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Author Topic: Kitten's Cravings  (Read 2497 times)

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Offline LittleKittenTopic starter

Kitten's Cravings
« on: September 01, 2012, 09:58:58 PM »
Kitten's Rules to play by

I'm back after an extended absence due to health reasons and excited to get back to it!

If you're looking for short term or purely sexual rps then please move on. While smut and sex are a part of these games, I will get bored if it's the only part of the plot.

I will return the details you send to me. If you give me one liners then that is what you will receive. However, my interest will fade if I'm given less then 3+ paragraphs on average.
Please do not post here! PM me!

1)Be Polite. If your going  to be rude, nasty or generally unpleasant it doesn't matter how great you are at RPing. I'm going to get fed and leave. So be nice, it's really not that hard.
2)Let me know if your going to be gone. I don't care if you don't post every day but if you're not going to post for a week or more it's generally polite to let people know
3) Don't God Mode. Seriously just don't do it.
4)Make your posts readable. I don't care about the occasional grammar or spelling error but if I feel like I have to decode your posts then I'm going to lose interest.
5)Be creative! I hate role plays where my partner does the same action...over and over....and over and over. It gets old and boring really fast. If you need me to give you more details then let me know, I'm more then willing to work with you

I prefer playing in High Fantasy worlds but also enjoy modern, low fantasy, historical, sci-fi....Yea, OK. I play them all.

Things to know about me
I will role play pretty much anything. I have rped and enjoyed non-sexual stories to full on kidnap and rape scenes. I have very few hard limits and will bend nearly everything to fit the plot. The only things I will not bend on are: death and extreme mutilation, bathroom play and kids.
I do tend towards more of the extreme section of things in my kinks so please don't hesitate to tie me up.

Open plots and ideas!
  Current cravings are marked in red

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Jedi, Sith, Captive
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
They were raised together as Jedi, learned and grew together and became close friends. There was an unspoken attraction between them, a silent longing for more that never was acknowledged. They couldn't acknowledge it without risking losing everything.As a Jedi, you are not allowed to take a lover. You are not allowed to have that passion for anyone....
Her ship disappears one day. She's flying solo and it just blinks out. He searches for her, all of the order does, but no one is able to find her. She's declared dead and he can't take it. He turns to the dark side, his rage and pain give him power. With the rise of the Empire to power, dark Jedi are tasked with hunting down the Jedi and killing them. He's all too eager to take revenge on those who kept him from her, kept him from loving her when she was alive.
Years pass and his ship passes an uninhabited planet. He jerks, sensing something in the force that he hasn't for the longest time. It's her. He's sure that he can sense her. He lands his ship and goes looking. He finds her, she's alive! She's been trapped on this planet, unable to fix her comm to communicate and signal for help. He's over joyed to find her but she...She is horrified by what he's become.  She runs from him, refusing to believe he's turned to the dark side. He chases her, catches her and decides that he will break her. He will show her the dark side and the power it brings, show her the joy and passion that it brings. He will make her his. Through any means necessary.

Blind Captive
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Jane was recently in a car accident, coming home from her 18th birthday party her car was struck by a drunk driver. Jane,believing herself to be invincible, was not wearing a seat belt. She was thrown forward and her head struck the steering wheel. She walked away from the crash with only blurred vision, thinking it was only an affect of the hard hit and would fade. She rushed to the other car, pulling the driver out before it burst into flames. Jane refused to recieve medial attention at the hospital, instead she sat in the waiting room, waiting for news of her father, the other driver.

Her father survived with no long term affects but when Jane woke the next morning she was blind. Her retina's had been damaged in the blow and had she received medical care it could have possible been fixed. Instead she refused treatment to wait for news on her father.

Her father has been unable to deal with his own guilt, every time he sees Jane, he sees his failure as a parent. He blames himself for causing the accident and for Jane's refusal to receive care and leave him alone.

Jane begged and pleaded but her father sent her away. He sent her to live with his mother in rural Virginia. Olivia, Jane's grandmother, owns  200 acres of forested land. Its isolated without even a working phone. Jane is sent there to recover with the aid of Olivia's nurse and to make peace with her grandmother before the old woman dies.

One night, long after the residents of the old manor house have gone to sleep, a prison bus crashes. There's only one survivor, a young prisoner. They can see the lights from the barn still on in the distance and makes their way there. Only the nurse is awake and its easy to dispatch her, leaving only a blind girl and an elderly lady near to death.

I'm looking for someone to play the escaped prisoner. I want someone willing to blackmail and force. I want an element of horror to this plot, the fear of Jane and her helplessness. She's dependent on the
prisoner and she knows it. How far can she be pushed? How much can she take before she fights back?
Is she tricked? Is she convinced their only a new nurse or are they brutally honest, telling her they've murdered the nurse and she now belongs to them?

My Savior, My Captor[/b]
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
She's a young nurse serving in the Federal (United States) army. She's horrified by the tragedies and violence of war but determined to do her duty and save as many man as possible. She's sweet and innocent, unexposed until now to the base desires of men. Often, their comments simply go over her head. One night, she's lured out of the camp by a group of soldiers. They claim their friend is wounded and needs care. The innocent young nurse follows after them, determined to save a life and unaware that they might lie.

Once, they have her safely away from camp, the soldiers throw her down. They are intent on raping her. She screams for help, but knows no one can hear her. Surprisingly though, shots ring out and her attacks drop. Out from the mist, a Confederate soldier steps forward. He smiles down at her and expresses concern for her well being. Once he's satisfied that she's unharmed, he pulls out a length of rope and binds her wrists.

He's a young and handsome officer who is currently spying on the northern camp. He can't have the young nurse returning and reporting him and his mens presence. He takes her prisoner but treats her well, more like a guest really. Days pass and there's a battle which leads to the destruction of the army she was serving with. The young nurse has no where else to go and no way to return home, so the southern officer decides to take her with him.

She can serve his group as a nurse. He finds himself not really caring if she comes willingly or not.

*note* We could easily do a Southern nurse and Northern Officer if preferred*

Boyfriend and Stalker

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
They've been dating for awhile and he put up with her lack of desire. Sure, he wanted her sexually but he respected that she wasn't into that. Or, he tolerated it. But lately that's been changing, he wants more from her. He needs more from her. He starts getting really into BDSM and trying to include it slowly. She lets him include somethings (blindfold and other mild crap) but won't even let him tie her up. They fight about it, fight about how he wants sex more then once a week. Finally, he breaks up with her. He's sick of her behavior, sick of her lack of desire for him. The night of the break up, he loses it and goes real kinky on her. She reacts badly and tries to get him to stop. He doesn't and perhaps rapes her. Perhaps she even orgasms strongly from it. Then she throws him out because she's mad but a few days later she begs him to come back. He refuses,after all-they broke up and he raped her.  She gets depressed and begs some more, but finally seems to accept it. Time passes and he sees a newly confident her at a club dancing and making out with a guy. He gets jealous and starts stalking her and discovers that she still hasn't slept with anyone else, he's the only one who's ever had her.

This would be a dark and brutal RP. We'd likely start the night of the final fight and break up and play through him raping her( which she'd enjoy and orgasm strongly from). I'd like to include heavy elements of BDSM in this game, along with stalking and possible kidnap

5 Kingdoms
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
I'm looking for an role play that takes place in a fantasy world. The world is divided into 5 nations.

The first  nation, Taito, is a nation of artists. Their peaceful and are the diplomats between the other nations. Most medicine comes from this nation. They rarely go war, instead they prefer to broker deals and bargains.

The second nation is Elukka. Elukka is a peaceful nation and similar in many ways to Taito. However while Taito focuses on art, Elukka focuses on more earthy aspects. The people of Elukka believe a connection to the earth is the most important thing to have in this life and to have that connection one must control the earth and change it. So they cut terraces into their mountain home for farming and domesticated their once wild animals.

Sacerdot, the third nation, is a nation of priests. They have always attended to the spiritual needs of most of the nations. Those nations that do not worship at the alter of the sky find themselves the prime target of the missionaries. Angelicists, or Angelicism, worships primarily among the Spirits, that worships the winds and the sky. The followers, often called "Angels", tend to wear all white, with decorations made from feathers.

The fourth nation is Sodur. Sodur is the most voilent nation of them all and the only nation to seek out conflict and war. A militaristic nation they are ruled by a single Sodan who has the absolute power of a dictator.
Sodur believes woman to be inferior creatures suitable only for housework or bearing children. They raise their woman to be delicate beautiful works of art meant to be sequestered away. The woman rarely leave their homes and are not allowed to step foot outside without a male escorted. An unescorted woman is quickly enslaved. A woman attempting to escape slavery often has her ankles peirced and a chain run through them.

The fifth and most interesting nation is Loodus. While the other  4 nations take up the continents below Loodus consists of a number of small floating islands. No one knows for sure why the islands float but what is known this small nation has the greatest deposits of gold and precious metal. This nation that is the richest cares the least for richest. The wood harvested on these islands contains the same element that makes the islands themselves float. This wood is used to make primitive wooden airships, boats that float and are controlled by sails.
There are 10 islands with ten different tribes. A leader from each tribe is elected to the Lahn Su or the council of elders. The leaders of the tribes are called Doa with the leader of the largest tribe and leader of the Lahn Su called the Lahn Doa. This leader has always come from Lovi, the largest and strongest tribe
The people of Loodus shun the use of metals and things they deem "un-natural" although some times they must do what they must.  They are in  tune with every single living thing and believe that nature is secret and should be protected at all costs. They have no formal religion but  believe that everything, every object, has a spirit and should be respect. They take and hunt only what they need and always thank the Mother for the gift.

These 5 nations have lived for centuries in relative harmony, while the occasional war quickly settled by the Taitions. That is until the Shodan Hachi took the throne...
Hachi was a spoiled child, one used to getting his way in everything, this lead to a rather spoiled dictator, a dangerous thing to have! Looking around the world at the nations he found himself coveting what the other nations have. With the farmlands of Elluka, he could fed a vast army! With the priests of Sacerdot backing him all civilized peoples will bow to him and to the “will” of the gods!
Oh, and with the airships of Loodus no nation could ever dream of resisting or rebelling.
He already has the largest army, he's already equipped for war! So, why is he holding back? Why honor these treaties of peace made by his father? No, he will invade and rule the world as the Shodan!

Without warning Hachi's army sweeps into Sacerdot, quickly defeating the peaceful priests. Many are martyred after they refuse to preach that Hachi is called by the Divine winds to rule the world. The remaining terrified priests obey and call for all the Angelicists to accept Hachi and join his cause.
However, the martyrdom of some many of the priests has told the Angelicists the truth. The monks and priests to not believe Hachi, they preach only for him so all are not killed. A few must remain alive for the religion to remain alive.

The 3 remaining free nations gather together a council to discuss Hachi's plans. He's invaded one nation and now rules it as brutally as he rules his own. The council knows even combined they do not have the ability to resist him and survive. They must find another way to stop this mad man!

Despite the councils misgivings and fears, they decide war is the only option. Any who can hold a sword are sent against Hachi, grandma's and children find themselves carrying quivers of arrows, giving the soldiers food and water.
The combined army is massive but untrained. Hachi's forces sweep through the lines and route the artisans and farmers.
Elukka's queen, Clover, attempts to flee but she's surrounded along with the other rulers. The 3 kings are put to death, leaving only the beautiful queen....

A Different Beauty and the Beast
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
I came across this short story by Tanith Lee and I would love to base a role play off it.
I do have the ending if you'd like to read it but I'd like change elements of it. I'd like the chemical, instant attraction between them to remain but I don't want him to be patient. I'd like him to force the issue, to almost be overwhelmed by his lust for her. I'd also like to add elements of BDSM to the mix. Please read the excerpt below and PM me if you are interested!
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
His hundred and fifty-first birthday dawned aboard the sleek ship from Cerulean, high above the white-capped ocean that was the earth. By nightfall he would be at home, in his beautiful robot-run house. Beyond the tall windows a landscape of the western hemisphere would fall away, pure with snow, to a frozen glycerine river. Far from the weather control of the cities, the seasons came and went there with all the passion and flamboyance of young women. And in the house, the three young women came and went like the seasons.

Dark slender Lyra with her starry eyes and her music—well-named; Joya, much darker, ebony skinned and angel-eyed, full of laughter—well-named, too. And the youngest, his only born child, made with a woman from whom he had long since parted: Estár, with her green-brown hair the color of the summer oak woods, and her unrested turbulent spirit—ill-named for a distant planet, meaning the same as the Greek word psyche. It seemed his seed made daughters, either mixed with the particles of unknown women in crystal tubes, or mingled in a human womb. They were his heirs, both to his mercantile fortune and to his treasures of art and science.

He loved each of them, and was loved in turn. But sometimes Estár filled him with a peculiar fear. Her life would never be simple, and perhaps never happy. He did not like to think of her, maybe far from the shelter of the house, the shelter he could give her. In fifty, sixty more years, he might be dead. What then? Tonight, there was the ceremonial dinner party to welcome him home, and to mark his birthday. A few charming guests would be there, delighting in the golden rooms. There would be the exchange of presents, for, with every birthday, gifts were given as well as received. This time, they had told him those three, laughing, what they wanted. “Natural things!”they had cried. Lyra wished for pearls, real pearls, the kind only to be taken from oysters which had died, neither cultured nor killed for. And Joya had demanded a dress of silk, an old dress made before the ending of the silkworm trade. Estár, he guessed, had subconsciously put them up to it, and when her turn came he had waited, uneasy in some way he could not explain. “A rose,”she said, “a grown rose. But something from a hothouse or a city cultivatory won’t do.”“In all this snow—”exclaimed Joya. “I can send to the east,”he said. “No,”said Estár, all too quietly. “You must pluck it yourself.”“But then,”said Lyra, “he would have to detour from Cerulean. He’ll never be home in time for the dinner party to give you such a present.”Estár smiled. “It seems I’ve posed you a riddle, Papa.”
“It seems you have,”he said, wincing a little at the title “Papa”which she had adopted from some book. His other daughters called him by his name, graciously, allowing him to be a person, not merely an adjunctive relation. “Well, I’ll keep my eyes wide for roses in the snow.”Yet how ominous it had seemed, and not until the ship landed at the huge western terminus did he discover why.

Mercator Levin? Would you be good enough to step this way?”The attendant was human, a courteous formality that boded ill. “Is anything wrong?”he asked. “My cargo?”“Is quite in order, I assure you. The commissioner wishes to speak with you, on another matter.”Perplexed, he followed, and presently entered the circular office with its panoramic views of the landing fields. Dusk was immanent, and the miles of ground constellated by lights. Far away, little flaming motes, the ships sank slowly down or up. He was offered wines, teas, coffees, and other social stimulants. He refused them all, his oppression growing.
The commissioner, a few years his junior, was patently troubled, and paving the way—to something. At last he leaned back in his chair, folded his hands and said, “Depending on how you see your situation, Mercator Levin, it is my duty to inform you that either a great honor, or a great annoyance, is about to befall your family.”“What can you mean?”“This, sir, has been placed in our care, for you.”He watched, he looked, he saw, and the control and poise of one and a half centuries deserted him.

 Risen from a recess in the desk, a slim crystal box stood transparent in the solarized light. A heap of soil lay on the floor of the box. Growing straight up from it was a translucent stem only faintly tinged with color, and leafless. At the head of the stem there blossomed a rose slender as a tulip, its petals a pale and singing green. There were no thorns, or rather only one and that metaphysical, if quite unbearably penetrating. “I see it is not an honor,”said the commissioner, so softly Levin was unsure if he were dealing with a sadist or a man of compassion. In any event, that made no odds. “I’m very sorry, Mercator. But I had no choice. And you, as you know, have none either. As you see, the name and code stamped into the crystal are your own.”“Yes,”he said. “So, if you would be so kind. I am to act as the witness, you understand, of your acceptance.”“But I don’t accept,”Levin said. “You know, sir, that failure to comply—”“I know. I’ll do it. But accept? How could I?”“No.”And the commissioner lowered his eyes.

When he was within a foot of the desk and the box, the crystal opened for him. Levin reached in and took the smooth stem of the green rose in his fingers. The roots broke away with a crisp snap, like fresh lettuce, and a sweet aroma filled the air. It was the most disgusting, nauseating scent he had ever smelled.

Homecoming, normally so full of pleasure, was now resonant with dread. He dismissed the snow-car at the edge of the hill, and climbed, as he always did, toward the lovely, sprawling house. Most of it was of one-story construction in deference to the high winds that blew here in winter and often in the spring also, and all weatherproofed in a wonderful plasteel that made its walls seem to catch the prevailing light within themselves, glowing now a soft dull silver like the darkening sky.
 It had been turned into lace besides by the hundred golden windows—every illuminator was on to welcome him. Inside, the house was warm and fragrant, old wood, fine synthetics. The robot servants had laid everything ready in his rooms, even to the selection of bedside books and music.
His luggage was here ahead of him. He prepared himself, dressed for the party, went down. He had hurried to do so, but without eagerness. The glass of spirit he left untouched.

The main communal room of the house was some forty square meters, summer-heated from the floor, and also by the huge open central fire of natural coals, its suspended chimney like the glass pillar of an hallucination floating just above. How that chimney had fascinated Lyra and Joya as children. Something in its strength and exquisite airy unactuality—For a while, the scene held in the room. They had not noticed him yet, though they expected him at any second. Lyra was playing the piano in a pool of light. What would it mean to her to be sent away? She was studying with two of the greatest musicians of the age, and already her compositions—three concertos, a symphony, song cycles, sonatas—were phenomenal and unique.
 She promised so much to herself, to her world. And she was, besides, in love. The young man who stood by the piano, watching her white hands, her face. Levin looked at him with a father’s jealousy and a father’s pride that the lover of his daughter should be both handsome and good.
The Asiatic blood that showed in his amber skin, the carven features and slanting eyes, the violinist’s hands, the talent of his calling—all these were charming and endearing things.
 And then, standing listening by the fire, Joya, jet-black on the redness of the coals, no longer fascinated by the chimney, fascinating instead her two admirers, one male and one female. They were her friends, poets, a little eccentric as all Joya’s friends turned out to be. It had alarmed him at first. He had feared she would be forced to change. But Joya had not altered, only extending her sunshine to others, giving them a steadiness they lacked, herself losing none. And she was now four months pregnant. She had told him her news the day he left, her eyes bright. It was splendid, enchanting. The thought of her as the mother of children filled him with painful happiness.

She did not know who had fathered the child, which would be a son, nor did she care, had not bothered with the tests to discover. He had chided her gently, since the father had every right to know, and Joya had laughed: “Later. For now he’s only mine.”And to send Joya away, two lives now—No! No, no. Seated between the fire and the piano, the other guests were also listening to the music, four contemporaries of Levin’s, well-known, stimulating and restful people of experience, and, in one case, genius, and three well-liked others, mutual acquaintances of them all.

And there, on the periphery of the group, alone, his third daughter, his born daughter, and he grew cold at the perfection of the omens. The apple tint she used upon her brown hair had been freshly enhanced. Her dress, of the fashion known as Second Renascence, was a pale and singing green. She played with a glass of wine in her left hand, twirling the stem between her fingers.
 The translucent stem. It was as if she had known. He had heard rumors of such things before. It was ironical, for just now he recalled, of course, that she had almost never been born, her mother’s frenetic life-style having brought on the preliminaries of an accidental abortion—the child had been saved, and had continued to grow inside the woman’s womb to a well coordinated seventh-month term. But how nearly—Estár seemed to feel his eyes on her.

She looked about, and, not speaking to anyone, got up and came noiselessly over to him in the doorway. She was tall and slim, and almost a stranger. “Welcome home, Papa.”She did not reach to kiss him as the others did, restrained, perhaps inhibited. He had noticed it with many born children. Those not carried in flesh seemed far easier with the emotional expressions of the flesh, a paradox. “Did you,”said Estár, “find my rose?”

He looked at her in devastating sadness. “At first, I thought I’d have to fail you,”he said. “But in the end—look. Here it is.”And he held the green flower out to her in silence. She gazed at it, and her pale face whitened. She knew it, and if by prescience she had foretold it, then that clearly had not been with her conscious mind. For a long while she did not take the rose, and then she reached out and drew it from his hand. The music was ending in the room. In another moment the others would become aware of his arrival, of this scene at the door. “Yes,”Estár said. “I see it must be me. They are your daughters. I’m only your guest.”

“Estár,”he said. “What are you saying?”“No,”she said, “I’m sorry. I meant only I have nothing to lose, or little—a nice home, a kind father—but they have everything to lose…love, children, brilliance—No, it has to be me, doesn’t it?”“I intend to petition,”he began, and stopped. “You know that everyone petitions. And it does no good at all. When do I have to leave?”“The usual period is a month. Oh Estár—if there were anything at all—”“You’d do it. I know. You’re marvelous, but there are limits. It’s not as if I’ll never see you again. And, I respect your judgment. I do. To choose me.”The music ended. There was applause and laughter, and then the first cry of his name across the room. “You fool,”he said to his youngest daughter, “don’t you know that I chose you—not because I consider you expendable—but because I love you the best?”“Oh,”she said. Her eyes filled with tears, and she lowered her head, not letting him see them. “That is the decision this thing forces us to,”he said. “To sacrifice in blood. Could I ask you the unforgivable thing—not to tell the others until this wretched party is over?”“Of course,”she said. “I’ll go to my rooms for a little, ten minutes, perhaps. Then I’ll come back, bright as light. Watch me. You’ll be proud. Tell them I went to put your—your gift in water.”

A Storybook Romance-almost
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
I'm looking for an rp that takes place right after the death of King Arthur of legend. I'm looking for an role play where woman play a stronger role-see mists of Avalon for the world.
Please have seen the movie or read the book for a basic understanding, though things have been changed slightly.

I'm only looking for a male character, I'm sorry but I don't want a female character for this. Your welcome to play a male, even if your not.

In this version, the Lady of the Lake, Viviane, has a son. Her son was a knight at Arthur's round table and one of the loudest supporters of the Old Ways. When Arthur died he and Morgaine bore his body to Avalon in an attempt to save him. Arthur died of his wounds that day but  Morgaine's spell was successful. Arthur was reincarnated, just not in the manner they had hoped.

Arthur's soul was freed that day and for hundreds of years it floated restlessly between worlds, unable to move on or attach to another life. For almost a century his soul floated until a distant descendant was born, one with a powerful connection to magic.

His soul attached itself to the soul of the newly born girl child and merged, becoming one soul.
The girl lived her life unaware of the dual soul within her, unaware of the power within her.
She lived as every modern child did, deep the confines of technology.

She had always been fascinated by Arthurian lore and often found herself debating known facts about the time. Facts she somehow knew weren't accurate.

When she was 18, the year she was supposed to graduate high school, her school announced a trip to Stonehenge. She jumped at the chance to go. It was there her life changed forever. As she passed between two of the mighty stones a frizzle passed through her, transporting her back. Back to 2 years after the death of King Arthur.

Christians come upon her and declare her to be a witch. She's bound and dragged back to the village square to be burned. Then the knight comes, ridding in as her hero he saves her from the pry and takes her to Avalon.

The knight recognized her as the reincarnation of Arthur and takes her to Merlin and Viviane for training. With time she'll become the new leader, time and lots of training.
For despite her intuitive knowledge she doesn't believe. Before she can lead she must first believe in the Goddess, the Old Ways and her own self.

This will be a soft more story book romance sort of plot. I'm looking for someone who can do a long plot based role play, so if you can't then please do not waste my time. Sex might happen in this rp if it works with the plot, so please don't pressure me to do that.

I'm interested in working out the details with some one before we start. Do you want it to be perfectly soft and innocent? Or will this plot possess a darker edge? Will You're knight teach with a kind heart and gentle hand? Or will he punish for mistakes?

Will he encourage her to rule on her own? Or break her into his pet and rule through her?

PM me if your interested!

The Cop and the Mafia
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
She's just graduated from the academy and looking to make a name for herself among the cities cops. He's the leader of a powerful mafia that controls nearly everything. What happens when she disobeys orders and begins to investigate him?

The young girl sits across from him, idly puffing on her cigar. She's watching him, legs tucked under her. His bodyguards stand nearby, ready to intervene.
Finally, he speaks "Your very bold Miss Tennant. Not many would investigate me at my very own nightclub." Alice's head turns with a small shrug. "You are guilty, I figured I'd save myself sometime by just getting you to confess" He laughs at that, amused by the young cops boldness. "I can assure you, I did not smuggle any birds, drugs or anything else you can think of"

Alice leans forward, her shirt lifting to reveal the gun on her hip "I don't believe you" She meets his gaze levelly but sighs softly in disappointment when he snaps his fingers. A bodyguard steps forward and grasps her arm, forcefully leading her away.

"I'll see you soon" His words hang ominous in the air, a promise of things to come.

The drive home is uneventfully but something feels off as Alice enters her house. She feels watched, by something other then her cat. Strong hands grasp her arms, pulling them behind her back as someone else relieves her of her gun. She twists, kicking and shrieking a she fights the assailants. A light flickers on and he steps forward. He's smiling at her "I told you I'd be seeing you soon"

He nods to the men behind her and a rag is held over her mouth. Alice twists, desperately holding her breath but eventually....her world goes black and her body goes limp.

Timber Falls
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Timber Falls is located high in the mountain range, far beyond the normal hiking trails. Its considered deserted, since its so difficult to reach. I play a beautiful hiker who's traveling with her boyfriend. Some how we become lost and wander off the trails, we keep traveling, hiking towards the sound of water. We find the falls and a lone cabin. Its in good condition, well kept and cared for but no ones home. We decide to spend the night there, to wait for someone to come home.
Your character has lived his entire life up on that mountain, cut off from civilization. You live with your father and your mother and this is the only life you've ever known. Your parents have promised you that god will provide a bride for you. When you find me sleeping in your bed you believe that I am that bride. My boyfriend is killed in front of me and I go to my wedding gaged and bound.
*NOTE* I intend for this role play to be incredibly creepy. I see your character as wanting me and wanting to be gentle but not understanding how I can resist. To you god's word is every thing and you and your parents have taken it upon yourselves to teach me to be a good god fearing wife.

Brothers Captive
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It's been years since he's seen his sister, years since he killed their abusive parents. He regrets having to leave her but he didn't have time. No, he had to run, had to avoid capture by the cops. She was a baby then, just 2 years old, and he's been searching for 16years. He's finally found her, living in a small town and with no memory of him. He can't leave her, let her live her life without him so he does what he must. He takes her and secrets her away. She'll be kept safe until she remember him.

Dragon Within
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Kaida has led an uneventful life in a small mountainside town. Her father is a blacksmith and her mother his assistant with her as their only child. Everything seems normal. Perhaps her father does get a bit angry when people talk about the Dragon Purge but that's just a quirk. Centuries ago, Dragons ruled the kingdoms. Able to change into a human at will, the Dragons were at first benevolent. But power corrupts and the Dragons became more and more demanding.

So, the humans rebelled and over-threw the Dragons. Most Dragons were killed and the rest went into hiding. Only one Dragon is known to exist, an elder male. His name is unknown and he lives deep in the mountains, far from any humans. He hasn't been seen in hundreds of years.

So, life is normal and boring for Kaida. Until the dragon hunters come calling. She watches in terror as her parents show themselves in a new light, show themselves to be Dragons. They fight the hunters in their true, Draconian form, buying enough time for Kaida to escape.

Now homeless, scared and hunted as a Dragon, Kaida flees to the only place she can think of. She runs to the Elder Dragons lair, she's praying he'll help her. That he'll teach her, she doesn't know anything about her powers or abilities. She can't shift forms and she can't use magic.

The Last of her kind
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Soteria is the last of her kind, the last neko. The nekos are a subspecies of humans and have always kept separate from their distant relations.  The few interacts between the two were frequently violent and bloody. Over time, the nekos drifted away and hid in distant valleys and mountains. Places humans rarely go.

The creatures became legend and then forgotten.

Their hidden territory is becoming smaller and smaller and every year there are fewer nekos. By the year 2016, the nekos are down to a single village and then there's a disaster. A flood washes away the village and leaves a single survivor. She is the last neko and while she has wandered the forest, she's never seen another. She's never even seen signs of their passing.

Soteria was hurt in the flood and as days turn to weeks, she grows weaker. She's unable to effectively hunt anymore and finally hunger drives her close to humans.  She believes the camp is sleeping and she sneaks in to steal food.

This role play could go two ways. The man who finds her could be sweet, he could care for her and gently nurse her back to health. She could decide to stay with him and to have a life with him.
Or, he could be rough and ruthless. He could take her, like an exotic animal and make her his pet. He could collar and chain her, breaking her to his will.

A Virgins BDSM
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Wanted young girl
Looking for a young girl to be my live in slave/pet under contract. The contract will be for one full year, details to be worked out. At end of the year you will be paid 100.000. You will be expected to perform any and everyday task set to you including, but not limited to, sexual ones. Breaking the terms or leaving early will result in no payment.
Does this sound interesting reply with a video, a full body nude along with limits and why you would be the girl for me.

Anaya is browsing the classifieds when she comes across that ad. She blinks slightly and re-reads it. How in the world did he get away with posting that in a regular newspaper? There's a picture next to it, it's small and rather grainy but she swears...  Ana's steel blue eyes narrow as she takes a closer look. Yes! It is. She recognizes him. That's her high school crush. Oh she wanted him, she tried so hard to get him to notice her but he never did.

There's an email under the ad but does she dare email him? She's unemployed, single and she is interested in that lifestyle.

Ana finds herself sitting before the computer, sending an email. She attaches a close up of her face, showing her pretty smile. She's chosen one that she normally wouldn't send. She was wearing an off the shoulder and rather low cut black shirt. The shirt shows her rather large breasts nicely, framing and highlighting them.  He asked for a video as well but she isn't sure...She simply decides to record her giving him a quick hello and a smile. Again, she isn't sure what to wear and finally, presses record with her wearing a bra.

Ana is blushing brightly and her arms cross, shyly hiding her breasts. After a long moment, she reaches over and pulls a blanket across them as her blush deepens. “So...uhm, Hello! And..goodbye!” She quickly turns off the recording and before she can think better, attaches it.

It's only then that she sighs and begins to write the email found below.

You likely don't remember me but we went to GreenWood High together. My name is Anaya Smyth. I came across your ad in the newspaper and frankly, I don't know why I'm doing this. I don't have any nude photos to send you, I've always been shy. And, at 21, I'm still a virgin. I will admit, I've always been interested in that lifestyle.
I don't know my limits. I do find the thought of animals repulsive and would not want to be marked in any permanent or disfiguring ways.
I'm sure you won't want to waste your time with me and I understand that. I'm hardly an appealing candidate for this position. If you'd ever like to have coffee though and simply catch up...Well, my phone number and email are below.

Vampires Bride
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Every vampire is given one Bride, one who is destined to be his. His Bride is to be protected, after all-he only gets one.

A young and stupidly bold werewolf girl leads a hunt onto vampire lands. Predictably, the group is caught and executed. Yet the vampire leader stops at her-he can't bring himself to kill this one. He feels a pulling, drawn to her in the way vampires are drawn to their brides.

Tala's head in thrown back as she drinks in the light of the moon. Her head lowers as she glances at her friends, there's 5 other younglings like herself. All 6 of them will kill tonight. They will hunt in wolf form and kill. They will become adults tonight.

The group turns and as one, loops off to the forest. Their taking a risk, but as the closest thing they have to a princess...Tala must prove her bravery. They've decided to hunt in the vampire prince's forest. The game they take will be from him, the ultimate humiliation when youngling wolves outsmart and steal from him!

The group loops into the forest, sniffing the air as they slowly shift into wolf form. Their forms elongates into the tall, strong hybrid were-wolf as they catch scent of deer. The 6 young were-wolves race off, unaware of the strange scent following them.
Tala leads them, then crouches low as she sees the deer. She leaps up, feet clearing the ground in a graceful pounce only to find herself suddenly tumbling through the air. She looks down, a searing pain in her side. Blood seeps down her side from the bullet wound as vampires race from the shadows.

Tala pulls herself to her feet, roaring with rage. She charges, claws dancing out. They meet flesh, pulling against the muscle as she claws. Her teeth follow her claws, sinking into the vampires shoulder. She tastes his thick, metallic blood as her teeth clink together. She tosses the severed arm aside and spins to face another.

A second bullet slams into her stomach and Tala doubles over, unable to resist as they shove her to the ground. The other younglings have received similar treatment. The older, stronger vampires have shot them into submission and now hold the bleeding wolves to the ground.

Occasionally one stiffens, having healed enough to fight only to have one of the many vampires fire again. The young were-wolves are kept beaten and bleeding on the ground, helpless as their forced to wait.
Long minutes pass, terrifying for the wolves as they wonder what their fate will be. Will they simply be killed or will the vampires use them for experiments?

Finally a figure steps from the shadows, accepting the salutes with a calm grace.

Sleepy Hallow
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I'd like to run a game as Katrina and Abraham. I think the dynamic is fascinating and has a lot of intentional. For those who don't watch the show-Abraham is the Horseman of Death who has always loved Katrina. She however loves another and chose Crane over Abraham.

Abraham died in the revolutionary war, killed by the very man who stole his love, Katrina. Centuries pass before he is reborn, as the Horseman of death. He is charged to bring about the end of the world, using magic, demons and human allies to do so. Things seem to be going well when Katrina is resurrected to fight him.

She belongs to an ancient order of witches. Abraham, burning with desire, captures her and imprisons her. He lost her once, he will not lose her again. Whatever it takes, he will have her.

His new slave
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The island country of Jerarquía was set in the Indian ocean a equal distance from India and Australia it was based on a semi British, contemporary Indian and Spanish history. There was only  three major cities in a population of 832,211, the eastern capital of the country holding the only public airport. A country with a thriving market of new technologies. Many technologies that never left the country's borders. A country based off of series of local, regional, and national elections, but based more so off of laws of status. Hierarchy of daily life was straight out of medieval times.

The highest on the daily totem pole being any man with a slave, and women were the slaves. Upon her 18th's birthday a woman could either pay the ever escalating female freedom fees (fff), or be registered as the slave to a male. Most women were sold far too quickly to be retained by their own family, but those men able to retain the higher fees to purchase their own sister, mother, aunt, niece or whatever were highly regarded. Seen as protectors of their families, and their blood line. The initial registry in these cases was often very high....but when the women in question were foreign tot he land, no a previous young citizen of Jerarquía, the fee was a few hundred dollars.

Alien Invasion
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This RP is based off a dream I had so there are some details that need to be worked out
No one knows why the aliens came or why they look so familiar. The large, intelligent beings simply appeared and attacked. Their ships leveled cities before landing and ejecting the shock troops.

The brutal soldiers are highly disciplined and while intent on destroying the resistance seem similarly focused on preserving the surviving cities.  No more bombs are dropped once the militaries are dispatched. These alien visitors want the land preserved for their own purposes.

A general, known for his brutality and ruthless nature, leads troops into human held city.  The fighting is unending with little ground given by either side. 

The general is leading a raid when he discovers a woman-cut off from the rest of humans. He's ready to dispatch her when his own hormones get the best of him. It's been a long while since he's had a woman and females are rare to this alien race.

After the rape, the human is able to escape the general and disappears into the maze of the city.

Many months later, when the human line is broken, the general scents something familiar. It's the smell of the woman he enjoyed but oddly her scent is now combined with his! He seeks her out, finally finding her hiding in a basement and discovers that she's pregnant.

Alternate History
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This takes place in an alternate timeline with a steam punk vibe

The German army proved unstoppable and their marched across Europe. The Russians and the ocean were the only things able to stop their progress. Of course, this leaves most of Europe under German control. As peace settles across the globe again, Germany sets up provinces in their conquered territory. Their airships patrol the skies, preventing any valuable workers from escaping and the newly appointed governors rule with an iron fist.

The war has cost Germany though and they have a shortage of sons and workers. A woman is valued most for her reproductive organs and ability to bear sons.
Many governors resent being sent away from the fatherland. They should be heroes! They are heroes! They often take this anger out on their new subjects, showing their worth and proving how little worth the conquered carry.

The new governor of England and Ireland has his hands full with the rebellious Irish. They dislike being subjected and fight the occupying force. Years pass though and eventually, they settle into this new way of life. There's no escape for the new serf class and life slowly gets better. The war time rations are over and while winter is hard-for the most part people survive.

One Irish maid has the unlucky position of working for the Governor. She's a new hire and thankfully, the notorious pervert hasn't noticed her yet. This maid comes from a boy rich family. Her mother raised 5 boys, only to lose them in the war and her sister has given her husband 2 sons already. But, she isn't German, so perhaps he will leave her alone.
What she doesn't know is the Governor was just turned down. He was denied both his German bride and return to Germany. He's looking for someone to take his displeasure out on and looking for a woman.

Out of Time
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She had only left to do a bit of shopping for her mother. They just needed a few things for dinner, in 1953. But somehow...She stepped through a rift in time and fell unconscious, when she woke-50 years had passed. Where does she go now? She has no family, no home and little money. Can she find someone to care for her and at what cost?

I did see this as playing out with elements of non-con and extortion. Perhaps even a master/slave vibe.

Fall out
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Caesar has led his legion across the desert, putting all under his control. A few towns have bought their freedom with yearly tributes in the form of gold, goods and livestock.Caesar allows this, as long as the towns follow a strict moral code. After all, this way he gets all the benefits of controlling the territory without any of the drawbacks. This works for many years, until one town has had enough. Caesar has bled them dry, each year he leaves them with close to nothing. When he arrives for the next tribute, the gates are closed and his legion is looking down the barrels of guns. Caesar is not pleased.
My character is the town teacher. She's pretty, knowledgeable and fiercely protective of the children in her care. How far will she go to keep those children safe? What payments will Caesar require from her?

Vikings Raid
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Aine looks up, rage in her eyes as the viking stands over her. Her hands are numb and sword dropped at her feet. She's dazed, barely able to focus on the large, bear of a man as he stands smirking over her. The raid had been unexpected, the long ships came with the mist, the viking warriors rising up quickly.
The town is small, isolated but have good land. The land is fertile and crops grow quickly.

Aine slowly slumps forward, falling to the ground unconscious.

The vikings are growing tired. Their land doesn't support crops, they must raid to survive. They want their own home. And this band has found it.
The men that didn't fight are allowed to live. They'll be put to use farming the land for their new overlords while the vikings enjoy the women.

Aine was the only woman to fight. Women aren't allowed weapons, their not trained in their use. Fighting is a man's sport, a man's job. Aine still drew a sword and fought. She knew they'd most likely kill the short boy wielding the large sword. She just didn't expect her enemy to hit her upside the head and dislodge her helmet.

With her hair spilling over her back, it's clear she's simply a brave woman defending her home.

She's pretty, though its impossible to tell her figure. Aine's bound her breasts flat and dressed in her brother's old armor. The girl is spirited though which is rare in these women, she's a natural fighter. Most women are raised to be submissive to men, to passively accept their lot.
This one....she picked up a sword and fought.

The Hunter
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The evil tyrant tolerates no resistance to his rule and trains an elite force to hunt and eliminate any one who might think of fighting…That force is the Hunters, they are the best of the best and completely loyal to the King, and they tolerate no rebels. A hunter is sent to a small town where its rumored a rebellion is about start. The hunter manages to track the rumors to a small inn at the edge of town. Its run by a young orphaned woman with no love for the King, when the hunter arrives he decides to use all his training to make the woman talk and give him information about the rebels.

This rp would be brutal, dark and non consensual

The BatWoman
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WARNING The following section contains spoilers related to the film Dark Knight Rises. Please only read if you don't mind spoilers or have seen the movie. Thank you
I'm looking for someone to play the Bane from the latest movie but with a few twists.  This is not cannon. The basic plot will remain the same with a few major exceptions. Bruce Wayne, knowing he will not always be able to fight for Gotham, has adopted and trained a protege. This young orphan has become proficient in armed and unarmed combat and has never adopted Waynes refusal to kill. The second deviation is a simple one, Bruce Wayne dies in the foreign  prison. His protege, Matilda, realizes shortly after his disappearance that she must step forward. She bids her time and works closely with Commissioner Gorden as they try to find and disarm the bomb.
The third and possibly the biggest deviation is the final battle. The police are defeated and the bomb detonates. However, Miranda Tate and Bane have escaped with most of their army.  Bane has brought with him Wayne's defeated protege.

I'd like to start the roleplay at the beginning of the final battle with the villains believing Wayne has escaped and returned to do battle. Bane unmasks the Batman, wishing to see his face as he dies. Seeing the young woman, he decides to take her.
Plot beyond that will need to be discussed.

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Eureka is a TV show that airs on the SyFy channel. If you haven't seen it, episodes are on Hulu or you could check the wikipedia article Here.

I'm very interested in playing in this world and I have a couple plot ideas. Please only message me if you're willing to learn about this world. I do want to keep it mostly canon but I understand that for the sake of RP sometimes things need to be changed. So, watch a few episodes(their free) and message me!

Behind Enemy Lines
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America's enemies have allied and unleashed a devastating attack. The US military is decimated and worse, Eureka in enemy hands. Senator Wen orders that each scientist receive a neural transmitter. The occupying military may use any means necessary to enact this order. The transmitter allows brain waves to be tracked and will give warning, should a scientist try to betray their new masters or escape.
This rp could go in two directions.
1) non-con/bdsm/bondage. A general or scientist from the enemy camp takes a liking to me and decides he'll keep me. Perhaps the transmitter is used to keep me in check or perhaps simple ropes are used.
2) romance and desperation. Two eureka scientists find love in the chaos of war. They work together and perhaps find a way to win the war.

Message me with your ideas based on this world and I'm sure I'll love them!

Nekos and Humans
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Keidrens and humans are at war. Perhaps war isn't the best word for it, a series of never ending border raids would be better. The two sides feud over territory with the Keidrens angry over the loss of their ancestral homes and the humans simply needing more space. 
The humans are winning, gradually taking more and more land but both species ignore the third side.

Born of peaceful days, the nekos are a cross between human and keidren mates. Now, however, their hated by both sides as a half bred. A few have managed to rise in keidren ranks as powerful warriors but those can be counted on one hand. Most struggle to survive, living on the edge of both societies.

One neko begs on the streets of a large city but she can't beg enough food. It's not long before the half-starved neko is brought in for thieving. Her questioner, the local lord has to determine if she's only a simple thief or a spy for the keidrens. He decides she's only a thief and sentences her to hang but only after raping her.

The lords wife is infertile so when he hears of a pregnant neko convict waiting to be hanged... Well, he needs a son and heir and she's proven herself to be fertile. The lord decides to spare her life and instead keep her.

I do feel that this plot needs to fleshed out a bit more, otherwise it will very quickly become sex only. Please message me with your ideas!

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Post Apocalyptic Ideas
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I've been craving an post-apocalyptic styled one for a while and tried before to get it off the ground. I'm looking for something similar to The Postman or Tooth and Nail.

I'm looking for two basic plot ideas that do need some fleshing out
1)non-con. I'm caught and  molded into the perfect pet slave for you. Your a figure of terror for me. Perhaps the general of the Holnist(sp?) army or the leader of the rovers. I submit because I must, to fight would be to die.
3)Forced Marriage. My parents have something you want and you have something they need. In exchange for grain/farming land/horses......they give you me. Your older then me and have possibly had another wife(or have if you'd like). I dislike the idea and need to be shown the duties of a wife TAKEN

These are all very loose plots and need to be thickened a bit. Please PM me with ideas/comments/interest and we can work something out!
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