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June 18, 2018, 08:24:57 PM

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Author Topic: Expectations of an Extraterrestrial Enthusiast (For Dom)  (Read 428 times)

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Offline JessicaTopic starter

Expectations of an Extraterrestrial Enthusiast (For Dom)
« on: August 24, 2012, 05:55:36 PM »
For now, currently taken. Thank you for your interest x
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Dear all,

Time for a little RP... This is an idea I had some months ago that I drafted out before life got too busy, so I've decided to present it to you today to see what you think of it. If you're interested please PM me and we can discuss a little more about forming a mutually enjoyable game x

The idea came to me after listening to a song (Katy Perry - E.T. ft. Kanye West; I'm not sure if I can link outside of Elliquiy at the moment, so YouTube it if you're unfamiliar). My character is an extraterrestrial enthusiast - think one of those people at the top of the Empire State in Independence Day. Her desire and dream is to be abducted by aliens to explore human sexuality with them. Finally, one day, she finds herself being beamed up by a ray of light from above, cliché style, during the dead of night as she lays in bed. You can imagine her excitement.

Her excitement only increases when she finds this alien race is composed of human-like entities, almost superhuman in appearance. Their goal? To examine an ideal human specimen, to learn of human ways, human culture, everything - including human sexuality. Of course, my character is only too eager to help them out, living in comfortable quarters, engaging in her lifelong fantasy, with the promise of being transported to the alien's home world.

However, this is not the alien's true goal. As it turns out, this is not the first abduction the aliens have carried out - malleable individuals like her have been abducted for centuries, initially treated well before they're informed of their true purpose. Some humans are cut up to examine human biology; others are used as one-time breeding vessels before dying, Alien style. Those two fates at least have clear ends. Her role, as a young, healthy female, is to become a slave labourer in their flagship, modified to meet their needs. What was once an alien dream slowly but surely becomes an extraterrestrial nightmare.

This story would focus on several aspects:

~Futuristic methods of bondage, restraint and punishment. Cuffs and ropes are all well and good, but can get dull. What would an advanced race of aliens use? Gel blobs to encase her feet and secure her to the ground? Porous sealant to fill her mouth and throat, allowing her to breathe but not speak? A little genetic modification to keep her looks youthful, meaning not even old age will finish her off? I'm hoping to discuss some crazy ideas with my partner.

~A slow progress towards subservience. I would prefer that she isn't immediately enslaved by her alien abductors, but rather slowly dragged into it to prolong her suffering.

~A specific, deeper relationship between my character and yours. A lot of my past stories have been story-light. In this one I would ideally be looking for a partner who would be willing to play a character who does more than enslave, instead forming a relationship with her, first as her first alien lover, then her trainer, then her alien Master.

Due to my work I'm keeping the number of RP's I have active to one or two only. I'd therefore like this roleplay to be a considerably detailed one. Whilst shorter games can be fun, this is not how I imagine this one.

Hope to hear from you soon xx

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Re: Expectations of an Extraterrestrial Enthusiast (For Dom)
« Reply #1 on: February 21, 2013, 05:31:17 PM »
Opening this idea up again x