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Author Topic: Dirigible's Gasbag of Wonderments [M for F; VAN to BON]  (Read 1143 times)

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Dirigible's Gasbag of Wonderments [M for F; VAN to BON]
« on: September 18, 2012, 06:55:43 PM »
is a virus
from outer

(Let's get infected)

I'm giving my Ons and Offs and roleplay ideas a much-needed spring cleaning. Without further ado...

Wait, some do is required.

A note on terminology... where an idea is marked as CFC, that's not indicating it contains chlorofluorocarbons (the ozone layer's quite thin enough down here, thank you), but that it's what I call a character focused chronicle. This just means that instead of being the more usual tale of a relationship between two characters, it explores the adventures of one particular character - played by one of the players, with the various potential and actual lovers, rivals, enemies and NPCs written by the other or shared between them. The idea of writing a continuing story centered on an individual appeals to the RPG'er in me, and allows for a wider variety of scenes and interactions within the tale. In most cases, the focal character can be either male or female, providing flexibility in who plays them.

Oh, and when pics are used, they're usually just for inspiration and mood or tone-setting, rather than a dictation of character appearance.

Now, without further further ado...

If interested in any of these ideas, please contact me via PM rather than replying here. Thanks!
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Re: Dirigible's Gasbag of Wonderments [M for F; VAN to BON]
« Reply #1 on: September 18, 2012, 07:13:54 PM »
Single Cambion Female (Modern Occult, CFC, BON)

Being the child of a single parent means you have to be used to the odd awkward conversation about the past, but nothing prepares you for The Talk. Not 'the sex talk', you had that one ages ago... but rather, The Talk on your 29th birthday, where it's revealed that your other parent was a demon – an actual, literal, demon from hell. A sex demon, to be precise, summoned during a bout of ill-advised occult experimentation by your mortal parent in their wild youth. (Parents. So embarrassing.)

Although, in truth, it does explain a lot... your borderline-nymphomaniacal libido, near-supernatural stamina and ungodly (quite literally) talent in the bedroom (and various other rooms). Especially the way that people around you tend to find the slightest sparks of desires fanned into raging infernos of lust.

But wait, there's more. Not only are you a cambion, a half-demon horniness-monster, but you're going to Hell. That demon-tainted soul of yours is like an anchor, and on your 30th birthday it's pulling you straight down into the abyss. That is, unless you can find a balancing agent... your soulmate. So you have one year to find your one true eternal partner and win their heart – oh, and your seductive powers won't work on them, it turns out. Hope you've got some moves, because “I need you to save my soul!” isn't much of a pick-up line.

Don't think your dear old demonic parent is going to let you go about this unopposed, either. They have plans for that soul of yours.

Tweak the title, and this could equally well be Single Cambion Male. Either way, it's the story of a half-succubus or half-incubus lookin' for love in all the wrong places, with the biggest stake of all on the line. Along the way, they can have any range of erotic, social, intriguing and action-y escapades with various partners, dealing with demonic agents, angelic bounty hunters, and who knows what other supernatural critters.

Operation FOXHUNT (Spy-Fi Espionage, BON)

John Cole, (codename: FENCER) is as much a legend as anyone can be in the shadow world that is the international intelligence game. A veteran of countless denied operations, cold wars he kept from turning hot and a ribcage full of backstabs, he knows where all the bodies are buried and has a network of off-the-books contacts that rivals any spy agency worth its three letter acronym. Deadly and suave in equal measure, he is the man terrorists and enemy agents fear, that women can't resist.

And Control suspects he may be a traitor.

A freshly graduated agent, codename: VIXEN is qualified in human and signals intelligence, deception, perception, self-defence and marksmanship. She has been assigned to work with Fencer to gain field experience; his task is to guide her, smooth out the rough green edges and turn her from fresh trainee to effect operative. What he doesn't know is that Vixen's secret mission, issued by Control himself, is to get close to Fencer, earn his trust by any means necessary, track his financial activities, eavesdrop on his communications and find out whether he's been selling classified information to rival powers.

Or perhaps Fencer does know that, and is using her for his own purposes. In the wilderness of mirrors that is the life of a double agent, nothing is entirely as it seems...

A spy-fi story (featuring just-beyond-bleeding-edge technologies and day-after-tomorrow geopolitical and economic factors) in the vein of Bond, Bourne, Mission Impossible an especially Alias. The plot would involve them going on interconnected missions in exotic locales against dangerous forces, utilising disguise and deception, getting each other into and out of trouble, against a backdrop of their developing relationship and Vixen's hunt for the truth.

I have a copy of the RPG Spycraft 2.0 that I've never used, so on the off-chance anyone wanted to play this story with a system I might be persuaded to crack open that juggernaut of a book. That's far from essential, though.

Half-Orc, All Man (Fantasy, BON)

Bastard. Outcast. Mercenary. Freebooter. And once in a while: Hero. Carrag is a half-orc adventurer and soldier of fortune, a warrior who blends the fury of his orcish heritage with the discipline of his human side. It would be an easy mistake to pin him as a savage – and likely a fatal one, as he is a crafty, resourceful and intelligent fighter. He wanders the Realm, selling his blade and skills, killing things that need killing, defending things worth defending, and – more often than he'd like – getting caught up in other people's causes. He may not be the prettiest of men, but there' s a primal, dangerous alpha-masculinity and brooding passion about him that some women find irresistible.

Carrag's just a good, old-fashioned fantasy adventurer, the sought that could be paired up with nearly any character and thrust into any perilous and exciting situation. I could picture him matched up with an equally-tough swordswoman, or a more feminine sorceress, thief, noblewoman or scholar. Pairing him with a human, elven, half-elven or even halfling character to exacerbate the size differential could be fun.

Story Ideas:
  • Carrag is hired to safeguard a noble against assassins, or by a sorceress to accompany her on an expedition into a dangerous ruin to recover ancient mystical lore. This may involved a great deal of very close, very personal protection – and it may turn out the ruins belong to an ancient fertility cult, stirring undeniable desires in the trespassers.
  • He and female bounty hunter are teamed up to take the scalps of a band of dangerous outlaws... when they can keep their hands off each other.
  • While ransacking an evil mage's treasure, Carrag comes across an enchanted ring. The artefact has a succubus or djinn bound to it, and the supernatural being can't be freed until it has granted three erotic wishes to its new master.
  • After a tankard of drugged ale in the wrong part of town, Carrag awakens with a hell of a hang-over, stark naked and disarmed, manacled to a likewise clothing-bereft pickpocket. What's the Guild of Thieves up to now?

Tales From The Comely Cockatrice (Fantasy, BON)

Vaden Dallian was just your everyday adventurer, making his living scavenging in ancient tombs and crumbling pits full of unsavoury creatures – until he stumbled upon an arcane relic far above his pay-grade. The Deck Of Many Things – a set of enchanted Tarot-like cards that bestowed strange twists of fate upon the bearer with every draw. Never one to shy away from risk, the half-elf pulled several cards.

The Knight gave him the services of a stoic, faithful bodyguard; The Rogue made one of his oldest friends turn against him; The Key placed Waycutter, an ensorcelled blade of great power in his hand; The Flames earned him the enmity of Asmodeus, tyrannical arch-devil and one of the Lords of Hell; The Gem awarded him a cache of jewels worth thousands of gold pieces; and The Donjon sentenced him to a horrifying confinement, in a lightless oubliette far below the earth.

When Vaden finally escaped his durance, a year and a day later, he decided – perhaps a little late – the adventurer's life was too dangerous for him now, and retired on his treasure trove. He pawned a number of gems and used the proceeds to found a sumptuous, exotic pleasure-house called the Comely Cockatrice in the city of Seven Rocks, where he now lives the decadent and wealthy life of a high-class brothel keeper. Whenever things get too dull, he's often sorely tempted to draw another card from the Deck and see what happens... Luckily, his rivals in business and enemies of a fiendish and personal nature conspire to ensure that he is seldom THAT bored.

Vaden's background assumes a D&D/Pathfinder-ish world, but he needn't be a character in a system-using game – but then again, he could be. A fantasy brothel seems like a good environment for a smutty game, but it could also feature a more dramatic or action-oriented story involving troublesome clients and workers, political intrigue, murder and corruption. I'd be interested in playing him in a story focused around him or the Comely Cockatrice brothel – or perhaps running a game for someone playing a similar character.
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Re: Dirigible's Gasbag of Wonderments [M for F; VAN to BON]
« Reply #2 on: September 19, 2012, 01:38:30 PM »
Added Operation FOXHUNT.

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Re: Dirigible's Gasbag of Wonderments [M for F; VAN to BON]
« Reply #3 on: November 18, 2013, 08:23:51 PM »
Added Half-Orc, All Man.

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Re: Dirigible's Gasbag of Wonderments [M for F; VAN to BON]
« Reply #4 on: August 24, 2014, 10:33:12 PM »
Added Tales From The Comely Cockatrice.