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December 15, 2018, 12:29:14 PM

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Author Topic: WARNING: may contain Changelings, Dark Themes, Angst and Beautiful Description  (Read 689 times)

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Offline BardingTopic starter

Pretty much, I'm looking for a descriptive, creative and, above all, imaginative female for some roleplay based on White Wolf Games' Changeling settings (don't let this put you off if you've never even heard of them. I'm an avid teacher so long as you're an eager student). I'm cool with either the new setting or the old but, well, I am, at the moment, quite taken with Changeling: the Lost. I'd prefer this roleplay to be free formish to the point where dice are not really needed - just a vague idea of what a character is and isn't good at and a certain degree of trust between players.

In terms of aesthetics, I'm a big stickler. I'd love to set this in the Victorian Age, a kinda fin de siecle setting that encompasses Oscar Wilde and TS Elliot in terms of conversation and social atmosphere. Aside from that it also allows for a potentially very dark atmosphere within Faerie/Arcadia especially and the actual 'real' world. I like my atmosphere somewhat dark and disturbing. However, a beautifully dark tinged modern setting would be equally welcome...I'm open to playing in any time from about 1920 onwards aside from the Victorian Age.

I'd be playing a bit of a disturbing, odd and 'pretty' male Darkling/Sluagh character. I have tons of information and description laid out for him already so if anyone is interested in this ad at all then I'll post my description and some information on my lovely character. Needless to say, I'm quite proud of him for some reason.

I am looking for these in a roleplay partner:

- Talented RPers with a good grasp of narrative and literary English, preferably full of effective metaphors and lovely literary devices. I cannot stress enough how important the whole literary aspect of this is! I am currently very much in love with the idea of a beautifully and vividly described roleplay that seems almost more along the lines of a well written novel than anything else. Spelling is a MUST and grammar is lovely too but the actual content, quality and (to some extent) quantity of your posts are the main thing. A multi-paragraph, narrative writing style would be a definite bonus. As a result of this I would love to receive lovely long PMs or replies, preferably with some kind of example of your writing style included along with any ideas you may have regarding characters or plots.
- Female characters who are interested in males. (Female players are also an added bonus but I am generally quite open to anyone who happens to be behind the keyboard at this point. So long as you fulfil my other terms.)
- Players who are on a European time zone or American players who are free to play in their mornings…About 10 AM onwards-ish. Being British I’m just about bang on GMT time-zones so, erm…Hope that might help you figure that out.
- Players who know that adjectives are their friends! I am a massive stickler for description in RP when necessary and there’s nothing I like more than a player who confidently and aptly describes every little detail when it is called for (an example of this would be during ERP).
- A multi paragraph style would also be a bonus so long as your typing speed makes this enjoyable for us both. I would love if this was maintained whenever necessary, in other words, anywhere outside of fast paced conversation/dialogue.
- A player with at least a little knowledge about the settings...or an eager learner.
- Imaginative players for brainstorming! That is almost obvious in its importance, huh?

I'm open to ideas, hence why I want an imaginative partner. Such qualities in a partner would also help with the fact that I'm giving you totally free reign over what kinda character you'd like to play, so long as they're another Changeling and they're female or something close to it.

I can only hope this isn't a little too obscure. Don't let me down Ladies and Gentlemen, I have every faith in you!

P.S. I'd prefer this roleplay to take place over AIM if possible but I'm also open to forum based roleplay. Thanks.
P.P.S. Observe my 'on's and off's' in my signature for an example of things I'm willing to include in my roleplay. I'm also prepared to add elements of dom/sub stuff :)

Thanks for putting up with me!
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Offline zebratomahawk

pity M/F RP'ing wouldn't do anything for me. we have more or less the exact same sensibilities.

Offline BardingTopic starter

*sniff* Well then, I'm still looking...Although Vix is doing very well at persuading me to take her on - she's an incredibly apt pupil.