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Author Topic: A Romp Through The Chou Chou Train's Sprinkle Paradise, IMAGE HEAVY (MUL)  (Read 1018 times)

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Offline Chou chou rheastarTopic starter

t has been a very long time since I first joined E. and another long while since I last disappeared and took a hiatus. I really havenít changed this much since then and I decided it MUST be time for me to do it! It was also getting slightly clunky with all the old story ideas and old responses to them. I decided it just needed to be fresh and new! Hopefully this will drum up some requests from people to play! So, without further ado, here is my NEW AND IMPROVED, RP Request Post!

Some Interesting Things You NEED To Know:

I have been RPGing since I was around 14 years old. Which, is a pretty darn long time. Considering this, I really do appreciate it when people try to add detail and respond with at least one to two paragraphís worth of text in an RP. If you find your responses dwindling that is probably a lack of interest or a lack of material in the story and we need to change what we are doing! Please do not be alarmed if I ask you to beef up your replies and you have nothing to add, just talk to me and we can work on finding a way to make the story more interesting!

Wait! Thereís MOAR!
I am always open to RPing with new people but I really do not enjoy it when all a person wants out of a RP is sex. Once in awhile I crave a thoughtless, dirty, one shot full of sex but most of the time I enjoy at least SOME plot. Donít take me wrong, I LOVE the sex, I just want to have a story to go along with it sometimes.

I WILL make grammar and spelling mistakes. I take care not to but sometimes they slip through and I will apologize now. I lived in Japan and I did not use English as my main language, as such I do not think much in English and I have to think carefully sometimes when I write. But, I do try and write correctly and check for spelling errors, so please do so yourself!!

If you want to IM with me during a RP that is fine, I donít mind giving my IM out of people I know on here. But please donít use that as an excuse to cyber sex or hit me up for anything in that nature online. I donít mind a bit of flirting but I want to keep RP on the forums and chatting in IM.

I DO want to do epic RPís and create a new interesting world for us to play in. I  DONíT want to start a story and have both of us lose interest in the middle. If you want to do an epic long term story we both need to make sure we have ideas and material to back it up. You canít fill a long term RP with straight smut it gets boring after awhile.

Real life happens. I think I am one of the people who REALLY understands that sometimes you have to pay attention to RL more than you need to be on E. Just let me know and I will understand. Also, if you find you are unable to get online for awhile just drop me a quick note, Iím not very difficult that way. Likewise I hope you understand when I have to not be online sometimes. I have a two year old and donít always have time to post regularly.

There is no need to choose one of my ideas to post with me! I WELCOME random PMís full of ideas!! Please do contact me if you feel the urge to write with me and we can chat!!

Basic Needs:

  • Communication is Love. If you need something or want something you are not getting in our RP please PM me or IM me!
  • If it isnít just some One Shot RP, Plot = Love.
  • Spell Check = Love.
  • New Ideas and Richly Detailed RP Ideas = Love.
  • Please Donít God Mod. You are not me, and I am not You. Please do not act like it.
  • PMing me to say itís my turn to reply to our RP is perfectly fine, bombarding me with 8 million PMís begging me to respond or asking why I HAVENíT   responded is not the way into my heart.
  • Fantasy, SciFi, Steampunk, Horror, Historical, etc.. If you have a genre you love chances are I will love it too! Ask me!!
  • Please be Open Minded. If you have things you hate or are picky about something please TELL ME before it becomes a problem when we are already neck deep into an RP.
  • Please Read my Onís and Offís BEFORE PMing me about a Role Play!

My CURRENT RPís I have Going

Darkness In Love (Chou Chou Rheastar/TurtleInTheSheets)
The Experiment and Her Salvation (Chou Chou Rheastar/ HoodedStranger)
It's The Quiet Ones (Chou Chou Rheastar/ RP Dan)
Exotic Cargo take two (Chou Chou Rheastar/National Acrobat)
The Crone's Gift (Chou Chou Rheastar/dblkrose)
Body Heat (Irishwolf/Choi Chou Rheastar)

(If this story is one I am writing with you and you wish to restart it please PM me!)

Exotic Cargo (Chou Chou Rheastar/Shadowinlight)
The Spare and the Demon (Chou Chou Rheastar/Metraxa)
Magick Circus (Chou Chou Rheastar/ Khoraz)
Demonic Courting Looks Like Stalking (Chou Chou Rheastar/ R3ap3r Mark 77)

My Current Group RP's I am part of:

Night of the Fireflies

My ONGOING Fandom Love List

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Chronicles of Riddick
Alice in Wonderland
Star Trek
Wizard of Oz
Harry Potter
Criminal Minds
Lord of the Rings
Wolf Rain
Van Helsing (the movie not the manga/anime)
True Blood
Three Muskateers (new movie)
Pitch Black/ Chronicles of Riddick
Once Upon a Time
Fast and the Furious
The Neverending Story
The Labyrinth
Penny Dreadful
Wonder Woman

Fandom Pairings I Enjoy

Clicky Clicky!
The Chronicles of Riddick

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
*notice a theme yet? lol

Star Trek
Tom Paris/Chakotay
Janeway/Seven of Nine

Alice in Wonderland
Alice/Cheshire Cat
Alice/Queen of Hearts
Queen of Hearts/OC

Wizard of Oz
(Note, I like the Syfy origional miniseries Tin Man as well)

*Tin Man Pairings

DG/Tin Man
Tin Man/Glitch

Harry Potter
Snape/Harry Potter

General Pairings I Enjoy

Once Again with the Clicky!
Vampire/Human (no glittery vampires please!)
Witch/Other Magical Being
Escaped Convict/?


Fortune Teller/OC
Ron Perlman? heheh
Horror Genre, I'm already so ready for Halloween.
Beauty and the Beast/Little Red Riding Hood (just a tiny female and a large general.)
Alpha Werewolf/Male OC

My Ideas

*Just a note, I am willing to rp with a female or male writer, I don't care what sex you are in RL as long as you are a decent writer!

Gimmie some Smut
Ok, so sometimes I just want to write a smutty, no plot, or barely any plot, story. Where my hot and sexy plot bunnies can boink like crazy and get their freak on. These are one shots and wont really have much detail just a kind of idea of what I want and then we can flesh hit out in PM before we start.

*MC is a housewife and she wants some play. She invites the yard worker, the mailman, and the pool guy inside for some fun. (Double penetration, throat fucking, three on one)
*MC is in the elevator with YC when it stops suddenly and you are stuck there together for the night.
*MC gets a text from YC on accident and canít help but text back to compliment your muscles and ask for another d-pic. A meetup eventually happens.

Halloween Ideas:
*MC gets lost in the woods and your character guides her out, or deeper in, either way YC is a ďmonsterĒ and have been very lonely for hundreds of years. (Romantic or Non-Con)

*MC is trick or treating and you live in the mansion on the hill, you really like my sexy bat costume and invite me inside.

*MC is a witch and comes to a man as a crone, she asks him to sleep with her and he refuses disgusted at her elderly visage and she curses him. Once again she approaches a man and once again she is rebuffed and he is cursed. She approaches YC and he does no rebuff her, how is he rewarded? TAKEN

Ideas Here! Clicky Clicky!
** (Really Craving this atm): MC is a young woman just graduated from college and moved into a new town. She is renting a small apartment in a little rundown two story apartment complex near the industrial side of town. Strange things have been happening and she is sure someone is breaking into her home while she sleeps and while she is gone to work, and moving things and stealing from her. She has called the police mutliple times but they just brush her off saying she is misplacing things or is just paranoid living alone. They sent someone out once but he couldnít find anything. Now she is waking up wearing clothing she hadnít been when she went to bed and she is losing her car keys or her entire car is moved to a different spot. YC is the one cop who believes something is happening to her so you offer to go stake out her place, what you find is something you canít really believe. MC is haunted, and YC is determined to help her.

*MC gets onto an elevator at her work in New York and gets off in a totally different world. YC finds her after she has run into a few bad situations and you help her acclimate to this new world.

*MC is an exotic brothel worker and YC needs a woman to pose as his fiancee to keep himself out of a political arranged marriage being forced on him. YC benefits and mine does because you free MC from the brothel with a promise of a new life after the sham is over. But do they want to end it?

*YC is a star captain with a ship, but your crew canít seem to keep a good healer on board. MC signs on and you canít help but be captivated.

Old Ideas.

*These are some of my old ideas. If you see something here you want to re-work or have me re-kindle let me know!

Exotic Cargo: (TAKEN)

YC is a scavenger in space, you make your way by selling the things you salvage and find in wrecks and in space. You come upon a life pod from a large resort ship which had crashed in an asteroid field. You bring it in not realising it held MC inside until you open the pod. My character's translator implant is malfunctioning and you arenít the best at social niceties. But you keep me on until you can get me to safe harbor, but MC is very alluring and you have been in space alone for a long time. Differing cultures, and social expectations create hillarity and chaos, and MC and YC eventually find they are stuck together even after they get to a safe place for MC to leave YC. (Can start a bit non-con but Iíd like a romantic relationship to develop).

Queen of Darkness (BON-E, Maybe NC-E) TAKEN


She had become Queen when she was only 12 years old, manipulated and pushed around by her Uncle and his wife, they tried to make her into a puppet. She soon showed them that she was no one's puppet. They learned to fear her wrath, and her power, as she could control the undead, and the dark ones. She took her small, suffering, and weak kingdom and turned it into a powerful empire. The people who supported her found themselves powerful and wanting for nothing, the common people praised and loved her for the protection she provided from those kingdoms who would use them with no thought but for their usefulness to the building of her empire. But she knew what it was like to be used, to be thought worthless unless doing something that another wanted for themselves. Now she was powerful and no one manipulated her, but she was also lonely. She saw the companionship and enjoyment that another person brought to her generals lives, and she wanted that feeling.

Needed: Queens Lover

The World Outside (VAN, BON, NC-H)

She was raised in a run down, forgotten, orphanage in the mountains of the Ukraine. She had been forgotten by everyone who might have known of her existence. She grew up hungry, picked on, and frightened of everything. When she was seventeen she ran away from the orphanage and was determined to make it on her own. Unfortunately she wasnít planning on the world being an even scarier place than the orphanage. Filled with even more strange and horrifying things than the ghosts that came to greet her every night in her bed. She had the ability to see the spirit world, her eyes tore aside any mask or glamour anyone was wearing or hiding behind and left the hidden parts of the world exposed to her gaze. Now that she was free of her supposed prison in the orphanage dangerous people might try to use her for their own gains, or they might take offense to her being able to see behind their mask. She might even be found by someone who wishes to protect her from the rest of the world.

Ö It all depends on who happens upon her as she stumbles through the snow on her way to the big city.

Some lovely Dominant Males for her to run into. Human or not it doesn't matter.

Soiled Sakura Petals (BON, NC-H)


Just after WWII the geisha districts were seeing an influx of American's and foreigner's where there has only been Japanese before. The life of a Geisha is most often never understandable to the foreigner, yet they appear like butterflies in bright silks and paints behind wooden cages tempting even the most jaded of soldier. One such caged butterfly sits slightly outcast from the others, her eyes haunted and wise despite her young face and body. Will she tempt one of these jade soldier who now wander unfamiliar Japanese streets?

(Setting is Japan just after WWII. Please if you know nothing of Japan you can still PM me. I know enough for both of us!!)

Jaded, Gritty, American Soldier.

Survival of the Fittest (VAN-E, BON-E)

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Tina woke up in a crate in the middle of the jungle, three months ago, she found out in a hurry that you need to be ruthless and adaptable to survive on this planet. It is the planet where the Predator's play, where they hunt their captive prey from all over the Universe. She found a Predator tied in the middle of the jungle, also prey for his own kind, deciding she couldn't survive on her own she strikes up a bargain with the bound Predator. Now, the two of them must survive on this planet where the rules mean nothing and no one can be kind.

Other captives on the planet (M or F)

The Suit of Hearts (BON, VAN, NC-H)

The Queen

ďThe Queen of Hearts she made some tarts all on a summers day. The Knave of Hearts he stole those tarts and took them clean away. The King of Hearts called for the tarts and beat the Knave full sore. The Knave of Hearts brought back those tarts and swore heíd steal no more.Ē

The Queen of Hearts rules Wonderland with a vicious and iron fist. Standing along side of her is her King of Hearts who is the only one who the Quen does not think is weaker than her. Before she was Queen the King of Hearts had been the only man strong enough to meet her head on and keep his own will intact. When the Queen retires into her private rooms it is the King of Hearts who takes all her cares away and lets her not be the one in charge for the moment. The Knave of hearts in the Queenís lover, he is dominated by the Queen and tries to make trouble in the kingdom just to be punished for it by the Queen or King.

I would like someone to play the King and/or the Knave. Two someones or  just one person works for me!

Knave of Hearts:
King of Hearts:

The Price of Kindness (Tags: VAN-E, maybe some BON, and maybe some NC) TAKEN

Neela was on the run. After having escaped with a group of people from the labs of a secret corporation she has fled into the woods and hasnít looked back. She has no memories before the day she escaped and the only things she knows for certain is her name and the fact that she can do things normal people canít do. She can change into any animal she sees and she is fireproof. The day she escaped she woke up on a metal operating table to a run engulfed in fire. She remembered the face of a woman but couldnít understand the words she was screaming. She also remembers the feeling of the metal of the table melting to her back and legs and how it felt when she was pulled from the table by one of the men who helped her escape. Now, it is painful to walk, excruciating to run, and tiring to stand because of the metal now twisted and scarred into her skin. But Neela must run. She must run or the corporation will find her, for she is a great asset and even they do not know what the extent of her powers are.

Hiram was the leader of the IronRaine werewolf pack. He was in charge of his pack, which operated as a biker gang and unofficial guard of their small town home. He has kept the secret of his pack for generations and nothing is more important than keeping them safe. When he finds Neela in the woods he doesnít want to have anything to do with her, especially when he realizes she doesn't have her memories and is running from something. But, his pack decides they should take her in and keep her safe and Hiram is overruled. He keeps a close eye on Neela and since they are always in each otherís company Hiram finds he might have a soft spot in his heart for his new young charge. But can that overcome his feeling that her being in his home is going to bring more trouble than good?

People Needed:

Corporation Doctor (this can be the same person as Hiram.):

The Taking of the Shopkeeper (VAN, BON, LIGHT NC-H)

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Hannah runs a small bookstore in the middle of the low income part of her hometown. The locals and occasional tourist keep her busy enough that she can keep her little store open and live comfortably enough. She lives in an apartment above the store and is alone except for her two elderly neighbors who live in a small Victorian that was built around the same time those women were children (or so she teases them). The local bike gang runs up and down the streets and frequents the bar across the street from her little store. She has a secret crush on the leader of the gang, even though he is dangerous and mean looking he is the one who stars in her secret fantasies. An older man he radiates power and savagery and controls his gang with a ruthless hand. Every time he catches her looking out her shop window at him he winks and laughs. Hannah thinks he will never really take an interest in her, he is a safe fantasy for a shy shopkeeper. He proves her wrong one day when he walks into her shop intent on taking her to his bed and maybe even a date if they get that far from his bed.

Biker Gang Leader
Midnight Ice (Tags: BON-E, NC-E)

Xieda lived in a world of ice and snow, magic, and monsters. Her constant companion the biting cold that came from the mountains of ice and frozen oceans surrounding her day by day. She must travel through this land constantly, living a nomadic lifestyle to escape the worst of the cold and find food. There is a Warlord who lives in this land with her. A mysterious man, with legendary powers, and the ability to call the animals of the cold desert to him at will. In an attempt to capture Xiedaís interest the Warlord has turned part of his land in to an oasis in the middle of the frozen desert and has tempted the girl to his home with an orchard of the freshet apples she will ever see. Once she takes a bite of those apples she will be trapped forever in the clutches of the Warlord and under his control. But those apples are so tempting and the warmth of the oasis is like a mecca in the cold land she calls home. Because this dangerous and powerful man has taken an interest in Xieda she has two choices, submit willingly to him, or hide and hope he never finds her.


Princesses in a Castle in the Sky (Tags: BON, VAN, NC) No m/m in this game.

Chrisyallin was the youngest daughter of the king who ruled the land of Ryijen. A beautiful girl who won the hearts of all who met her no matter where she went or whom she talked to. She was kind, gentle, sweet, and obedient, everything a princess should be. She was the total opposite of her elder sister Riyalen who was fiery and rebellious. Riyalen wanted to be treated like the men, she learned to ride, fight, and even learned politics like a man. Her continence was that of a fierce amazon, beautiful and wild with an untamed look in her eyes. Both girls were loved greatly by their people and their father, given anything they wanted, they were called the ĎJewelsí of the kingdom. Their kingdom was peaceful; having many allies instead of enemies it was a surprise to everyone when a small kingdom to the south started threatening their peace. A dark knight and a mage worked together to threaten the peaceful kingdom of Ryijen. Their armies attacked the kingdom in relentless waves; only being held back by the fact Ryijenís king had many allies in other realms. One night the Jewelís were taken from the castle, no one saw anyone enter the castle and no one saw anyone leave, they simply woke up and found both princesses missing. On the morning of their capture a message arrived for the king that simply read, ďWe have themĒ and he knew his daughters were in the hands of his enemies. Now the two men who wish their father the most harm are holding both princessesí captive. What will they do to save their father and their people?

Secret Garden

There is a garden, hidden behind tall walls and housing a large maze, it is a secret garden held under lock and key. If you, by chance, enter this garden there is stories of a beautiful woman at the center of the garden. The woman has been there since the garden was created and she will grant your hearts fondest wish. The danger is, that wish may not be the most pleasant of wishes for it may be a hidden wish you never knew of consciously. Once you find your way into the center of the garden you will see her and if you are lucky you will find your way out again with your hearts desire. If you are not lucky you will end up locked in the maze forever with the woman and those others who have been captured in the maze, locked with their hearts darkest desires.

Any Adventurous Soul (male or female or multiple)

The White Bird's Flight [MUL]

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Kukiko had been sold into one of the many geisha houses when she was only four years old, starting out a simple servant girl she quickly grew into a beautiful woman and Geisha. Learning the ways of the Geisha was hard and trying, especially for one not liked as Kukiko was considered to pretty by the other Geisha and especially to the Oiran to be safe from their scorn. She was seldom visited by men of good stature and had become to be known as the Geisha who was only seen by the gaijin who tended to come and stare at the Geisha as if they were fancy birds in a cage. Kukiko longed for an adventure of her own, and a man who would come to her and give her the purpose that her life had lacked since she was a child. She longed for a life with meaning beyond endless ceremony and loneliness, but the only way for that to happen for Kukiko was to actually get a man who wished to visit her more than one night like she was some exhibit in an art gallery. But for all her longing she was still naÔve to the world and lived fairly sheltered since the gaijin who visited her seemed only to wish to stare and whisper in awe at her from a far.

*If you were in a thread with me before I disappeared for a long time and wish to continue please let me know and I'd be happy to start it back up!

** If you were in a thread with me, and want to continue, please PM me. But, Iíll be posting new ideas sometime soon.

Please PM me if you are interested in an idea of mine, do not reply to this post. Thank you! I look forward to many romps!

Images that feed my Ideas

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Re: A Romp Through The Chou Chou Train's Sprinkle Paradise (MUL)
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I pruned the story ideas and added and deleted some things. Just spruced it up from what it was when I was last on.

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Re: A Romp Through The Chou Chou Train's Sprinkle Paradise (MUL)
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Added a Story Idea and Picture.

Offline Chou chou rheastarTopic starter

New story ideas posted, some new RP's started, and lots of one shot smut ideas added.

Offline Chou chou rheastarTopic starter

Updated stories available and added more.