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Author Topic: Re: Code Geass rp interest check (spoiler alert)  (Read 364 times)

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Offline azzmeister89Topic starter

Re: Code Geass rp interest check (spoiler alert)
« on: September 30, 2012, 01:12:41 pm »
90 years after the death of the demon king Lelouch Vi Brittania the holy Brittanian empire has once again almost engulfed the entire world under there rule.

in the lands they control the people live in peace, although the numbers are still not treated as equally as the Brittanian citizens they have a better life then they once did. Now the last place to stand before the empire is the lands of Russia or as the Brittanians plan to call it "Area 2" due to its resource plants and nucular energy.

the players, if interested will have several options if they wish to join

1. a member of the Brittanian royal family acting as a politician or military commander in the occupation of Russia
2. A brittanian knight in a knightmare frame, fighting for control of the land
3. the personal knight of one of the royals (these players must be selected by said royal after becoming a knight first)
4. Zero (this role will be for my co-gm to take and will act as the leader of the Russian resistance forces)
5. Russian soldiers
6. civilians who in one way or another are caught up in the war without actually fighting e.g mechanics, medics, media Ect.

all are welcome to join, just post up a character profile, if anyone wishes to play as Zero please pm me
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Offline azzmeister89Topic starter

Re: Code Geass rp interest check
« Reply #1 on: September 30, 2012, 01:50:47 pm »
ok here is the character sheet

Appearance: (preferably use anime pictures)
Other useful information:

and to give you a basic over view here is mine

Name: Nathanial Walker

Age: 19


Occupation: Knightmare pilot of the Russian occupation force and captain of the 34th squad

Personality: energetic and kind he is seen to be a peace loving individual. his life as a noble however has given him a "hates to loose" complex and he can be very competitive, all that can be erased when it comes to fighting for what he believes in or protecting his friends and comrades 

History: Born and raised in the Brittanian Jerusalem settlement he spent most of his childhood in relative peace, his father who was a member of the Viceroy of the regions advisers held much sway over the land named "Area 18" at age thirteen like all Brittanian students he was placed through combat training at school allowing him to be tested in skill and potential as a knightmare pilot, his scores were through the roof.
A few years later a terrorist attack occurred in the settlement near his school, panic raged around the area and it took over an hour before any Brittanian forces arrived to help, when they did they found themselves outnumbered and easily defeated. Nathanial who had been trapped nearby the fighting, in order to stay alive climbed into one of the least damaged Knightmare's and weather through pure skill, luck or a bit of both destroyed the terrorists before more soldiers arrived, given a medal and an officers position in the holy Brittanina army he was knighted and made a captain, however his training took up most of the next five years and he has yet to fight in a real battle with his unique custom built knightmare frame E001 Pandora

Other useful information: he is quite shy around girls but always acts like a gentleman, his hobbies include Hawking, reading books and playing his Guitar
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