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Author Topic: Searching for OneXOne! (Lots of stuff, come on in!)  (Read 974 times)

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Offline ArohkTopic starter

Searching for OneXOne! (Lots of stuff, come on in!)
« on: September 11, 2012, 03:44:07 AM »
(This is super out of date right now and I don't have time to correct it but you can still contact me! Has general information at least!)

Welcome to my RP board! I'll let you know a little about me first, and then move on to topics. Hope you find what you are looking for and that we can have a great time. I play both genders! Don't run away!

I am hoping that this will be my one and only topic I need to make. I want to keep it going!

I have almost 17 years of RPing history on my belt. I started out fumbling about on Neopets and it led to so much more. I believe that to have a good RP, one has to really feel their characters. It's not about length or description for me, but whether or not things can remain interesting. I think that is what makes a truly great RPer.

So. Down to a little bit of the list. I have a pretty extensive list on what I like to RP. I'll make them from one to five *'s to indicate interest level. I'll post a pairing if I have one in mind, and below that, I'll post a brief plot summary if I have one. I used to have one for all of them but... The years have made me forget a lot of them. This changes constantly and I can hardly keep up with the list any more. That being said...

I am 100% Homestuck trash always and forever. You should talk to me about it.

And of course I am always open to suggestions! Don't worry. I don't bite. :D Unless you want me to, that is.

I am always willing to play whoever you want. When I do my list, I am simply listing the characters that I am used to playing, or that I want paired with one of your characters. In instances where there are canon characters, I will bold the one I want to play.

Don't worry if you want me to do most of the setting. I am used to it. I am currently playing 83 (I counted) characters in one of the RPs I have going right now.

Not every RP I do has to be completely adult-orientated although I don't mind having those as well. Most of the ones I like to do have story. Some sort of epic plot with twists and turns... If you can't tell, I am more of a long-term RPer. :P

I only do straight couplings. No offense to anyone with another orientation, but it's not my thing. I only have a couple exceptions, but those are it.

I also play both genders, so I will always list what a character is.

Also (lots of alsos!), I do a lot of taboo adult RPs, but you'll have to PM me about them. ;D

About my personality in adult RPs; I am submissive. I like to play the slave roles in scenarios. Pleasing the other person is my pleasure. I am open to everything sexual in terms of kinks except gore, vore, and fisting. The things I like are sizeplay, odd pairings, light bondage, forced sex, and being ordered around. I have a ton more, but that is just off the top of my head. Mind you, not liking gore and the like in the sex part of the RP doesn't mean I don't like it everywhere else! I love it. I love darkness in RPs. Just not in the bed! ;)

I don't really do 'Modern' RPs unless they are taboo. They tend to bore me.

Feel free to ask me anything!

Sample of my writing style will be at the very bottom!

As for where I would like this to be over, I currently really only want this to be over PMs, maybe Email, though I am very selective about that. So please contact me for information should you be interested in one of these.

Without further adieu, here is my list! In no particular order of category. Just scroll to your heart's content. :)

The List:


Time-Travel *

Vampire *

Werewolf ***

Were-Creature ***

Kitsune ***

Sergal ****

Dragon *****

Dragon X Human
Adult: Yes

I like to play either role, but if I am the human, I like it to be a slave scenario. Where a woman is dominated and is a slave to a dragon.

Medieval ***

Teen/Family/School *

Ugh. Almost no chance.

Wolf **

Fox **

Gifted/Elementals ***

Guardian/Slayer ****

Guardian X Slayer
Adult: Yes

My character is guarding something, your character comes to take it; you end up in possession of my character as well.

Homestuck *****
Many pairings. Open to A LOT.
Adult: Yes

Note: Get me started, I dare you. I have OCs and I also have played every single (EVERY. SINGLE.) canon character in Homestuck. I am comfortable with all of them, though some less than others. I am willing to make exceptions to my straight only rule. There are lots of them. I am passionate about Homestuck, okay. :P

Pure Adult

Succubus X Human ****

Not the soul-eating kind. Just the 'bound-to-her-human' type. Would LOVE to do this one.

Slave X Master (Any variation, suggest!) ****

Shapeshifter ***

Taboo (Ask!) *****

Video Games

Zelda Series ***

Kingdom Hearts *

Kingdom Hearts II *

Kingdom Hearts Future *

Organization XIII *

Exception! Axel X Roxas
Adult: Yes

I don't really remember anything. It would take some hard convincing.

Final Fantasy VII **

OC X Cloud
Adult: Yes

Final Fantasy VIII *

Final Fantasy X *

Morrowind **

Oblivion **

A daring hero begins to make a sport out of closing Oblivion Gates. This is the story of how they get tangled up in all sorts of messes.

Skyrim *****

OC X Farkas (or Alduin)
Adult: Yes

The writing sample at the bottom will show you what you need to know about this one.

Elder Scrolls Series **

This would be anywhere else except where the games have already gone.

Tales of Symphonia *

Tales of Symphonia Future *

Tales of Symphonia Past *

I REALLY wish I could remember the epic plots I had for these.

Okami **

Okami Future **

Okami Past **

Wish I could remember more about what I had planned for these.

Sonic *

World of Warcraft **

Blood Elf X Draenei (Will play either)
Adult: Yes

The unknowing son of Kael'Thas himself is wandering around the marshes of Dustwallow when he runs into an Orcish-speaking Draenei woman. The girl is attempting to infiltrate the Horde, so the Blood Elf brings her to Thrall himself! However, when she is to be executed, he stands up for her and gains custody. Many things shall befall the two before the end.

I have more than one plot for this. Please let me know if you don't like that one or want to hear the other one.

Mass Effect Series ***

Commander Shepard X Garrus (Will play either)
Adult: Yes

Takes place between Mass Effect 1 & 2, then continues the flow, rewriting events as we see fit. Sovereign has been defeated... But it's body was smashed to a million pieces. What of the material that now lurks in space? It has mind-altering powers of indoctrination, after all! Commander Shepard and her crew must now traverse the galaxy, dealing with the aftermath of their victory.
(Also, see this reference for an OC that will have a place in this story as well! )

Dragon Age Series *****

OC X Fenris
Adult: Yes

I have a lot of plot for this as well. I will not list it here. It has to do with Old Gods and their revival and the toll it will take on the world. Happens as a rewrite of Dragon Age II.

Dragon Age Series Past ***

Modern Warfare Series **

OC X Ghost
Adult: No

Sniper joins Task Force 141 and no one knows she's actually a woman. Makes for funny stuff when Ghost thinks he's gay for a while!


Pokemon ****

-Pokemon X Trainer
Adult: Yes

-Kazuki; Lucario, Male (Speaks English)
-Taltos; Ninetales, Male (Speaks English)
-Silver/Discord; Lugia, Male (Silver normal form, Discord shadow form; speaks English)
-Kara; Latias, Female (Doesn't speak English)
-Valodus; Braviary, Male (Doesn't speak English)
-Aileron; Chardrill (Beedrill-Charmeleon Hybrid), Male (Art for him here: , Speaks English and has a Spanish accent)
-Zoroark; Male (Speaks English)
-Nidoking; Male (Doesn't speak English)
-Blaziken; Female (Doesn't speak English)
-Houndoom; Male (Doesn't speak English)

Unleashed by chance, the fabled and cursed Pokemon known as 'MissingNo.' threatens to tear the world asunder. Team Rocket chases after the elusive Pokemon as it literally glitches the world around them. An unlikely pair bands together to try to stop MissingNo. before it can destory everything!

Digimon ***

-Digimon X Tamer
Adult: Yes

-Garurumon; Male
-Flamedramon; Male
-Renamon; Female

Both the Digital World and Earth are on the brink of destruction as the bonds of the barrier that separates them frays. A deadly virus has landed in DigiWorld, and many are attempting to flee to the real world. A call to action rings out, summoning a new Digidestined in their time of need to try to mend the tears that the virus is creating.

I am mostly interested in playing Renamon at this point, but I can be persuaded otherwise.

.Hack Series *

I don't really remember anything. It would take some hard convincing.

Naruto *

OC X Sasuke
Adult: Maybe

A mysterious new nation of ninja arise to wage war upon Konoha and to take the bestial spirits that would allow them ultimate power. These Void Ninja are strong, and it will take all of the forces of the nations to defeat them.

Naruto Shipuuden *

Naruto Future *

Akatsuki *

Exception!; Tobi X Deidara (Will play either)
Adult: Yes

I haven't been into Naruto in a while. I don't really want to do this one at this time.

InuYasha ***

Inuyasha X Kagome
Adult: Yes

I recently watched a few episodes. I don't remember a lot of the plots I had for this back in the day when I used to do it all the time, but I can remember a few if prodded.

InuYasha Future *

Shaman King **

OC X Ren
Adult: Yes

I developed so much plot for this over 7 years, that I cannot list it here. Let me just say that it is epic; and starts with retelling what the series already covered.

I am a huge Shaman King fan. I just already have one of these going so I am not really looking for another one. But I can still give it a go if you are enthusiastic.

Cardcaptor Sakura *

SakuraX Syaoran
Adult: No

I don't really remember anything. It would take some hard convincing.

Hellsing *

I don't really remember anything. It would take some hard convincing.

Death Note **

Another Death Note lands on Earth. Dropped by whom? Unknown. Now both Kira and L have to work to figure out who it is. This three-way battle of the minds sends the world reeling as more events pile up. If that was not bad enough, two new notebooks become apparent; the Life Note- that returns life to the dead, and the Love Note- which plays Cupid between whoever's name is written inside and the one the writer is visualizing.

Death Note Future **

OC X Light
Adult: No

Light has become a Shinigami. Developing a ingenious plot to go back to Earth and seek his revenge, he drops his Death Note for someone new to pick up.

Samurai Champloo *

I don't really remember anything. It would take some hard convincing.

Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-Chan **

DUDE. Cookies to anyone who even knows what this is!

Elfen Lied *

I don't really remember anything. It would take some hard convincing.

Rave (Rave Master) **

Rave (Rave Master) Future **

Rave (Rave Master) Past **

I really wish I remembered the plots I had for this. I love that series!

Sukisho! *
Exception! to the straight only rule.

Spice and Wolf ***

Horo X Lawrence
Adult: Yes

Fairy Tail **

OC X Gray
Adult: Maybe

Natsume Yuujinchou **

Love this Anime, but I don't have many ideas for it. Willing to try upon suggestion.

Attack on Titan ***
OC x Levi
Adult: Maybe


Lost *

Heroes *

Chuck *

South Park ***

DragonLance Series **

Silverwing Series **

Silverwing Series Past **

How To Train Your Dragon *****

OC X Hiccup
Adult: Yes

Kung Fu Panda **

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic ***

Futurama ***

OC X Bender
Leela X Fry
Adult: Maybe

I don't really know where it would go, but Futurama is totally one of my favorite things ever. I have some funny ideas for OC X Bender. Playing off of the one episode where he was with Amy, but expanding on the idea. Would like to try it sometime.

Being Human ***


I have a variety of self-created worlds that you can ask about if you are curious. I have a ton, so I have chosen not to take up any more space than I already have had to. They are unique worlds with unique plots, so if you are wanting a taste of something off the map, this is the place to get it!

My Writing Sample

I have chosen this excerpt from the very first post of a Skyrim RP I have going. I feel it best encompasses my writing style. Let me know what you think, and enjoy!


"The blood of the keeper unbinds the darkness." Red Argonian eyes searched the giant stone tablet before them and then he turned upon his companion.
"Are you sure about this?"
A much shorter blue scaled Argonian nodded.
"What other way is there? We could win this with just a quick talk!" Sixtoe looked in the direction of the grimy green Argonian.
"Teekius, this is our chance!"

It had been almost a month since they delved deep into the Throat of the World. The air was so stifling down here... So horribly stale and ancient that they were having troubles. Most of their expedition had been killed off already. Frostbite Spiders, Trolls... All manner of beasts lurked down in these depths. But they were about to meet the father of them all.

Drawing a dagger across his sweaty palm, Teekius watched as a trickle of blood formed. Gulping and licking his dry and cracked lips, he held up his hand to the tablet. It was cool to the touch at first, but as the seconds passed, it became molten. He gasped and drew away. Even the hardened Dunmer mercenary looked alarmed and took a few steps back as the tablet literally melted before them; revealing a long forgotten passage.

"This is it." Sixtoe marched forward. Even if what they were doing didn't entail a means to an end... He wanted this over with. He had seen horror beyond his imagination in this trip alone. If only he would see daylight again, he knew some of them would be burned away by the sun.

The remaining 5 adventurers pushed forward, becoming aware of the eerily lit area. Thin strings of lava crept down the cavernous walls. They were ants in a beehive; and they knew it. Teekius came forward with a torch, holding it high, but the darkness seemed so thick that the torch drowned within it.

And then they saw it.

A glint of enchanted chain just ahead of them.

The Dunmer and her escorts vied to stop, waiting behind as the Argonian pair went about their business. Teekius approached the mass of black. This black was... Almost indescribable. The darkness around them pushed inwards... But this figure. The blackest black one could ever imagine. He cleared his throat.

"Awaken!" The word had been blurted out with far more cowardice than he intended. He paused, arms having been launched into the air. Only his voice echoed through the vast cave. But then... Movement! Teekius stumbled back a little, a look of shock and horror spreading across his face as a single, blood-red eye opened not but a few feet in front of him. It held no recognition for a moment, and then the chains began to quiver and rattle harshly as the bringer of end times lifted himself up.

"Si tepoha coanwor rahk! Svabol mora di hofiba diskhe ve!?"

The voice that could make the very Nirn shiver. Teekius was floored- literally. He picked himself up after the words and trembled before what he knew was the World Eater. Awake! For the first time in over four thousand years! Alduin seemed to pause, eyes narrowing as he glared at Teekius.

"Aan ogelend! Faal sos do faal dovah svitran ruse thick irsa wux."

The problem was that Teekius had no idea what the great beast was saying. Probably not the smartest, nor the most safe thing in the world. Alduin paused as if waiting for his words to sink in... However, he then recognized that the one who stood before him was utterly clueless and heaved a great sigh; blowing a cascade of dust over Teekius and sending him stumbling backwards.

"Bein! I must reduce myself to this guttural tongue." Alduin rolled the words off of his ancient tongue like a curse. The sudden recognition of language threw Teekius off.
"Mey... What do you come to me for, feyn do dov; bane of the dragon?"
'Bane of dragon?'
Teekius did not know what this meant, but he stepped forward.

"I am descended from the dragon priest of old-"
"Geh, yes, faal ogelend; the betrayer." Alduin's hatred was apparent in his tone.
"Yes... The one that sealed you. And therefore the only one to be able to set you free." Teekius eyed the chains. Alduin's interest seemed piqued at his words, head cocking to the side as if listening more closely. He remembered the group of Nord, Elf, and Argonian banded together to Dragonrend him from the sky and seal him away in this accursed place.
"Widegoa, continue... Si mi listening."
"I seek your help for the civil war. If only we would have the strength of your might; we would win!" Teekius proclaimed, although Alduin scoffed. This is what they would wake him for? However... A glance at his chains. One look at his bound wings against his side and he longed to taste the skies of Keizaal once again.

A long silence passed between the two; Alduin's terrible crimson eyes in a locking stare with the Argonians. Alduin looked to the companions that he had brought along and then back to Teekius. His great horned head dipped in a curt bow.
"Si jihai, I accept. Acht faal zin do aan Dovah. Upon the honor of a dragon."
Teekius glanced at Sixtoe, who seemed satisfied with that answer. Who would doubt the legendary honor that a dragon possessed?

"Then we have a pact." Teekius said cautiously drawing a medallion from underneath his leather armor. Alduin growled.
"Aan cadilan; a pact." He settled back to watch as the leery Argonian came forth, drawing his blade once more across his palm. He let his life's essence trickle over the rusted metal of the medallion; and then leaned forward to fit it into the stone which bound Alduin's chains. A loud click echoed through the entire chasm and Teekius twisted it, unlocking the chains.

Alduin closed his eyes, rearing his head back and reveling in the moment of his unbinding. The chains rattled as the fell away from him, his talon-ed feet touching the stone for the first time in countless centuries.

"Voth batobot, si mi duulo! With that, I am free!" Alduin bellowed, eyes flaring open. Teekius snatched the amulet back up and took a step back to view what he had done. He had just set the World Eater free. Within the blink of an eye, Alduin lurched forward, clamping the unsuspecting Argonian between his jaws and cleaving him clean in two.

Shocked gasps and whimpers of horror left the party behind the scene. Sixtoe shouted the loudest in his outrage.
"You promised! You made a pact!"
"Krosis! You mortals severely overestimate the power of my word! The power of this mythical 'honor'." Alduin's great jaws dripped with the blood of their friend, and he moved his clawed wing quickly to whisk the fallen amulet into his grasp and close to him. The object of his undoing. He could see it in their eyes. Vengeance.

With a short chuckle he held the small token high, letting the light cast from his eyes bathe the object in unsettling red.
"What? You think me to be some fairy tail villain? To be vanquished? To get the trinket and to stop me once and for all?"
The party looked at each other. They had planned on sealing him away once more if he had gotten carried away in their venture. They just hadn't expected it to be so soon!

A swift motion; a flick of his powerful wrist, and the amulet of binding was crushed to mere dust at their feet. Dread fell over them like a sickening plague; the avatar of their doom standing before their eyes. What had they done!?

"At last, the skies of Keizaal will be mine again!" Alduin would not waste time with them any more. Not one more second would be spent skulking about and trapped within the depths of that which he wanted to call home, once. With an earth-shattering roar, the World Eater began his ascent.

Rocks came crashing down around the remaining party of 4; one being immediately crushed by a boulder as the black dragon clawed his way through the tunnels they had carved. The world above trembled violently as Alduin bore his way through the crust. He left them to die. Sixtoe coughed heavily, watching as the torches they had carried go dark. He was soon left in complete silence; encased in the former tomb of the cataclysmic dragon.

He was born again! Neck and head thrashed from the surface, a belly-roar escaping him and sending the wildlife scattering for miles as he lifted his head to behold the sun. It was terribly bright, at first, sweat and grime rolling from his black-as-night scales. But he didn't care. No longer would he breathe the stale air of the catacombs he had called his prison. No longer would he curse the silence around him for a breeze.


The light of day cast itself upon his scales now as he clawed himself from the earth. A great intake of breath was all it took to lift the overlord's spirits high before he launched himself into the sky. The very earth shivered around him as he beat his ancient wings; and a smirk passed by his lips.

They would know terror before the end.

He would make sure of that.
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Offline ArohkTopic starter

Re: Searching for OneXOne! (Lots of stuff, come on in!)
« Reply #1 on: October 15, 2012, 05:02:18 PM »
Updated with new interest levels and a few new topics!

Offline Garrit

Re: Searching for OneXOne! (Lots of stuff, come on in!)
« Reply #2 on: October 15, 2012, 05:10:39 PM »
I am hunting around for skyrim rp. I have no idea why im so fixated on it lately?!  Anyway, I also did notice you had a masseffect fandom too, and that's also pretty interesting.  I guess I like the "sink or swim" bleakness to both environments.  Obviously when you are on the normandy things are generally okay, but things do go to hell for the colonies regularly.

My writing style is pretty different from your sample.  Check out my O/Os for my writing samples.  If you like it maybe we can give rp a shot.

Offline ArohkTopic starter

Re: Searching for OneXOne! (Lots of stuff, come on in!)
« Reply #3 on: October 15, 2012, 06:31:53 PM »
Well it doesn't look like you would clash with me or anything. :P

I am more into having a Skyrim RP for now, myself. There is a lot that can be done with the world, and it leaves room for a lot of adventure. I think that is why I enjoy writing for it a lot. I'll probably get more of a craving for Mass Effect when I replay the series. XD

Offline Garrit

Re: Searching for OneXOne! (Lots of stuff, come on in!)
« Reply #4 on: October 15, 2012, 06:35:04 PM »
do you have chat?  It's probably easier to bounce ideas on that than E. 

Offline ArohkTopic starter

Re: Searching for OneXOne! (Lots of stuff, come on in!)
« Reply #5 on: October 15, 2012, 06:41:02 PM »
Not currently on anything, but feel free to add me to MSN. I will send you the address in a PM.

Offline ArohkTopic starter

Re: Searching for OneXOne! (Lots of stuff, come on in!)
« Reply #6 on: February 24, 2013, 08:22:33 PM »
It has been a long time since I moved this up. Open to more RPs, although I am not around a ton. If you're willing to be patient on replies then give me a shout if something interests you!

Topic has been updated with interest levels.

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Re: Searching for OneXOne! (Lots of stuff, come on in!)
« Reply #7 on: February 25, 2013, 09:45:21 PM »
Actually, I've been interested in a succubus x human pairing for a long time, ever since I kicked a lot of succubi tail in Diablo!  They seem to pop up a lot for me in writing, so someone focused on them would be a good writing partner.  I am on YIM, check my profile.  Let me know what you think, I have some ideas as well...I think this could be an entertaining one!

Offline ArohkTopic starter

Re: Searching for OneXOne! (Lots of stuff, come on in!)
« Reply #8 on: February 26, 2013, 12:44:06 PM »
I don't have YIM but I have good faith. So PM me if you are still interested! :)