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Author Topic: Reivenn's Stories (M/F and F/F Scenarios)  (Read 789 times)

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Reivenn's Stories (M/F and F/F Scenarios)
« on: August 30, 2012, 04:01:17 PM »
Welcome to my public repository of story ideas!

May Update News

I'm currently looking for new, active writing partners who are able and willing to commit to posting at least three to five times per week. So if you're bringing an idea to me, please make sure you're able to commit to it. Also keep in mind I don't prod people to post or respond after I've sent a message or posted myself. I'm not an extremely demanding partner. My philosophy is that if you're really interested you'll get back to me when you can and if you don't...

I'm also currently available for roleplaying over IM (Skype/AIM/YIM) after 11:30pm PDT most nights. If you're interested in that send me a PM here and we'll see what we can work out. I can be on earlier then that, but that will typically involve scheduled sessions.

Please send me a PM if you're interested rather then posting below and be sure to check out my On/Offs, there might even be ideas there that haven't made it into this thread yet!

Current Top Three:
Wildheart's Curse (Supernatural) (M/F or F/F)
I've Got Your Back (Vanilla) (M/F or F/F)
Five Finger Discounts (Vanilla) (M/F or F/F)

With the exception of Five-Finger Discounts and I've Got Your Back I'm currently craving supernatural scenarios especially involving werewolves, magic and shapeshifting. Also leaning heavily towards playing a female character, since I'm currently playing male in the majority of my other scenes.
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Vanilla Stories (Not Necessarily Supernatural)
« Reply #1 on: August 30, 2012, 04:01:49 PM »
Vanilla Story Ideas (No Supernatural Elements)

I’ve Got Your Back (M/F or F/F)
Themes: Loyalty, Heroics, Tsundere, Friends w/ Benefits, Romance

The Warrior (F or M) – Preference for a female character here, but I’m flexible. This is the fighter, toughest girl in school willing to take on all-comers, but also someone who hates bullying. She doesn’t take lip from anyone or know when to back down.
The Squire (F or M) – Once saved by the Warrior from being bullied, quiet and initially somewhat forgettable, has a secret crush on the Warrior, but is too shy to say or do anything about it, so he or she just watches.

Setting: There are several high schools in the area, easily differentiated from one another by their uniforms. Each school has different gangs associated with them that have rivalries with one another and regularly settle their differences in fights with one another. The setting can be relatively normal to allowing high powered fantastical martial arts depending on preference.

Scenario: The Warrior is not part of any gang, despite being asked on several occasions by those associated with her school. Ronin, she stands on her own. However, she’s earned a number of enemies and her refusals to join weren’t the most diplomatic. The leader of one of those gangs is particularly angry at her refusal, perhaps because he’s a spurned lover, perhaps just because of ego. Either way, he sets the Warrior up and she becomes overwhelmed by sheer numbers, though she goes down fighting hard. The gangs from her school bind her up, then go to find some of those she’s humiliated from the other schools to give them a chance at vengeance.

When the others leave, the Squire, who watched everything that happened sneaks into wherever the thugs have stashed the Warrior and unties her. At this point she’s furious and wants revenge and the Squire has to convince her that discretion may be the better part of valor in this case. From there, things can go in a lot of different directions. At heart I see it as an action/romance story with a lot of promise for an extended chronicle. Under the right circumstances it could even be made into a Group game as the Warrior sees the need to create her own gang.

Rival Hearts (M/F or F/F)
Themes: Martial Arts, Sexual Rivalry, Dominance, Competition

Stalwart (Male or Female) – A disciplined fighter, known for poise, grace, skill and self-control. Rarely gets ruffled or upset. In fact the only one who can ever seem to get a rise out of him or her is the Fighter, which seems to come all too easily.
Fighter (Male or Female) – Full of energy and quite martially inclined, the fighter seeks nothing less then to be the best. Rising to every challenge, he or she has always managed to come out on top. Seems to enjoy taking jabs at the Stalwart.

Setting: My initial impulse for this is a modern martial arts studio, but the story could easily take place in a historical training hall or even a fantasy setting. The point is having a place where two people are training in martial arts and are in direct physical competition with one another.

Scenario: Ever since the first day the Stalwart and Fighter met, many years ago they have been rivals. The Fighter can’t help pushing the Stalwart’s buttons and the Stalwart always rises to the bait. Over the years, as the two have tried to best one another again and again, they have honed their skills to the point that they are the best martial artists at the school, with none of the other students coming close to being their equal. Every time one of the rivals loses to the other, the loss only spurs the loser on to get better, faster and stronger.

Stories can vary, but the main focus is the gradual awareness and acceptance of the sexual tension between both characters. The exact history between the two characters will be fairly important as well as whether they are involved with other people as their attraction to one another grows. Things can go a lot of different ways depending on the exact personalities decided on for each character.

Five Finger Discounts (M/F or F/F)
Themes: Workplace Tryst, Taboo Encounter, Naughty Mischief

Floor Clerk (Male or Female) – A shy, but reasonably attractive and single employee working the evening shift on the floor of the store.
Shoplifter (Female) – An assertive, flirty young thief who’s a little bored and decides to help herself to some candy with her five-finger discount.

Setting: A large chain store of some sort, either a grocery store, pharmacy or a large retail megastore. Some place with a lot of floor space that would sell candy and a backroom that affords some privacy.

Scenario: The shoplifter enters the store, catching the eye of the clerk. At first simply because she’s attractive, but then by chance the clerk notices the shoplifter is helping herself to the candy and hiding it in some manner (stashing it in a pocket, in her purse or maybe beneath her clothing?) The clerk works up his/her nerve and stops the shoplifter before she exit the store. When confronted she turns over most of the candy, but the clerk notices she’s kept a candy bar and the shoplifter asks exactly how close the clerk was watching her. While the clerk is caught off guard by the question, she makes the first move and things get heated from there.

I’m happy to play either character.

Caught in the Library (M/F or F/F)
Themes: Voyeur, Caught in the Act, Exposed

Horny Risk-Taker (Female) – It was late and she found a quiet corner of the large library where she didn’t think anyone would find her. Caught up in what she’s reading, she can’t resist a little self-stimulation. Could be male as well, but my preference is a female character.
Witness (Male or Female) – Not as alone as she thinks, someone wanders by and catches her in the act. He or she is captivated and can’t quite just politely walk on by and ignore the scene.

Setting: A large public library, my personal thought is a large university library that’s open 24 hours a day with multiple floors and stacks and stacks of books to get lost in. The kind of place likely to be frequented by young and horny college students.

Scenario: As above, one character thinking herself alone begins masturbating in the library and is caught in the act by a second character. While extremely embarrassed it only seems to turn the first character on more. Where things go from there depends on how things play out. It could lead to more masturbation, mutual pleasure, back to a dorm room or some other part of the library.

My preference is for the risk-taker in this narrative, but I’m happy to play either role.

Last Train Out (M/F or F/F)
Themes: Trapped, Natural Disaster, Public

Persons A and B (F or M) – Two people trapped underground together on the last subway train of the night. The two could be strangers, acquaintances or already a couple. The exact relationship between the characters should be discussed to determine their relationship to one another.

Setting: The default assumes an empty subway car trapped underground. Alternatively this scenario could also be played in an elevator, in a sub-basement or any other place where two people could be trapped together for an indefinite period of time by a disaster.

Scenario: While traveling late at night on the last train an earthquake occurs shutting down the power and trapping two people underground. Alone in the dark with one another, the two find themselves trapped together for an unknown period of time, with no word from the outside world. Ideally, since this is an erotic story seed they decide to relieve their stress sexually with one another, but the scenario is fairly open ended. It could be a one-shot thing or lead to a developing story, perhaps even a post-apocalyptic scenario. The details are definitely open to further discussion.

PDA XXX (M/F or F/F)
Themes: Public Exposure, Outdoors, Loving Couple

Initiator (F or M) – The more adventurous, though not necessarily the more dominant half of the couple. This is the character that comes up with the idea of spicing things up with public displays of affection.
Collaborator (F or M) – The less adventurous, but still willing partner who finds him or herself turned on by the idea. While initially a little reluctant, is quickly convinced and as things progress may even take on the role of initiator as he or she gets more into things.

Setting: Various public locations such as the park, movie theater, beach, library, airport, restaurant or mall. Conceived as a modern scenario, but it could also be set in the future, past or a fantasy setting to similar effect.

Scenario: A couple who has been together for awhile decides to spice things up by seeing how far they can go with each other in public without getting caught. How fast and how far things go is entirely up for discussion, but the initial idea is that the couple tries to hide what they’re doing while still getting off.
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Fantasy (Supernatural Stuff Go!)
« Reply #2 on: August 30, 2012, 04:02:32 PM »
Fantasy Story Ideas (Supernatural Stuff Go!)

The Fox’s Robe (M/F or F/F)

Themes: Kitsune, Magical Helper, Fairy Tale, Romance

The Fox (F) – One of the mischievous kitsune, she is cunning and possessed of some magic including the ability to shapeshift. She used her abilities to make herself part of a lord’s household, seducing him. However, a priest discovered her and she was driven away, sustaining a serious injury in the process.
Young Peasant (M or F) – A poor peasant who until recently lived on a small farm with his grandfather and younger sister where they tended a chicken coop and a small garden. However, with the recent passing of his grandfather he is now solely responsible for seeing to him and his sister’s livelihood.

Setting: A fantasy setting with feudal Japanese overtones, where the Young Peasant dwells in a small rural community ruled over by one of the nobility. Has magical elements in it typical of a fairy tale, but the majority of magic is relatively low key. This can of course be adjusted to preference.

This is a reimagining of the story of Puss in Boots, only instead of a helpful cat, there is a kitsune. After being injured by the priest, the Fox comes to the Peasant’s homestead and steals chickens to feed herself. However, the chickens are the boy’s livelihood and he sets a trap for the Fox, catching her. When he does though, to his amazement the Fox speaks up and bargains for her life offering a wish for each of the chickens she has stolen as well as allowing her to rest and recover her strength within the boy’s home. The boy is skeptical, but at his sister’s urging he accepts the Fox’s offer. And in this way, the Boy, the Fox and his sister come to live together. As the Fox convalesces, she comes to see the Boy’s plight as well as his generosity and honestly wishes to help him.

From there, things can play out in numerous ways. The story could follow the plot of the original story, with the clever Fox defeating a shapeshifting Oni and conning the boy into the nobility, perhaps even working her own vengeance into the plan. I like the idea personally of the Fox attempting to marry him to a princess, because she believes that’s what is best for him, but the true love is between the Boy and the Kitsune. Both feel the connection, but neither openly expressing it, until some climax in the story. That’s just me though, the details are entirely negotiable.

The Butterfly’s Dream (M/F or F/F)
Themes: Magic Shop, Magical Transformation, Makeover

Rei Moon (Male/Female): Owner and proprietor of The Butterfly’s Dream and quite skilled at both tailoring and the mystic arts with regards to transformation. Frequently alters his own appearance so that he never has quite the same look twice. Typically favors a more androgynous, clean-shaven appearance at work, favoring Asian motifs and ethnic traits. His eyes rarely change shape, typically keeping their natural almond shape if not color. My personal character, so I’ll always be playing him (or her).
Customer: People come to the Butterfly’s Dream for a variety of reasons. Most simply to shop, but others are seeking some sort of mystical help.
Assistant: Depending on the scenario, Rei could have an apprentice or an assistant to help out around the shop, especially if he’s busy with a client.

Setting: The Butterfly’s Dream is a specialty boutique that sits between a small café called Demi’s and ‘Beyond the Lamp Post,’ a used bookstore. A wooden sign hangs above the door proclaiming the shop’s name in flowing blue and white script, while a display window sits to the right of the door showing off some of the shop’s wares.

The interior is small, consisting of several floor displays of a dozen mannequins arranged around the floor and several racks of clothing. The far right wall has two rows of clothing racks, with a wooden rolling ladder fixed to the wall to allow the second row to be reached. The left side of the shop is dedicated to various accessories, such as hats, scarves, hairpins and costume jewelry. There is also a small collection of cosmetics next to the glass counter. Displayed inside the counter are various pieces of actual jewelry.

Two doors sit behind the counter, one leads to the back of the store while the other leads into the shop’s large dressing room, which is well-lit with a small dais in the center and mirrors on all of the walls.

Scenario: The Butterfly’s Dream sells clothing and accessories to anyone who steps into the store. Rei is also a tailor and will fit or alter anything brought to him. Rei also does clothing design, specifically costumes and is well known for helping out at in that respect for the local theater group as well as offering advice for cosplayers looking to make their own costumes. He also does image consultation and makeovers by appointment. For those in the know, Rei can also use his magic to make physical alterations to a client. Temporary transformations or light glamours are usually not a problem, but he rarely makes permanent changes lightly. Sometimes people come to him with other problems as well. Most of the time, someone simply seeks advice or comfort. But other times, they come to him with problems that they believe only magic can solve.

Narratives can be anything from a fun little fashion makeover session to more lengthy on-going supernatural adventures. If you want to be one of Rei’s clients just send me a PM and tell me what you’re looking for.

University of the Arcane (M/F or F/F)
Themes: Magical Transformation, Friends w/ Benefits, Magic School

There are numerous possibilities with this scenario. It could even be a group scenario with enough interested participants. Below are simply a list of possibilities to mix and match with. Unless otherwise noted, all examples can be male or female.

Student A – A shy, bookish student who studies hard and is gifted at a particular area of magical study, but doesn’t get out much
Student B – A more social character, more interested in partying and using magic for entertainment purposes.
Student C – Studious, by the book student who is always one to follow rules and regulations.
Student D – A klutzy character who tries hard, but can’t quite seem to cast a spell without something going wrong.

Setting: The campus of a Magical University where students study and practice the arcane arts ostensibly for the betterment of society. The majority of the students live on campus in the dormitories. The exact nature of the setting is up for debate. It could be set on Earth in the modern era or just as easily in some medieval fantasy setting. The salient plot point simply requires that it be a place where young people are studying magic together.

Scenario: Depending on the characters, there are numerous variations to this scenario. The key point is that the characters are either friends or roommates. My thought for the initial scenario is that one of the character’s switches genders and can’t change back, prompting the afflicted character to seek help from the non-afflicted character. Play then proceeds from there with various attempts to fix the problem, perhaps involving further transformations of one or both parties. The open-endedness of the situation also lends itself to an on-going story with various other characters.

A Lad(y)'s Lamp (M/F or F/F)
Themes: Magic, Wishes, Sex Genies, Master/Servant

Core Characters:
Master of the Lamp (Male or Female) – The owner of the all powerful magical lamp (or whatever magical object that the genie resides within). It could be anyone. If it’s my character I’d probably go with a struggling male author working late shifts at a video rental place to make ends meet while trying to get published. That’s just me though and I’m flexible. The key point is someone imaginative who has some sort of goal for the future no matter how unattainable.

Genie (Male or Female) – The all powerful genie of the magical lamp capable of granting any number of wishes (within reason) for his or her master. The role is fairly flexible, but if I were the genie, it’d probably be a mischievous shape shifter, primarily female, but very flexible who always tweaks the wishes just a tad. Nothing evil per se, still follows the spirit of the wishes, but it’s never quite what my master asks for.

Additional Characters: These characters aren’t necessary to the story, but they could make things more interesting or provide roles for additional participants in the story or other roles that we could take on for variety. All of these characters are optional.

Roommate/Friend (Male or Female):
Maybe the owner doesn’t live alone and has a roommate who helps pay the rent. Or maybe he or she has a best friend who lives elsewhere. Like the lamp owner it could be just about anyone. Either an accomplice suggesting wishes or a target of wish mischief, maybe both!

Significant Other (Male or Female):
Could live with the owner of the lamp, be married to the owner or live apart. Primary love interest of the character in question, which could be taken in many different ways depending on the narrative.

Sorcerer (Male or Female): For a slightly more adventure take on things, this character provides an antagonist with magic of his or her own who wants to take the power of the lamp. Perhaps the sorcerer was the original owner until the lamp was lost or perhaps they learn of its power later. Changes the tone of the story quite a bit depending on how ruthless the sorcerer is.

Scenario: The standard scenario is a light hearted, good natured wish fulfillment scenario with a bit of humor tossed in here and there among the sex and magic. The protagonist somehow comes across an old puzzle box and is intrigued by it. Taking it home, he or she works out the puzzle, solves it and becomes the owner of his or her very own genie servant. From there it depends on what wishes are being fulfilled. Maybe it’s a ‘get the girl’ story, maybe it evolves into a master/servant romance and maybe it just goes completely off the wall with magical mayhem. If you’re interested, tell me what kind of direction appeals to you.

Wildheart’s Curse (M/F or F/F)
Themes: Werewolves, Magical Transformation, Cursed Object, Losing Inhibitions

Gift Giver (Male/Female) – The one who finds the Wildheart Pendant. Depending on the scenario may simply start off as a friend of the Cursed or may already be romantically involved with him or her.
The Cursed (Male/Female) – The one who falls under the curse of the Wildheart Pendant. Should begin as someone of a fairly temperate, self-controlled nature whose inhibitions are slowly eroded by the curse.

Setting: Modern day, anywhere from a large city to a small town. A larger city offers anonymity for the cursed character’s change in behaviour, while in a small town word about the character acting strange might spread quite quickly.

Scenario: The Gift Giver finds the Wildheart Pendant, a gemstone set into a silver torque with a wolf’s head motif. It may turn up in antique shop, as a family heirloom or even something purchased in an online auction. Either way, he or she decides it would make a perfect gift for the soon-to-be-Cursed character. After accepting the gift, the Cursed character wears the pendant, which begins to slowly work its influence upon that character as the moon grows to full. The changes are subtle at first, lowered inhibitions, increased libido and small physical changes like increased stamina, strength and resilience. As time goes on though, the changes become more overt, possibly even involving partial transformations. An alternate take on the scenario, might simply have the one who finds the Wildheart Pendant decide to keep it for her or himself, leaving the other character to witness the slow transformation.

The scenario can then go a number of different ways from full on horror of a rampaging murderous werewolf, to simply awakening a wild spirit in the one who has the pendant. Can the curse be broken? Will simply removing/destroying the pendant solve all of the problems? Or maybe the change is for the better and other problems arise that make having a werewolf around beneficial. If you’re interested, let me know how you want things to play out.

Lab Assistant (M/F or F/F)
Themes: Transformation, Gadgets, Non-Consensual Guinea Pig, Weird Science, Bondage

Eccentric Genius (M or F) – Not actually evil, but slightly amoral especially when it comes to the pursuit of science as he or she sees it. Typically pursues projects just for the hell of it without too much thought to the long term consequences. This is my preferred character for the scenario, ideally a Mad Girl Genius, but I’m flexible.
Lab Assistant (M or F) – The Genius' long suffering and hapless assistant who often ends up the unwitting test subject for the Eccentric Genius’ inventions. The subject can look forward to being transformed, probed, accidentally exposed to strange chemicals and any number of other non-lethal procedures. Ideally the assistant endures this either out of a sense of loyalty or perhaps the desperate need for cash. After all, things typically turn out alright in the end… most of the time.

Setting: Typically the Eccentric Genius' laboratory, which could be a warehouse, a large mansion at the edge of town, a subbasement of a large office building or maybe just an ordinary looking suburban house. However, other locations around town could be used depending on the exact specifics of what is being tested.

Scenario: The Eccentric Genius engages in a number of questionable experiments, but finds that she needs a lab assistant to help her out from time to time. As a result she posts an advertisement looking for one on Craigslist. Eventually she gets a response and the fun experiments begin. Alternatively the lab assistant could be the Genius’ neighbor, best friend, girlfriend/boyfriend, brother/sister, cousin or co-worker that the Genius has somehow roped into helping her. This is ideally a somewhat whimsical rather then sinister scenario, but the exact tone is up for discussion. In addition a discussion about what will and won’t be tolerated as far as experiments go should also be discussed in detail prior to starting.

The Witch of the Woods (M/F or F/F)
Themes: Witchcraft, Fairy Tale, Romance, Threshold

Witch of the Woods (F) – The mysterious witch of the woods who grants wishes to those who ask favors of her, but nothing comes without a price. My preference is for playing this character, but I’m flexible. My version of the witch appears mostly human, but she has a wolf’s ears and a wolf’s tail.
Petitioner (M or F) – The adventurous soul who dares the woods t come to the witch’s cabin and ask for her help. Exactly what sort of help is needed and how desperate the character is up to the player.

Setting: This could be a typical fantasy setting or it could be set in the modern day. All that’s required is a forest where the witch dwells beyond boundary of civilization. A place where magic might be able to happen.

Scenario: Tales speak of a witch who dwells in the woods beyond the town. Some legends speak of her being a terrifying hag who casts curses and consorts with beasts in the dark of night. However, other tales say that she grants aid to anyone willing to brave the woods and pay her price. Exactly what that price is, is unknown as those she helps are sworn to secrecy lest the boons she grants be taken away forever. Tales speak of everything from a person’s soul to priceless objects. Regardless, for whatever reason an adventurous soul decides to venture into the woods and see the witch for him or herself.

This is a fairly open-ended scenario. It could be played as a one-shot where the price is one night of passion or a more long term scenario involving quests and romance. One way to play it in a modern setting is drawing the petitioner into a world of magic he or she never knew existed before. Alternatively in a more fantastical setting it could draw the witch from her home into a grand and epic quest to save the world. I’m happy to discuss whatever option strikes your fancy.

Feral Love (M/F or F/F)
Themes: Werewolves, Shapeshifting, Erotic Coupling, Furry, Bestiality

Were-Couple (M/F or F/F) – A pair of shapeshifters, either in an established relationship with one another or who have chosen to spend the night together. My preference is for playing a werewolf, but I’m fairly flexible on the exact species of the partner and can even be persuaded to play a non-werewolf character.

Setting: Setting is extremely flexible. It could be a modern setting, out in the woods, a fantasy setting or pretty much anywhere where two werewolves could exist.

Scenario: This is not one of my plot heavy ideas, it’s a very basic pairing between two werewolves enjoying one another’s company. Ideally this involves shapeshifting as part of both foreplay and during sex. More or less plot can be added to taste, but that’s my basic expectation for this. One alternative twist to this scenario is infectious lycanthropy where one character infects the other whether willingly or unwillingly, in order to make the once-mortal character the werewolf’s mate.
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10/02/2012 - Added October Update to the Main Post clarifying status.
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Re: Reivenn's Stories (M/F and F/F Scenarios)
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01/17/2013 - Added January Update to the Main Post updating status for the new year.

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Re: Reivenn's Stories (M/F and F/F Scenarios)
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04/08/2013 - Added April Update to the Main Post. Added Last Train Out and PDA XXX to Vanilla. Added Lab Assistant, Witch of the Woods and Feral Love to Fantasy.

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Re: Reivenn's Stories (M/F and F/F Scenarios)
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05/12/2013 - Minor May Update to Status. No new Scenarios.