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Author Topic: More Elves !! (omfgsexy and Sherona)  (Read 853 times)

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More Elves !! (omfgsexy and Sherona)
« on: May 16, 2008, 07:08:34 AM »
The woods were quiet, warm and welcoming. Welcoming to elves that is. It is said that a witch lives in these woods, the woods of Lothlorien. It is whispered that she can transform a wary dwarf at her whim, it is said that she is all seeing and that nothing strays within her borders for any amount of time that she does not see. But hers is a story of another, hers and the rest of the party that would decide the fate of Middle Earth.

This is a story of a simple forest warden, a warden whose eyes were as silver as the pale moonlight that drifts down from between the gilded leaves of the trees over head. His ears are sharply pointed, proud and elven as he patrols along the banks of the Anduin river. His wood was protected, but that did not keep some of the dark creatures from attempting malice.

His clothing was simple leather tunic and breeches, his hand carried a finely crafted long-bow that even a human might have had issue using. Yet it was in his other hand that dangled the item of import. A dire item, the evil within it crawling and twisting filling his soul with darkness. An Item that he awaits the special elf girl that the Lady of the Wood deemed capable of carrying out past their borders, to rid the elves of the treed city of its magic.

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Re: More Elves !! (omfgsexy and Sherona)
« Reply #1 on: May 16, 2008, 08:59:40 PM »
Aria was perched in the shadows, behind a young bush. She looked ahead, at the bank of the river Anduin, scanning the banks for a young man she had to meet. The Lady of the Woods had told her something about him; he was and elf. Aria could have figured out that much for herself. It wasn't safe for anything else to enter the woods. She also know that his weapon of choice was a massive, long-bow, that could use masterfully. But Aria was not here for that.

She was here for the item he had. The Lady had been vague, not telling her much. All what she had said was that it was an item, filled with darkness, corrupting the holder to a point where every single bone in the holders body was nothing but evil. She did not know why she had been chosen to take it away, but she must obey. The Lady, unfortunately, had said nothing to her about getting rid of it. Aria assumed that the man she would meet would have those answers.

The journey here had been relatively easy. She lived in a village, not to  far from the river. The journey would have been a joke, if she was not to reveal herself to anybody, but the man with the item.

Suddenly Aria spotted someone. A very handsome looking Elf, holding a majestic long-bow stood a couple yards downstream. She knew instantly that this was the man that she had been looking for. He was playing with something in his hand. Something small and delicate.

"This must be the Item!" she hissed, and she disappeared into the trees, getting ready to meet the man.

She swiftly maneuvered herself around the trees, directly behind the man.  Looking around Aria saw, nor sensed, no other living being. She had been told that the man was friendly, but she did not take any chances. Pulling one of her knives out from its resting place on her sash she approached the man, and said loudly,  "Stranger, do you have the item?"

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Re: More Elves !! (omfgsexy and Sherona)
« Reply #2 on: May 16, 2008, 09:10:57 PM »
The warden, his name was Vinyarod, turns as his ears perk, hearing the new sound that did not belong in his woods. It was footsteps, and they were elven that he was sure of. Normally he would not be concerned, elves were friends of elves, no elf would harm another willingly. However, with this amulet, he had to be wary, for it called the evil out of people.

The female emerges from the wood, and his brow raises at her knife. "You dare draw a weapon on an Elf?" His head rears up slightly, tilting to the right. Again, normally this offense would have been scandalous but he could not fault her for her caution. This Artifact is dangerous.

"I am Vinyarod of the house Raavindonserke, I am the bearer of such an item. Are you the one The Lord Celeborn and the Lady Galadriel sent?"

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Re: More Elves !! (omfgsexy and Sherona)
« Reply #3 on: May 16, 2008, 09:54:39 PM »
Aria stored away her knife and approached the stranger, Vinyarod as he called himself.

“I am sorry. One cannot be too cautious with that around,” she said pointing at the thing in Vinyarod’s hand.

“I am the one sent by Lord Celeborn and Lady Gabriel. My name is Aria,” she said slowly. She glanced around the forest quickly. They were most definitely alone. Nobody could possibly be hiding well enough in a forest to escape the eye of an Elf.

Then, she opened her mouth and said, “Give me the artifact. I must take it.”

Aria extended a slender hand to receive the dark item, from the man. He still looked wary. Aria was ready at a moments notice, to take it if he refused.