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Author Topic: Withdrawal Sucks [M LF Dom/Sub F] :: UPDATED LIKE A MOFO ::  (Read 1259 times)

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Withdrawal Sucks [M LF Dom/Sub F] :: UPDATED LIKE A MOFO ::
« on: September 21, 2012, 02:45:07 am »
Hi! First of all, I'm new here! Hello E. I must say, the thread system had me quite confused at first. But then I realized it was like a Craigslist page. EZPZ. First off, you might realize I don't have pictures and such. I'm not really that kind of guy. I'm more simple, easy going, and very bored for the most part. I'm looking for someone in particular who can fill the shoes of the other person I'm imagining. I have a few particular Role Play pairings and ideas that I want to have filled. I don't have a "Do's or Don'ts" page. But I will do all of that here in this thread. Also, if something on my list, ISN'T on my list, you should tell me. In better words, if there is something you want to do, but I haven't listed it in my "Do's or Don'ts" below, send me a message, you might be happy to find I am actually very interested.

First off, I would like to explain what I expect of you.
1.) I am expecting you to be mature, I don't want the word penis, making you giggle.
2.) Be LITERATE. Not a grammar Nazi, but someone who understands how to use the English language.
3.) Match post lengths, this isn't a competition, it's fun. Let's write what we want to, or what is appropriate. I don't want to give out six paragraphs and receive two. No fun there for me.
4.) Please have some idea about life, don't be a dull individual who has spent their entire lives in the house sealed away from society. Just be experienced.
5.) Help me brainstorm out the plot the way that you and I both want it to play. If our ideas don't mix, maybe we shouldn't RP together. I am a nice, open minded guy. Let's meld our brains together and make something friggin'awesome!

Pairings that I do will come on next post! WOOT ME!
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Re: Withdrawal Sucks [A Dudes Search For That Chick]
« Reply #1 on: September 21, 2012, 03:32:00 am »
WOO! Post two! Time for those pairings! First off, I'll explain how I hash out my groupings. First off, pairings that are Italicized, those are pairings that I am willing to play either role, it doesn't matter to me, that is unimportant. Second of all, if a pairing set is Bold, that means that I want to play it, or play it more than the other. If a pairing has a heart next to it, that means that I am really interested in playing this. If it has a broken heart. Not so much. My pairings are just pairings that I myself am willing to do, they do not represent plots. These pairings are made so that you and I can work on a plot together. Please be prepared for that. If not, wait until my Plots post pops up. Maybe that'll be next!

:: High Fantasy ::
Elf x Human
Elf x Elf
Dwarf x Elf
Dwarf x Human
Angel x Demon
Angel x Human
Demon x Human
Angel x Angel
Demon x Demon

:: Fantasy ::
Princess x Prince
King x Princess
Queen x Prince
King x Queen
Queen x Assassin
King x Assassin
Queen x Neighboring King
King x Royal Adviser
Queen x Royal Adviser
Queen x Royal Guard
Vampire x Human
Vampire x Lycan
Human x Human
Anthro x Human
Anthro x Anthro

:: Modern ::
Husband x Wife
Mother x Son
Father x Daughter
Sister x Brother
Step Brother x Step Sister
Best Friend x Best Friend
Teacher x Student
Vampire x Human <- Plot

:: Sci-Fi :: (Not so much pairings, as the ideas of what I'll do, these ideas can be matched with appropriate above parings.)
Interstellar Relations (IE Mass Effect or Star Wars)
Anything Gifted
Alternate Realities (IE Digimon, Bleach)
Zombie Apocalypse
Alien Invasion

[More to be added soon!]

Anything of homosexuality, sorry, not interested. No offense.
Scat play, or waterworks.
Severe abuse and or mutilation.
Pregnancy, just don't want to have to deal with drama of a make believe pregnant woman. Going to have to do it someday, and any day soon is too soon for me.
Any sort of molestation.
Severe age differences. (Unless it is in the case of a Vampire or Lycan)
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Re: Withdrawal Sucks [A Dudes Search For That Chick]
« Reply #2 on: September 21, 2012, 03:55:42 am »
YAY! Time to post about some of my plot ideas! Now, one of these has been marked as I have plots for them, some of them haven't. Plus I think up this crap while I'm working, so it is added to over time. But, these are just a few of the ideas I have. I'm probably only going to put up two right now, just due to the fact that it's rather late and I've been drinking. Typing can be a tedious task when you know you're not going to receive immediate responses. At any rate, the plots will be titled as the spoiler clickable link thing. Whatever that's called. Please take a look and send me a message in return!

Vampire x Human
After World War III was put to an end by the existence and emergence of Vampires into public eyes, peace has swept over the entire world. But it's actually just a giant facade, the reason that peace has swept over is that the Vampires have become number one. Or, more importantly were openly number one. For many years, in secret people would go missing throughout the nation, without a trace. Those were the unfortunate ones selected to become a living blood bank. This was the way of things in a modern day. Now, it was a complete hush hush endeavor. Vampires were literally treating humans like cattle at times, and it was flying over the heads of them by the thought of world peace. But one group attempted to wake up the human sheep. This group was destroying the 'Blood Banks' on a global scale. And these people were Vampires alike. They however had sworn an oath to their eldest, and deceased member to never drink the blood of a human again. Instead they found a solution that would give them the same benefits of drinking human blood. But without the cost of cravings. In a contest of strength, most of these Vampires wouldn't stand a chance against a pure blood, or even an elder. However, what most lacked in pure strength, they made up for in ability and skill. They had trained for this, traded in everything that made them Vampires. They were known as, 'the Fangless'.

In the world there once existed a blood line of humans, this blood line was thought to be made as a direct source of food for a Vampire. Most often kept as slaves, in numbers, this race of human quickly died out. While most of them fled for their lives. Hardly any made it further than to their borders. However some did, and the blood line had survived. Flown under the radar, as they were hunted by scent by Vampires. They were thought long extinct, thus they were no longer searched for. But finally after all the years of being devoured just for the sensation and power that one strain of blood could deliver. One more has shown up, and was would be more, they had shown up directly under the nose of a 'Fangless'. This was fate, or a trap, but either way the 'Fangless' had no choice but to sink his teeth in.

Basically, what I was thinking was. College student gets injured playing Soccer or some other sport. Goes to the infirmary to get checked out and released. But the 'Nurse' who sees her isn't a female like per usual, it's a male. And what's more is this male is a 'Fangless' Vampire. The exact type she would hope to encounter with her blood type, and with the aroma that wafted through the air. And in secret, this girl who would be a star student and athlete, is a complete fan of Vampires, thinks they are the coolest thing ever. Also, there would be a little more to do with her blood, but I'll explain that if you're at all interested. Oh, also, the blood acts as a complete aphrodisiac to Vampires. It's basically Viagra to them.

Brother x Sister
As a family, the Soreno family never had any problems. Never came under scrutiny from others. Never had family qualms, didn't even have a neighbor that didn't like them. But not many people knew them, they were just a drop in family. Moved in over night, having no background to dig up, and being fairly wealthy at that. They were automatically accepted into society. But the Soreno family has a dark background. For ages their family had been heading an operation in Italy where they would sell anything from cars to women. Exotic drugs and guns were a common thing to find in their house. That was until the family came under threat of annihilation. A big time mob boss had had enough of the families shenanigans and decided it was time for them to go. But a mole of the Soreno family informed them and they left. The family moved to Miami in under half a week. And at first, things were good, they were real good. They even had merchandise coming across the sea to them. Their business would carry on as per usual over here.

That was where things went wrong. The mole, was a double mole, lousy scumbag. Turned on the family, bada-bing-bada-boom, one thing lead to another and the mom and pops got popped. The kids were next too, but it wasn't so easy. The two of them stuck together like glue, and they had all sorts of emergency plans drilled into their heads from their father. Their boy knew how to shoot a gun like a soldier, he could fight too. And the girl, she was gorgeous, like a model. Could talk her way into any situation or out of one. And if push came to shove seduction could be used, or force. They weren't afraid to commit crimes or even kill to get away. And truth be told, they were wanting this, just the two of them, no one understanding them or trying to. No real identities, just cash and a fake smile.

Human x Pet
Being a scientist, wasn't a job that paid big time dollars. Not unless of course you developed a new drug that could cure cancer, hunger, or the common cold. There wasn't much in the medical science field other than being a doctor, or someone who worked at a pharmacy. So attempting to develope a new drug, something that went above and beyond the actual bounds of reality, was a goal that was unachievable. At least so it was thought. But the future brings about many changes, and alterations in reality. And a man who would facilitate those changes, was born into the right era. And his inspiration came directly from his childhood. Having a dog as his only friend through his childhood, this young man saw the animal as a person. Someone he could talk to, eat with, sleep with, cry to, laugh at and make fun of. And that entity wouldn't ever talk back to him. Never call him names, or make him feel worse. So as the young boy aged, he came to a realization, he would make a way to turn a house pet, into a real person. After many unsuccessful attempts, and after having lost many animals who the scientist had considered good animals, and close friends. He found his success, it it didn't come as he had thought it would. After having come up with a solution, that at the very least enabled dogs only the ability to speak in a human language. The scientist found a company to take a look into his drug. But leaving the chemical at his cluttered apartment, the man rushes home only to find everything completely clean. Except for quite a bit of food that had been strung out. As well he could hear a female voice humming cheerfully to itself. Rounding the corner to his kitchen, he is met with the face of a girl, a nude one. Minus the small amount of hair on her body, and her <insert animal here> ears and tail. Realizing what he had done, and what had happened, the man cried out in excitement. The once animal female turned, noticed her master, and too jumped up sharing in his excitement. But what would he do now, with an animal exposed to an unknown possibly deadly chemical mixture?

Mother x Son
It's common knowledge that you can choose your friends, but you can't choose your family. Family is also supposed to be able to count on one another to be there whenever a person needs them. So when a business major and software developer starts to run out of money, and his family life is deteriorating before his very eyes. He comes home to help his mother out with her difficult life. The poor women has been juggling her ill husband, and two businesses. So her professional , business smart and hard working son would be a blessing to her hectic schedule and life. Life has a saying, and it applies to almost all walks of life. Expect the unexpected. When a playboy marketing genius and an ex-swimwear model turned businesswoman have been kept too busy to have 'fun'. The two find their off time, to be on time. Even the barrier of a mother son relationship can't stop the heat and craving of lust.

Now, just to let you know. I'll be playing Alpha. He'll be blind, visually. But he won't be submissive, or downtrodden. You would be playing his "handler", someone who makes certain of where he is, who he associates with, etc. My character will feel and play a little like Jason Bourne, but a lot more badass than him. Also, your character will be held hostage for most of this, but I don't want her to be submissive either, she's been watching him, and taking care of him. So it isn't like she would want him dead, or worse.
Old Dog, New Tricks
The world is filled with people who don't fit in. People who don't technically have a place in society, those who are above or are below. However in the shadow of an entire planet filled with humans, some go above and beyond the actual spectrum of what people perceive as reality. Some of those people live in the every day lives of human civilization, others are kept in the walls of asylums. Some people simply can't grasp the real world that every other person lives in, and acts according to their own world. But in this way innocent people get hurt and can easily die. Thus these people who live extraordinary lives are monitored, tracked. Their business, is another persons, their lives continuously under scrutiny from a higher power. And a certain particular group gives just that, scrutiny and judgment. This group who answers to no person, and is under jurisdiction from no country employs these special people. They use them as blood hounds and hawks to zero in on peoples locations. Even using them to go as far as catching and apprehending wanted criminals. And yet, when a political figure head gets killed, immediately the prime suspect is an individual that came from a program that trained these special people on how to use their gifts better. The man in question a person with extremely acute senses. While his eyes still functioned, he could see clearly for miles and miles, so much so he didn't need binoculars to see what card was held up from two miles. However, being born with a birth defect that has taken his vision, the assassin wasn't him. But the group that he once was trained with has called in all available hands to help bring in this one person, who had been given the moniker, Alpha.

Avatar: Korra's Awakening
After beating Amon, and stopping the Anti-Bender revolution. The Avatar has had her powers stripped, all but her ability to use Air Bending. Since she had lost all of her bending, Korra was no longer aplicable to partake in the Bending tournaments. The girl had lost all of her will to continue bending. She didn't know what to do, before this she had nearly every element at her disposal, and now there was no hope to get it back. At least so she thought. However the prior Avatar, Aang would come to Korra and inform her that her bending wasn't gone, just suppressed. And she could earn it back, by repeating the steps she had taken to master the elements in the first place. Since she had Air as a starting point, she began there learning how to master Air bending. From her Air bending master, Tenzen, he sent her to learn directly from Kitara's appointed Water master. After this would be completed as well, she would be directed to learn Earth next. As it would be the best in line for re-learning to control ones bending. Instead of him teaching her through lessons and instruction. He would teach her through live combat scenarios. Against himself, and against others. And so would begin the journey of Korra and her Earth master.

For a little more info about Avatar: Korra's Awakening, this would follow her and her Earth master. The story would take place approximately five years after the series. And what I was hoping is that the two would set off for a place where controlling the Earth would be difficult. All in order to bring out the best of the Avatar. I was hoping that we could go from Steam Punk world, to the dawn of the industrial era. The biggest thing we would introduce to the story is the usage of firearms. This would be a wild West sort of scenario.

Controlled Not Owned
A couple that was meant to be. At least that was what everyone called them, they had been dating for four years. And were living in a steady livelyhood, he worked in an office she worked at a bakery. However, they weren't perfect, at least not completely. He knew there was something she was hiding, something she wasn't telling him. But he couldn't ever put his finger on what that was, he knew it was something that was very big though. She had so much trouble even beginning to speak to him about the truth regarding her passiveness. It would however be revealed to him. She truly did work at a bakery, but that wasn't where the majority of her belongings came from. She was also a Witch, Witches being the presence responsible for the third World War. What was worse, was that she was a Witch in Exile, which meant that she was an enemy even to the Witches. She had lost most of her powers from being put through Exile, however she still had very capable skills for a certain form of Witchcraft, Necromancy. A forbidden magic, that which got her placed into Exile in the first place. Her plan, was to use the remainder of her power in order to make him into her vassal of destruction. Of course she needed his permission. Or his heart.

For now, this will be what I list as the plots I have in mind. MANY more will come, I promise. Also, these plots are re-workable to fit your tastes as well as mine. So if you have tweaking you want, and or need to do in order to make your ideal character fit into this plot idea and world, let's hash it out together. I love brainstorming.[/size]
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Re: Withdrawal Sucks [A Dudes Search For That Chick]
« Reply #3 on: September 21, 2012, 04:20:18 am »
Ya'll can post in here, or PM me for more details. I will be sleeping soon though, so don't fret if I don't get back to you right away. Remember, more plots and pairings will be added, and don't be afraid to ask me about things. I'm super friendly!

Offline Lady Temptress

Re: Withdrawal Sucks [A Dudes Search For That Chick]
« Reply #4 on: September 21, 2012, 05:13:41 am »
Hi there. I'll Rp with you. How about a  Vampire x Human? I 'll play the human?

Offline Minty Minx

Re: Withdrawal Sucks [A Dudes Search For That Chick]
« Reply #5 on: September 22, 2012, 12:41:45 am »
Angel x Demon and The Queen x Assassin sound like they could go somewhere with a good plot. How about it? :)

Offline EmotionCraveTopic starter

Re: Withdrawal Sucks [A Dudes Search For That Chick]
« Reply #6 on: October 15, 2012, 01:02:19 am »
UPDATING MY SHIZZLE! Putting up new plots! Look for em. Although it might take a second, watching an episode of Ghost Adventures.

NEW PLOT! Scientist x Pet!

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Re: Withdrawal Sucks [A Dudes Search For That Chick]
« Reply #7 on: October 22, 2012, 02:59:32 am »
New plots mother effers!

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Re: Withdrawal Sucks [A Dudes Search For That Chick]
« Reply #8 on: August 05, 2013, 03:06:19 am »
I have new plots. I am back! I am NOT dead. Woo! Go me! Back to accepting peoples!
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Offline xRebecca

Re: Withdrawal Sucks [A Dudes Search For That Chick]
« Reply #9 on: August 05, 2013, 04:33:18 am »
I'd be interested in an Elf x Human pairing, though I am curious about your plot? How do they meet? Is it as in the Lord of the Rings (only with slightly less gay elves - I mean, the MOVIE had gay elves), or something else?

I'd love to hear from you,

- xRebecca

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Re: Withdrawal Sucks [M LF Dom/Sub F] :: UPDATED LIKE A MOFO ::
« Reply #10 on: August 22, 2013, 01:45:50 am »
Hello there E! Good to be back! I have updated my plots, and added a few pairings!

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Re: Withdrawal Sucks [M LF Dom/Sub F] :: UPDATED LIKE A MOFO ::
« Reply #11 on: November 20, 2013, 05:49:31 am »