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Author Topic: Sage's Plays  (Read 262 times)

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Offline SagekittenTopic starter

Sage's Plays
« on: August 27, 2012, 09:34:09 PM »
Okay,'s some plots out! I'm okay with forums, prefer messages or e-mail (messages please?).

1. Domestication
Is that a word? Probably not. Oh well. This plot is more of a day-to-day type, like...real life. We just go about our days in an apartment/house, doing our job or college and working through stuff. Just...domestication. M/M

2. Half-Moon
A small, sleepy town that holds absolutly nothing. The closest school is 10 miles away. The grocery store is further. Nothing really happens here...or does it? A pack of werewolves moves in next to Sage, who doesn't even know they are! He just thinks they're friendly neighbors, but what happens when his usual walk through the woods is interrupted? (M/M could be F/M)

3. Tennis Star
A new person has joined the Tennis Club. She has moved from a suburban, thinking it would be a great experience. She shows up in a pressed white shirt and pleated skirt, white tennis shoes and dark red raquet, her red hair yanked in a ponytail. She sprinted on the court, winning match upon match. She had to quit for a while; everyone does. Then she takes her shirt off, and 'she' isn't a she anymore, is she? Sage doesn't understand why all the people at the court had stared at him when he arrived, nor when he took his shirt off. It was fairly hot, wasn't it? (kind of a shock ending type, but I love those ^^)

4. Star Trekkin' Cross the Universe
I really want to do a Star Trek plot. I like Vulcans, so either my partner could be it or me, but doesn't really matter. I can make a pretty good one, but I just put it up here to draw some interest.

5. Don't go breaking my heart
Hehe, song reference. Hehe. Every night, Sage and his girl friends go out clubbing. It's fun, he chuckles quietly under his breath as guys and some girls try to hit on him. It's nice, he thinks, until one night someone takes an unholy interest in him. The faux-Vampire from the club caught his attention for all of a minute, before he tried to ignore him again. What if he wasn't a fake? What if he was real? He decided to go home early, leaving his friends, only to be the vampire or something else? (M/M Could be some horror)

6. Daemon World
Have you ever read or seen the book/movie The Golden Compass? I like the idea of little Daemons as your soul, so I'm going to put my own spin on it: Everyone in the world is born with their own special Daemon. Bird daemons don't match others, neither do canines or any other kind. But, if your Daemon matches exactly to another, you are destined to fall in love with that person. (PM me so we can figure out what Daemon to choose)

7. Green Lantern Fun
I love the Green Lantern universe. If anyone wants to do one (where one of us is the GL or both and one is helping the other) I'm very open to it ^^

8. Memory
A chance meeting with a very sweet and lovely woman, to which the man in a pressed business suit asks her out. She giggles and blushes, sweeping her long red hair around her ear before muttering a soft "Sure, where at?" He tells her the place and time, then decides to pick her up, and gets her address. He goes to the house, only to find the same woman, only with her hair up and green eyes hard instead of soft. Her outfit, once a beautiful dress, is now a work-out outfit as she pets the dog beside her. He knew it was trouble when the girl asked, "Who are you?" Well, turns out his lovely date isn't even a girl, but besides that why doesn't she remember! (This deals with MPD, and no I'm not making fun of it, it's just a plot. Okay? So, it's where one side is a true girly girl and soft and sweet and shy, but the other is rough and tumble, but still wants to be female even though he is a boy...understand? PM me for more details.)
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