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Author Topic: Long-term plots (Fantasy, Criminal, Sci-fi,...) (F looking for M)  (Read 316 times)

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Long-term plots (Fantasy, Criminal, Sci-fi,...) (F looking for M)
« on: September 12, 2012, 02:38:19 PM »
Thank you for looking at my thread. I hope you find something to your liking.

I'm looking for a capable writer who's average lies between 2 to 4 paragraphs, I can understand if sometimes it's a bit less than that but if you're average is one paragraph or two short ones then sorry, it won't work out, I'm afraid.

My interests lie mostly in fantasy, historical, sci-fi, post-apocalyptic or other such stories. If you want a 'regular' modern role-play and think I could be interested pass it by me, perhaps it will interest me. However I won't accept anything concerning; daily jobs, schools, neighbors or other 'run of the mill' stuff. Give me something I won't see every day when I wake up (espionage, modern fantasy,…)

My characters:
I can play dominant or submissive though I will have to put a cliff note with the latter. Don't expect me to play super vulnerable girls who whimper, sob and cry at every turn. I love to play strong female characters who either are strong physically or mentally (as in smart, diplomatic, etc…).
However this doesn't mean that they have to be dominant all the time, all the better if the man can dominate her in the bedroom.

Other than that I want character development. Not just a string of sexual encounters clipped together with meaningless things which sole reason for existence is to lead to sex.
Sex is fine for me in role-plays but not constantly and the reason for it has to be there. Be it rape, mood, love, reward even but not just suddenly out of nowhere.

My Offs:
Generally I roll with whatever comes my way but these things I simply won't do:

- Vore
- Watersports/scat
- Heavy mutilation
- Death
- Rimming
- Fisting (Anal or Vaginal)
- 'Fantasy' sexual elements: multiple cocks, cum inflation, futanari,…

if you catch me in a good mood or if I feel comfortable enough writing with you then you'll be more likely to get a 'yes' on this. Still… Don't place your money on it.
- Anal (Giving or receiving)
- Gagging
- Heavy Bondage
- Strap-ons

For more questions you can always PM me. You could answer in this thread but I'd rather have it if you didn't….

Within the War
Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, mentor/novice, blackmail, supernatural, Apocalypse
The brink of a war (WWI/II, destruction of the Aztecs, Crusades, Sci-fi…) is approaching fast and with it all sorts of misery. Everything seems intent to destroy the very world and with it it's people.
During his time off a soldier was intent on drinking away the realization that not before long he'd be summoned to join the troops gathering for the war. As he sat at the bar he was approached by a woman. She proved to be an interesting talk with her own remarks about the coming war, the state of things around themselves. She introduced herself merely as Pestilence, thinking it to be a nickname or some fetish name for a whore he dismissed it further.
However as the conversation continued he got an all too interesting offer to take on the role of one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, that was proof enough of the woman's insanity or at least instability of mind. With a quick apology he left the bar and with it the woman.

He returns to his home, spending his last day with his wife. But as he arrived it is to a scene only a horror should depict. His home open for all to enter and inside he found his wife, stricken by a viscous but sudden disease. Crusts and boils marred her formerly perfect face. But he had arrived too late, she was already dead, propped up like a doll in her seat for him to receive.
From one of the adjacent rooms the same woman appeared, Pestilence.
She explained that the horsemen of the Apocalypse have to gather once more to bring this world down and that he is one of them.

Knowing that the man wouldn't likely accept the offer she blackmailed him. The only way to get his wife back would be by going through with it. Only then (depending on whether you'll be playing Death or another horsemen) will he get the power to bring her back or she will persuade Death to return her to him.

Now burdened to take up the reigns of a Horseman he is tutored by a one of the others, molding him into a perfect machine to further their causes over the globe.

My role in this will be a female Pestilence, she will be my main character. This leaves you to pick from War, Death or Famine either of those is fine with me.
The last two will likely be minor characters who I will play when needed or we could split it up again leaving each with two horse(wo)men.
I can play men as well though my preference for writing sexual scenes are mostly females.

In no way is your character restricted to what I've said. He could go of his own accord, he could be a farmer or whatever else you wish. Suggest, alter, pass it by me. The worst you'll get from me is a simple 'no'.

Safe, safer, safest?
Informant/witness X investigator/detective, cops, street gangs, protection
Born and raised in the hard life of Skid Row, she had no real future in front of her. It would be either crime or prostitution. Believing her talents to be more compatible with a bat rather than a dick she chose for the life of a gangster in a common street gang.
Through hard work, some ass-kissing and close encounters with the law enforcements she rose quickly through the ranks. Hot-wiring cars, peddling drugs all up to picking off members of the rival gangs, it was everything she was good at.

However, one night, as the boss had asked her to accompany him on a routine run. This run ends disastrous. That night she was witness to an extraordinarily cruel and brutal murder. One of the opposing gangs had cornered them. Her boss was the first to fall in their clutches.
Her leader was attacked with bats, hatchets and eventually a chainsaw, rendering a once proud and arrogant man to nothing but a stain of blood with some powdered bones mixed in.

Somehow she managed to flee the scene and ran, believing there was nothing she could do anyway. She tried to hide with her gang but with their leader gone and the first Lieutenant in a state of panic and paranoia they fell quickly.
As it was evident that not even her own gang could keep her safe she did something she never believed she'd ever do. She struck a bargain with the police. In exchange for her safety she'd witness against the men having done the deed. But before that could happen they still needed to catch them.
Jail would have been their first bet but as she is placed within the system not even a week later a report comes in of no less than three attempted murders on her, all staged by the very men she wishes to see destroyed.
Believing it safer to keep her elsewhere she is appointed to a prime detective/investigator who's working on the job.

This story can work also with my character perhaps being an informant or hacker or such. It doesn't really matter. And I know that's not how the law works but it suits the story a bit better.
Your character, again, can be whatever you want him to be. He can be the commissioner, a detective, a private investigator even whatever suits your needs and is possible within the story. His personality can be what you wish as well. He can be a sadistic, cruel man seeing my character as nothing but a whore or he can be compassionate and try to bring her back to a 'normal' life or he can be a mix, something else… It's your character.

Watergate Prison
Corrupt law enforcement, rich guy, outlaw/highwayman/mobster…, prison

Watergate Prison, a premier in incarceration, for this prison was not run by the state or any sort of government but rather a private company. With the level of inmates at an all-time high the law was all to glad to finally shrug some of the criminals off of their shoulders rather than set them loose again.

However this prison system was unlike any the world had ever seen. Set on a remote location (island, desert,…) it was hard to reach and hard to get out of. Deemed almost impossible so.
However a part of the inmates wouldn't ever want to leave, finding their lives to be akin, if not better, than a stay in a five-star hotel.
For within this prison it was money that made it all possible. With a monthly fee/bribe it was entirely possible for the men to buy themselves a comfortable suite complete with furniture selected by them and any entertainment they so wished. For the right price everything was affordable within the walls, even the guards around.

It was not mere comfort and want that drove most men to pay up but the consequences of not doing so. The private company behind the prison was still a company and as such money was what interested them. While the prisoners were 'sold' to them by the government it wasn't hardly enough. Either the prisoners themselves coughed up money or they'd work for it.
The remote locations were chosen for other reasons than an inability to escape namely hard, dangerous labor.

Notes: Again the historical period doesn't matter that much to me, or even the level of fantasy you want. This can be inserted in pretty much any environment you want. From Ancient Rome to medieval to western to modern or even Sci-fi and we could mix in fantasy or supernatural elements if you so desire.

My character is rather obvious, the 'personal' cop of your criminal.  Through her the bribes will likely be arranged. If wanted I could switch between various ones with other personalities.
Details can be discussed through PM as with all the other role-plays.

Fester and Rot (necromancerxknight)
Disease/Plague, necromancer x ?, magic, fantasy
Introvert, skittish, anti-social, crazed such are the characteristics of the necromancer. Feeble characters who look no better than the very corpses they deal with. For long they were looked upon as third-rank citizens, lower even than the farmer of the working shoveling the dung from the mainroads each evening. When seen rocks were thrown, torches lit and murderous looks placed upon their pale skins.

However none would think them needed, their talents mostly seen as vile, sacrilegious and disrespectful but as the world changed, their function too followed. Within cities erected by men and build with stone a plague broke loose, sweeping over the whores and degenerates of the land. But there it did not stop. Boils, suppurating scabs and rashes ran rampant amongst the elites, the merchants and even the artists. Once infected Death awaited.
The corpses piled up in the streets, their stench pungent in the air, their very presence fouling the environment and infecting all who dare to come close.
Days passed, weeks even but movement was seen amongst the corpses, people looked on with horror as pale creatures skittered amongst the corpses and ran off with parts or entire bodies which they needed.

In the illusion that those antisocial creatures might know more or perhaps even were the cause of this epidemic the King ordered one of them caught. Attempts failed, others broke under the stress but eventually they caught one, a woman.
She was asked, her lips did not move. Money was piled out before her, her eyes did not shine with interest, she was interrogated, intimidation got her skittish but not scared. It was not until torture came that she spilled it all.
'Spilled it all' was a pathetic exaggeration for the necromancers too knew nothing of the plague, the diseased stench and hearsay was what brought them here to a boneyard of free pickings. However, they did seem immune to the disease making them the perfect servants to clean up the streets and experiment on a possible cure.

Notes: The role for your character? Whatever you think will suit: a mage/advisor to the king, a guard, a prince, a king,...
This is just the premise of the role-play and a bit of my character. Depending on yours we could come up with a reason for them coming together, going on an adventure or whatever. I hate laying roles on other people so… everything is still possible.

The Find
High-fantasy (DnD-ish), bodyguards/mercenaries, strangers, mission, protection
They were two strangers, their one connection; a love for gold or adventure. For both had been approached months ago by Durka, a small gnomish wizard with an insatiable lust for knowledge and adventure. He was seeking fighters to protect him  and his team as he'd explore the dig within the snowy mountains, rocks and snow had given away to reveal architecture unknown to this world.

To give protection against bears, wolves and other beasts driven by a blood for lust they had been selected amongst others yet the two of them were being paid top-coin, both knowing their skills surpassed that menial task. It was the coin or the interest that had made them agree.
Indeed, they weren't dragged down to the cold valleys for merely standing around and scaring a few wolves off but for something quite different. Durka would venture into the ruins alone, only accompanied by his two fighters to jot down everything needed, in case they came across danger the fighters would show their skills.

The first exploration was a grand success, some disgruntled animals were chased out of their man-made homes but other than that no big deal.
The second exploration went equally smoothly but things took a dire turn when they surfaced again. Clawmarks dotted the hallways and as they sped up the stairs the white snow was stained with crimson. All men and women of the dig brutally murdered by some unknown assailants.
Durka looked on by shock, not realizing the dagger thrown his way. A minor cut was made and the little gnome crashed down to the ground. Just in time the fighters could retrieve him back into the ruins and flee.

Once a good distance was put between themselves and the entrance one of them finds the gnome poisoned, not lethally so but enough to keep him in a troubled sleep for a long time to come.
Now burdened with an unconscious gnome and only able to rely upon themselves both fighters have to survive in ruins they know little to nothing about.

Notes: You don't need very advanced knowledge about DnD… I don' t possess it either. I just love the universe with the great bestiary and such. I won't do this system like. Just a story.
Again what class, race, specialization your character is is entirely up to you. For now I made him a fighter but he can just as easily be a guide, a scribe or something else.
Specific details can be discussed.

His Champion
War prisoner, slavery, new reign, supernatural or historical
Two armies opposed each other. Each as vast as the other. Releasing the men would result in countless deaths and numerous injured. However such needless violence needn't occur.
Caras, king of Imvor had always had a plan. He would set two warriors in the ring, each the strongest or best fighter in their country. The victor would ultimately be the one to win this war, the other forced to lay down their weapons.

However Caras was a hoaxer. For he had a warrior unlike any other. Through contacts he had achieved access to a fighter of legendary status, one believed not even to exist within this world. Perhaps a woman on first glance but so much more upon the battlefield. (Depending on your preference either a 'historic' character: amazonian warrior, berserker or member of an elite group or if fantasy is preferred a shapeshifter, a hybrid creature (naga, dragon-girl, banshee,…)
However his secret was discovered before the battle would take place even. As the infamous bodyguard of the King Caras would battle against the enemy fighter a special team was send in to capture/kill him. Their mission was successful and all too soon the kingdom of Imvor was granted to the supreme lord who'd won the battle.

Now standing without her master the woman is imprisoned by the enemy king but rather than dispose of her he has other plans for her.

As stated: my character role can be decided by you, I don't mind either just don't give me a Neko or complete furry-character. I'd rather avoid those.
Depending on your other choice she can be a sister/blood relative of the King, blackmailing her into slavery or she can be dependent on a contract that was formerly in the possession of Caras but now in your character's hands (a trinket or the like that indicates her servitude to a master.)
Mostly it depends on how you want my character to act. To hate him but have not choice or else he'd kill Caras or be indifferent about the swap of masters and just do what she's been doing all the time.

Interests: [/b]
The stories not to your liking or seeking something else? That's what the themes are for. For now I have no plots for these or semi-half-assed ones but with some cooperation I'm sure we can make it work!
These are placed in no particular order.
Supernatural Creatures - Roaring Twenties - Medieval - Steampunk - Cyberpunk - Science Fiction - Mercenary - Dungeons and Dragons - Arranged Marriage - Survival - Victorian Age - Highwaymen - Bandits - Medieval - Ancient Greece/Greek - Fantasy - Horsemen of the Apocalypse - Criminal - Prison

Fandoms: [/b]

I don't play canon characters. You can but I won't force you into anything, if you want canon that's fine with me, OC more your thing? Again fine with me.

Vampire the Masquerade
Dragon Age
Mass Effect
Star Wars
Lord of the Rings
Avatar: The Last Airbender
Avatar (James Cameron)
The Elder Scrolls
Assassin's Creed
God of War
The Hunger Games 
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