his own restaurant, and is covered head to foot in tattoos. When her parents are deported on the eve of her 18th birthday her life seems to come crashing down and a chance meeting, a rainy evening, and a whole new relationship blooms.

Need: Male Character

Magical Encounter

Harry Potter AU: MC is Luna Lovegood all grown up and a were Jackal/wizard whom she meets in Egypt on one of her creature hunts. The books can happen in canon or we can make up our own story as it goes along!

Need: Were Jackal/Wizard Male

Will Add More As they Pop Up

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Offline Chou chou rheastarTopic starter

Long Term, Multi-scene
« Reply #2 on: May 15, 2018, 12:41:59 AM »
Long Term/ Multi-Scene

*Here is my ideas for more drawn out stories. Probably more plot based, some will be be smutty, I really want to dive into these stories and create something with the characters.

Dragon Mother

The Dragons had not been awake for hundreds of years by the time MC was born and yet she always felt like she knew them. She grew up a throw away orphan working tending the fire in the grand kitchen of a lord. She had always been different, fire didn't burn her, her skin sometimes glistened like it was made from diamond dust, and she could talk to any manner of reptile she came across. A punishment leads her to a deep cave and that cave leads her to a clutch of abandoned dragon eggs. The Dragons are waking now, their mother has arrived.

Need: Male (Knight/Galdiator/General/ You Pick)

Daughter of the Pine

No one ever wants the youngest daughter, at least that is what her sisters keep telling her. Many of them were married or promised to be married, the others had vast lists of suitors whom send them gifts and take them to countless parties. Noe one wants a mousy brown haired girl with nothing to inherit and with her nose stuck in books, feet bare and dirty from running in the woods, and hands stained with soil from working in the garden. Everyone in town pitied her and talked of her being sent to the convent soon, until the invite to the ball came from the black castle in the dark woods. Hadn't that castle been abandoned and cursed? Why was the youngest being invited instead of the older, prettier daughters? Who was the lord of the castle who shunned all others but her at the ball?

Need: Cursed Lord (think Beauty and the Beast, kinda)

Heir to the Throne

She had watched them rip her father from his throne and behead him, her mother and brothers along side, then she had been forced to watch as her fathers kingdom was razed to the ground while she sat chained at the feet of the man who dared destroy her home. No one liked the tyrant king, much less the bloody trail of destroyed countries he left in his wake. Could one princesses with no family and no kingdom left, destroy a madman many had tried and failed to kill?

Need: Mad King and Rebellion General (Can be same person or we can do a mini group!)

Godless Country

A dystopian future where everyone is pretty much either a cult follower or an atheist and a woman (MC) finds a small abandoned temple to a pagan god (YC). She dedicates herself to the temple and cares for it and becomes a sort of priestess for it. She unintentionally gathers followers for this god and good things start to happen to those people so the trend grows . She becomes like this 'cult' leader almost but she always humbles herself before her 'god' and doesn't allow the power to get to her. She's kidnapped by one of the cult's that she is starting to 'take' members from and is tortured and almost killed and then her "god" appears.

Need: Male

Falling Star

She had been a star once, but then she woke up staring up at them and her body hurt all over. She didn't know why she had fell from the sky, or how, but she was helpless down here on earth. All she longed for was to be back in the sky with her brethren, everything hurt here and she didn't know how to interact with these people. A Sky Captain finds her and promises her she will be returned to the sky, but will he keep his word?

Need: Sky Captain

Mermaid of the Deep

They had lived a thousand or more years below the deep, dark waters. They came up and sang to passing pirates or fishermen and drew them in with the facade of a beautiful woman until they brought them below water and their true terrifying visage was revealed. Until one day they decided to save one who was tossed to sea during a storm. They brought him below to a cave and nursed him back to health, growing closer and creating a bond that had never existed before between them and the humans it considered prey. They decided to release the man when he was healthy again but now he comes to visit them out in the open ocean, some times daily, calling them like they had called with their own siren song. For some reason they can't resist coming up and out of the water to show them their beautiful female visage and wondering at the love in the other's eyes.

Need: Sailor

Highschool Was Hard

High school was hard, no doubt about it, when you are 17 going on 18 it was even harder because you feel like an adult but no one treats you like one. When you start to develop powers you hadn't had before and find out your grandmother was a witch and grandfather was Fae you have a bit of a freak out. When you parents move you across the world to England and enroll you in a magical school you kind of feel like you're in harry potter. When you meet HIM (YC) you hate him after the first smug word out of his mouth, too bad he is going to be your mentor during you final year of school and you'll be spending LOTS  of time with him.

NEED: Male Student Mentor

Odd Couple

She had everything she wanted, a house, a car, and a career she loved but didn't need. A rich heiress she had never needed money but had been brought up to recognize the use and value of hard work being responsible with money. So, she wrote, and she was very successful. She donates all the proceeds from her books to the local community and schools, making sure the children and the people who do not have enough or much at all are able to live good lives. She doesn't live in a rich neighborhood, in fact she just moved into this area, but she had never felt at home in the stuffy mansion her parents lived in so she bought a sweet house near down town. She never thought she would fall for her tattooed and body modified neighbor, never in a million years would she have thought he would be her type.

Tags: age difference (older female/younger male), two worlds collide
Need: Male


She was a queen who ruled her country well, her people loved her, her allies were steadfastly devoted to her, and she had everything a queen could want. Her husband had died only after one year of marriage but thankfully she had produced two children, fraternal twins, whom were almost near adulthood. They were off in different parts of her lands, learning from her allies and her people to one day take over the throne. Lonely in the castle she starts to devote more of her time to her library, garden, and military so that she can be sure of leaving her children the best they deserve. One gardener starts to attract her attention and something blossoms from there.

Tags: age difference (older female/younger male), commoner/royalty, secret relationship, femdome, pegging
Need: Male

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Offline Chou chou rheastarTopic starter

Picture Prompts
« Reply #3 on: June 29, 2018, 01:22:41 AM »

Take the picture and my tagged wants and lets build a story together.

May December Romance

Want: Older Male [MC] / Younger Male [YC]


Want: Older Male [MC]/ Two Younger Men [YC's] . Set in Old West


Want: Bull Minotaur [YC]/ Human Young Woman [MC]


Want: Caged Witch [MC]/ Male [YC]

Want: Party Girl [MC]/ Older Male (Security? Bouncer? Police Detective?) [YC]

Retired Not Dead

Want: Male or Female [MC]/ Older Male  (retired military) [YC]
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Re: A Romp Through The Chou Chou Train's Sprinkle Paradise (MUL)
« Reply #4 on: October 26, 2018, 12:20:49 AM »
Taken Stories

*Here is where I will move an idea once it is taken. I will use this as a place for people to see my writing if they havn't already clicked the links up top. Also if stories get abandoned and I still like the Idea I will move them around from here.

Plus One

They just wouldn't leave her alone, "ask him on a date!", "Ohhh he's so cute! Go for it!", "Oh my god did you come alone again?", "Please just go on one date with him, he's so great!". If her friends, family, and even professors didn't stop telling her she needed a man in her life she was going to go ballistic. It was her sisters wedding and she had been informed that if she didn't bring a plus one she was going to be in "so much trouble", so she did the only thing a sane woman would do when faced with a destination wedding to a Fijian resort, she went up to the bartender at the local pub she loved to go into and offered to pay his way if he came with her. Who knew that fireworks would spark between them?

Need: Silver Fox Bartender

The Trip TAKEN
*This is a series of one shots. I don't mind if one person does all of these characters or several people pick a different character, I don't have to play them chronologically.*

She had finally turned 18 and could leave her shit-hole home, her puny town, and her horrible father. The only reason she could leave was because she had been doing live cam sessions in her bedroom since she was 16 and had been making bank on it. She never met the people she streamed to and she never really talked to many of them, just made the money she needed to get out of this hell. She usually wore a mask and a wing when she made her videos and since she had no strange birthmarks or tattoos no one knew who she was. Except for four of them, four special men who she talked to all the time and who had contributed to most of her earnings, they had talked to her other than just the video sessions and now she was going to visit each one on her way out of her hell. They each had a different job, each lived in a different place, and each offered her a different view of life before she found some place to belong away from her old life. One was a trucker, one was an artist, one was a lawyer, and one was a tattoo artist and all of them, she will find, had been truthful in their feelings for her.

Tags: past underage sexual situations, age difference, daddy!kink, light spanking, light bondage, light public sexual situations
Need: Male Artist (Open), Male Lawyer (Open), Male Tattooist (Open), Male Trucker

Pool Party: TAKEN

She was always at the pool when you were, splashing with a big group of friends or chasing after some kid she was babysitting. You always noticed her but couldn’t get close, not with your lifeguard duties and all the people constantly surrounding her. But one afternoon you were closing down the pool when you heard the shower on and you couldn’t help but go in, just to tell the person that it was closing time, when you saw it was HER in the shower.
Tags: Possible non-con, maybe a bit BON depending on what’s handy in the locker room.
Need: Male Lifeguard


Offline Chou chou rheastarTopic starter

Added four new stories and pruned some old ones.

As always also added more ideas to my Grove if you don't find anything here you'd like to write about with me.

Craving any of my stories but would also like any Yule or Winter themed stories too.

Open to writing with men or women!