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April 14, 2021, 03:48:36 am

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Author Topic: ~*looking for Dominant/Switch partners for a DS/DS rp mostly M/M some M/F*~  (Read 365 times)

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Ok so let me explain what I want here before I tell you the idea. I will be playing 2 very dominant characters as well as a few not so dominant ones. My characters will be Male. I am BDSM/ Bondage friendly and I want heavy themes of Sadism and Masochism in this rp. I want to have my characters dominate yours and I want yours to dominate mine. I like Non-Con and this rp will have it. I would like romance mixed in there as well. The over all feel of this thing is going to be hot, edgy and dangerous with lots of sneaking around and blackmail. You will be expected to play more than 1 character, possibly at least 2.

Alright, here it is:
It's a rp set in the 90's and it is a Gang rp. I would like you to be the other gang. I would be fine playing some characters in your gang and you can play some in mine but the leaders must be played. Another thing, Nigi and Sissero are immortal as in they can never die, not unless you cut off there head. Now I would love it if some of your characters were immortal as well, particularly the leader of your gang. Gender is unimportant to me. Be whatever gender/s you would like but make it work in the rp. Nigi is a closeted gay man so a partner that would make him come around would be preferable. Sissero is Bi but likes women more. He likes to take charge in the bedroom but likes it when a woman has her own plans. He is NOT a one woman/lover kind of guy but likes to have lots of partners and is constantly tempted by new experiences so someone who can hold his attention, or blackmail him would be nice. The long and the short of it is Nigi (my gang leader) is back in town after a 3 year absence where he just up and left, no explanation. Now he is back and he wants his city back too. He won't tolerate anyone sleeping with the enemy and he won't share the city either. This is going to be a winner takes all kind of thing. However, it can't be that easy to retake the city after such a long absence can it? Nigi better watch his step...

One more thing, please feel free to have your own ideas and plot twists! Lets have fun with this!

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It was raining in the city. It pooled in the streets and gushed out of the rain gutters, sloshing onto the saturated ground. Cars sped by, sending shimmering waves the colors of the reflected neon lights up in there wake. The city never sleeps, it grinds on, ever restless, ever hungry. Hungry for more souls to surrender to the endless vices it offers, to the wiry, naive and the desperate. It is almost alive it's self, animal like, it is a giant beast, chewing an endless precession of humanity to pieces as they enter into it's gapping maw. It is a jungle and only the strong or the cunning survive here. Only one man did more than survive here, he held the city in his hand. He guarded every door to power and he held all the keys. Here he was king. This was his town.

Nigi walked the soggy midnight streets of his city. It was still his despite three long years of absence. Few from those days had forgotten him. They said he had ice water in his veins because nothing rattled him, nothing shook him up, nothing made him lose his cool. Cool as ice, hard as stone.

The rain drenched him, soaking his long jet black hair, thick like a lions maine about his head, cascading down to his shoulder blades. His black leather jacket did him little good and his black jeans were soaked through. Only his black steel toe boots remained dry and that was because he hated wet feet, especially when he was walking. He didn't seem to mind the rain as it ran down his smooth, coper toned skin. He didn't bother with a shirt, liking to feel the rain on his bare chest. But tonight was not for pleasure, it was business.

He turned down a corner in a rough and run down neighborhood and started walking to the end of the street. There was his house, a little run down place with peeling white paint and a sagging porch, weeds poked up through the cracks in the driveway and sidewalk. It was a two story house with three bedrooms. It was not much and it wasn't pretty but it was his house and the HQ for the Blue Bloods, his gang. His pale grey eyes narrowed as he saw someone was home. The lights were on and there was enough noise from the sub woofers to shake the ground several houses away. Broken beer bottles were scattered over the neglected, overgrown lawn. It was not his gang that was in his house now. He felt Sissero at his back but didn't look at his brother as he stood outside the house.

"There are only ten of them." he said flatly.

Sissero sighed from behind his brother. He brushed his long, slightly curly hair out of his dark eyes. He wanted to get this over with so he could go out and see some lady friends. He knew however by the serious look on Nigi's face that this was going to be involved. It was his own fault for agreeing to back his brother up though, besides it would be good to get the gang back together again and run there rivals out of town!

"Good. An even split then." Sissero said as he looked up at his six foor four brother, hating that he was shorter than him. He was tall himself about six foot and nothing to be ashamed of. "Well? are we just going to stand in the rain all night or what?" He said impatiently. I mean seriously, he loved his brother but the guy drove him nuts with his brooding.

A slow smile spread accost Nigi's face. "Come on. Someone is in my chair." he said as he started forward. He walked up the familiar creaking stairs, his brother flanking him. Then he unceremoniously kicked down the door, splintering wood. The music instantly stopped and a hush fell over the place. Nigi's cold grey eyes swept over the faces, some familiar, some not.

"Get out of my house." he snarled low, clenching his fists.

Some of them were holding beer bottles and others held there women as they stared. Though slowly at his words one of them recognized who he was. "Shit! It's Nigi! Leader of the Blue Bloods!" some of them out right ran while others fumbled for there switch blades or guns.

Nigi stepped inside and took on a large guy who rushed him with a beer bottle in hand. The bottle cracked against his forearm as he punched the guy hard in the face, knocking him out cold before he hit the floor.

Sissero jumped in, a smirk plastered on his face as he took on two at once. One managed to get him in the jaw with a beer bottle. Hot liquid ran down his jaw line and neck but he didn't stop to see how deep it was. "Bastards! You think you can just walk in and set up shop huh?!" he yelled as he sent a man to his knees with a hard blow to his gut and another crashing into a chair with an upper cut. A gun fired and a bullet wized by his ear but he saw that nigi had already disarmed the guy by breaking his arm and wrist. after that it was all over, they took there wounded and made a break for it.

"Tell your leader, Nigi is back in town and any Blue Blood who has joined with you had better come home." Nigi barked after them as they ran, tails between there legs.

Sissero came over and leaned on his brothers shoulder. "Well, that will get a reaction." he said with a smirk. He loved a good brawl!

"Sissero, your bleeding. Let me get it for you, come on." he said as he grabbed his little brother by the shoulder and sat him down in a chair.

"I'm fine. It's just a scratch." Sissero protested but grumbled as he felt his brothers firm hand push him into a chair. He knew better than to fight him on this stuff. He would just kick his ass. He watched Nigi right a chair and then go into the kitchen and turn right to the bathroom. He in the mean time found an unopened beer on the table. "Don't mind if I do." he said as he opened it and downed half before he saw nigi come back with the first aid box. "Jeeze, you don't have to make such a fuss. just because you went to medical school and know doctor stuff dosen't mean you can make me your patient." he grumbled as he watched him get out a cotton ball and soak it in disinfectant and press it to his cut on his jaw. "Outch! Damnit! Will you cut it out!" he snarled as he pulled away from his chuckling brother and threatened to kick him with his black leather boot.

Nigi chuckled as he teased his younger brother. They looked almost the same, they even dressed alike, some people even called them twins but they were not, they were half brothers. The cut was not bad and it didn't need stitches, which was just as well because he would have gotten into a wrestling match over that one. "Alright, alright. Take it easy." he said with a smile as he shoved Sissero's foot aside. He got up and got himself a beer too and drank. If he knew anything at all about gangs he knew that they would be back, if not tonight, within the hour, tomorrow morning. He waited in the quiet of the night and it was then that he noticed that the rain had stopped, the sounds of the city droning on in the muffled background./spoiler]