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Author Topic: Darksiders: Takes These Wings  (Read 946 times)

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Darksiders: Takes These Wings
« on: August 28, 2012, 11:23:28 PM »
*This story takes place int he Darksiders universe, centuries before the Apocalypse of which the Horsemen War is accused of starting prematurely, but after the events of the Abomination Vault.   

Death is sent on a mission by the Charred Council to locate Darissa, the Angel of Death responsible for leading the Third Kingdom's souls to the Well of Souls for renewal, and return her to her duties.  Azrael, the Guardian of the Well reported that Darissa has disappeared and her duty has gone unfulfilled allowing the souls of the dead to wonder the Earth as spirits and ghosts.  So far, no damage has been done to the Balance, but the Charred Council isn't willing to take any chances.  They send their strongest Horsemen to locate the wayward angel and return her to her role at all costs.

Unfortunately, it's easier said than done.  Especially if Earth's Angel of Death has no interest in returning to her post. 

What I want:  I want someone (m or f) with decent writing skills to take on the role of Death.  They would have to be familiar with Darksiders universe either by playing the games and/or reading the Abomination Vault novel.  Also, please be familiar with Death's personality, the reason why I want to do this is because I an enthralled with Death's character. 

What I will do:  I will be portraying smaller characters and Darissa, the main female lead of this story.  I was inspired by the image below and I came up with this story.  I wanted to create a different sort of angel than what you see in Darksiders where the majority are prideful warriors.  She's a character with her own background within the Darksider's universe, but I cannot reveal anymore lest it give away spoilers.  Below is her information.

* This image inspired this idea. 

Name:  Darissa

Role:  Third Kingdom's Angel of Death

Age:  Eons (older than the Earth)

Description:  Long raven black hair with ebony wings.  A very rare trait in an angel and likely the reason she was given such an isolated post overseeing Earth.  Her eyes are charcoal grey.  Skin is very pale, but healthy.  Wears a long white dress with gold belt and armlets.

Personality:  Darissa is often seen brooding about her role as an Angel of Death.  She rarely smiles, humorless, and often takes a cynical attitude toward situations.  However, she maintains polite manners no matter the situation and is often calm in face of disaster or trouble.

Abilities:  Darissa is able to go invisible and can moved through solid objects at will ( think Kitty from X-Men).  She also has the ability to lead the dead to the Well of Souls and some skills in magic.

Will there be sex:  Quite possibly.  Usually when I do an RP there is sex planned, but in this case, it's quite possible to go through the story without anyone taking off their shirt (or pants in Death's case).  This story will be plot driven based on the decisions of the main characters.  If a sex scene comes up, it should be because it makes sense for the characters to enroll in sexual activity or sexual tension has been leading up to that scene.  This is not meant to be romance or sexual story, but the door is open for it anyway.

Why am I doing this:  Firstly, I love Darksiders.  It is a very creative take on the Apocalyse and I am drawn to the universe, characters, and the art style of the franchise.  Secondly, I love taking canon characters from my favorite fandoms and putting them in situations they are unaccustomed to.  Death is a warrior, he is very familiar with using force and violence to get things done.  Now he is task with a job of forcing someone to return to a post they deserted and have no wish to go back to.  Any other circumstances he would just trap the offender and drag them back or simply kill them as punishment for desertion.  In this case, killing Darissa will only worsen her crime and how can you trap or grab someone that can easily phase through you as light through a glass?  Throw a net over her, she phases through, swing a weapon at her and it'll phase through her.  She's literally untouchable if she doesn't wish to be.  Fortunately, Death is a tactician so he should figure something out. 
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Re: Darksiders: Takes These Wings and Shove It
« Reply #1 on: August 30, 2012, 12:41:52 PM »
Update with more information.