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Author Topic: Welcome to AidaLily's Nightmare -- A Little of Everything!!  (Read 656 times)

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Welcome to AidaLily's Nightmare -- A Little of Everything!!
« on: September 24, 2012, 09:40:28 pm »
Hello [you]! Welcome to my new request thread.  All Pairings can be changed UNLESS marked in red or a fandom pairing. Characters or parts I will play will be in bold. If part of the pairing is not in bold, it is safe to assume either role is up for grabs.  The fandom ideas will have M/M, F/F, and M/F pairings based on the anime.  If you don’t see a pairing you like, feel free to ask if I will do a pairing of someone else.

A few rules:

-Advancement of plot. I like story centric RPs (as well as smut based), but I hate being the only one to move on to the next thing. There does not need to be an 25 page long conversation on the same thing because you won’t move the plot along a bit.

-Also, it is a bonus with canon characters to me, if there is in fact character development. Sure this person acts like that on face value, but let them grow in the RP. It may be canon, but I am pretty sure our RP isn't.

-At least 4-7 lines per post. I want to be able to post back to you and I am sure you want to be able to post back to me.

If you check out the link to my O/Os, only read that which is written in red. More will be added as I think of Ideas. Please PM me if interested in one of them.

M/F Ideas
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Differences. (m/f, f/m, con, romance... this is a definite changer for any pairing)

She wants to go have the surgery to get her penis removed until she meets someone who likes her for who she is.

The Harem

A young girl is forced into her father's harem when she turns 17. She doesn't want to and is scared about what will happen to her. The only means of some freedom is to become the sultan's favorite and his wife.

Dollhouse Nightmares

A young girl is brought up to be like a perfect doll growing up by her brother. The doll get up makes her look exactly like her deceased mother and he treats her with the utmost respect until he decides that he wants to use his perfect doll to satisfy his own desires.

Angel Tears

A sweet innocent girl is the happiest in the world before her parent's and siblings died in a car accident. She is then forced to live with her uncle in his estate until she turns 18 in a year. Her uncle having lost his wife a few years back decides this little angel is what he has been looking for.

Daddy's Baby (Non-con to con or con, pregnancy)

A 17 year old girl and her father moved from the big city to the countryside after her father's big messy divorce with her mother. She tries to help him through it all as she had never seen her father so upset about something. Soon her father starts to see his baby girl as more than just that and wants her all to himself.

Romance in Unlikely Places (Con, possible pregnancy if desired)

A servant girl lives with her master who is at the peak of high society. She is his personal servant even though he has other servants who work in his mansion. In other words she helps him with his schedule, picks out his clothes, and so on but nothing sexual. As the years go on the young 22 year old servant girl has fallen in love with her master and unknowingly to her he has also fallen in love with her. One day he overhears her talking with another servant about her feelings for him and things go from there.

Trapped (Non-con)

A young woman is sent to live with an older man in order to repay her family's debt. She doesn't want to but she knows she has no choice but to help her family out of this situation. At first nothing is out of the ordinary as she has to do nothing more than prepare meals and such. It is only the two of them in the house with a lot of land separating them from the next house. He flirts with her but she does not respond to any of it. After a little while he is fed up with her attitude and unresponsiveness and decides to take what he wants.
M/M Ideas
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Things that go bump in the dark

After his mom and sister moved away, he was forced to deal with the drunken rants of his father whom he still had to stay with. One night his father is exceptionally drunk and takes advantage of his son.

Title: A Taste of Illusion
Pairing: Fledgling Magician x Supernatural Snake Charmer

Description: There are many things humans do not pay attention to for the fear they will turn away since they don't understand. YC is just like everyone else as he tries to struggle to make it as a magician. One day, after one of his street shows, MC shows up. MC offers to teach him about magic and train him to be a great magician. YC agrees desperate to make his dreams come true. YC tries to ignore that sometimes snakes seem to appear out of no where on MC's body. YC starts to feel like he is losing it a bit because when he is sure that he sees the snake its gone.

**Note: I have no problems making the snake charmer an alien. This is a sci-fi plot**


Title: Hiding
Pairing: Rapist x Victim

Description: This wasn't supposed to be possible. In fact, it wasn't possible. A rapist falling in love with a victim was possible, but it was never possible the other way around. Then what was this feeling he had. Why after eight long years of being raped constantly by this male, did he come back once he had escaped? He still had family to run to who hadn't given up on him. He still had a lover who had waited every day for his return. So why did he come back? Why did he plan to wait until his lover came back to go see him again? Why had he kept contact with the man? This wasn't love, but something else... conditioning? lust? He wasn't sure, but the only thing he knew was that he wanted to keep seeing the male. He wanted to give him a taste of what it was like to be hurt. He wanted to give as much as he wanted to take and that is what he was going to do.


Title: A Different Form of Survival
Pairing: Father x Son

WARNING: Incest, it starts with dual rape, there will be a lot of kinks explored for this particular RP, no bathroom with feces or urine, no vore, no gore, there will be toys, gangbangs, crossdressing, and other things as suggested by the commenters spoken of in the description.

Description: His mother left when he was only 10 years old. His father did his best to keep things together though at 16, it was easy to see how badly they were struggling with money. One night, the son goes out and does some underage drinking coming home pretty much wasted. His father is upset with him for drinking and the son so enraged rapes his father not realizing it was caught on camera. The father wakes up the next morning a little upset at what happened, but can never hate his son. The father had been setting up a website to have members sign up for 'how to' videos or something when he noticed the camera had been recording. He re-watched the video finding himself shockingly getting aroused from it and quickly set up a porn site posting his own rape. Within the next two hours, the site had at least forty people sign up and comments on his page. He realized he could use this to get money and they wouldn't struggle anymore. The father turns the camera on and starts a live feed showing his still sleeping son and ask 'Would you all like to see me return the favor?' as if it were a show. The chatbox of comments had many people saying 'yes' and so the father starts molesting his son in his sleep before preparing and fucking him on the camera. Once its over the father smiles and switches off the camera explaining to his son everything that happened. The son apologizes to his father, and they start broadcasting their 'show' every (insert weekday or weekend day here) night.

His mother finds the site as she is a subscriber and tries to do her best to ruin her husband's success even if its for the benefit of their son. She can not stand him being more successful than her.
F/F Ideas
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Title: My Mistress (f/f non-con to con)
The Elven princess has a secret that one of her maids discovers. The princess will do anything to hide her secret...anything.

Title: Kill me?
Pairing: Vampire x Hunter
A young female vampire has one wish and that is to die.  She runs into an older woman who happens to be the matriarch of a vampire hunting clan.  Rather than kill her on the spot, the older woman decides she has been alone too long.  She decides to keep the vampire as a pet and her lover.  Can she make the vampire change her mind about life in general?

Title: I Never Liked Your Father
Pairing: Mother/Daughter
A mother finally gets divorced when her daughter turns 18 years old.  The girl opted to go to college online so she could help her mother in making clothing that she sold online. Her mother couldn’t help but be interested in her beautiful and sexy daughter.  So when her daughter comes to her with questions about having a first kiss or more, well she had to teach her, right?

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Re: Welcome to AidaLily's Nightmare -- A Little of Everything!!
« Reply #1 on: September 24, 2012, 09:41:54 pm »
Fandom Ideas
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Title: Shattered Glass
Pairing: Gin X Toshiro

'Yeah betrayal is easy, becoming a hero is easy too, but does he realize what he did to me? We never truly got along and yet I was drawn to him, in love I guess you could call it. I wanted him to be with me forever and then he left. Ten long years and the only time I saw him was on the battlefield. I shouldn't be so upset about this considering I never told him my feelings, but I can't help it. That smile... That damn infuriating smile... It should only be for me.' -Toshiro Hitsugaya

Basically, Toshiro and Gin never got along. Toshiro fell for Gin and never said anything. Gin defected with Aizen and when the final battle came about tried to save everyone and got wounded, but still lives. His crimes are pardoned and he is reinstated as captain. The story picks up there with Gin returning to being captain and Toshiro both loving and hating Gin. They will get together later naturally.


Title: It Comes With A Price
Pairing: Kisuke Urahara X Mayuri Kurotsuchi

'Every single time I needed an answer, I had to go to him. Because he wouldn't tell me if I wasn't there. It was a blow to my pride to have to ask that man for answers, because every answer always came with a price.' -Mayuri Kurotsuchi

Mayuri gets stuck on experiments and needs an 'experts' help to figure out what he is doing wrong. The other members of the 12th division don't seem to understand the problems either, but he does. He ends up going through a non-registered and untraceable gate that lands him in Urahara's shop in a special room. Once inside he quickly follows proceedure washing all the make-up off his face and making sure his appearance is like that of the time when Urahara first got him out of prison. Then he waits... because he knows he is coming with answers.

Title:  Time to Stop Fighting
Pairing:  Neliel(former third espada) x Nnoitra
’We were created and given power. I want more from you, but your only thought is of destroying me and taking my place.  Aizen was assassinated. We no longer have to worry about rank or rules and yet you keep staring at me as though you want me dead…. Or is there something more?’ - Neliel

Aizen was killed by Gin before Gin returned to Soul Society to report his mission completed.  The espada were left on their own to deal with some of them leaving the fortress that Aizen had built including the self proclaimed king of Hueco Mundo.  The few that stayed were Szayel, Nnoitra, Neliel, Grimmjow, Ulquiorra, and Coyote with Lilynette obviously staying with him.  Nnoitra keeps going after Neliel saying horrible things to her, but is this just a way to mask what he really wants from her?

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Title: Illusions
Pairing: Yami Bakura X Yugi

WARNING: Minus the relationship... Yugi does some very very violent things. If you want an example PM me. We can add other pairings to this, but the main is those two. The sex is also a bit more towards S&M. There is some bloodplay and bondage. The YAMIs are ATEM, BAKURA, AND MARIK. They have their own bodies!!!

'Just because I look innocent doesn't mean that I am. I am 18 now for crying out loud. I know what sex is and I know who I want. If only I could get him to want me as much as I want him to take me. Does he need to be gentle with me? No. Because I am not a child. Everyone tries to hide things from me as if I am too innocent to know them. I bet they would never expect the darkness I carry inside my own heart. Atem is not a yami...I am because I am darker than my yami ever was.' -Yugi Mutou

Its towards the end of senior year in HS. Yugi has a large crush on Yami Bakura. No one knows about it and Atem continues to treat him like some innocent kid and he hates it. He beat Atem in the duel and he and Ryou asked for their yami's to have their own bodies. Malik wanted him and other part of him separated, but with the other part having all emotions. Their wish was granted. Yami and Yugi live above the game shop. Ryou and Bakura have their own apartment as does Malik (hikari) and Marik (yami). Yugi fakes innocence and ends up alone with Bakura. They talk and they both entice each other enough to have sex and start a relationship. Bakura has calmed down some since he found out the truth and doesn't hate hate the pharoah, however Yugi is the one who seems to get darker. It starts out small with wanting to be cut during sex or do some cutting during foreplay. Then when a friend gets raped... Yugi is the one who kills the rapist in the most disgustingly brutal way he can think of. Its all cleaned up and no one knows what happened, but Yugi likes the way it felt and keeps killing while having someone clean up the messes. Atem is afraid for his once hikari's soul and the only one who can save him now... is Bakura.

**Note: For this particular RP, Bakura while being rougher before hand has to be sweet to Yugi in order to save him. Yes this means Bakura is to have sweet side and he is not part of Ryou so NO using that. More violence will just corrupt the little light even more. Yugi is too in love with Bakura to hurt him which is why it will take Bakura a bit to get through to Yugi at that part**

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Title: Another chance
Pairing: Sasori X Deidara

'We were never close in life. In fact I hated my danna even though I respected his power. Now, I am his servant and yet.. he is the one looking out for the most in this strange new world. Am I falling in love with him?' - Deidara

Sasori and Deidara never got along well in life. However when a mysterious witch brings them back to life in a time they are not familiar with things take an unexpected turn. Sasori comes back as a prince in the unknown land belonging to the Akasuna royal family. Deidara comes back as his servant who once hailed from a noble family that was wiped out under the Akasuna's rule. They slowly slide more into their new roles as they become closer and closer...


Title: I find you... Interesting
Pairing: Neji X Sai (could be Naruto X Sai)

'Why do you interest me? Would you interest me still if I made you mine? Would you notice if I didn't smile anymore?' -Sai

In other words, Sai doesn't understand a lot of emotions and things when he falls in love with Neji. However, he feels as if he is never noticed and doesn't know how to handle the emotion of feeling rejected without asking. Still... it doesn't stop him from watching and observing at every chance.

Title: Who I Am Inside
Pairing: Neji X Gaara

'Alone. All alone. Everyone praises and yet they all keep their distance. I wont ever be good enough no matter what I do. Always overshadowed no matter where I reach. Especially at home...' -both Neji and Gaara

Gaara is the kazekage and still has Shukaku having beaten the akatsuki sent after him. The village respects him now, but they still all fear him beneath fake smiles and pleasant greetings. He wants someone who want him and isn't constantly afraid of him. Someone willing to get close to him.
Neji is a jounin and still overlooked by everyone since he isn't the main branch. They try to pay attention, but he can see how they just turn away. Tsunade gets a request from Hiashi to get Neji away from the village because he doesn't truly want to deal with him anymore since he turned down the arranged marriage to Hinata. Tsunade disagrees but the council agrees to send Neji to Suna as Konoha's diplomat and he can just monitor things there. Gaara, not wanting a war with Konoha, agrees to send someone as well to be a Konoha shinobi/diplomat.


Title:  My Heart is at Home
Pairing: Temari/Gaara
‘He is my brother.  It is wrong of me to even think of him this way.  It is wrong of me to sabotage a few of his dates, so that he won’t go home with him.  I shouldn’t want to do this to him and yet I don’t think it’s fair. I am a sensible woman, but I can’t help my attraction to him.  He has changed a lot since we were younger and I want to be the one at his side. Not as his sister, but as his lover.’ –Temari

Temari is infatuated with Gaara.  After a bad relationship that leaves her feeling near worthless, she realizes that she wasn’t really in love with the guy at all. Instead, she wanted something else and something more forbidden.  Gaara was the kazekage and a damn good one at that in her opinion. He had also started going on a few dates as more people were less scared of him in the village. That wasn’t fair. She should be the one at Gaara’s side, not some random stranger who just wanted the kazekage and she was going to end up at his side no matter what.


Title: Before it’s too late
Pairing; Itachi Uchiha and Deidara  (con or non-con, romance, AU)

’Death is coming for me. Not from an actual ninja battle but from a disease. I have no idea how many years I have left.  I wonder if it is late to find love like the one I had before I destroyed my life in the name of my village.’ – Itachi Uchiha

The two akatsuki members hate  one another, but what happens when Itachi finds out he is dying. Itachi picks on Deidara and Deidara hates Itachi with a passion or at least seems to. Can they overcome their differences and realize they love each other before it is too late?


Title: His Captive
Fandom: Naruto
Pairing: Deidara/OC
Pairing type: Het (can be m/m)

Interests for this roleplay: non-con to con or sweet seduction. eventual romance at some point.

A young girl is sent on a mission she knows nothing about. Her mission is to deliver Akatsuki information to another village from the village hidden in the mist. She is on land away from the island on her way to the hidden village. Deidara is the one sent to intercept the information. The female character is a jounin and only really good at taijutsu, the wrong type to deal with Deidara...

He captures her, takes her most likely to currently empty base to ask leader more instructions. In the meantime, she is plotting one thing. Her escape. Or will the Akatsuki member make her change her mind...
Title:  Smile
Pairing: Neji Hyuuga x Hinata Hyuuga

Neji and Hinata are cousins and he used to hate her. In fact he almost tried to kill her in the chuunin exams. Now though Hinata has grown up into a young woman and she finds herself attracted to Neji. Neji has always hated himself secretly for hurting her and he wants to have her for his own. When they are forced into an arranged marriage can they finally confess the love they have for one another or will they just pretend they don’t even after they are married.

 Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler)
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Title: Someone you'll never miss
Pairing: Sebastian X Grell

'Just because I act so flamboyant and easy doesn't mean that I am. I just want what any normal being would want and that is someone to love them. Is it wrong that I fell in love with you? No. Why? Because the heart wants what it wants. I wish you'd give me a chance. Then you'd see there is more to me than surface value.' - Grell Sutcliffe

This is pretty simple. Grell is in love with Sebastian. Very much so. He believes Sebastian will never give him a chance even though if he did the demon might be surprised. Sebastian refuses to kill his young master because the boy is too ready to die. It sort of spoils things for him and by this point he is no longer interested in eating the soul of such an interesting human. So when Ciel completed his revenge... Sebastian told his first and only lie. He told Ciel that there were others who helped destroy his life and so he had to stay. The truth was... Sebastian found something he wanted to stay on earth for.


Title: Claims
Pairing: Prince Soma X Ciel
'You are so put together and though they keep hurting you... you still have that noble air about you. I want you and you call me a child. I am 24 Ciel and you are still the child at 18. Your contract with your butler is weakened and even he doesn't seem to want to be around you much. He will ignore your calls for aid if I am with you for that is the nature of our contract. Maybe you should've learn to appreciate the things around you, but now I am just going to take you.' -Prince Soma

Ciel took everyone for granted as a pawn. He trapped Sebastian in an order that shouldn't have been allowed and caused a crack in their contract. The two had an argument that caused Ciel to order Sebastian to never steal his soul and remain his butler. Sebastian is dating Undertaker and found out from his sources he couldn't force Ciel to undo the order. So when Prince Soma wants a contract with Sebastian, the demon agrees. Their contract? Sebastian is to make sure that no one comes when Soma is 'training' Ciel and in exchange Sebastian sometimes gets to watch the prince hurt the one who forced him into this situation. To both of them... its win-win.


Title: Taking you away
Pairing: Undertaker X Grell  

'I am a little eccentric, yes? And yet just like anyone else I have my desires. Oh yes, my lovely lovely desires. The demon took away the cute little earl so I couldn't do anything to have him as my own. Now though I have interest in a cute new toy... a lovely little 'lady' in red.' -Undertaker

With Ciel and Sebastian off who knows where together and happily in love, Undertaker realizes that he needs someone to have fun with. Love can come or it can not. So when Grell steps into his shop looking for information dealing with some shinigami cases, he takes the opportunity to 'flirt' with Grell. He gives the red head something that makes him crave his touch so that he keeps coming back to him.


Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
--Will only play select couples and only Digimon seasons 1 and 2.--
Title: Meeting halfway
Pairing: Tai X Matt

'I might be a music star, but the only opinion I care about is from the one who doesn't realize that our friendship is just my way of being close to him. If I could have a taste of paradise... I'd take it.'-Matt  (I did write a song for this that I will hopefully be going to record soon. *smiles*)

The famous soccer star and the famous rock star. They were both finally home once again. However, somethings were left unsettled. Matt wanted Tai. Tai wanted Matt. They had wanted each other for so long it was almost painful. So why did it take them being stuck in Matt's apartment for either to admit it?
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Re: Welcome to AidaLily's Nightmare -- A Little of Everything!!
« Reply #2 on: September 24, 2012, 09:44:11 pm »
Fandom Ideas Continued

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Title: Submission
Pairing: Inuyasha X Sesshomaru (Sesshomaru is the bottom – not negotiable)

'I am still in control of my kingdom and yet my body is tainted. I can not however bring myself to kill the life that grows inside of my body even if my mate is my stupid half-breed brother. People accept this as us wanting to keep my father's blood in the family. They don't know how much I've tried to kill him or my despair because now I can't. I would never want my pups to grow up without their father.’ -Sesshomaru

Inuyasha and Sesshomaru have always fought against one another until the final battle with Naraku. In that battle they worked together effortlessly to defeat a common enemy. Two years later when the hanyou, Inuyasha, enters his heat he ends up sniffing out another demon that has also entered his heat as well. He goes only to find Sesshomaru standing by a waterfall...


Title: Abandonment
Pairing: Kouga X Shippo (shippo is about 215 in this.. so about 17/18 years of age at least...can still be small)

'Just because the kit entered his heat doesn't mean that those humans should abandon him. Oh wait.. was it abandonment from the woman I had once wanted to mate? No. She had been pissed that Inuyasha was mated to Sesshomaru and rather than comfort Shippo...she tried to force him to wear the rosary and force him to become her mate.  I had killed her and the slayer and monk just turned away as if they saw nothing. Now I was going to take Shippo as mine...' -Kouga

Inuyasha becomes mated to Sesshomaru after they worked somethings out leaving Shippo with the humans since he didn't want to come at the time. Kagome upset that Inuyasha left tried to force Shippo to be what she thought Inuyasha would be and Kouga following the scent of the beta male stopped her and killed her. Shippo was upset and the other two didn't want to deal with a demon in heat while Sango was expecting and said they were leaving him. Kouga decides then that Shippo will be his.

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Re: Welcome to AidaLily's Nightmare -- A Little of Everything!!
« Reply #3 on: September 24, 2012, 09:45:36 pm »
Fandom Ideas Continued

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
I will play no female couples for this series.
Title: Scars
Pairing: Tohma X Shuichi   (This one can be negotiable. I have played it many times as Tohma and would like to switch if possible to try and play it from a different angle)
 'He tried to kill me. I loved him and he tried to kill me. Now.. the one I thought was my enemy is truly the only person who tried to help me. He knew Eiri was going to do this from the actions the novelist was shown. He cried for me when I was in the hospital. He says he is in love with me... I want to love him too.' -Shuichi Shindou

Tohma sped off to the hospital. He knows what happened and knew it was going to. He had tried harder to separate them to protect Shuichi. He couldn't outright say it, but he had his ways. Still, he wouldn't listen. He had no reason to believe him. Now this...maybe he could help and finally get his chance.


Title: Notice Me
Pairing: Tohma X Suguru

'I am almost just as good as he is. Almost. I just want him to notice me. I shouldn't have these feelings for my cousin and yet everything about him makes me draw in closer. I don't want to be him. I want him. I want him inside of me, taking away this damn innocence I still have. I want him to love me. I want us to be lovers.' -Suguru Fujisaki

The two cousins have feelings for one another, but neither one seems to want to act on it. Suguru tries changing his clothes to be more of Shuichi or Ryuichi's style. Something sexy to entice Tohma, but the other doesn't seem to notice. Suguru doesn't realize that he is even teasing Tohma.
Tohma is afraid of hurting Suguru and so he says nothing. However when a friend gives him a push in the right direction he goes for it and then gets cold feet, but soon Suguru innocent teasing becomes too much and he needs to have his cousin.


Title: Someone I can count on
Pairing: Tatsuha/Suguru

'I would have never looked in his direction if not for the day he helped me. My motorcycle broke down and there he was walking down the street. He helped me get it running. He let me stay at his apartment. Now I can't seem to get him off my mind and to be honest I don't want to.' -Tatsuha Uesugi

Basically what Tatsuha said. His bike breaks down and Suguru helps him. Pretty simple.


Title: I'm Not A Child
Pairing: Ryuichi X Tohma

'Why do you act like I am not your age? I need this public persona to handle the business. You know I am not like this Tohma. You know it. You know me better than anyone. I stood by you when you got married and I stood at your side when the gold digger divorced you. I love you Tohma. Its about time I made sure you knew that to its fullest extent.' -Ryuichi Sakuma

Ryuichi moved in with Tohma after the keyboardist's wife divorced him. He was happy he had advised Tohma to make her sign a prenup and that his best friend listened. She had tried to get more in court, but the paper was legit and she was denied. She had fought about it, before leaving with her new rich boyfriend and saying to hell with Tohma. Ryuichi supported him even though he knew Tohma was never truly in love with Mika, he had considered the stupid bitch a friend and then that. Tohma doesn't understand how he feels for Ryuichi, but Ryuichi is going to make sure Tohma falls in love with him.


Title: Hidden Meanings
Pairing: Shuichi/Suguru (can have some Shuichi X Suguru X Tohma... but not much. The pairing is those two unless we have too much fun with it.)

'You always yelled at me even when Eiri upset me. You told me I was just wasting my time on someone like that. You knew Eiri would leave me didn't you? It wasn't just a passing thought, you knew it. You knew Hiro wouldn't come in that day. You knew I would be in the studio alone. And you knew how much I'd love it if you kissed me.' -Shuichi Shindou

Hiro and Eiri both betray Shuichi. Heartbroken the singer goes to the studio to write music and clear his head. Suguru is also there and he knows what it means to see the pink haired singer upset. Without saying a word he gets up and goes over to Shuichi. The singer is confused, but is no longer when Suguru's lips touch his and he responds.
On the security screen in his office, Tohma sees Shuichi and is more concerned than happy. He didn't think Eiri and Shuichi were right for each other, but he did NOT in any way support Eiri cheating on Shuichi with his best friend. He was upset with Eiri for that and hadn't spoken to him since he found out. A smile crossed his features though as he sees Suguru walk over to Shuichi. Those two were much better suited for each other and he would support them in any way.

Title: Happy Triangles (can be played with one or two other people.... ALL THREE ARE SWITCHES!!! That means they are all both top and bottom and thats NOT negotiable.)

Pairing(s): Tohma/Shuichi, Suguru/Shuichi, Tohma/Suguru, Tohma/Suguru/Shuichi

'I don't mind us all being together. I like it. Even though Shuichi is legally married to Tohma, we are all still together. Do I mind that Shuichi's last name is legally Seguchi? No. Because his middle name is Fujisaki and both he and Tohma love me and each other as much as I love them.' -Suguru Fujisaki

When Shuichi dumps Eiri because he is tired of his shit, Tohma is the first to find out and Suguru is the second. They both want Shuichi's affections and they both do what they have to so they can get it. Shuichi falls for them both and in one night they all become lovers. Tohma and Suguru are ok with it once Shuichi explains how much he loves both of them and they realize they have some feelings for each other. To make sure Shuichi can't get away this time... Tohma proposes to Shuichi and Suguru proposes Shuichi take Fujisaki as his middle name. Shuichi obviously agrees.

**Note: This is a fun, romance RP. I wouldn't mind adding Mpreg, but that is up to the person or person who take this one.**

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Wait does this mean our RP that we had planned has been changed? :S Because I still like the idea of what we were going to do then with the various canon charaters. Though I don't mind making any changes that you would like in order to make it more appealing :D
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