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Author Topic: Pain and Pleasure - Rough Sex [M seeking F]  (Read 2190 times)

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Pain and Pleasure - Rough Sex [M seeking F]
« on: September 03, 2012, 02:05:52 am »
M seeking F

Seeking a female writing partner to discuss this idea over PM before starting it in forums.  Grammar and spelling must be acceptable, but of course a few mistakes here and there is fine since I know I myself am no where near perfect.  Please be able to comfortable read and write a few paragraphs per post as well since I like detail and description.  Kinks and fetishes are pretty much open for discussion as well as long as it includes rough, passionate sex.  The more kinks/fetishes you wish to include and the more open minded you are can help as well, but rough sex can be pretty straight forward as well.

Rough Sex is Pain and Pleasure

Below I listed a summary that just came to me when thinking about Rough/Passionate sex to give you an idea of what I'm looking for:

Our characters throwing their bodies around on the ground, up against the wall, down on a bed, over furniture, breaking things in their path, knocking things out of their way. Ripping off articles of clothing or tearing it out of the way when it seems like there is not enough time to properly remove it or take it off, they just need it out of the way NOW.  Sex with clothing on, partial clothing or torn/tattered clothing is very sexy.  It can always be replaced of course, it's just a material object that acts as nothing more than a prison in such hot and passionate moments, sometimes it's just too constricting.  Who cares if there is a mess or if something gets broken?  In such a moment their minds are only on each other and what happens between them...all other worries can be taken care of afterwards.

Heavy breathing, guttural groans, panting like they cannot get enough, screams and cries containing mixtures of sharp pains and ecstasy with gasping moans of pleasure.  Mind-blowing, breathtaking sex to the point where it is hard to breathe and exhausting...just letting it all out not and caring if someone else can hear the racket.  Just crisp sounds of flesh smacking together over and over again during the brutal romping as he ravishes her body.  Throwing themselves at one other in public or places in which they may get caught or are taken a risk in being seen...when the moment strikes sometimes there is no time to look for a bed behind a closed door.  Even if the door is closed that does not mean there was time to cover the windows, but who knows perhaps the two would like to have some eyes watching the show.

Clawing, biting, smacking, hair pulling, getting a little scrapped up and collecting some bruises, marking each other with teeth, nails and sexual scars.  Things like the male's back being covered in red scratch marks, or his biceps or chest, maybe his own nails digging in her back, hips, ass or waist as he clutches her tightly and thrusts into her over and over again...bite marks on each others necks or any where else a love bite seemed relevant at the time.  Coating each other with mouth watering saliva as they explore each others bodies with their lips and tongues, sucking hungrily and passionately, becoming wet and slick with sweat and sexual secretions as they go round after round.  Basking in the afterglow, falling asleep in each others arms or perhaps going another round in the shower to clean up until they lead each other into sexual exhaustion and finally pass out.  Groping, grinding, rubbing, dry humping...getting the pleasure and release anyway they can after all penetration does not always have to occur in order to have some fun.  Hands, fingers, oral, teasing and foreplay, there are so many other ways to please each other.

So yea, there's that, would love to hear any of your ideas as well.

RP Ideas and Pairings

These are just small ideas that need to be flesh out a bit, but basically it involves scenes/pairings that can incorporate rough sex.  If you have any ideas of your own then please feel free to send me a PM.

Girl in Need - A girl that is literally down in the dumps, losing everything or having nothing in the first place.  It could have been because of debt, maybe drugs or something else entirely, but she is out on the streets with nowhere to go.  I would play a wealthy and powerful man with connections to underground organization and business, so an unlawful man.  He takes her in and provides for her in exchange for her becoming his personal toy.

Post Apocalyptic - A grimy and dirty setting which could have various different set ups.  Could be include something such as zombies and mutants, or include a more barbaric human side with raiders and bandits.  The last of the humans are breaking off into colonies.  I play a very dominate male, a leader her takes and claims your character and makes her know her place and role, which is to produce his offspring and she learns to absolutely love the way he handles her.

The Tease - She could be a girl next door, a girl he works with, a girl at the same school, whatever.  Basically it involves the breaking point between two assumed friends.  They flirt constantly and tease each other, there is definite chemistry and sexual tension, but for whatever reason she wants to remain friends.  It could be she is already in a relationship, maybe even married depending on the role play, maybe she just had a bad breakup or doesn't want to harm their friendship.  Whatever the reason, he one day has enough and decides to take her by force and at some point she gives into the rough sex, loving the way he takes her, thus sparking a sexual relationship between them.

Inspirational Pics

Is probably best to assume these are all NSFW, none show nudity but some are questionable.

Scratches on Plump Bottom
Leg Locked and Holding On
Waking Up Marked
The Signs of Rough Love
How his Back looks in the Morning
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