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November 23, 2017, 07:16:51 AM

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Author Topic: Th.e P.ARTY! SC.ENE ▮▮▮ One female Spot.  (Read 5080 times)

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Offline LeSaneTopic starter

Th.e P.ARTY! SC.ENE ▮▮▮ One female Spot.
« on: September 01, 2012, 11:13:48 AM »

Oh a sunrise on the east side, to a sunrise on the east side

Graphics, coding & idea by the amazing: Scarification
Recreated by:  Scarification
Edited by: Starcry
GM: Scarification
Co-GM: StarCry

So, I'm bringing this to E! 

For a while I have been trying to get this RP up and started on different sites but to no avail!
I have decided to bring this here because I figured it would most likely be more successful and appealing (And might be a little more fun too!) So let's get this party started!

Okay, here's the deal -

This is the story about ten young adults. All of them are children of wealthy and famous celebrities. The tabloids are always all over them, waiting for them to stumble or fall from their throne. I mean what's better news than a story about how disgraceful the child of a celebrity has behaved, or the scandalous things they have been caught doing! Gossip makes the world go round.

This roleplay will involve us playing said children. They will be meeting each other and overcoming whatever obstacles come their way. They will face hardships, tests and other thing that decide to get in the way. And while all of this is going on they will of course get into relationships as well.

At this point the plot has hardly been thought through, so there's a lot of room to improve and develop it. So for this story to actually work it requires a team effort, ideas, co-operation and all round awesomeness!

Roleplay requirements:

As much as I really hate to do this, past experiences have made me decide that I need to set some ground rules for this RP. So before asking to join, ask yourself if you can deal with these little ground rules:


> Grammar and spelling Now while I admit I am not perfect myself, (Had a friend beta this for me.) I expect you to at least make an effort. Open office and Microsoft Word are there for a reason. Also this site has a spellchecker you can use! It is also a good idea to proof read a good few times before posting. (It is amazing what you find after re-read what you have posted more than three times!)

> Writing I do not want any one liners in this RP. This is just annoying and frustrating. In all RP's I have come across, this just adds nothing and often kills RP's altogether. (Not to mention pisses off a lot of roleplayers.) So I expect at least a  paragraph per post. If I catch too many one or two liners, or posts that don't really add to the plot in anyway, I will kick you from the RP.

>Activity I expect people to post at least 1- 3 times a week. I understand we all have issues but if you can't keep to this don't ask to join. If you are having problems please feel free to pm myself or post in the OOC I will be putting up. If you don't post within more than a week without stating a reason you will be kicked from the RP.

> Communication If there is a problem with the RP, myself, or something else - please pm me about it. Don't go out in the open and cause problems. I am a fair person to talk to and can solve most problems that rear their heads.

>Pictures -  While I know some people like using real pictures, I don't really like them. For me it partly spoils the fantasy element of the RP. So, for characters we will be sticking to purely anime pictures. Though due to some consideration semi realistic pictures are acceptable as well.
> Characters While I enjoy drama in game I do not want any Mary Sue's or Tony Stu's. (Nor Edward and Bella bullshit.) So please don't do this or you will instantly be rejected .

Information you need to know!

> Your character - List important facts that you would like everyone to know about him/her.
> Your character's parents - Basically list a few personality traits about them, their jobs, and maybe anything else we need to know.  Any public drama going on with the media? Is there some kind of scandal?
> Your relationships - I WANT YOU TO PLOT! Plot with everyone about the relationships of your characters. That's what this is all about! You must plot with everyone and list their relationships - write about them. Are you enemies? Or friends? What has their character done to yours in the past?  YOU decided this.

If you have any questions feel free to ask them here!

Profile and Reserved spots ;


Code: [Select]
[b][size=14]WHEN IT A. LL COMES D - DOWN[/size][/b]
[size=14]to a sunrise on the east side to a sunrise on the east side[/size]

[img]50 x 150[/img]  [img]50 x 150[/img]    [img]350 x 150[/img]
[size=16][b]     THE PARENT'S OCCUPATION TRAIT DAUGHTER/SON[/b][/size]   [b]FULL NAME[/b]
heir of the LAST NAME family & AGE years young
trait | trait | trait | trait | trait
Current state of employment: type here
I wouldn't mind you [url=WHEREYOURPROFILEWILLGO]adding[/url] me.

Code: [Select]
Date of Birth:

Place of Residence:
Place of Birth:




Fashion of Choice:




Positive Personality Traits:
Negative Personality Traits:
Sexual Quirks:


Favorite Foods:
Favorite Drinks:
Favorite Colors:



Theme Songs:


The Characters;
4/5 Males   5 /5 Females

   Drake Holland
Heir of the Holland family & 22 years young
Arrogant | Deceptive | Sarcastic | Intelligent | Flirt
Current state of employment: Parttime actor
   Moon Hound Hati

The Photographer's 'Impulsive' Son 
   Kyle Young
heir of the Young family & 23 years young
Confident | Adventurous | Rebellious | Energetic |  Loyal
Current state of employment: freelance photographer

     The Model's 'Capricious' Son
   Jun Kawakita
heir of the Kawakita family & 24 years young
Dedicated | Energetic | Fastidious | Gregarious | Handsome
Current state of employment: DJ

Fashion Designer's 'Demonic' Daughter 
   Susumi Takahasi
heir of the Takahashi family & 19 years young
Dominant | Confident | Sinful | Sadist | Masochist | Cosplay | Kinky Outfits
Current state of employment: Some modeling

The Musician's  Daughter 

The Governor's 'Entitled' Daughter
   Kaiyo Yukikimori
Heiress of the Yukikimori family & 20 years young
Vane | Deadpan | Thoughtful | Prideful | Affectionate
Current state of employment: Unemployed

     The Producer's 'Unique' Son
      Gale Roman
Heir of the Roman family & 21 years young
Comedic |Deceitful |Artistic |Deceitful | Cunning
Current state of employment: Part time Lyricist/ Bassist

     The Director's 'Free-spirited' Daughter
      Ava Jackson
Heiress of the Jackson family and 22 years young!
Reserved | Drunkard | Manipulative | Wicked | Ambitious
Current state of employment: Aspiring actor

   Rodrigo DiMatteo
heir of the DiMatteo family & 23 years young
Intelligent | Eccentric | Fun-Loving | Creative | Sweetheart
Current state of employment: Web Designer

The Criminal's 'Playful' Daughter
      Sayuri Koto
Heiress of the Koto clan and 19 years young!
Flirt | Tease | Sneaky | Prankster | Glutton
Current state of employment: Unemployed

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Offline Starcry

Re: Th.e P.ARTY! SC.ENE ▮▮▮ Group Search
« Reply #1 on: September 01, 2012, 07:40:40 PM »
*Gets dragged in*

The Criminal's Playful Daughter - Sayuri Koto
Heiress of the Koto clan and 19 years young!
Flirt | Tease | Sneaky | Prankster | Glutton
Current state of employment: Unemployed

Offline LeSaneTopic starter

Re: Th.e P.ARTY! SC.ENE ▮▮▮ Group Search
« Reply #2 on: September 01, 2012, 11:30:50 PM »
Updated #1
  • StarCry has joined Party Scene
  • Creation of Out of Character thread.
The joint image of IC,Group Search, OOC, and Profiles. Only two work at the moment one when it is completed it will put across the the remaining three.
If you have any questions about reservations or even about the game in general please come to the OOC and I'll be happy to answer your questions.

Offline LeSaneTopic starter

Re: Th.e P.ARTY! SC.ENE ▮▮▮ Group Search
« Reply #3 on: September 02, 2012, 02:36:06 AM »
Update #2
  • Placed locations in IC
  • Creation of the In Character Forum
  • Made an Announcements part in IC
  • Made a Rumors Board in IC
  • Made a Calendar within IC

Offline LeSaneTopic starter

Re: Th.e P.ARTY! SC.ENE ▮▮▮ Group Search
« Reply #4 on: September 02, 2012, 12:34:35 PM »
Update# 3
  • Created profile layout
  • Now people have the option to reserve a spot or make a profile to be approved.

Those that that wanted to be reserved have 72 hours to complete a profile and submit it.

Offline Starcry

Re: Th.e P.ARTY! SC.ENE ▮▮▮ Group Search
« Reply #5 on: September 02, 2012, 01:00:33 PM »
I would just like to add that if anyone wants any images resizing or what not please pm me and I will happily do so!

Offline LeSaneTopic starter

I was going to offer that myself, but I'm happy you will be doing so as well.

Offline LeSaneTopic starter

Update# 4
  • Creation of Profile page
  • And the consideration of real pictures to an extent.

Offline Vaulera

Wow, I just took a look at this and it looks pretty well done. Although you might want to edit that template, it's naime in stead of name. I like the looks of this and would be happy to create a character and join up, however I am wondering what sort of obstacles, trials and other such things these young people would be encountering. If it isn't thought out, then that's even better, helping would be very cool indeed.

Offline LeSaneTopic starter

Thank you for telling me about the template its fixed now so that hiccup is over and done with.
Well as you can sort of observe from how real life celebs they have to go through a lot of issues from Media, family, scandal, etc.
There isn't a set path for all of them, so the idea is not linear each have their own problems be it whatever. For example if my characters father had a spat with his wife the media would be all over Gale wanting the details and putting him in the middle of it. It was one of the reasons I want people to make rumors of other characters so things would not get boring.

Everyone can make up events and such that will progress the story. I was thinking of a starter event called The Annual Decatur Charity Gala!

You know celeb families, stuffy clothes, auctions, all that snazzy crap. Then unwind with a party at a nightclub.

Offline Vaulera

I think i'll start working on the daughter of a governor right now, as it is the closest to my own situation right now. This interests me, mostly because I am the daughter of a rather prominent CEO myself, but it isn't a very media heavy thing, businesses don't really get as much attention as celebrities do. I also really like the anime photo thing, it makes it much easier to find the qualities I would want in this particular character.

Offline Starcry

Yay another! I can't wait until this gets started!

Offline Vaulera

I'm actually having some troubles resizing my picture and wondering exactly what type of picture would go in the left two. (I'm working on a reservation, just say so if that's wrong). If You could help me with resizing I would be really grateful.

Offline Starcry

The first two pictures are our characters parents. If you like you can pm me your pictures and I'll resize them for you. ^_^

Offline Vaulera

The Governor's Entitled Daughter
Kaiyo Yukikimori
Heiress of the Yukikimori family & 20 years young
Vane | Deadpan | Thoughtful | Prideful | Affectionate
Current state of employment: Unemployed
I wouldn't mind you adding me.

I hope I did this right, but probably not, tell me what I did wrong and how to fix it and i'll get right on it.
(Thanks to Starcry for the resizing!)
« Last Edit: September 02, 2012, 09:33:40 PM by Vaulera »

Offline Starcry

Looks awesome to me!

Offline LeSaneTopic starter

It looks fine to me Vaul. I'll add you to the reserved list.

Offline Acid Lips

Can I have the musician daughter?

Offline Acid Lips

Question, do I need to fill both codes right?

Offline Vaulera

I would say you just need to fill out the reservation at this point, the shorter one.

Offline Starcry

Yeah just fill in the smaller one! I haven't even gotten to work on the looooooooooooong one. XD

Offline Acid Lips

Jessica Johnson
Heir to the Johnson family & 20 years old
Confident | Kind | Talented | Smart | Playful
Current state of employment: Unemployed
« Last Edit: September 02, 2012, 10:03:26 PM by Acid Lips »

Offline Starcry

Looks all good apart from the missing trait. Also did you want me to resize your pictures for you?

Offline Acid Lips

I think its done, mmm the last part I had no idea how to do it.

Offline Starcry

If you pm me your pictures I can do it. It's a simple job in photoshop. :3