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Author Topic: A Romp Through The Chou Chou Train's Sprinkle Paradise (Craving mxm, fxmxm, fxm)  (Read 1869 times)

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took a bit of a hiatus again, had some family issues to work out. I am back again and open to re starting stories and making new ones with anyone who wishes too.

Some Interesting Things You NEED To Know:

I have been RPGing since I was around 14 years old. Which, is a pretty darn long time. Considering this, I really do appreciate it when people try to add detail and respond with at least one to two paragraph’s worth of text in an RP. If you find your responses dwindling that is probably a lack of interest or a lack of material in the story and we need to change what we are doing! Please do not be alarmed if I ask you to beef up your replies and you have nothing to add, just talk to me and we can work on finding a way to make the story more interesting! Please PM me if you wish to write with me and do not comment on this thread, thank you!

Wait! There’s MOAR!
I am always open to RPing with new people but I really do not enjoy it when all a person wants out of a RP is sex. Once in awhile I crave a thoughtless, dirty, one shot, full of sex but most of the time I enjoy at least SOME plot. Don’t take me wrong, I LOVE the sex, I just want to have a story to go along with it sometimes.

I WILL make grammar and spelling mistakes. I take care not to but sometimes they slip through and I will apologize now. I lived in Japan and I did not use English as my main language, as such I do not think much in English and I have to think carefully sometimes when I write. But, I do try and write correctly and check for spelling errors, so please do so yourself!!

If you want to IM with me during a RP that is fine, I don’t mind giving my IM out of people I know on here. But please don’t use that as an excuse to cyber sex or hit me up for anything in that nature online. I don’t mind a bit of flirting but I want to keep RP on the forums and chatting in IM. (I use KIK, Snapchat, or Skype)

I DO want to do epic RP’s and create a new interesting world for us to play in. I  DON’T want to start a story and have both of us lose interest in the middle. If you want to do an epic long term story we both need to make sure we have ideas and material to back it up. You can’t fill a long term RP with straight smut it gets boring after awhile.

Real life happens. I think I am one of the people who REALLY understands that sometimes you have to pay attention to RL more than you need to be on E. Just let me know and I will understand. Also, if you find you are unable to get online for awhile just drop me a quick note, I’m not very difficult that way. Likewise I hope you understand when I have to not be online sometimes. I have a two year old and don’t always have time to post regularly. Another note, my spouse has a mental illness and sometimes that is the cause of my disappearances, please do not be angry or offended with me if I just need to be away from E for awhile. I TRY to let you know but sometimes it sneaks up on me. For that I am deeply sorry.

There is no need to choose one of my ideas to post with me! I WELCOME random PM’s full of ideas!! Please do contact me if you feel the urge to write with me and we can chat!!

Basic Needs:

  • Communication is Love. If you need something or want something you are not getting in our RP please PM me or IM me!
  • If it isn’t just some One Shot RP, Plot = Love. (Unless we specifically started a one shot.
  • Spell Check = Love.
  • New Ideas and Richly Detailed RP Ideas = Love.
  • Please Don’t God Mod. You are not me, and I am not You. Please do not act like it.
  • PMing me to say it’s my turn to reply to our RP is perfectly fine, bombarding me with 8 million PM’s begging me to respond or asking why I HAVEN’T   responded is not the way into my heart.
  • Fantasy, SciFi, Steampunk, Horror, Historical, etc.. If you have a genre you love chances are I will love it too! Ask me!!
  • Please be Open Minded. If you have things you hate or are picky about something please TELL ME before it becomes a problem when we are already neck deep into an RP.
  • Please Read my On’s and Off’s BEFORE PMing me about a Role Play!

My CURRENT RP’s I Have Going

Darkness In Love (Chou Chou Rheastar/TurtleInTheSheets)
Exotic Cargo take two (Chou Chou Rheastar/National Acrobat)
Forbidden Knowledge (Chou Chou Rheastar/Captain Maltese)
Another Person's Junk (Chou Chou Rheastar/Countdown)
The Demon's Spellbook (Chou Chou Rheastar/ Irishwolf)
Afterhours Pool Party (Chou Chou Rheastar/Writersblockade)
Italian Mama (Chou Chou Rheastar/rpguy37)
The Trip: Begins (Chou Chou Rheastar/CuriousEyes)
Cliffside (Chou Chou Rheastar/Geriant)
For a Piece of Art (Chou Chou Rheastar/Khoraz)

(If this story is one I am writing with you and you wish to restart it please PM me!)

Alleyway Encounter (Chou Chou Rheastar/ Fortune8)
The Experiment and Her Salvation (Chou Chou Rheastar/ HoodedStranger)
It's The Quiet Ones (Chou Chou Rheastar/ RP Dan)
The Crone's Gift (Chou Chou Rheastar/dblkrose)
Body Heat (Irishwolf/Chou Chou Rheastar)
Exotic Cargo (Chou Chou Rheastar/Shadowinlight)
The Spare and the Demon (Chou Chou Rheastar/Metraxa)
Magick Circus (Chou Chou Rheastar/ Khoraz)
Demonic Courting Looks Like Stalking (Chou Chou Rheastar/ R3ap3r Mark 77)
Night of the Fireflies

My Current Group RP's I am part of:

My ONGOING Fandom Love List

Click Here
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Chronicles of Riddick
Alice in Wonderland
Star Trek
Wizard of Oz
Harry Potter
Criminal Minds
Lord of the Rings
Wolf Rain
Van Helsing (the movie not the manga/anime)
True Blood
Three Musketeers (new movie)
Pitch Black/ Chronicles of Riddick
Once Upon a Time
Fast and the Furious
The Neverending Story
The Labyrinth
Penny Dreadful
Wonder Woman
The Flash (TV SHOW)
Black Panther
Justice League
Game of Thrones
Witches of Eastwick
Doctor Strange
Jessica Jones
Once Upon a Time
The Magicians
Shannara Chronicles
Beautiful Creatures
American Horror Story
Lost Girl
Hemlock Grove
The Paradise
The Alienist
The Hobbit
Resident Evil

Fandom Pairings I Enjoy

Clicky Clicky!
The Chronicles of Riddick

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
*notice a theme yet? lol

Star Trek
Tom Paris/Chakotay
Janeway/Seven of Nine

Alice in Wonderland
Alice/Cheshire Cat
Alice/Queen of Hearts
Queen of Hearts/OC

Wizard of Oz
(Note, I like the Syfy origional miniseries Tin Man as well)

*Tin Man Pairings

DG/Tin Man
Tin Man/Glitch

Harry Potter
Snape/Harry Potter

General Pairings I Enjoy

Once Again with the Clicky!
Vampire/Human (no glittery vampires please!)
Witch/Other Magical Being
Escaped Convict/?


Fortune Teller/OC

My Ideas


*If you were in a thread with me before I disappeared for a long time and wish to continue please let me know and I'd be happy to start it back up!

** If you were in a thread with me, and want to continue, please PM me. But, I’ll be posting new ideas sometime soon.

Please PM me if you are interested in an idea of mine, do not reply to this post. Thank you! I look forward to many romps!

Images that feed my Ideas

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Offline Chou chou rheastarTopic starter

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One Shots
« Reply #1 on: May 11, 2018, 01:58:19 AM »
One Shots

*These stories are things that I don’t envision being a long drawn out story. They could be pure smut or just a short vignette that wouldn’t leave my mind.

Little Red

Red had always been the quiet and unassuming type. She worked hard at her job in the local bookshop in her one road town. She lived modestly in her tiny house left to her by her grandmother, and she was alone most of the time. She didn't drink, she didn't gamble, she didn't smoke, some where say she had never even kissed a man or had a relationship. That was mostly true but also not true, but she didn't want to give those old gossips something to talk about. The big city was about one hour drive from her town and every month she got into her beat up, old, Cadillac that had also been her grandmothers and she went to the city to let her hair down. One night with him was all you wanted, some dancing, some flirting, some steamy sex, and then back to your dreary life. She had never expected him to be one of the Folk or for him to show up in town that week looking for her. What was this about mating for life?

Thinking about making this one shot but also could be long term too. Didn't know where to put it honestly.

Tags: Some rough sex possibly but nothing non-con
Need: Male (Folk, Fae, Elf, Vampire, Werewolf, whatever)


She was a mercenary and a thief, and a good one, she never took too much because that was the way you got caught. She always got her mark but was very picky on whom she went after. Following her own set of screwed up morals. Going after women and children was a no no in her book. Taking too much was the downfall of most good thieves, and she had learned from the best, and by their downfalls. Never get too attached to anything or anyone because it could always be taken away, or be used against you. That had always been her moto. Of course that was before YC. YC was so sweet, kind, and innocent, and MC loved her almost as much as MC loved taking things from people. But YC's father would have to go, he beat YC and treated her like shit, and it was getting on MC's nerves. One night was all it took for everything to change . . .

Again this could turn into long term, I should just put it there but bah!

Tags: Murder, Maybe torture (of the dirt bag dad), Light spanking, Femme Dom
Need: Sweet Female Partner!

Along Came a Spider

They had moved to LA to escape the stigma of being gay and wishing to dress in females clothing. Cross dressing had been something to be done in their closet, locked into their room, at night, in secret. Until one day they had been found by their uncle with fishnets on and was dragged before the family and shamed and humiliated for their 'sissy' ways. It had been decided to send them to a conversion camp to make him straight again and they had heard the stories about those places. Not wanting to chance it and with the help of their mother they bought a one way ticket to LA and had never looked back. Now working in a night club which held regular drag shows they are starting to build a life for themselves. And then they met YC, a giant, burly, Bear of a man who looks so out of place among the sequins and feather boas and big wigs in the club that he stands out more than the Queens. His eyes have never left their form, not even when they were no longer on stage. It was exciting and scary and tantalizing.

Tags: past abuse, past struggling with sexuality, drag, maybe light bdsm
Need: Bear

Witch Way

They say a witch lives at the edge of the forest. Sometimes children will dare each other to go up and open the door but no one ever makes it past the garden fence. But when someone needs a cure or a spell they always find their way to her door. But what price does she ask for her services?

Tags: n/a *up for discussion*
Need: Anyone wanting to see the witch.

Age of Innocence Lost

Just because the Victorians had very puritan views on sex doesn't mean they were all prudes. They could throw some wild parties behind closed doors. Widowed and lonely, Dame Odetta Vance loved to throw parties in her huge town house. Seance's, balls, dinner parties, orgies, she loved them all. She was at once loved and shunned for her wild ways but no one was willing to anger her for fear they would not make it into her party. One young buck makes his way into one of her parties and her interest is caught. What a young, nubile, untouched body does to her mind and body!

Tags: Femme-dom, male virginity, bondage, possibly drugs, possibly a bit of blood (maaaybe), older woman/younger man
Need: Young Buck :)

Will Add More As they Pop Up

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Offline Chou chou rheastarTopic starter

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Re: A Romp Through The Chou Chou Train's Sprinkle Paradise (MUL)
« Reply #2 on: May 15, 2018, 12:41:59 AM »
Long Term/ Multi-Scene

*Here is my ideas for more drawn out stories. Probably more plot based, some will be be smutty, I really want to dive into these stories and create something with the characters.

Opposites Attract:

He had worked in the timber industry all his life, a rough, "uncultured", farm boy, with no concept of the rich and famous' lifestyle. When he rented the abandoned building to a crew wanting to make a music video with a famous 'ballerina' he hadn't thought much of it.
But when he came to watch the 'ballerina' was male and he was beautiful to watch. There was a spark, interest on both sides, as they met, and both wondered if anything could come from such opposites coming together. But they couldn't ignore that magnetism between them . . .

Tags: M/M sex, probably a bit rough
Need: Need famous Male Ballet Dancer

The Princess and the Guardian:

For as long as she can remember he had been standing sentinel outside of her door. He was called the watchdog, or the last resort, and the old people spoke of him being the destroyer of kingdoms. She had always thought of him as her guardian, he watched over her as she slept and kept her safe from anything that might try to harm her as she slept. She talked to him and played at his feet growing up and she still curled up at his feet when feeling scared, now as an adult. It was midnight and her father's castle was being attacked, they had already killed her brother and were coming for her. Oh how she wished her guardian was real and could save her . . .

Tags: Just some rough sex probably
Need: Need Male Guardian

Water Gives Life

There was once three villages and three rivers which fed them, the rivers connected at a pool and waterfall deep within the mountains and a water giver lived in the pool. She gave life to the water and kept it ever flowing and clean and she controlled it's flow, in return it kept her alive and healthy as well. One river lead to an Elvin establishment and had been cared for and maintained for many years until they began construction on a dam that cut off the supply of the river and reduced it's flow. The second river made it's way through a village of Men and it was not cared for at all, trash, and pollution of all kinds filled it's waters and made the river brackish and unusable. The third river flowed through an Orcish (green orc not Bright orc) stronghold and it too had grown polluted as they focused more on the wars and mining which brought them such wealth. These things angered the Water Giver and she began to make her displeasure known by causing droughts, how could the villages appease her and bring back the water before they all perished?

Tags: Slow burn, possibly rough sex, possibly water play
Need: Male Orc, or Male Human, Or Male Elf (or all three)

The Alien

Her world was one that had not attempted space travel, not because they couldn't, but because they absolutely didn't want to. If you ventured out there than 'they' would venture down to their planet and that would be horrible. A planet full of xenophobes turned into a planet with almost a cult like culture that controlled their people with an iron fist of indoctrination and set roles for every person on the planet. His species were from the next solar system and they had been traveling the universe for millennia before her people even began, they had trade all over the galaxy and were true explorers at heart. Her planet was considered a black zone because the few ships that had attempted contact had never been heard from again and the 'do not enter' message had been blared loud and clean to anyone nearby. Unfortunately his ship was on a collision course for her planet and he was badly injured on impact, thankfully it was MC who found him and hid him. Now, can she keep him hidden until he can leave her planet, or will there be repercussions for both of them if she can't keep him a secret from everyone she knows?

Tags: alien/human sex, mentions of battle/gore, maybe torture (not of MC or YC), xenophobia
Need: Male Alien

Courting Rituals

(Ok this could go one of two ways, or I'd love to do both. The story is basically the same but one is a M/F pairing and the other is F/F.)
MC worked at the local village tavern, everyone loved the sweet half faerie and all the locals treated her with respect. Every few weeks a band of orcs would come in to the tavern to celebrate their success on some raid or mercenary quest and would drink and drink and tip her very well at the end of the night. The leader had become some sort of friend to her and one night she notices her/his braid with a bead has come partially undone. Not knowing that to braid a bead into an orcs hair means you wish to be courted by said orc MC combs out the hair and re-braids the bead into it and ties it with a little beaded tie of her own. Now what happens?

Tags: teratophillia, inter species sex/courtship, rough sex (because orc, duh)
Need: Male Orc, Female Orc

Silent Music

Plot yet unwritten. I just like this pairing.

Tags: slow burn, friendship before lovers, very emotion heavy
Need: Male

Odd Couple

She had everything she wanted, a house, a car, and a career she loved but didn't need. A rich heiress she had never needed money but had been brought up to recognize the use and value of hard work being responsible with money. So, she wrote, and she was very successful. She donates all the proceeds from her books to the local community and schools, making sure the children and the people who do not have enough or much at all are able to live good lives. She doesn't live in a rich neighborhood, in fact she just moved into this area, but she had never felt at home in the stuffy mansion her parents lived in so she bought a sweet house near down town. She never thought she would fall for her tattooed and body modified neighbor, never in a million years would she have thought he would be her type.

Tags: slight age difference (older female/younger male), two worlds collide
Need: Male

The Others Universe:
Okay so something like this had been done, ALOT, but I would like to do some stories within this world. Connected or not I think it would be fun to create pairings that live in this world and have adventures.

The Others had been out for a few years now, the reaction hadn’t been wonderful but people were figuring out how to live with them now. Some people were still violent and angry about it, calling to exterminate them or keep them in their designated parts of the cities but the government didn’t officially sanction that type of behavior. The Council of Other’s worked closely with the government on the rights and relations and integration of their citizens into ‘mundane’ life.

Now there were whole apartment complexes that were mixes of mundanes and Others, Fae, Vampires, Witches, Gnoll’s, Trolls, Naga’s, etc., all in the same space. Orcs joined the police force, Vampires worked at museums and libraries, Witches opened tea shops, Werewolves had gyms, you name it and you saw Others around town doing it.

Of course there were things Mundane society didn’t know about The Others, they had been around for millions of years and were adept and keeping their secrets. There was always some sort of underlying agenda that mundanes were not to be privy to, it was when that agenda and a lucky (or not so lucky) mundane collided when crazy things happened.

Dancing in the Dark (Other’s Universe)

Paisley, or Kitten as she was known on stage, was an exotic dancer. One of the three mundane dancers at the club Velvet Rose, which catered to Others mostly. They also had a Siren, Mermaid, and a Dryad who danced in the club too. Kitten was an orphan and had been raised mostly on the streets, she had been taken in by the super of the apartment building in the neighborhood that the Rose was located, an old Forest Fae who owned a few buildings in the area, when she was 10 and he had psuedo adopted her. Kitten was more used to Others being around her than Mundane and knew a lot about the hidden world that most Mundanes never saw. When YC saw her they were entranced by such a odd Mundane who lived like an Other and knew their secrets but had no special power or blood.

Tags: slight age difference (Pretty much all Others are older than dirt lol),
Need: Male Other

Land of Ice and Snow (Others Universe)

Nadia had known about the Others since she was a little girl, everyone in the Scandinavian countries weren’t surprised when they made their debut. Stories about all sorts of wild things and Others had been handed down from generation to generation since the beginning of man and they were what every person in the area knew to be true. Her family was said to come from a long line of those who intermingled with Others. Her parents were Mundane but there was whispers that her grandfather was a Selkie and her Grandmother on her father’s side was a Frost Giant. Two of her aunts were witches and one of her cousins was a Seer, and that was just the immediate family she knew about. Nadia had felt like there was something not quite Mundane about her all of her life but her parents assured her she was purely mundane and shouldn’t worry. Like it was a bad thing to be Other, like her parents were ashamed of their family history. When Nadia was on a trek up the mountains one night, everything changed in her life out there in the ice and snow, and now she doesn’t know what to think of the powers manifesting in her and the changes her body was going through. To make matters more interesting the King of the Frost Giants and a Useelie prince were both vying for her attention.

Tags: Other-phobic parents, polyamorous relationship, some blood
Need: Useelie Prince, Frost Giant King

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« Reply #3 on: June 29, 2018, 01:22:41 AM »
Taken Stories

*Here is where I will move an idea once it is taken. I will use this as a place for people to see my writing if they havn't already clicked the links up top. Also if stories get abandoned and I still like the Idea I will move them around from here.
The Trip TAKEN
*This is a series of one shots. I don't mind if one person does all of these characters or several people pick a different character, I don't have to play them chronologically.*

She had finally turned 18 and could leave her shit-hole home, her puny town, and her horrible father. The only reason she could leave was because she had been doing live cam sessions in her bedroom since she was 16 and had been making bank on it. She never met the people she streamed to and she never really talked to many of them, just made the money she needed to get out of this hell. She usually wore a mask and a wing when she made her videos and since she had no strange birthmarks or tattoos no one knew who she was. Except for four of them, four special men who she talked to all the time and who had contributed to most of her earnings, they had talked to her other than just the video sessions and now she was going to visit each one on her way out of her hell. They each had a different job, each lived in a different place, and each offered her a different view of life before she found some place to belong away from her old life. One was a trucker, one was an artist, one was a lawyer, and one was a tattoo artist and all of them, she will find, had been truthful in their feelings for her.

Tags: past underage sexual situations, age difference, daddy!kink, light spanking, light bondage, light public sexual situations
Need: Male Artist (Open), Male Lawyer (Open), Male Tattooist (Open), Male Trucker

Pool Party: TAKEN

She was always at the pool when you were, splashing with a big group of friends or chasing after some kid she was babysitting. You always noticed her but couldn’t get close, not with your lifeguard duties and all the people constantly surrounding her. But one afternoon you were closing down the pool when you heard the shower on and you couldn’t help but go in, just to tell the person that it was closing time, when you saw it was HER in the shower.
Tags: Possible non-con, maybe a bit BON depending on what’s handy in the locker room.
Need: Male Lifeguard

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Re: A Romp Through The Chou Chou Train's Sprinkle Paradise (MUL)
« Reply #4 on: August 02, 2018, 03:34:04 PM »
Really craving some new stories to add to my docket.

Super craving Anything in my Others Universe or a m/m story!  Check out my ideas here and in my Grove and then PM me :)