Three way game (Looking for Wife and her old friend)

Started by Cosmo_ac, September 15, 2012, 01:56:39 PM

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The idea came to me some time ago after reading this story here, called "Teri's Ticklish Friend".  Here is the link, and while the game will not be a redue of the story, The reader might find it enjoyable and that would be good.

The idea od the game would be that Me and my wife are both very sexual and have an open relationship when it comes to the bedroom.  They like to invite people they like to join in from time to time.  They've been to swinger parties and to S&M clubs, and invites couples to come back home with them.

One day, my wifes friend drops by.  She's an old friend from my wife's sorority days, and they haven't seen each other in years, (perhaps do to her leaving the country for some time).  She's recently left her husband because he spends more time focussed on his work instead of her.  So, she ends up staying with me and my wife.

Now, my wife an I want to invite this women to our bed, but she's a little more reserved these days then she was in her sorority days.  So, my wife and I would begin a game of driving the poor girl wild with lust until she willing joins in.

The couple would be doing things like having noisy sex in their room (her's would be right beside theirs), sex in the shower, playing games with her like strip poker and twister, take her to a nude beach for a picnic, basically doing whatever they can to make her horny as hell.

The couple would both be in our early thirties, perhaps late twenties at least, and be both madly in love, and madly in lust with each.  My male would be large, musculer, handsome, and well endowed.  The wife would be lovely, DD cupped, bisexual, and a bit of a nymph.  The friend would also be DD cupped, more reserved, bisexual, and a little sexually repressed.



Alright, so it looks like We have one happy wife.  Now all we need is the old friend to drop by.


If this Roleplay is still open, I'd love to take a stab at playing the beautiful, large-breasted, recently-divorced friend of the wife's!
"I am not a committee!"


Yes, i do believe it is open.  And that should make three, which means we can get a game going :D


I would like to perhaps play a second DD cupped sexy friend.....very much and since I'm very submissive I would be prefect to be the bottom of the pyramid so to speak.