One Piece (M for F)

Started by Tinkertailer, September 15, 2012, 04:30:51 PM

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Hi everyone, I'm looking for a story based around the anime One Piece at the moment. If you don't like any of my plots or pairings but would still like to play a story set in this world please let me know and it's more than likely I'll be interested. If anything catches your interest or you would like to know more please respond either via PM or just post here at this thread.

In any plots I would like to play the male and have my partner playing the female.

Partners in Crime (Nami x OC): Nami somehow tricks MC (my character) into helping her steal from a wealthy pirate. She plans to leave him and take all the treasure for herself of course. Nami is captured by the pirate but MC rescues her. Because he saved her she decides not to screw him over. They partner up as thieves and at some point fall for each other.
Other pairings:
Nami x Luffy
Nami x Zoro (this would also work with the about plot)
Nami x Sanji
Nami x Usopp
Nami x Arlong

Hope Blooms (Robin x OC): Robin is caught by the Marines. While she is being transported, MC (a marine possibly high ranking or maybe just a new recruit) cannot believe she is the demon the World Government makes her out to be. He breaks her out and helps her escape. Now both on the run will a relationship blossom? I could play Smoker as the marine in this story.
Other pairings:
Robin x Luffy
Robin x Zoro
Robin x Sanji
Robin x Usopp
Robin x Sir Crocodile

Other characters I would like to play opposite:
I haven’t got any plots in mind at the moment but would be very happy to come up with something is someone wants to play one of these characters.
Boa Hancock