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Author Topic: The Blind Date (Slave Girl & Airindel)  (Read 1043 times)

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The Blind Date (Slave Girl & Airindel)
« on: May 17, 2008, 01:36:05 PM »
There was something regarding blind dates that always made Peter nervous. Maybe it was the pressure to not disappoint the mate who arranged it, or the pressure to amuse and impress another person who was a stranger; little did appearance matter, not for Peter, for he was a bookworm, studious,  and always was he attracted to another's mind and personality. Luckily, his youngest sister knew this, sweet Jessica concerned for his companionship welfare, and Peter had to chuckle to himself as he stared into his mug of black coffee. Only then had he realized he was still in his scrubs, a dull mossy green that was splattered with a few stains, that it was only his lab coat that he discarded, and he sighed with discontent. After being up for over twenty four hours, his mind grew a little weary, and really, he was unused to the idea of a date, his last one being six months prior, and the girl was damning of his choice of a career, that being an obstetrician. Peter lifted  the mug of coffee to his lips, and was about to drink when he saw Ella enter the coffee shop.

A smile tugged on his lips as he watched the sway of Ella's golden hair, long and luxurious, cascade over her shoulders. Always had he liked that mane of hair, and really, he had always liked the girl, a best mate to Jessica. As he pondered those thoughts, as moments went by, he suddenly realized who his date was, and he laughed softly at Jessica's boldness.

“Ella,” Peter softly said, his voice a little louder then normal to draw her attention, and he gestured for her to take the seat at his table opposite him. He pushed his mop of blond hair from his eyes and studied her wondering if she knew outright that he was her date. “Care to join me for a coffee?”

Offline Slave Girl

Re: The Blind Date (Slave Girl & Airindel)
« Reply #1 on: May 17, 2008, 11:14:51 PM »
Throughout her time at school, Ella hadn't had much time for a life outside of her studies and her part-time job. She had been brought up with the ideology that if you worked hard at school and gained high marks it would lead to a decent job and a well paid career. Working and learning about how to save money for bills and taking care of expenses was something else her parents instilled in her from a young age. Because of this Ella found it hard to make time for her friends, but always managed to find some time for them, but she still missed out on a lot of events and outings she would have liked to go on. So of course this girl having not much time for her friends, had next to zero time for boys. Although many had approached her at school, she turned them all down. She hadn't even really developed an interest in them since she didn't allow herself time to think about the idea.

It had been four months since graduation and for once in her life she had been allowed the time to live. She was surprised at how much she had missed but she held no regrets. Deciding that now her studies were finished she could focus on having some fun for a few months before deciding which University she was going to apply for. Her family were trying to convince her to become a astro physicist. It was the topic she gained highest marks in but she wasn't entirely sure if that was the career for her. But it was at least a bit of a step up from working at the local chemist.

Her best friend Jessica had been showing her most of the things she missed out on while in her studies and she had had a fantastic four months of self-discovery. It was during that time she had been to her first major parties, gone on her first vacation and even her first time buying various music albums and being able to listen to them all. She had developed a particular liking to the sound of the violin. It was a surprise to her the day before when Jessica appeared on her doorstep informing her that she had set her up on a blind date. Ella was dumbfounded but accepted the proposal on the condition Jessica gave her some tips and helped her choose what to wear. Which of course led to a day of shopping.

Ella entered the coffee shop wearing a pair of black kitten heel boots, blue jeans, a simple white blouse and a red ribbon which spiralled around a lock of hair on her left side. The only jewelery she was was a small emerald pendant around her neck on a silver chain. She looked around for a moment before her attention was drawn to Peter. A small state of shock became visible in her face as her head suddenly began to buzz with thoughts. No Jessica couldn't have... she thought to herself.

The hairs on the back of her neck stood up as Ella made her way over to Peter's table. "Hi..." She began. "Um... I'm actually supposed to be meeting someone here... Jessica set me up on a blind date..."
Although she struggled to put the thought aside she couldn't help but think her friend had tricked the two of them. Peter was the only boy she had ever really talked to regularly since he was her best friends sister. Although she had never had the time to develop feelings for guys, Peter probably was the closest man to her.

((OMG sorry, I made such a huge post. I'm not always like that, it was the opening post and yours was great. I find my longer and better quality posts come out when I'm challenged by another good post. It felt great writing that ;D))

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Re: The Blind Date (Slave Girl & Airindel)
« Reply #2 on: May 18, 2008, 09:37:05 AM »
Maybe he had been mistaken about Jessica setting up the date between Ella and himself. Maybe. He sensed, by instinct alone, that he was not, but always was there a possibility that instincts were wrong, and a smile played upon his lips as he watched Ella walk over to him, and heard her soft melodious voice filter through the quiet atmosphere of the coffee shop and caress his ears. “Likewise, Ella,” Peter confessed, and a pinkness brightened his cheeks as he thought of his sister at home more than likely pleased with herself and her cunning plan to pair the two together. Of course, had Jessica said something directly to him about it, he would never have accepted just on the basis of an age difference, yet out of all Jessica's friends, Ella was the most studious, and certainly she was attractive. His blush deepened as his thoughts lingered on her, both body and mind, and finally plucking up courage, he glanced into her eyes. “and unless I am mistaken, I believe we are on a date together.” He rose to his feet then, and reached into his pocket for some change from earlier.

“I'm not going to hold you to this, certainly, but while we are both here, let me buy you a coffee or tea, and we can just chat for awhile.” Peter said, his voice serene, and not knowing if Jessica was comfortable with this or not, and wished to give her leave without awkwardness continued his line of thought. “Or if you want, I could drive you home. It's up to you, really. I don't want to bore you as I would other women. You should be out having fun, not perched on a chair opposite me listening to me, and my dull life.” He bit his tongue then and didn't wish to speak further out of fear that something more inane would leave his lips, his mouth.

Offline Slave Girl

Re: The Blind Date (Slave Girl & Airindel)
« Reply #3 on: May 18, 2008, 10:11:32 AM »
The train of thought derailed in Ella's head. I can't believe Jessica actually did this... she thought to herself. She didn't really have any objection to the idea of a date with Peter so she decided to play it out and see what would happen. Jessica would feel her wrath later anyway she though devilishly. The idea bringing a small smile to her face. "Um, Ok," she replied taking a seat opposite Peter, placing  her bag on the table.

"I'll have an early grey tea thankyou," she told him with a smile. She sat watching him while she fiddled with the ribbon in her hair. She wondered if the butterflies she felt in her stomach were normal on a date. She had never felt like this around Peter before. Perhaps it was the idea that it was more than just a coffee between friends. She took the time to look him over while he got her a drink. He's quite good looking, she thought herself. Even if he's still in his scrubs.