Reena's Cravings (MxM, gender transformation)

Started by Reena, August 29, 2012, 08:40:53 AM

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Okay, so recently, I've been having a huge craving for a MxM roleplay, and I've also been really interested in F to M gender transformation, and my mind has been flooded with a bunch of ideas for these two cravings. I'll list a few here for anyone who wants to take me up on them, but I'm also open to other roleplays and ideas as well (I love suggestions).

All these plots involve a female changing into a male, and all are intended to be MxM (just in case that wasn't clear, I was kinda half-asleep while writing these :3)

Life's a Beach

She's a regular beauty, and she knows it. She loves the attention, and does whatever she can to get it. She's used to getting all the guys, and she loves to be looked at. So this day at the beach is perfectly ordinary - she's wearing a tiny bikini and making sure the boys notice her. Whether its sitting out in the sun tanning or walking down the beach passed a group of hot guys, she has them wrapped around her little finger.

He can't stand the show. He's never been one for the girls, and he's a little jealous at just how easy she makes it look. And he can do something about it, because he has magic. He intends to teach her a little lesson about how fleeting her beauty is. And perhaps have a little fun with a new man on the beach.

The Locker Room

She'd always been flirty, but to her, looks were what mattered. She wanted to find the most good-looking man and make him hers. But judging so many was hard, but she knew where all the hunks went to show off, whether they knew it or not. The locker room. She's finally worked up the courage to go in, and she hides in one of the showers, taking peeks when no one is looking. However, for some reason, the place gets really steamy, and she can't even see her own body. And then she starts feeling different, as if she belongs in this locker room...

A Demonic Pact

She's been digging around in the attic when she finds something. A strange book, with odd rituals and incantations. She decides to read one out loud, and, to her surprise, she summons a demon. However, since she didn't have a protective circle, he decides to take control, and he slowly starts to corrupt her, slowly changing her into an incubus like himself for his own enjoyment. She fights him every step of the way, but she doesn't know if she can hold out against this spawn of hell. Or if she wants to.

It Can Only Be Love

She's had a crush on this guy for so long, but she knew he would never fall for a girl like her. He was tall and handsome, and she was just a mousy little girl. She had barely spoken to him, and she doubted he knew she even existed. But she enters a strange store one day, and the shopkeeper sells her a strange earring. It's said that it will make one wish come true. So she wishes that she could become his ideal soul mate.

Only after she sees how she changes does she realize something important - he's gay!
(He can also have other 'secret fetishes' that she ends up stuck with as well.)

For all of these, I have a strong preference towards the (initially) female character. Also, all of these can be modified if, say, we want two starting female characters. Or whatever you like.

PM me if you're interested!