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Author Topic: Ideas of Faceless (M seeking F)  (Read 1704 times)

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Ideas of Faceless (M seeking F)
« on: September 20, 2012, 02:41:57 PM »
Well so far I'm just trying to get a role play started.  Anything ranging in the aspects of fantasy, modern, medieval, Action, Adventure and romance are all fine with me.  I haven't really dabbled in anything else and these seem to be my strong points.  I like to have a plot line to my role plays.  I like sex as much as the next guy but there has to be some kind of plot otherwise it's boring and repetitive. 

I play mainly dominant characters that hold the ability to be a gentleman but that is a side of them that is earned not given.  Now mind you some of them are a gentleman right off the bat but that's because the specific character design calls for it.  Others are just 'don't give a damn' kind of mentality and it takes some getting used to and some work to see the softer more affectionate side.

For female characters any personality is fine but I do enjoy the ones that have a fiery personality, speak their mind and can stand up for themselves outside of the bedroom (or wherever things go down) but submissive in the bedroom.

Things I will NOT do:
Anything involving the bathroom should stay there
Blood/gore (Extreme's anyway.  Vampires require some blood but not to play with)
Females must be 18+ (so no children or incest)
Excessive abuse
Violent torture

**Side Note**  If you have not answered a role play in over a week...after a weeks time I will give one more day as a grace period then I will drop the game and move on.  Notice of any extended period of time is appreciated.  Just a fair warning that any standings longer than a week will be dropped.

Set Up   Taken
(Modern, Action, dominant male, Power play, Combat, rough sex, teasing, romance)
Character- Blake Stone
Appearance- Midnight black hair, ocean blue eyes, sun kissed tan complexion, lean build (swimmer build) with more defined muscles then huge.  Standing at six feet tall and weighing roughly one hundred seventy five pounds.
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Plot- Blake is a Professional Assassin.  Outside work he's fairly easy going, kind to those who deserve it, polite and funny.  When working he's cut throat and will do anything to get the job done right the first time.  He has a strict rule of trying to leave innocents out of the equation but sometimes it happens.  One day he is given a job to take out another Assassin, one that he'd worked with once or twice in the past. (Your name) was rival to him when it came to skill and professional status.  Neither of them had even not completed a job and neither of them had ever disappointed in time needed.  They were both Platinum grade assassins.  When he got the order to take her down he had a moment to wonder why he was being sent after her but he shook that out of his head and accepted the job.  What he didn't know was that she was given the task to take him down as well.  The person that had hired both of them was fearing their success and their abilities so he figured that one of them dead and the other possibly wounded nicely would be better than having two professionals running around.

((More updates later))
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Re: Ideas of Faceless (M seeking F)
« Reply #1 on: October 01, 2012, 02:52:29 PM »
Lust Affair  Taken
(Forbidden romance, lust, rough sex, romance, hidden desires, build up, Dominant male)

Character name- Samuel Coal
Character Age- 28
Appearance- Six feet tall, long black hair tied into a pony tail in the back (without ponytail his hair comes to his shoulders), broad shoulders, defined body, mysterious hazel brown eyes, and a scar running from the top of his left eyebrow, over his eye and down the left cheek to his chin.  Well dressed and multi-billion dollar corporation.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Samuel's father had originally built the company from the ground up and hired his only son and company heir on as a mail clerk making sure that he'd earned his spot at the top.  Unlike many business owners Sam's father remembered how far he'd come and most of all who his real friends were.  Sam was wired the same way.  He didn't associate with the crowds who thought themselves above everyone.  In his eyes you had to work for what you wanted, not just expect it to be given to you and that went for anything and everything including his love life.  All of the women that he'd dated always expected him to share his wealth and he'd dropped them fast for that thought process.  He also expected that if you were hired for a job, you came to work 100% every day.  Slacking off and goofing off were not in his vocabulary, not at work anyway.  With his previous assistant fired for slacking off on the job and trying to filter company funds for herself he was in the market for a new assistant. 

Putting an add in the paper he wanted his assistant to be skilled with computer programs like Microsoft, Excel, and a few other things, he also wanted them to be polite and courteous on the phone when dealing with clients or business partners.  Samuel's company was in charge and responsible for architecture and designing buildings so they got a lot of business all over the globe, thus they had a lot of clients.  Starting pay was twenty-two fifty and hour with benefits but it required at least an associates degree.  He didn't care in what he just wanted someone who wanted to go somewhere in life.  As the calls and resume's came pouring in he picked out about six of them to start with and after meeting the first four he wasn't too impressed with them.  This was the fifth one of the day and it was really getting to make him wonder if anyone believed in hard work anymore.  To him words meant nothing, it was all about the facial expressions, the look in someone's eyes that told you they were serious. 

Sitting in his chair in front of his massive polished oak desk he looked at the next resume and read over it a few moments before allowing the female in.  Sam was wearing a midnight black suit with a ocean blue tie and a chrome tie clip.  Nothing too fancy but his suit wasn't cheap, that much was obvious.  Standing up and smoothing his suit out he walked over and shook the woman's hand.
"Hello, I'm Samuel Coal.  Welcome to Coal's don't you tell me a bit about yourself and why you think you're suited for this position?"
This job was going to reel in a lot of 'weeds' as his father called them due to the high pay and the benefits.  That and working for the second largest construction and design company in the US was a damn shiny penny on your resume for later.  Sam and his father referred to people who were a waste of space and time as weeds.  He was looking for the flower in the group.
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Re: Ideas of Faceless (M seeking F)
« Reply #2 on: October 02, 2012, 12:46:58 AM »
So I am completely interested in all of your plots. Why don't you tell me which you are craving the most? We can go from there. :]

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Re: Ideas of Faceless (M seeking F)
« Reply #3 on: October 04, 2012, 11:32:55 AM »
Blood  Taken
(Action, fantasy, power struggle, violence, forbidden romance, lust, build up)

Character name- Syn Relic
Character age- Unknown
Character appearance- Syn

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Plot- Humans have lived on the surface of the earth since the beginning of time while demons lived secretly below it, near the earth's core.  However over the centuries as the demon population grew, like the humans did, they started to run out of space and as they sent scouts above to see how the humans were treating the earth they saw that with their technology came the destruction of the earth.  Demons still lived and died by the sword.  Taking off a demon's head was the only way to truly kill it.  Anything else, the demon would heal.  Around the year 2002 the demons finally decided that the humans were unfit to have the surface of the earth and a large portion of the demon's army came top side and took up settlement in the deepest parts of the amazon rain forest.  No humans really went through there so it was safe for them. 

When there was well over fifty thousand demons top side they slowly moved out of the Amazon and went for the first major human city and that was when the war started.  At first the humans had no clue how to strike back at such a new and powerful force.  Their technology didn't seem to help them at all.  Fighter jets were taken out of the sky before reaching their targets and missiles were shot down or just had no effect.  Most of the demons that came up used fire and rock so dropping a bomb on them simply gave them a bit of a juice boost.  The war had stayed mostly in the European lands but soon as the demons started massing they began making their way to the United States like a black cloud, any city that they passed through was either destroyed or the humans were taken as slaves.

Now in the year 2012 there are well over two million demons on the surface, most of them in Europe while all the human survivors are in the United States.  The demons came at the US from every angle making them the only remaining humans on the globe with the exception of Russia simply because of it's size.  Syn Relic was a captain in the Demon Army and one of the strongest fire demons in his sector.  He led the first attack on the humans aiming at Washington state as they came from the west.  Leading a group of over ten thousand demons they took out the coastal defenses easily by raining fire down from a long distance while constantly moving forward.  It took them a week to take over all of Washington state and push the human survivors back into neighboring states.  Sitting on top of a building he looked out at the destruction and then back at the Earth demons as they began rebuilding the earth so that the natural wild life could once again take over.  Helping trees grow and letting mother nature take control to heal herself.

Looking down at the city he sighed a bit.  While this was all for the greater good of the planet and his race, this much killing and fear driven fighting was unnecessary, he really didn't like it, but he was simply following orders.  His fire red hair was tied into a tight pony tail behind him and his crimson red eyes were focused on the land in front of him.
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Re: Ideas of Faceless (M seeking F)
« Reply #4 on: October 08, 2012, 03:58:50 AM »
Predator v.s. Prey    Taken

(Action, Fantasy, forbidden romance, build up, power struggle, violence, seduction, lust)

Character name- Alexander Stone
Character age- Unknown
Character appearance- Shoulder length black hair, deep crimson red eyes, athletic build, slight British accent, stands about six feet tall.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Many things crawl in the shadows of the night that the average human is unaware of until that fateful day that they themselves are attacked and killed.  Many of these things are thought to be old wives tales and make believe fantasies of drunken travelers, but low and behold most of them if not all of them are true in some shape or form.  This most secret one is the very real existence of vampires.  Vampires have been around since the beginning of man kind and one specific group of humans, The Raven family, have been there toe to toe with the creatures of the night as the one and only line of defense for the human race.  In the beginning the Raven family was rather small and fighting the fight in their own area, but after adopting other family names into their own and training their hunters with excellent skills they now have amassed close to twelve thousand Slayers spread throughout the globe.  The largest grouping of them are in the United States obviously and the largest family is in California, Las Vegas to be exact. 

This branch of the Raven family has well over two hundred Slayers and another two hundred soon to be.  Their civilian branch of the family takes up three city blocks in their own private homes.  All in all it looks like your average string of high rise houses on a street but in all actuality it is a highly trained and well organized society built on the foundation of slaying vampires.  The common myths of vampires however isn't true.  They are not killed by stakes, holy water, garlic and sunlight.  Anything sharp through the heart will paralyze a vampire but only a decapitation will kill them.  Sunlight will not make them burn up but prolonged exposure will weaken them severely.  This however changes with the age increase of a vampire.  The Raven family had been making quite a dent on the vampire population and after intercepting a scout in the vampire council they received word that one of the four remaining Pure Blood vampires left in the world would arriving in Las Vegas to discuss these matters of extinction with the vampire council.  This vampire was far older than anything anyone in the Raven family had ever faced and it was rumored that Pure Bloods wielded the power of an element.  It was unknown if this were true since all of the other pure bloods were either dead or never seen.  The head of the Las Vegas Raven family had his daughter (your name) and her men assigned to capturing this Pure blood for study and questioning. 

Alexander Stone was one of four Pure blood vampires left in the vampire world and by far the top in speed and wits.  He was well adapted to the hunters methods of attack and strategy and even more so on their group movements.  The fact that the slayers knew little to nothing about the pure bloods was an advantage for him and he took that into consideration.  Including the fact that the Pure Bloods were not the enemy to the humans.  He was not there to help the vampires in the city, but to destroy them.  Pure bloods were the police of the race and when a Coven got too greedy, blood thirsty or just plain stupid, the Pure Bloods were sent to destroy them.  A vampire bite was designed to not kill nor injure a human.  Almost like a vampire bat, just cause a bit of drowsiness and that was it, but when a vampire fed so long to kill a human or simply killed for sport that was against the law.  Pure bloods were a bit more advanced since their fangs injected a venom to make their bites more enjoyable for the host. 

Alex had been in the city just long enough to purchase himself a nice luxurious condo in the more rich side of the city as well as learn some of the hot spots of the city.  He'd just recently learned of a nice sized night club that was known to have a good number of Hunters on their nights off.  Figuring that would be a good place for him to go, not to start anything, but to see what the hunters of today looked like.  Dressing himself in a nice black velvet dress shirt and some black leather pants he walked himself to the club and paid for his entrance fee.  As he walked through the club his nose picked up three or four hunters right away.  Given the last time he'd spent any time around humans he noticed that he was a bit out of date for his attire, but he was much more comfortable in what he was wearing.  Then again not many humans, hunters included, knew Pure Blood's existed.  Finding himself a table in the back, a nice shaded area, he ordered a glass of the oldest red wine they had and simply sat there watching everyone and taking occasional sips of his drink.
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Re: Ideas of Faceless (M seeking F)
« Reply #5 on: October 18, 2012, 07:17:18 PM »
Submit    Taken

(Non-con to eventually con, kidnap, bondage, pain, fear, lust, build up, possible romance)
Character name- Drake Stone
Character Appearance- Drake
Character age- Appears to be 23

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Drake Stone was born some time in the Early years of Rome's birth and when he turned twenty three he was injured on a battle field.  A stranger known only to him as Sire, came long and offered him a chance to live again, destroy his enemies and be stronger and faster than anyone around him.  Taking the offer Drake died a human death and came back as something much more sinister.  He succeeded in killing all of his enemies and his blood lust as a vampire only grew as the years went on.  However after almost three hundred years of fighting he came to realize that he had much more fun bending and molding minds to do his bidding rather than just killing and feeding.  Perfecting this skill took him around the world, molding men and women world wide and taking them from rich positions to licking his boots and sitting on their knees happily below him.

Now in the year 2012 nothing had changed.  He lived in a large estate outside of the city limits in Houston, Texas and rather enjoyed the state laws.  His home was eight bedrooms, ten bathrooms, two kitchens ( one much larger than the other), a massive living room and dining room, three floors and well over one hundred acres of forest around him.  His years on the earth and his collections earned him a pretty penny in this day and age.The third and second floors of his home were normal, but the basement was completely different.  No walls, no stairs, just a huge empty space that held the same devices for torture and bondage that most castle dungeons held.  The only room in the basement was a confinement area.  Barely large enough for a single twin sized bed.  A working toilet and sink with a small flap at the bottom of the steel door for food.  The roof had holes in it for air but there was no lights at all.

On the far wall as you entered the room were all of his correctional 'toys' which he used to shape and mold the humans to his will.  Today was a special day.  His last slave passed away due to a car wreck on her way home so he was in search of a new one to shape and mold.  He normally went after naturally submissive females who were a bit upper class but not too much.  He also looked for the one's that had little to no family.  Friends didn't matter.  His last slave had several friends but she would only speak to them when he allowed her. 

Sitting at a local cafe in the city at about thee in the after noon he despised how the sun weakened him slightly but it was better than burning to a crisp like the humans all thought from movies.  He was across the street from a local college so he had prime pickings of the females that were there.  As he sat his midnight black hair was short and spiked on his head, a pair of eerie crystal blue eyes scanned the scene.  His face was gorgeous with smooth tanned skin, not dark but enough that made it seem like he got out a bit.  He was wearing a nice black silk dress shirt with the top two buttons undone showing a nice white under shirt that was tight to his well sculpted chest.  Built much like a swimmer he was very muscular all over, but his muscles weren't huge and bulky, they were tight and toned.  His pants were a pair of nice blue jeans and a pair of black docker dress boots.  Looking at the Fossil watch he was wearing nothing about him yelled 'rich', but a lot of the college girls knew him from the paper and how he was a billionaire due to the rare arts he collected.

Resting his chin on the webbing between his thumb and index finger he simply watched the human's at the campus looking at him and chatting, his ears picking up how hot he was, how they would love to get him in bed, but the one catching his attention was the one who was looking and talking, but not saying anything excessively vulgar about him, mainly focusing on the small things like eye color or sense of style for someone so wealthy.  He was sitting at a normal coffee shop, dressed casually and not bragging about his life, that's what he wanted someone to notice.
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Re: Ideas of Faceless (M seeking F)
« Reply #6 on: October 24, 2012, 03:55:49 PM »
Cruel World   Taken

(Action, Drama, Romance, Violence, Build up, Lust)
Character Name:  Blake Winters
Character Age- 27
Character Appearance- Lean hard build, toned muscles, defined six pack with V hip muscles, jet black hair with ice blue eyes, 6'1".

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Blake Winters grew up in a nice town in the state of Texas, a small town with only ten thousand souls occupying it. Star defensive tackle of the high school football team, he was an all around good kid and all star, playing everything from football to soccer. Blake had friends in every group of kids ranging from the Jocks to the Nerds. He didn't care what they were classified as and his best friend growing up was a female named (your name). They lived right across the street from one another their whole lives and when Blake went into the Marines after high school he had to convince (your name) that he'd be fine and he'd come see her when he could.

It had been pretty hard to leave his home town but everyone in his town was proud of him for joining the service. Two years into his service when the United States went to War with Iraq Blake sent his sister and (your name) an email saying that he was the first attack wave that would be going in. He told them that he'd be deployed to Iraq for anywhere around a year before he got to go home. He made sure to keep in contact whenever he could but two weeks before he was scheduled to come home his convoy was attacked. Blake's sister received a letter while she was in church that Blake had been killed in the attack but had saved four of his fellow Marines in the attack. The news hit his sister as well as his town pretty hard.

In truth Blake had been banged up pretty good but a Black Flag organization that worked for the President saw him protecting his men as they were being carried away and took him to their facility to be trained further as one of their Shadow soldiers. He worked for the President directly carrying out top secret missions. No one knew he existed or who he was. Blake had been away from home for seven years and one day when he was at home in Ohio he'd read his sister's Facebook that the once beautiful town was going to hell in a hand basket and a man named Dominic Mercury was the one doing it. He'd opened a casino in the town and not only was he draining the job market for his building he was also distributing cocaine and a lot of the good hearted men of the town were working for him because the money was good.

Blake's sister Jennifer had a kid on the way and her husband had been put in the hospital for speaking out against this. Blake narrowed his eyes and after getting permission from his captain he took a job to rid the town of that man. Since it was drug related he had jurisdiction and if he needed it, a whole lot of back up would be there. Blake flew into his home town airport on a private jet and was given a black 2012 mustang to drive around in. The trunk was modified to carrying his weapons as well as being bullet proof. He drove to his sisters home and looked across the street to see (your name's) old house. Sighing he looked at the clock and saw it was time for church.

Driving himself to church he fixed his black dress shirt and ran a hand through his midnight black hair. His ice blue eyes were cold and calculating as he looked at the building. Around his neck was a leather cord holding three titanium balls. It was a cheap necklace but (your name) gave it to him for his 18th birthday and he treasured it. Pushing the doors to the church open every head turned and while most of the people didn't recognize him since his hair had grown out and he'd put on a lot more muscle his sister shot out of her seat and stared at him like he was a ghost. The minister recognized him as well and spoke into the microphone without realizing it.

Blake nodded and held up his hand waving, he then walked down the isle to his sister and smiled at her and the little lump in her stomach. He looked at her with soft eyes and ran a hand along the back of his neck.
"I'm sorry Jenny...but the unit I joined told me that if I was dead...things would be easier."
He said as he looked at her. When she smacked him he'd expected that, and took the shot like a champ but then she slammed into him hugging him and crying hard. He was the only family she had since their parents died before he left for the Marines. Holding her tight several people began clapping, most of them older since they remembered him. Blake kissed the top of her head then looked up to see (your name) and he smiled reaching up and fingering the necklace.

Nodding to her he smiled softly and just stared at her as a few other people came over to greet him and welcome him home.
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Re: Ideas of Faceless (M seeking F)
« Reply #7 on: October 24, 2012, 04:06:16 PM »
Family Comes First

(Action, Violence, Power play, Lust, D/s, possible Non-con)
Character Name- Blake Night
Appearance- Tall, dark, handsome, brooding.  Lean hard muscle, defined six pack abs, short neat black hair, ocean blue eyes.  6'0".
Age- 29

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Miami, Florida is one of the top spots for college kids to go when they are on spring break from various college's around the US due to it's sunny climate, fantastic beaches, popular clubs and of course easy women.  It also happens to be home to many people that live in Florida.  Lisa Night was one of those people.  She and her family had lived in Miami since their father retired from the Marines in 86.  Upon retiring he raised a boy and girl with his wife in Miami.  His son went off to the marines like his father but only stayed in for eight years.  He spent four years in the marine core and another four years as a special forces member to a group called Delta.  Lucas Night was very proud of his son but has since heard from him even though his son has been free from the military for three years now.  Lucas owns and is the head CEO to a protection agency by the name of Shield.  They offer highly skilled and prior military body guards to the fortune five hundred members of society and with this money he was able to afford the nicest college for his daughter Lisa. 

Lucas wasn't too fond of the boy that Lisa was dating and when he got word that Lisa was now engaged to this boy that set the cake for him.  However Lisa was happy and loved her fiance so Lucas played nice.  When Spring break hit Lisa and her fiance went home to visit and in this time frame Lisa some how ended up in the hospital beaten half way to death and in a coma.  Her fiance was no where to be found and Lucas had every ally and every man he knew or had looking for this boy.

Blake Night aka Shadow, was an international assassin for the US government and also happened to be very good friends with the Japanese Mafia called Yakuza.  One of their main boss's owed Blake his life and the life of his daughter so he was naturally more than willing to help out when needed.  Blake was currently in Tokyo doing some work for Hirotshi when he got the email from one of his contacts that was supposed to inform him on his family.  Sitting in Hiro's office he read his phone and stared at it as his persona went from calm and cool to cold and calculating.  Hiro saw this dramatic change and looked at the boy.
"I have to go home.  Can you get me a flight to"
"Yes of course. What happened?"
"My sister.  She's in the hospital from being beaten half to death and I'm going to go find out why."
"Do you want help?"
"Do they have passports?"
"I only need two max...including someone talented in torture."
"Give me ten minutes to set up them and the plane."
Blake nodded as he drove to his hotel and packed his things then drove back to the office where two men were waiting for him.  Both of average Asian build but their face and their eyes told anyone that they were not to be taken lightly.  Hiro smiled and motioned his hand to the two men.
"They are my most talented soldiers.  Kino and Yushi.  Blake got to know the men in the Limo on the way to the airstrip then looked at Hiro.
"Thank you."
"Be careful Blake."
Blake looked at the old man and nodded since he only called him his first name when he was truly worried about him. 

When Blake got home he stayed at the Holiday Inn, Villa suite and made sure to safe proof his room and told the men to wait there and get some rest.  He then drove to the hospital and asked for his sister.  Holding a dozen roses in his hand he fixed his midnight black hair and slicked it back then adjusted his black silk dress shirt and his blue jeans as he tried to keep his cool.  Walking into the room he stopped at the door way seeing his father, his mother and a female that he didn't recognize, however he did see a badge on her.  Probably the detective involved.  Lucas looked at Blake in shock then his mother cried as she ran over to him and hugged him tightly.  He hugged her back and set the flowers down, not saying a word as he walked over to his black, blue and purple sister and just stared at her as he gripped the arm rest of the bed like he was holding onto it for dear life.  His eyes were filled with rage and deadly intent as he looked at her.  Gingerly he moved her hair from her face and leaned down kissing her forehead as softly as he could before he looked to his father and nodded then started to walk out of the room.
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Re: Ideas of Faceless (M seeking F)
« Reply #8 on: November 03, 2012, 11:33:53 PM »
Trained Weapon

(Military, modern age, violence, power play, lust, build up, bondage, rough sex, romance)

Character Name- Ash
Character Appearance- Out of Uniform (minus the facial hair)
Character Age- 27

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Plot- Around the year 1985 the US Military got the bright idea that rather than trying to take young adults and train them into weapons for the military, why not take children that have no parents.  Ash was one of the first children picked Ash was one of the first children picked at 2 months of age.  He was trained from the age that he could walk to be the perfect soldier.  Never seeing a play ground, his toys were a locker, boots, his uniform and his rubber weapons that held the same weight as the real thing.  He and the eighty-five children he was with all were trained to be perfect soldiers through their childhood.  At eighteen they were given to the US active duty and put into special operations units.  Ash was hand picked to become a Delta Force member and at the age of 27 he had over 65 confirmed kills of major targets to his name. 

With the wars all done and gone he and a select few have been moved to the civilian section as trained operatives to join either the police force or protection agencies.  Ash himself was put into a protection agency and soon was given the job to protect a wealthy young woman.  No one had threatened her she was just looking for a guard to be with her.  After carefully reading over her profile and her information he spent the first few days learning everything that she'd submitted which was a full back ground check and her personal business.  (Your choice.)

As he read over her profile he'd gathered that she was just lonely and while a guard wasn't exactly a talkative company, a guard was still another human to have around.  Sighing a bit he accepted the job and packed his things.  When he arrived at the house via his Audi TT RS he parked the car in the space that he found and got out opening his trunk.  Dressed in a black suit jacket, white dress shirt and black tie complete with his black trousers and black leather dress boots he took his bag in one hand and walked to the door taking in a deep breath then knocking.

((Okay, you can come up with the 'bad situation' that your character eventually gets in.  Basically I wanted your character to be a bit snobby but also wanting to have company because she's tired of being alone.  However, after she realizes that Ash was born and raised strictly to be a soldier, that's when she takes it a bit easier on him and basically shows him the finer points of just being a person.))

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Re: Ideas of Faceless (M seeking F)
« Reply #9 on: November 18, 2012, 05:32:37 PM »
Evil Seduction    Taken

(Fantasy, Violence, build up, Dominant male, rough sex, Romance, intimacy)
Character Name- Syn Relic
Character age- Over 8 thousand years old

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
For many centuries the human race believed that they were the superior beings. Never taking into account that they were merely being watched by a more superior race. Watched and studied. This race was normally mentioned in fairy-tales and scary stories to tell at a camp fire to scare the children. This race was known as Vampires. Vampires existed during the early stages of man, before the supposed Christ, back when man had just evolved from their primate relatives.

Vampires were already advancing in the world of technology and general intelligence. The high council believed that the humans were a young race and needed to be watched and not disturbed, thus the vampires all lived underground. Out of sight and out of mind to the humans. What the humans as well as the high council were unaware of was that there was a group of vampires, Pure-bloods, that were sick of watching the humans grow and destroy the earth that they lived on. Every time a new technology was discovered it was some how fabricated into a weapon that they would use on each other.

There was no sense of honor left in the human blood. They had lost the knowledge of what it was like to live and breath by the sword, which the vampires, despite their superior technology, still lived by. Vincent Crowe was the leader of this group of Pure-bloods and his most trusted and loyal soldier was Syn Relic. Syn was well over eight thousand years of age and was by far one of the most powerful Pure-bloods aside from Vincent. Syn had long raven black hair, tipped crimson red. His face was flawless in complexion as well as the smooth surface of his sin and despite living underground, due to their technology they were able to replicate a small version of the sun, thus adding to a little color to their skin.

Syn always walked around with a strong yet flexible material covering his body from neck down. His shoulders, forearms, chest, biceps, and shins were covered in a lightweight titanium metal for armor. The armor was decorated with an almost floral like design. His sword, which he kept tightly sheathed to his back was also as unique as his armor. The hilt itself was a masterpiece. It was a one or two handed hilt that was etched and carved so that when held his wielding hand was protected by protruding pieces that were sharp at the end.

The base of the blade that met with the hilt had a dragon etched into the blade and colored crimson red. His hilt stuck out of the crimson red and black cloak that he wore, most of the time with the hood covering the top of his face, from the nose bridge up. The day finally came were Vincent sent Syn and his brother Angel up to the world of man to explore and find a suitable place, that was four years ago. Syn and his brother no longer wore their customary armor and cloak, but blended with the humans. Syn was usually seen wearing all black, while Angel wore all white.

Syn himself on this day was wearing a jet black polyester turtleneck top and black leather pants. His coat was referred to as a trench coat which consisted of a stiff high neck collar, pure leather and was down to his ankles. Under his coat he carried a smaller version of his sword, that was sheathed in the inside. This particular night, Syn was out and was walking down the street when he saw a female, small in frame, walking somewhere; he presumed home, but she was being followed by four male humans who were calling to her in perverted ways and making noises that resembled kisses and whistles.

Syn narrowed his eyes and glared at the humans as the female bolted down an alley that Syn had been down before, which ended with a wall. The alley was deep and far from other humans that may be able to hear them. When the males followed Syn waited for a few moments before slowly walking after them. His hands in his pockets as he stayed hidden in the shadows.
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An Unwilling Cure

(Zombie apocalypse, build up, romance, lust, violence, gore)
Character Name- Ash Night
Character Age- Unknown
Character appearance- Ash

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
In the year 2009 the human race was trying to come up with a serum that would create the perfect soldier.  Making them stronger, faster, smarter and turn modern warfare into a whole new ball game.  However the serum had a small flaw and as it was administered the subject which was a common white rat turned feral and attacked the rats it was housed with.  All eighteen rats died and the very next day turned just as feral as the first.  No heart beat, no brain activity other than the most basic and primal.  Eat.  One of these rats ended up biting a scientist and twenty four hours later the plague started.  The man bitten attacked his fellow scientists and the fantasy idea of zombies started to become a very horrifying reality.  The entire East coast of the United states was consumed in less than six months and soon the plague stretched to central United States.  It was held off at the West Coast by military and civilians who formed a wall across all of the United states from the end of Montana, straight down.

The wall is covered by sentries that gun down any and all creatures that venture within kill zone.  Birds are also shot down.  The President of the United States now resides in Washington state with what little of his council and chiefs remain.  The entire United State's military is behind that wall, those that are still human at least.  The parts of the US that are infected still have pockets of humans that receive help from the other humans behind the wall like supplies flown in by helicopter and dropped near the pockets of humans.  The few times they tried to land the helicopters and pick up humans, they were attacked.  The infected are attracted to sound and bright lights.  A flare will keep them occupied until it runs out.  Decapitation, or a bullet/arrow to the head will kill the infected.  On the West Coast they are taking the left over serum and working on a cure but so far nothing has been found to work.

Now in the year 2012 the pockets of humans still alive and surviving on the east coast and central US, are all trying to make it to the west coast.  Ash Night is the only humanoid not trying and more than comfortable with living in the ruined United States simply because he's not human.  He happens to be a fire demon, a very old and very powerful one at that.  Living from place to place, just traveling around he has already rid all of the waterfront states of the infected.  There were no humans in those area's that he could smell so he simply wiped out everything.  He is on a mission of ridding the world of the infected simply to start over with what humans remain.  Having a respect for the humans as a young race, he wants to help them.  While his blood holds the key to saving them and the infected, he is very against the idea of giving that kind of power to the humans.  Having a whole country of half demons spells doom for the other countries around them.  Humans are very violent in nature which was how this plague started.  Knowing that they would not learn from this, he refuses to give the humans the one cure that they would need.  Instead, he's just eradicating the infected state by state.

Coming to the city of Ohio, Columbus to be more specific, he senses a gathering of humans in what was once a chain of five star hotels and now looks like a military safe house.  Complete with razor wire, sand bags and lots of weaponry.  Traveling on a 2009 Hayabusa he drives across the street from the hotel and parked behind a building.  Leaping up to the roof of the building he watched as several dozen infected were outside the fence line pulling at the fence and trying to get into the humans that were outside.  Several human children were outside playing.  He could understand the need to let the children play outside simply to give them some outlet to relieve their built up energy.  There was a safety net above the wire that kept out birds.  Bugs were not something to worry about simply because due to their small frames and bodies the infection simply killed them if they were some how infected.

Dressed in a black biker jacket made of strong leather he had a sword, on his back, that he'd had for some time now.  A Japanese ninjitsu sword.  Looking much like a Japanese samurai sword only it didn't curve, it was a straight blade.  The sword was all he carried simply because that was the only weapon he needed.  He also wore a black mask that covered his entire face except his eyes.  The mask was made from a nylon material allowing it to be tight to his face and smooth.  His hands were covered by a pair of black Oakley combat gloves that had Kevlar laced knuckles with a hard plastic over top.  His pants were black cargo pants and his boots were black leather combat boots.  Dressed in all black and not a bit of skin showing on him he walked over to be standing about forty yards from the infected that hadn't noticed him yet.  The humans inside saw him though and while they started yelling at him to run and not stand in the center of the street he pulled his sword from behind him and slammed it against the car beside him to grab the infected's attention.

When they turned he smirked a bit and just stood there as they all started coming his way.  Well over five dozen infected to one seemed like a suicide mission but for Ash, it was simply him cleaning up.  As the humans all covered the children's eyes so they didn't have to watch another fall to the infected Ash amazed them as he lunged for the infected and began cutting them down with inhuman speed and precision.  His sword sliced through the necks of any infected in his path and those that weren't were either kicked or punched and thrown away till he could get to them later.  In a matter of five minutes Ash had taken a grouping of almost sixty infected to a circular pile of dead bodies.  Standing in the center with a blood covered blade he slashed his blade towards the ground throwing the blood from his blade before sheathing it behind him.  Walking over the dead infected he got right up to the gate and looked at the humans with a pair of crimson red eyes.

"Who is your leader?"

[Please pm me to discuss this game.]
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I would love to do a vampire x human RP with you. Which would you be?

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Update- I've had a few people ask me and I'm just going to put it here.  DO NOT ask me for AIM, YIM, SKYPE, or any other chatting thing other than pm's here.  That holds the ability to be far too personal and if I want to share anything personal I will, until then.  PM's will have to work.  If they don't, well that's not my problem :)