MalexMale Puppy Play Rp (need experienced master)

Started by twerdgirl, September 17, 2012, 10:04:32 PM

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Hello first off I want to say that I've never done a puppy play rp although I'm aware what it is and what it involves. I'm asking for someone with at least a little experienced or someone who's willing to do research because..... Well the internet's a big scary place and I would prefer not to stumble across something that will scar me for life. We can discuss the plot if you are interested, but note that I don't want it to be a kidnapping story.

I'd like to make a few things I'm not okay with clear here. Now I'm not saying that these would come up in normal puppy play, but it's just a precaution.

No blood play or anything involving mutilation: One of the reasons I chose puppy play other than it truly being appealing is that there is not a lot of masochistic tendencies. I am not a fan of pain and I can't imagine my character like it either. I know "puppies" are punished for misbehaving, but I'm asking that the punishment not be excessive.

No breath play: I know with puppy play there are things like collar's and leashes involved and this could possibly inspire breath play. I have a terrible fear of not being able to breathe and again I could imagine my character feeling the same way so no breath play please.

Please don't have a character who says that by becoming his puppy Matt has to give up his family and friends.: This is not okay. Not in any sort of relationship even one such as master and slave. I've never been in an abusive situation, but I do know it is something abusers use to keep their victims weak and helpless. Not only that, but my characters family and friends wouldn't stand for it.  They wouldn't allow him to stop seeing them just because his "master" told him to. So please no isolation.

Okay that's all I have. If you are interested let me know. I am usually on daily and can post at least 1-2 paragraphs. I also ask that you have basic grammar skills.