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Author Topic: Calypso's Cravings! (MC, TF, TG, bdsm, non-con) f for M/Other or M for f!  (Read 1242 times)

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Offline CalypsoNymphTopic starter

This is my craving thread, with all the plot ideas I have had so far.  There is a summary inside each spoiler; this is a quick and dirty one or two sentence summary of the plot and what I'm looking for.  It has no real detail, but it should be enough to let you see if you are interested.

Some of the games have things like 'CRAVING' or 'Semi-craving' in the title.  This represents how interested I'm in them currently.  I'm not uninterested in things without 'craving', but I would rather play something with 'craving' then not.

I tend to enjoy gender transformation, unwanted urges and desires and playing the sub, but I am trying to branch out to dom.  If any of my ideas are something you think you'd like to play, or any part of any of my ideas are something you'd like to expand on and then play, please, feel free to send me a PM.  I might say no, but that's no reason not to chat about it!

As for posting length... I'm not going to force you to post some arbitrary number of paragraphs or sentences; but I will say that keeping things short all the time will drive me away if it doesn't fit with the RP.  Similarly, don't expect me to keep things long or short; I bounce all over the place as it fits, and I don't appreciate limits that control how much I can post.

I should note, and this is very important so I'm gonna bold it, I'm becoming just as interested in many of my kinks from the Dom side!  That's right, all you... people... who play... sub females!  I can and will play a strong Dom for you!  I'll admit I'm more picky about RPs with that instead of me being a sub, and I'm still learning the ropes (though I'll be happy to practice on you!), but that doesn't make me any less willing for it.  Every RP below is from a 'sub' point, but I'd be willing to give it a try as a dom~  Important note: currently, I only f/(M or Other) or M/f.  No M/other, or F anything.  That said, a particularly tempting RP can pull me out of my shell for that... maybe...

A final note... I tend to be a bit forgetful about some things.  If I'm in an RP, or you've sent me a PM, and I haven't responded for three or four days, then I probably clicked it... and then forgot about it.  Since it no longer has that shiny 'new' tag, I'm not being reminded about it, so feel free to remind me with a PM.

Twisted (something); think the Morpheus stories.  *MAJOR ULTIMATE CRAVING PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE*
If you haven't read anything from Fictionmania... shame on you!  If you have, but haven't read anything that Morpheus has written, double shame on you!  (You do not actually have to have read about the Twisted universe to play this)

Anyway... Morpheus has created an amazing universe, the 'twisted' universe.  Basically, a two or three generations ago, the Kinkaide Virus, also known as the Antarctic Flu, spread all over North America.  Over two million died before a vaccine was found.  Now, if that was it, that that would be it, but the descendants of people who had caught the Antarctic Flu, around the time of puberty, became... twisted.

This tended to happen while they were doing something new.  What happens is that they become somebody... different.  Their personality can change, their body can change, and they can gain things known as 'tricks' related to their powers.  Here are a few examples:

--A teenaged girl who got a piercing became a goth who had a trick that can temporarily reduce pain, which she uses in her new job as a piercer.
--A female who tried working out became obsessed with physical perfection, and when she works out she grows taller as she does so.
--A male who enjoyed cooking gained a trick that can remove all callories from the food he makes.
--A male that was trying out porn for the first time became an unusual, and very attractive, exhibitionist girl that was obsessed with looking as good as she could, and gained a trick to create a shield and basically shoot a tazer.
--A male that was kidnapped by a female dom that wanted to create a perfect sub became the perfect dom, a sadist and control freak that enjoyed smoking and drinking, and could lower others wills with a thought.
--A male was playing dolls with his little sister, and became a living barbie doll that was obsessed with the color pink, couldn't live without it, and could alter the color of things to pink.
--A religious girl that was raised in a conservative family became (probably because of trying out sex) an incredible slut, and can naturally increase the size of a girls breast up to three sizes.

Now, natural, Twisted are regularly discriminated against, for religious reason or just general principle.  But there's also some really, really bad Twisted, like a pryomaniac that can start fires at will... as I'm sure you understand, that does not help matters.  Thus the town 'Spiral' came to be, where about a third of the population is Twisted, and is the most Twisted friendly town out there.

...So, as you can see, there are all sorts of things the 'Twisted' universe could include!  Minor alterations to the universe to have my character go through a bunch of 'cascading', smaller Twists as apposed to one big one, my character tries to calmly obey orders and becomes the perfect female sub with a twist constantly active causing other people to want to dominate her, my male character tries on some female clothing by accident and becomes a girly girl, or I could just describe my character going through a normal day, and you tell me what I do that causes a Twist, and what the Twist is!

This is something I really really want, in any of it's many possibilities.  Depending, I don't even have to be the one that is Twisted, if you have a good enough idea.  I'm willing to accept many of the kinks I'm normally not interested in if it will get people more likely to join... and don't you dare keep your mind limited!  ;D  Who says somebody can't become a cat girl, or gain power over tentacles, or even control minds or twists themselves?

I would generally prefer to be a boy turned into a girl by his twist (or by another's), but, given that I love this idea so much, that is nowhere near a deal breaker.  Even if it seems like I wouldn't be interested... PM me anyway!  Please!  I'm willing to bend over backwards for this!

It's all just a game! *CRAVING*

Summary:  My male character is tricked by a group of geeks (you) into joining a magical RPing group, where the players become their character, which are defined by 'traits' instead of 'stats'.  Not knowing the details, I create a female character...

Exactly what it says on the can.  My character joins an RPing group with a magic game, in which the characters abilities and powers are defined by character traits.  Such as 'Sexy', 'Strong-Willed', 'Wears Expensive Clothing', etc., etc., etc.  My character creates a female character with the traits like 'Sexy', and 'Flexible'.  Basic, broad traits that don't affect the personality too much.

When the game starts, however, I find myself as my character, in the (preferably fantasy) world.  And all of the guys are, of course, attractive males of one kind or another.  The hulking barbarian, the suave rouge, the surprisingly strong willed mage... and, of course, as the only female in the group, they all focus their attentions towards me.

I start out not liking this at all, and rebuff them, learning that the only way to return is to 'win' the game.  So we set out to do just that.  Before long, however, I 'earn' a trait... either through my own actions, or through a curse, or something I am tricked into doing.  And then that trait becomes real.  For example, if I 'earn' the trait 'Exhibitionist', then, well, poof, I'm an exhibitionist.  Things get interesting from there, as I try (and fail) to resist my traits, and the group of guys are all out to give me ones such as 'submissive', 'slut', 'nymphomaniac', 'boy-crazy', 'likes to obey'... eventually leading up to at least one group sex scene, and then things can just be added on from there.  I'm looking for somebody willing to play the entire group of guys.  You don't have to play geeky guys... we can start with the beginning of the game, or perhaps a bit later, and by then the guys would be their characters, who could have traits like 'smooth talker', and 'skilled socialite'.

The Ultimate Switch  *Semi-craving*

Summary:  My male character takes his female slave to go to the brand new gender reversal facility, to try things out as a girl with a guy slave... only problem is, the longer they stay in their new genders, the more her control is slipping...

This is basically an ultimate 'switch' story.  Which I have no idea how to play convincingly.  ^.^;  I'd play the original male who has a willing sub, and they go to get their gender changed... and the longer that they remain in their new bodies, the more her control is slipping, and the more his control is rising.  Maybe they messed something up with the procedure, maybe the sub wasn't quite as happy as I thought and is using magic or subliminal messaging, but either way the longer this goes on the more and more I become an exceedingly feminine sub, that would just love to have her 'new' master tie her up and fuck her brains out...

The problem is that while I could play a dom or a sub, I don't know how to play a switch.  I would need some help with that.

Inside Your Mind *Semi to full craving*

Summary:    A kind of weird RP, with one person playing out an intruder in anothers mind, altering things, as they go about their day.

I could play either roll here... the intruder, or the person intruded upon.  In this case, I'm actually entirely fine without a gender switch.  I'd prefer it depending on how the world gets hammered out, but I'm fine with just playing a female.

The idea would be that we each describe the others world, and how actions in that world affect the other.  The person in the others mind would play everybody else in the 'real world', while the person being affected would describe the 'mental world'.  There are all sorts of ways that this could play out; a jock wants the quite-but-busty wallflower to become his personal fuck-toy, the overprotective brother gets revenge on the Alpha Bitch who got his sister to cry, the Boss wants his secretary to be a bit more willing to obey orders...

This would be a really rather odd RP.  It would start, ideally, at the start of the... 'invaded's' day, with the 'invader' already in their mind.  The starting post would be the 'invaded' describing their first mindscape, as they sleep, something relatively basic, and then the 'invader' would describe the 'invaded's' room, something that wakes them up, and their character going about exploring, searching for a particular area, talking with one of the 'subconscious desires' in the mind... or, possibly, already changing things.

Then, the 'invaded' would go about their day, keeping in mind the 'invaders' alterations to their mind, and describe how their actions affect the mindscape that the 'invader' is in.

Then the 'invader' would describe more of the 'invaded's' world, depending on what is required, and what they do in their mind.

And so on and so forth, until we reach an ending that we both agree is satisfactory.  ^.^  It'd be a bit hard to pull off, for both of us, but I think it could be very fun, and very... 'rewarding'.  :P  There could be other forms as magic, as well, but we'd have to discuss that before they are put in.  Keep that in mind.

Victim of the Master PC  *Semi-craving*

Summary:  Your character gets a program that allows them to alter reality, and as they become more corrupt with the power they turn my character into a more and more feminine and/or slutty person.

Ever read a Master PC story?  No?  You should.  Shame on you.  The basic premise is that some lucky guy (or girl) receives, through a shady internet site, an unexpected email, or just because it was on the computer... the Master PC program, a program that allows them to alter all of reality.

Now, naturally, they never believe it.  A program that can effectively makes you a god, which can be run, quickly, on a ten year old desktop?  Ridiculous.  So... they decide to test it.  In the 'Enter Subject' line, they put in a name.  Maybe it's their own.  Maybe it's that bully that never lets up.  Maybe it's the person they've had a crush on.  Either way, they press enter, and up pops a 3-D model of that person, with a huge list of statistics, and a possibility of a viewing window, to see what they are doing right now.  They decide changing a single aspect... like, for example, making that girl they crush on bi... and select 'Apply'.  Suddenly, in that view, half of the posters in her rooms are of girls!

They think, well, okay, this could still be faked.  So they try to change themselves.  Make themselves just a bit stronger, just a bit taller... and when it works, they realize they've got something big.  So maybe they try some other, small alterations... nothing too big, of course, but their life could always be better...

This a story of corruption and unknown alterations.  Ideally, I'd play a male that the other character... preferably also a male, but could be female or start out as such... doesn't like, or is annoyed with for some reason.  Maybe they start with a few personality tweaks, some minor physical tweaks.  Make her just a bit more willing to go out with guys.  Make him just slightly weaker.  Then it escalates from there.  Make 'me' female to free up that girl 'you' have a crush on, or just out of revenge.  Put in strange desires and don't let me know why they're there.  Or, maybe, let me know something is changing me, but not know what it is and unable to resist it.

The idea is that as things progress, your character becomes more and more willing to alter the world around them, and my character becomes more and more changes.  The ideal is a slow transformation and corruption, as I control my character and the world in general, while you control your character and what orders to put in the Master PC program.  I expect this to last a fairly long time... or at least, want it to.  For this one, starting as a male is almost a must, but if you seem to be a really good writer, RPer, and have great ideas, then I suppose it's up for debate.

NOTE:  Generally, people who have had the Master PC program used on them are unaware of the changes.  The exceptions are those that are registered by the Master PC program as users, or when a user makes a change and instructs the computer that the person changed is aware of it.  The idea is that a lot of the changed would be made with 'me/my character' unaware, but some things could be made so that she is aware of them.  Open for debate, like the rest of it.

Breaking the Lesbian

Summary:  My character is a hardcore lesbian feminazi until That One Guy finds her and turns her into a girly subby girlfriend that will adjust everything for him just because he's her boyfriend.

This is something I came up with while reading an erotic MC story that went the other way... a straight girl was quickly and efficiently broken into a lesbian slave.  This is like that, only in reverse, and slower.  My character is a 'hard core' lesbian, and a bit of a feminazi.  Until she meets That One Guy, who for reasons natural or not, just captures her undivided attention.  And he knows it.  And he, slowly, turns her into his uber-feminine slut slave, who will do whatever he wants just because he's her boyfriend.  Including leave school or her job or whatever to live in with him.  And form her life around him.  And ask him for permission when she wants to change something in her life.

This is left up here, even though it isn't as fleshed out as some of the others, because it's something that I have more in my head then the 'general' stuff.

Also... yes, I know you can't just show a lesbian the right man and 'turn' them straight.  I also know that the relationship I'm describing is not healthy.  This is for fetish value only, and I do not expect nor seek either of the above two in real life.

The New Cow

Summary:  My character is kidnapped to a secret facility and turned into a human female with huge breasts that requires constant milking, and is aroused by the process.

Ever played Corruption of the Champions?  Remember what happens if you lactate too much, and get milked too much?  This is based, sort of, off of that idea.

My character, preferably male but could easily be female, is kidnapped for... some reason.  If he was male, then when he wakes up, he is female. I'm not used to kidnapping stories, so this part could be in a white room, in a barn-esque pen, a town that she can't escape... but that's not quite the point.  The point is, she starts lactating.  The longer she takes to avoid getting milked at a machine, the more it aches for her to let it happen... and the more pleasurable the release.  If that wasn't enough, the more and quicker she gets milked, the more she lactates!

Of course, if you're going to kidnap humans and use them as a source of milk, using them for pleasure wouldn't be too much of a stretch, now would it?  This story would be about breaking my character into a loyal, possibly even eager, milk-cow for her 'owners'.  This could include things such as being unwilling to milk my character until she does certain things, taking advantage of her after she just got milked where she's so aroused it's hard for her to think, laughing at her and milking her with your hands, calling her a weak cow-slut...

An important note is that I don't actually like being milked by having somebodies mouth around the nipple, like that.  I prefer more as massaged out by the hand or using some kind of machine.

Reality Shift *CRAVING*

Summary:  My male character was the top dog in some situation, him and everybody he knew got shifted to a quasi-high school where his instincts and mental influences turn him into the class fucktoy/slave.

My character is a real hot dog.  Maybe he's the boss of a small company, or a manager of a subsection.  Possibly a politician that's about to become a real big success, and everybody knows it.  And nobody likes it.  He's stepped on some toes to get to his position, and now nobody can do anything about it.

Until, of course, he and everybody he knows jump over a reality or two.

One day, he was the top dog... next, he was the bottom girl in a high school?  Nobody really knows what's going on, except that, suddenly, everybody is in some kind of boarding school, and everybody's eighteen years old with a new place, new body, and a new personality.

The idea is that my character becomes, not just the school slut, but the class slave and general fucktoy, with nobody really respecting or helping her, just taking advantage of her.  A lot of these details are up for debate... for example, the school could be run by robots, set up by aliens as an experiment.  Maybe the entire world shifted realities, and she has a new home life as well.  Possibly it's all just set up by pure will, with everybody wanting so much for my character to be on the bottom... until it became real.  And the more they like it, the more real it becomes.

No memory alteration, as per usual, but I fully expect some heavy MC in here.  Things that just run counter to his 'normal' personality... such as 'one of the new football stars pass by you in the hallway... and as he gets closer you can feel your heart pounding and slit getting wetter, your entire body begging for him to take you right there.'  And so on.  Feel free to have the entire class tie her up and use her at their leisure, with her first being resistant... and then the pleasure overcomes her, and she starts to beg for more.  I'd rather not get the teachers, if their even are any, involved in the sex, though.  Too much of an age difference, even if it's only physical, is a bit of a squicky thing for me.

I Hate that I Love you

Summary:  Male character turned into girl, turns herself into another eager slut despite friends advisement not to because she wants this one popular guy so badly for reasons that might not be entirely natural.

My character got turned into a girl.  Not really surprising, that.  So, that's done with for whatever reason.  She's going shoping a female friend of hers that wants her to get out some more, get used to things... when my character spots a male, maybe a star, maybe just some guy, followed by a gaggle of sexy and slutty females.  And, for whatever reason, she wants him.  She wants him so bad that, against her friends advisement, she starts adjusting everything she can to get to him.  Her clothing in particular... but it could be other things, as well.

The idea is slowly turning into just another eager slut begging for this guys cock, despite knowing that something's wrong and even with a friend nearby to help try to stop me.  It might be a bit difficult to pull off... as a I want a slow descent... but I'll admit that I'd love it.

Scion of Zeu-no.  Wait, Sorry.  Aphrodite. [Not currently interested

Summary:  Game, solo or group, that is run in the Scion White Wolf gaming system.  My character was adopted by another god and, in the process, turned female and gained a whole new set of talents that she has to deal with, and adjust for.  Looking for eager GM.

This is a game that I would like to play based on Scion.  My character would have been a child of one god, like, for example, Zeus, but due to politics up above, gets abandoned by him, but is adopted by another god... such as, say, Aphrodite... and in the process turned into a girl.  This would, preferably, actually be run on the Scion system, starting at Hero and, if possible, going up all the way to God.  I have Hero, Demigod, and God myself.  The game would be about my character learning to deal with her new form, innate talents, powers, and responsibilities.

I'll admit, for Scion, I tend to prefer playing somebody who uses a blade, and is a child of Athena... but I want my character to have to learn to use her new body to get what she wants.  If you can think of a god(des) who fits that, then great!  But, otherwise, I'm fine with Aphrodite... partially because I love the greek pantheons special power.  ^^;

This can be solo or a group, fine with either, as long as my character has good character interactions, has to learn and adapt to new abilities and talents, and becomes stronger and stronger.

For this, the idea is a long, long game, so I doubt anybody would be interested, especially since if you want your own character it will have to be in your own game, and effectively an 'NPC'... but still.

I fully expect sex, possibly (preferably) with bondage and d/s themes, possibly some borderline NC..  But don't expect my character in this game to be a completely willing subby slave.

General Ideas

These are just general, unfinished ideas, more half formed ideas then full-fledged cravings.

Welcome to Training!

For some reason, my character, who was a male, is turned female and trained to be a girly girl.  Possibly subby who likes bondage, but not full fledged slave.

VR Chatroom!

My character enters one of the first virtual reality chatrooms... and finds herself caught in a virus to turn him into a her.  Mental alterations, definite NC, if borderline, bondage, d/s... maybe a short one shot thing.

Fun at the Beach

My character, who possibly was a guy or maybe was always a relatively unattractive girl, goes to the beach, and then becomes an incredibly attractive bikini-clad girl.  Who finds she really can't disobey the hot male lifeguards... and then finds she doesn't want to.


There are too many males in the world.  Clearly, the solution is to pick out a few women, or men turned into women, and make it a civil service for any male to try as hard as they can to make them pregnant.  And, since they probably won't like their situations that much, make them addicted to male semen, so they must seek out males.  Restricted clothing options/mandatory collars a plus!

I Promise to Obey...

For some reason or another, my character (preferably originally male) finds themselves female, and wed to a man who believes in the 'good old values'.  Like how a wife should obey their husband, and be eager to bend over the kitchen counter of they get even their husband gets even the slightest bit aroused for a quicky.  Now, while the husband doesn't enforce what they say (That would be abuse and would get him into a lot of trouble with the law) my character does so anyway, despite her wishes.  Maybe the mandate is enforced by god, maybe her husband is a brain surgeon who implanted an experimental chip... my character doesn't know.  All she knows is that she obeys.  And that she's beginning to like it.

It's all for the credit!

Most experiments take place on college students.  Including this one.  This one, where they take a male, turn him into a highly suggestible, highly attractive female, and see what happens.  When people say stuff like 'Oh, come now, you know you want my cock', she'd feel like she wants his cock.  When they say 'you'd love being a cheerleader!'  She'd start to seriously consider it.  And then they just see what happens.  The more repetitions, the more deeply it's entrenched.  A one-time thing might be a momentary urge, or weaken her resistance to it slightly, but if she's told constantly 'you'd love to get a full make over!'  Well... you get the idea.  She'd better be careful who she hangs out with.

I'd expect some variety depending on the choices my character makes, and who she hangs out with, but of course I'd adjust for the mental changes that she doesn't know are happening.  I'd just find it cheap if her new friend, who is a girl, constantly says stuff like 'you're such a slut' if it's completely unearned.  Also, only things that are saying stuff like 'you are' will affect my character, or stuff that includes her as a category, like 'all girls'.  Not stuff like 'guys are amazing'.  On the other hand, something like 'I'm sure you'd love guys if you gave them a try' might work... after she gave them a try, of course.
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Re: Calypso's Cravings!
« Reply #1 on: September 18, 2012, 12:37:37 AM »
Adjusted to include all of my cravings, added a summary to each of the big cravings, noted more specifically which craving I want the most.

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Re: Calypso's Cravings!
« Reply #2 on: October 13, 2012, 10:18:01 PM »
Updates, three new RPs.

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Re: Calypso's Cravings!
« Reply #3 on: October 16, 2012, 11:35:19 AM »
Added an ultimate craving that hits, or can hit, pretty much all of my kinks that I've forgotten about for a while.

...No, seriously, I really really really want to play in the 'Twisted' Universe.  (Actually reading the Morpheus stories not required)  I am willing to include things I normally would Never do (though it does depend on the kink in question), be the dom, be the sub, run something explicitly for you if you run this for me (GM style, no system, where one of us runs an entire world explicitly for the other person and their kinks)... this could be a group, one-on-one, altered, adjusted, in a different universe/dimension, whatever!

Now, I'll admit, this is partially pre-game eagerness, and this might be adjusted depending on how games go, and I do want my normal things (such as decent grammar, decent spelling, decent post length) but for now... I am willing to adjust so so much for this.  If you are interested, at all, and have the time, please PM me with an idea of what you'd like, or a list of kinks you'd like to include.  If this changes, I will change this post to let you know.