Post-apocalyptic RP! ( Seeking M or F )

Started by dobebubble, September 29, 2012, 03:16:59 PM

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I don't really have a set idea but I'm really, really craving a post-apocalyptic RP. We can brainstorm and come up with a plot if you'd like, or just play it by ear. It's up to you, I can do either, though a little structure would be nice. If you would like to RP and don't want to do post-apocalyptic, that's fine, too! I'm pretty much up for anything.

For the post apocalyptic, I'd really prefer M/M but I can do M/F, but I'm not really sure about F/F...

I can play either a male or female role, by the way!

Sorry it's not much to build on but please message me!
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