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Author Topic: A Few of Zekromnomnom's Ideas  (Read 2260 times)

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A Few of Zekromnomnom's Ideas
« on: September 21, 2012, 12:58:43 AM »
Hello, everyone. I decided that this post was getting far too cluttered. So now I'm going to be cleaning it up and posting a hopefully more cohesive request post.

First, here are my ons and offs:

A little about my tastes:
 1. I tend to like romance. Lovey dovey stuff.
 2. My two biggest interests are dick girls and incest.
 3. I like to play the top, so to speak. Although sometimes I enjoy switching.
 4. I'm almost always looking to play a male opposite a female, or futa, or trap.
 5. Exception to number 4: If it fits the story, I will be fine playing a futa or shemale instead of a male, but still opposite a female. Dicks on the female are optional.

Anyway, onto the requests:


Here are just some basic pairings I like. The first listed is the one I would play and they are separated by genre.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Student at Magic School/Fellow Student
Orc or Half-orc/Elf maiden
Orc or Half-orc/Dwarf maiden
Disgraced noble/Noble
Shaman or druid/City Woman
Barbarian/ Knight or Paladin
Rogue/ Knight or Paladin
Mage/ Warrior
Noble/ Rogue
Noble/ Barbarian
Bard/ Paladin or Knight
Illegal Mage/ Paladin or Knight
Cursed Knight (something with some kind of beastly appearance)/ Princess
Orc Shemale/Human or Elf Princess *Seriously craving*

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Nerdy guy/Popular girl
Nerdy guy tutor/Popular girl who is secretly a futanari (craving)
Intellectual, introverted teacher/Nerdy or bookish female student (Bonus points for glasses)
Shy guy/Goth girl
Cousins of some kind
Injured or disabled man/Physical therapist or helper

Contemporary Special (Superheroes, urban fantasy, anime-esque stuff, etc.)

For super heroes:
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Super hero/Civilian or fan
Super hero/Super hero
Super hero/Super villain
Super hero/Sidekick
Sidekick/Super hero

For Urban Fantasy, characters I might want to play:
Monster Hunter
Some kind of modern mage

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Mech Pilot/Mech Pilot
X-COM Soldier/X-COM Soldier
X-COM Soldier/Civilian
(The X-COM ones don't have to be officially that setting, but basically soldiers fighitng aliens in close to modern day kind of thing.)

Post-Apocalypse (could be zombies or post nuclear war ala Gamma World and Fallout, could be robot uprising or alien invasion):

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Really lucky nerd/Girl that was popular before the outbreak
Young priest who lost his faith after the outbreak/goth chick or bad girl type (preferably like barely 18)
Theif or other criminal/rich girl or woman who's house he was breaking into when the outbreak occured
Patient/similar patient (at a mental health hospital away from major cities, not there for schizophrenia or dissociative identity disorder, maybe just anxiety or depression or a recent suicide attempt when the zombie outbreak occurs)
Slacker brother/over-achieving sister

Post-nuclear war:
Bounty hunter/partner
Soldier in the town guard/fellow soldier
Soldier in the town guard/citizen or visitor to the town
Bodyguard/scientist exploring the wastes
Explorer/some kind of friendly mutant humanoid (or the reverse)


For most of these, I will want to play in a setting but not with any established characters. I usually feel I can't do them justice. And in some cases, I would want to use the type of world, but maybe not an established one, the example being that while I like playing in Dungeons and Dragons, I'm up to the idea of us starting our own setting for it.

Video Games
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide


Fire Emblem (one exception to the playing OCs rule, as I would love to RP Male Morgan/Lucina, or any of his other possible sisters)(also open to writing a new setting but using characters and concepts from it)

Final Fantasy (using the classes from it, not so much playing in a specific setting) (the exception being the first game, where you chose the classes and there's no character development, we could make our own)

Skyrim (Dragonborn/Companion or the other way around)

Castlevania (not sure how we'd do it, but I would love it)

Chrono Trigger (another exception. I'd love to play as Frog opposite various female characters, namely Lucca, Fiona, Ayla, Queen Lean, and Flea. Or playing Flea as a shemale and playing opposite any of the girls in the game)


Dragon Age: Origin - For this one, I have kind of a weird idea. One where there are two Gray Wardens from the possible origins. I would probably want to play a city elf or a human noble, and if possible, I would like my partner to play something that's sort of...from the other side of the tracks. If I were to play a human noble, probably an archer rogue, I would want my partner to be a casteless dwarf girl or a city elf girl. Or if I played the city elf, either a self taught great sword fighter in scavenged and mismatched armor or a dagger fighting rogue, I would want to play opposite a dwarven noble girl or a human noble girl. Although I imagine a mage of any kind would be different enough in background for either, and would also be acceptable. I would specifically really like playing opposite a dwarf female. We would play through the story but maybe with some changes.

Tabletop games:
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Generic Dungeons & Dragons (we could make our own setting)

Eberron (I'm rather fond of shifters and half-orcs, just a heads up)

Forgotten Realms (Probably pre-Spell Plague)


Here we come to the more thought out sections of my interests. I'll try to post them clearly and concisely:

Earth Defense Initiative [Sci-Fi Mech [Male/Female] ]
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Sometime in the near future, humans have started to leave earth to colonize other parts of the solar system. Technology has gotten better and cleaner and humans aren't fleeing a desolate wasteland of an Earth, but part of human nature is to explore and to expand and conquer. But as they start to reach further and further from Earth, the age old question of whether or not we are alone in the universe is answered. Hailing from who knows where, monstrous creatures have appeared on the edges of our solar system, destroying any mining vessals, scout ships, or probes that they find. The creatures resemble insects but the first ones to be seen were the size of vans. When they started attacking colonies, they were discovered to be very fast and agile. Ground troops stood no chance against them and artillery was of little use as well. One group of scientists working on a sort of mining exoskeleton got the idea to try and turn his research to defending humanity from these creatures. They were backed by many governments that decided to found an organization called the Earth Defense Initiative.

Okay, so the basic idea is a mech vs. alien game. Got the idea playing Super Robot Taisen. I'm thinking the atmosphere would be a bit like that of the Gundam series. High, fairly clean technology. Big, luxurious space colonies. But for the mechs, I'm thinking something more like the size of like...the ones from Code Geass. I figure made out of some kind of weird space age alloy or something. The weapons would be some kind of high tech bullets, with maybe energy weapons in the works, as well as grappling things and blades and what have you. And we would play as two of the pilots.

A Beneficial Arrangement  [Contemporary Incest, possibly age gap [Older Cousin or Uncle/Younger Cousin/Niece, Forbidden Romance (eventually) ]
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Marty Hamlin, a young man from the midwest, wrote a novel after he graduated from a state school with a degree in English that everyone always told him he would never make any money with. But then the novel sold. And it sold like crazy. Marty, who had always been a fairly average guy, although a bit on the shy side, was suddenly shown a much different kind of life. He became an overnight sensation. Where before, he was back living with his parents and working at the same pizza place where he worked in high school, now everything was coming up in his favor. Due to an extreme amount of luck, the publisher he went through got him a lot of money. Not JK Rowling money, but enough for him to buy his own house and a new car. Enough that he could have payed for all the plane tickets for the flights to book signings and writing conventions he was suddenly going to. But all of them were comped. And because the book he wrote had something for everyone, people all across America knew him and this meant a lot of attention from the ladies. So he spent his money living it up. Excessively. He would travel a lot and party with locals, especially girls.

But eventually, the money started to run out. And despite the reputation he had and his apparent writing ability, he just couldn't seem to get something else published. And without the money and his dwindling fame, the hangers on stopped hanging on and he realized all the friends he had these days weren't his real friends. And he had pretty much left his old friends behind, finding most of them married and planning to have children or worse of than him. He was able to stop the needless spending in time to keep his house. But he had a now seemingly useless English degree, no friends, no great job prospects, and for the first time in five years, he felt utterly and completely alone. He hadn't exactly left his family behind, but he didn't call often. He was going on thirty and, he felt, had little to show for it. So he started drinking. And he worked part time at a local pizza place, having grown a beard and switching back to glasses so no one would recognize him.

Worried about him, his mother talked to others in her family and they figured a way to try and keep an eye on him. Marty's younger cousin, a smart girl with big aspirations, had been accepted at a college in another state, the college just so happening to be in the town where Marty lived. So they arranged for the cousin to move in with Marty so she could have affordable housing and he wouldn't drink himself to death from loneliness. But how will these two be as roommates?

So for this one, I would be playing the 30 year old one hit wonder writer and I'd be looking to have someone play his younger cousin, 18 or 19, who's going to some prestigious college in some college town. For Marty, I figure to play him kind of like myself. Sort of shy and a bit nerdy. His book was some kind of Urban Fantasy Young Adult novel. And he wears a beard, but not like an unkempt mountain man one. More like a hipster kind of thing. And same with his glasses. As for the younger cousin, it's not something I'm requiring, but I have if you would have her look like either of the two pictures below, I would love it sooooooo much. I figure they probably clash a bit at first, and if she looks like either of those girls, I kind of imagine her having a bit of an attitude and being a bit...tough, I guess. Punkish, maybe. But it's your character, so go with what you feel.

SLIGHT UPDATE: If I hadn't made this clear, I was hoping the plot would eventually turn to romance, although a delicious forbidden one...

A Squire's Honor [Fantasy, long, plot driven, romance. (Anthro male opposite female)]
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

The maid quietly moved through the mostly empty infirmary. For months, the place had been mostly full, given the war with the Beastlings. She was glad to see that there weren't as many injured as usual, for her homeland was not doing well in the war. The humans and their allies were losing ground. But for once, the place didn't smell of blood and wasn't filled with the sounds of the wounded and dying moaning and crying in pain. It was only filled with the gentle snoring of the room's single resident. She made her way quietly through the room, wanting to do her job of putting clean sheets on all the cots without waking him. She was afraid.

Word had spread through the castle, despite attempts to keep things quiet, that there was some monstrous creature who had appeared, half dead and bearing ill news for the kingdom. Renassa Colvane, the young queen's elder sister, known far and wide as the champion of the kingdom and the only female knight in many years, had died in battle. The maid knew there was more to it, that there were things the king's inner circle were keeping secret. No one outside the circle knew why the creature had appeared at all, or why, after its arrival and a hurried call for the royal executioner, the beast was spared. Some reasoned the wretched thing was trying to bargain its life for more information. Some believed it had come to demoralize everyone by giving information that surely couldn't be true. Renassa was known as one of the greatest sword fighters in the land. They were sure any day now, the king would announce that he was sending fourth a party to look for the knight, who like many others, had gone missing during a series of recent skirmishes in the south in the weeks before.

As she spread sheets over the cots, she thought about how all the maids were sworn to secrecy and the things she had heard from the others of the beast. After the two girls that actually wanted to see the thing volunteered to tend it had come back frightened of it, the rest had had to draw straws. And oh how they had talked about it. It was nearly seven feet tall, one said. Covered in scales and with five eyes. Another said it was covered in mangy fur with the head of a ram and the claws of a bear and three penises. She thought some were just trying to scare the others. What could it even need three penises for, she thought.

One of the maids, who had been born in the land across the sea where the queen and her sister hailed from, had been very quiet all throughout. She had been a childhood friend of the queen and her sister's, as well as a quiet, shy boy who became Renassa's squire. He had been missing as well, and this creature had revealed he had died with the lady knight. The maid wasn't sure if her friend was angry with this creature for bearing the bad news or if she was mourning the loss of her friends. But the other maid, the one from across the sea, was the only one who saw the creature and kept quiet about it.

And now, the maid decided, as she finished dressing the cots, she wanted a peak at the thing herself. If whatever it was was important enough for the king to have it kept alive, treated for injuries, and only lightly guarded, the maid wanted to know why. She worked up her courage as she started to slowly tip toe across the room to the cot where the creature lay huddled under its blanket, unmoving. She could already tell that whatever it was, it wasn't seven feet tall, judging by the size of the bump under the blanket.

Then, as she got closer, she noticed something hanging out from under the blanket. It took her a second to realize it was the long, thin, worm-like tail of a rodent. One that happened to be the size of a person. She barely managed to cover her mouth before she shrieked, terrified she would wake whatever it was. Taking a few deep breaths to calm herself, she decided she had to keep going, so she made her way around to the end opposite the tail, and found the small lump she assumed to be the thing's head. Then, hands shaking, she reached out to pull back the blanket.

After her initial fright, the reveal was a bit anti-climactic. She was expecting a crocodile head with bull horns or something, but like the tail, the head was that of a mouse. Even though it was a person sized mouse. While she did find mice a bit frightening when she opened a cabinet and was surprised by them, this one didn't bother her so much as it just looked pitiful. She could tell it had swelling around its left eye and one of its large ears was torn at the tip. And as she pulled the blanket down a bit more, she could see on its shoulders, which were shaped a bit more like a human's that the way a mouse's body worked, that in amongst its grey fur there were many cuts and scrapes that had been stitched up or covered in some kind of salve. She had heard it came in soaking wet during a rainstorm in a tattered cloak, but it seemed someone had taken great care in drying and brushing its fur. She wondered who it could have been, even as that adventurous part of her that compelled her to come and look made her keep pulling the blanket to see if it really had three penises when the thing suddenly shivered.

When it rose stiffly to a sitting position, the mouse-thing cracked open its eyes blearily. "Is...someone there?" it spoke weakly, its voice that of a male. The mouse looked around, taking in the surroundings. Then he let out a sigh, recognizing the room. He had made it back after all. Garweild Cobbler, Renassa Colvine's squire and good friend, had made it back to their home.

But things were different now. At the last battle, the humans were holding their own, but the creatures turned the tide when one of their powerful warlocks took to the field. When the two went to try and put a stop to the mage, they discovered it was none other than one of the Beast Kings, the rulers of their enemy. They fell right into the Beastling trap. Renassa attacked with abandon, telling her squire to flee, and despite all his training and the battles he had seen, after witnessing the ferocity and magics of the Beastlings that day, flee he did.

He wasn't fast enough, though. The warlock caught up to him, mocking him from fleeing like a frightened little mouse. The last thing Garweild remembered was the smile on the mage's face as an idea struck him. Then there was agony like nothing he had ever felt. And then he passed out.

The mouse creature threw his blanket off an climbed unsteadily to his feet. In the days they had been treating him, all he could think of was how he had done all he could by getting word to Renassa's sister and the kingdom. He never thought the words, but he felt it silly for them to treat him. He had already been planning to lay down and die now, since he was no longer the human he once was. Now he looked no different than one of the enemy bearing down on his home. But after having the dreams of that battle once more, he was finally feeling something other than fatigue and defeat. He felt angry and he wanted to do something about it.

Okay, so for this one, as you might be able to tell from the excerpt, I got the idea from the game Chrono Trigger. I wanted to use elements I liked from the story but to try and...make it more my own. So the basic idea would be I would be playing the former squire of the famed knight, who was cursed by one of the wizards of the enemy force, so now he has the form of an anthropomorphic mouse.

The setting would be a world torn by a war between humans (and possibly humanoid allies like elves and such) and Beastlings, a broad term for many different species of creature, ranging from anthros to goblins to ogres. Pretty much anything that's quite a bit different from humans in appearance, although some would literally be something like human looking creatures with red skin and weird eyes or something. It would start out as something of a revenge story for the mouse, but through some kind of long journey, he would come to see the war wasn't as black and white as it seemed.

A few random specifics. I was thinking for as of yet unexplained reasons, the Beastlings have stronger magical abilities than the humans and such. And I had the idea that the squire, the knight, and her sister the queen all came from the same place.

As for he partner I'm looking for, I want it to be someone playing a woman. But beyond that, I see it as pretty open. I would LOVE for it to be the queen, but that might require quite a bit of discussion.

Also, a NOTICE: I'm not really looking for sex with the mouse while he is a mouse. If the plot involves them finding a cure for him, sex with him as a human would be good. Or, and another possibility for a partner I just thought of recently, is with someone who is one of the Beastlings. I'm open to some things, but discussion is the key here. So, if you play a Beastling woman, or some human woman that is from some exotic area or something where people are a lot more sexually open than a standard medieval fantasy society, then maybe she could talk the mouse into it, although he's going to be pretty self loathing because of his curse and he's pretty heavily invested in his idea to avenge his friend.

Anyway, a lot of discussion would be necessary, but it would be fun, I would think. I'd love to hear back about this.

Our Reunion is a New Beginning [Fantasy Incest Long Romance Half-breed brother/Human or elf sister]
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

This idea is a tweak of an idea someone was discussing with me before. There are a number of different scenarios, but all are very similar, with just some details different. They all end with the siblings going off to be adventurers together and falling in love. I'll list the different possible pairings.

1. My character- Half-elf  Your character- Full Elf
For this one, our characters would be half siblings raised by elf parents from a smallish community. Your character, the sister, would be the first born, and would be the favorite. My character would be a half-elf that was sired by a human marauder from a band that swept through the area when the father was away on some kind of business. The idea being that the mother loved both of the children, but the proud elven father always hated the half-breed son. Being fairly common folk, the parents could only save enough money to try to give one child a good future. So they sent the daughter away to train with a traveling bard or away to a wizard school or to train under a sorcerer or something, maybe a wandering monk or a cloister to learn to be a cleric. For the son, the father didn't even want to take him on as an apprentice or anything, so he found someone he could send the boy away to as an apprentice and have him out of sight and out of mind.

Somewhere along the way, things go wrong for the son and he ends up learning to fight instead of learning a trade. Maybe he ends up on a pirate ship or in a gladiator arena or something. It can be discussed. Anyway, eventually, when the daughter comes to visit home after becoming quite proficient in whatever adventuring path she chose, the son happens to arrive back home at the same time having changed much by what had happened. The two always got along very well despite the father's dislike of the son, so either they just set off to adventure together, or maybe some kind of event happens that leads them to adventure together, like maybe the daughter's master was murdered or something. Either way, the game would start with the siblings meeting once again as fledgling adventurers.

2. My Character- Half-orc or Half-fiend   Your character- Full blooded human
This one would be pretty similar, except in this one, the brother would be the older of the siblings, but one or two years. And for this one, I imagine the parents would be farmers in a fairly morally good kingdom kingdom, but one with an active slave trade and some other corruption. In this one, I figure in order the farm from debt collectors or maybe to buy magical healing for some serious ailment the mother has, the father considers selling the half-orc or half-fiend son into slavery. He's never wanted him around as he's just a reminder of something he would rather forget. Once again, the siblings are the best of friends despite radically different treatment from their father, and the sister always talked about wanting to follow her dream to become a [insert class name here], and, remembering that, the brother agrees to become a slave so long as the father will do everything he can to help the daughter achieve her dream.

So the brother goes away, having left nothing but a note for his sister, explaining why he did what he did. And then the slave caravan gets wrecked by bandits or the slave ship gets Shang Hai'd by pirates or something, and the brother ends up freed and ends up becoming some kind of adventurer, probably taught by those he was rescued by or something. Anyway, the end point is the same. They arrive back home at the same time, the sister now a rookie adventurer and the brother, somehow now a free man with a particular set of skills that just wants to use them to get home and see his mother and hopefully his sister. They reunite and set off on an adventure together, whether just for the hell of it, or because they have some important quest thrust upon them.

3. Not really a three, but just saying I'm willing to discuss other possible options for something like this, like maybe if someone wanted to play a human female opposite some kind of anthropomorphic half breed or something.

Monster Girl Academy [Fantasy/School Life Monster Girl M/F or Futa, Romance]

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
So I recently bought Monster Monpiece on my PS Vita and have been having a lot of fun with it and it gave me the idea to set up a role play based on the rough idea of Monster Girls, like from that game or like from Monster Girl Encyclopedia, being partnered up with humans. The reason for this would be something we would work on, I dunno. In the MGE, it mentions the monster girls having to use human males to reproduce, so it could be that sort of thing. I was thinking maybe by bonding with monster girls, the humans would gain access to magic? And in the game Monster Monpiece, some of the monster girls are Lost, where they become like sort of feral. I was thinking in this game, maybe the feral monsters grow much more monstrous and less sexy and become basically mindless and the mages and their bonded monster girls fight to protect both humans and monster girls from the feral creatures, maybe fighting to turn them back even? I dunno. This is all just a fairly recent idea I've thrown together. I'm interested in discussing it more with any interested partners.

For now, that's all I have. I put a character section in the next post. I want to get a few super hero characters up as well but I haven't finished work on any yet. Anyway, anyone interested in writing with me, just shoot me a PM.

Something new that came up, I would LOVE to play the orc futa on the right in this picture. I'm thinking she would be in a fantasy setting and could be a half orc instead of an orc. I would like to play opposite a female or other futa and I'm thinking she would be something tribal, like a druid or something.
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Another picture based request:
If anyone would be willing to play a girl that looked like this in a contemparary setting, I would be forever grateful.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

For those who don't know, it's Naoto from Persona 4 and I am crazy about her look.
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Re: A Few of Zekromnomnom's Ideas
« Reply #1 on: October 14, 2012, 11:42:33 PM »
I decided that I would turn this second post into one for me to post characters I'm interested in playing. So....


These will mostly be OCs and separated by genre. I'll add them as I remember/come up with them. So some will be coming soon.


Ruga: Dwarf Trap Harmonixer
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Name: Ruga (born Rugo) Kuldram

Age:  53 (ten years of which was spent in the weird pocket dimension)

Race: Dwarf

Sexuality: Bi-curious, having only really experienced girls.

Class/Profession:  Harmonixer Transforms into monsters with elemental attributes. (for those familiar with D&D, something like a Binder, but a bit different)

Personality: Ruga tends to be very quiet. Timid and unassuming. He's been this way ever since he was a small child and his older relatives would always tease and make fun of him. But a lot of it is in act. He's has a lot of anger inside of him and he's actually rather studious and intellectual and uses his show of being timid bordering on scared to trick his opponents. Also, given what she does and what she underwent to learn it, she's a lot braver than one might think just looking at her.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Ruga was the youngest child of a dwarven noble. He was small and sickly and no one expected him to survive, but he did. As he grew, it became apparent he wasn't like his brothers. He wasn't interested in smithing or killing goblins, so they made fun of him. Also, as a side effect of his early illness, he couldn't grow a beard or any facial hair. And almost no body hair other than his head. He was always put down by father and brothers and his father never allowed him to leave because he was so ashamed. Ruga spent all his time with his face in a book, reading stories and history. As part of their teasing, his older brothers gave him a bunch of girl's clothes. Figuring no one in the city had seen him in a few years, he decided to disguise himself as a girl to leave their manse. He found he rather liked the feel of dressing like a girl. When his father found out, he was beaten pretty severely. After that, Ruga did as he was told for a while, all while planning his escape.

He eventually managed to get out of the house and the city, wearing a maid's uniform, and then dressing like a serving girl as part of a merchant caravan. But his father's men were on his trail, so he sneaked away from the caravan and tried to make his own way. He had studied a lot of maps and such while planning his escape, but he got lost in the tunnels. He wandered into an area where the dwarves told their children not to go, a very dangerous area where many believed some of the tunnels led into some otherworldly, nightmarish place. He got lost and was worried he would starve or die of thirst when he was contacted in his dreams by someone who was going to help guide him out of that place. Instead he was led further on when things started to get stranger. He ended up in a demi-plane hidden among the depths. A giant, phosphorescent mushroom forest. Which he soon discovered had many inhabitants.

He was saved from some of them by the one who contacted him, a woman who called herself Sand who could turn into monsters and who would eventually teach him to as well. The plane had weird properties and would allow others to enter, but not to escape. There was one way out and it was guarded by the master of the plane. She only contacted him because she needed help getting to the door and past the master of the place. Time moved slower there and what seemed like months to Ruga was a decade outside. Once Ruga was able to successfully transform, they enacted their plan and escaped. They parted ways after reaching the nearest surface city and Sand realized that she had been trapped there for over a century. Ruga was sorry to see her go, but with the strength he found from his experiences with her, he started making his own way as an adventurer. And after all that time in that other place, he was happy to be back in nice women's clothing once more.

Extra Notes: He has learned to transform into three different forms at this point. They are:

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Fungore- The first from Ruga learned. A short tempered forest spirit that's stronger than it looks, given it's small stature.

Amnis- A bloodthirsty water spirit.

Nacht Baum- A guardian of a long forgotten druid burial mound.

Gear: Pack full of adventuring gear (bedroll, rope, grappling hook, crowbar, flint and tinder box), fine clothing (at least one skirt and blouse), journal and sketch book, random books on various kinds of monsters, small round shield, short sword, repeating crossbow.

Fears: Losing control of the spirits he fuses with and never being able to take his body back. Having to go back to his family.

Casual Ons: Reading, learning, exploring, trying on new clothes, non-dwarven foods, friendly physical contact, acceptance by others.

Casual Offs: Machismo, sexism, superstitious people, those who look down on academia.

Sexual Ons: Wearing lingerie, trying new things, dressed up women, women in lingerie, non-dwarf women, men who aren't hairy. Aggressive, take charge women (both in and out of the bedroom). Partners who switch.

Sexual Offs: Scat, vore, non-con, mindbreak.

Threnadore "Thren" Melzas: Warlock
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Name: Threnodore "Thren" Melzas
Age: 27

Race: Half-fiend

Sexuality: Bi-curious (definitely down for all kinds of futanari and shemales)


Class/Profession: Warlock

Personality: Thren is fairly paranoid and tends to be suspicious of everyone. He puts on an act as an arrogant, short tempered, headstrong person all the better to make his enemies underestimate him. He used to be a very happy, friendly sort who only wanted to help make the world a better place. He's filled with a lot of regret. The influence of his pact has made him someone not only willing to fight and kill, but one who sometimes enjoys it. And while he came from a region that was often quite conservative sexually, the influence of his pact has also made him much more sexually open minded.

History/Bio: Thren was a noble in a big city ruled by noble houses. He was the fourth son, so nothing was really expected of him, and his mother babied him, so he turned out being a bit spoiled, but he grew up to be an idealist and a good person. He was trying to use his family's money to make the city a better place for the lower classes. He had a lot of friends in the other noble houses and those he met through working to improve things, including a common girl he fell in love with.

Everything went south when he was 20, though. A neighboring region declared war on their nation. And he discovered that his mother was actually a member of a cult who worshipped a powerful fiend called Elbrenoth. His actual father was this fiend lord. The cult had infiltrated much of the city, many of its members giving birth to half-fiend children, and then started the war so the half-breeds would rise to positions of power. Thren fled, not wanting any part in the war or his mother's plans, along with some close friends and the girl he loved. But everywhere they went, they were chased. So Thren did research and discovered Elbrenoth was a rival of another fiend called Namondar. With more and more people dying because of the cult's goals, Thren decided to appeal to Namondar for aid. They made a pact and now Thren had the power to fight the cult. Over the next three years, he brought the cult to ruin, killing many of the other half-fiends and every cultist he could find, including his mother.

The girl he loved was horrified, as were many of his friends, and his family didn't understand that their mother was a cultist. He was always expecting to Namondar to come calling for Thren to repay the favor, but the dreaded call never came. He fled, having nothing of his old life left and fearing the way his power had changed him. He's spent the last four years searching for a way to be free of the influence of both his father and the patron of his pact.

Extra Notes:

Gear: Fine clothes, backpack with a bedroll, lots of rope, torches, matches, and some other things. A magic cloak, a mithril chain shirt, and a number of magic rings.

Fears: Namondar calling in his part of the pact, facing his family after killing his mother, the pact changing him even more, making more friends and having them leave him when his powers scare them

Casual Ons: Comfortable beds, nice clothes, flying, traveling, killing bad people

Casual Offs: People looking down on the poor, religious fanaticism

Sexual Ons: A little rough play, light bondage, dirty talking, exotic women, non-human women, tattoos and piercings.

Sexual Offs: Scat, vore, watersports.

Walther Branford: Former Soldier turned Sell-Sword

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Walther Branford was a common born laborer. He grew up doing what his father did, digging graves and building coffins. When war broke out, he was 19, his father was called to serve in the militia as he had before, but his father was in bad health, so Walther took his place. Before he left, he spent one last night with his special sweety before going off to fight a war. A war that was pointless in his eyes. It was just some stupid war of succession that dragged countless commoners to their early deaths. But he became a good soldier, a fair tactician and a crack shot with a bow. He wasn't the strongest or the quickest in his company, but he was rather clever. After five years, he returned home to find that his sweety had died but had left him a daughter. She was sickly but he immediately loved her.

For the next five years, he tried to live as he had before, but the rulers of the land, rulers he had helped win a war for, kept raising taxes and treating the common people poorly. Walther did his best to ignore it and just take care of his daughter, but soon the mayor, a common born man, was replaced by the baron's son, who was downright cruel to the townspeople. One night at the tavern, Walther's father, aged and in poor health, accidentally spilled his drink on the baron's son and the baron's son started whipping him with a cane. When Walther arrived, he beat the new mayor severely. Soon after, he was driven out of town with his daughter. Now, he is trying to take care of her by working as a hired sword because he hopes to either buy magical healing at one of the grand temples in the cities or maybe find some mystical plant to help his daughter.


Dr. Division (Villain)
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Intended more for a kinky and kind of campy sort of play, Dr. Division was actually just mild mannered Dirk Denton, a man who was the youngest of three brothers. His brothers were both brilliant and the eldest became one of the top physicists in the world and the middle brother became a very gifted surgeon. Living in their shadow his whole life, Dirk let his not insignificant intellect go to waste. While his older brothers were both handsome and in good shape, they got by on only academic scholarships. Dirk barely managed to get a soccer scholarship. He would often act the clown, disappointing his family with his partying and shrugging off responsibilities. After he lost his scholarship after his third time getting drunk and fighting, he managed to get a much less impressive degree from a community college and he also fell deeply into student loan debt. He was able to get a job as a research assistant because of his family connections and stumbled across an experimental formula that would allow rapid cell growth, something meant to make organ cloning possible. He was accidentally exposed to the formula and discovered he had the ability to create duplicates of himself that he had full control of, although the more he had active at one time, the harder it was to concentrate on them all. When he went to show the lead scientist, a much older man, he accidentally frightened the man, causing him to fall down the stair well at the lab. The scientist died and Dirk saw an opportunity. He knew he couldn't take credit for the abilities he had, and he respected the scientist too well to do so, so he decided to try and do the hero thing. Little did he know, the scientist had rivals and they knew what the formula could do. When "The Cloner" showed up at a crime scene, he nearly got killed because of his goofy costume. A few days later, a piece came out in the paper about how he had stollen the scientist's research and his hero identity became a wanted man. So Dirk, reeling from just one more bit of bad luck, basically said screw it. He started to train himself in fighting and in criminal activities such as bypassing security systems, basic computer hacking, lockpicking, and other such things, and decided he would pay off his student loans and then some as the criminal Dr. Divider. He's mostly in it for money and he's kind of bumbling sort that still likes to party and chase skirts. And some of the kind of girls that are into a criminal loser like him are into sex with multiple partners.

Mr. Shapeless
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A test subject to make the perfect spy, he was subjected to experiments to give him the ability to change his body's shape to appear as other people. There were many such subjects that were all raised like sleeper agents and taught information about damn near everything, although in the early stages much of it was other languages, history, and the arts. Later on, they were to learn various sciences, espianage, and combat skills, but one of the female spies who gave her child to the program came to regret her decision and even a professional like her was horrified by some of the experiments, so she saught to bring down the facility by infiltrating the lab and trying to get her own child out before finding information to bring the experiment to light. When she discovered her child had been killed in the experiments, she instead chose to activate the facility's self destruct. During the confusion, a few of the subjects managed to escape, but they lost contact to keep each other safe. One of the escaped subjects became the hero Mr. Shapeless.

Though all went through the same education, one of the scientists had a soft spot for Mr. Shapeless, whom he called Buck because he originally had buck teeth. The scientist went against their indoctrination, trying to teach Buck to hold on to his identity and his idea of self, and he also let Buck read some of his comics, telling Buck he could use what the scientist were doing to him to save lives. This would help Buck become the person he would become, whereas the subjects were meant to be programmable blank canvases, changing entirely for each assignment. After escaping, at the suggestion of one of the other subjects, he inserted himself into an orphanage and was quickly adopted as he made himself seem such an attractive, desirable, intelligent child. He learned more of what it was supposed to be to be a human until one day he scared away a bully by taking on the visage of a monster. His friend became scared of him as well, so he fled and started over somewhere else.

While alone, he worked on honing his shapeshifting skills and as he grew older, he got the idea to study animals and try to change into them. While he couldn't get it all the way, by assimilating the shapes of certain sensory organs, he could enhance his senses. He could become slightly more physically capable by altering his muscles, but within limits, so he started to train himself physically and keeping with the idea of becoming a hero, because in the real world, he saw that there were plenty of other heroes, he started finishing the training he ended prematurely when he escaped. He taught himself to sneak, to act, to blend in when he needed to, he taught himself enough of science and medicine to bluff, and he learned to fight, though he remembered that they had meant him to be, among other things, a master assassin, he focused on non-lethal means of incapacitating foes.

Given that he could look as young or old as he wanted, he kept the training going for a long time and though his everyday appearance is that of a man in his young twenties, he is actually around 45 years old. He supports himself by doing modeling jobs, and this has led to a lot of female attention. He was actually approached to do acting but declined because he figured too many people would want to know about him if he did. He was also asked to do amatuer porn, which he also declined, but it sparked a fire of curiosity in him and he's also learned much about sex through academic study and experience. He likes being a male and doesn't blur the line too much, but he likes the idea of being able to fulfill people's fantasies, especially in some exotic ways, such as changing into an anthro or a hermaphrodite, though this is reserved for people he really cares about. Although if he shows the wrong people, he can always just slip into the crowd once more.
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UPDATED: Added the Magician's College idea.

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Updated with a current craving for a D&D type game and a game about a bodyguard in a fantasy setting. Possibly with furry.

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Added some new contemporary ideas.

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Added another fandom idea and a new D&D idea. REALLY looking for some incest ideas or super hero. Would also LOVE a Chrono Trigger of Chrono Cross game.

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Just bumping the topic and mentioning that I'll be back and looking for only a few stories, specifically anything to do with Fire Emblem.

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Decided to clean out all the old ones and write up a new first post. For current pairings and ideas, just check out the first post.

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UPDATE: Listed one new plot. Really craving the new one, "A Squire's Honor" and also, the incest romance one above it, "A Beneficial Arrangement".

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UPDATE: Added "Our Reunion is a New Beginning" and got rid of some old ones.

Still really looking to play "A Beneficial Arrangement", a cousin incest romance story, too.

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UPDATE: Added some new original characters I would enjoy playing in a fantasy setting. As well as one new fantasy pairing I'm super into right now.

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UPDATED: A new picture inspired request. Also, would still love to play "A Beneficial Arrangement" or "Our Reunion is a New Beginning".

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UPDATE: So I've been away for a long time but I'm looking to come back. But definitely slowly, so I'm thinking only a few new games, assuming anyone is actually interested in any of these.

I'm seriously craving any kind of incest I've listed above, as well as most of the fantasy ones. I would especially like anything involving playing a futa or opposite a futa and I have some new character ideas I might post later. Also, I'm kind of craving like an X-Com kind of thing.

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UPDATE: Added a couple of super hero characters I'd like to play, kind of kinky and campy, kind of just craving a super hero game.

I also added a Dragon Age: Origins idea to the video game section, as well as a Monster Girl idea.

I have a craving for an X-Com kind of thing still and I have a weird, sort of dark, fantasy incest idea that might be coming soon. It's not that different from one of my other ideas, but more fleshed out. I may write it out soon.

Anyway, PM me if anything strikes your fancy.

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Have some new pairings and a new picture I would love for someone to play as. I'm really craving something contemporary, or maybe one of my post apocalypse ideas.