Discord I'm howling at the moon!

Started by Malgriff, September 12, 2012, 08:44:50 AM

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I'm a mlp fan and I was thinking about pairings for the show and one of my new favourites is Twilight Sparkle and Discord. So if anyone is interested I'd like to rp as Twilight.
The story would be something along the lines of Discord being freed but with limited or no powers, there have been fan fictions around this happening but we can make changes so it is more original. Perhapse Discord is not freed and Twilight finds herself dreaming herself into Discord's mind and talking to him there before she agrees to let him out on the condition he tries to behave? We can work out details later, so any takers?


Hi there, Akumamika.

I'm a MLP fan, too, and your RP scenario with Discor and Twilight Sparkle sounds very interesting...and I am interested.
Let me know your ideas and we can go from there.

Cold-blooded? Certainly not!