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Author Topic: Looking to Play Snake Plissken (MxF)  (Read 353 times)

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Offline AlphaWolfQuinTopic starter

Looking to Play Snake Plissken (MxF)
« on: August 23, 2012, 03:16:04 PM »
OK So the title pretty much says it all I'm currently looking to play the role of Snake Plissken in a role play. If you are familiar with the Escape from NY and LA movies then you will know exactly who I am talking about. Now I'm not looking to rewrite the movies because they were way too good to try and change in my opinion. What I want to do is continue where LA left off or even go further into the future I have an Escape from Earth idea but we don't have to go with that. I just want to play the character and I am open for ideas on what type of setting it can be in but like I said I DO NOT want to try and change anything that happened in Escape from NY or Escape from LA I want to continue off of what happened in LA or even possibly do something based off of what happened in between NY and LA with Snake. I'm going to list a few ideas below and if anyone finds them interesting shoot me a message or post in this thread.

Snake/Utopia- Takes place directly after Snake shuts the world's power off. After he turns off the power he unstraps Utopia from the electric chair where her father(The president of the United States) planned to execute her. The two run off and learn to survive in the world without electricity and Utopia develops feelings for Snake but he ignores her advances the best he can at first pretty much having no interest in the woman. Eventually after being with her for so long and going through a bunch of stuff with her he finds himself developing some feelings for her which he tries to ignore but after a while they come to the surface and he ends up giving into them.

Escape from Earth idea
- Finally scientists have found another planet capable of containing life and humans, the planet is pretty much identical to earth and in fact scientist are calling it the new world. After the complete shut down of the earth's power source people began to go insane losing their ways of life and even after scientists found a way to restore power some people just never recovered. The world's leaders got together and held a meeting after scientists had discovered the new planet and decided to move all worthy people there and leave all the degenerates, crazies, and anyone else they seen unfit behind. The leaders agreed on how the land was split and how everything would work in this New World. After years of planning and building the new world to be fit for all found worthy to be there. Space crafts containing everyone found worthy were sent to the new world leaving all the so called 'Trash' behind in the wasteland called planet earth.

Rules were strict for the new world so a lot of innocent men, woman, and children were left behind for petty crimes. All of the prisons where opened and it's inhabitants free to roam the earth with everyone else, this included, murderers, rapists, and other terrible people. Most people left behind just wanted to survive while others were out for blood, different gangs were developed across the planet the two most known were 'The Innocents' and 'The Free Men'. The Innocents consist of mainly families and people who struggled to survive and the Free Men consist of mainly prisoners who were let loose. The Free Men pretty much ruled most of the territory because they were everywhere anyone who disobeyed them died, anyone who opposed them died.

Snake Plissken has stayed hidden for the most part becoming a shadow amongst the people. He didn't join up with any of the gangs nor did he wish to, he had one plan and one plan only and that was to get the hell off the planet. Snake isn't too fond of how things went down and felt it was time to take a stand against the corrupt government that left innocent people to die and be treated like garbage by the scum of the earth for petty crimes they committed. He plans to fix things although he doesn't know just how....yet.

Escape from NY....Again- Snake is sent back to NY to rescue the Secretary of Defense who is carrying key codes and a remote that controls the United States nuclear bombs. If he doesn't find him before the gangs of NY do then the world could be in serious danger of being killed. Snake meets your character while in NY and they help him find his way around through the chaos and dangers within NY. This would take place after scientists figure out a way to restore the power to Earth after Snake shut it off in LA.

Any other ideas people have feel free to throw them out there these are only a few that I had I just really want to play as Snake and I think I can do a really good job at his character so hopefully someone will respond to this thread.

On another note Snake is obviously a dominate character so if you're looking to have him paired off with someone don't expect him to submit it just isn't him at all.

Also it WILL NOT be easy to win him over either his character is more about completing a mission then getting down and dirty I'm not saying it won't happen all I'm saying is I want a good plot and not just sex.

Those are pretty much the only rules I have when going into any of these ideas if you're ok with them then I think we can definitely work something out :)

Offline Lady Temptress

Re: Looking to Play Snake Plissken (MxF)
« Reply #1 on: August 23, 2012, 03:36:09 PM »
Holy crap! I love Escape from N.Y & Escape from L, A. Kurt Russell kicks  totally ass in those movies! Snake owns them all! I would so love to rp this with you, pleaseeee! :P

Offline AlphaWolfQuinTopic starter

Re: Looking to Play Snake Plissken (MxF)
« Reply #2 on: August 23, 2012, 03:40:05 PM »
YES! You just made my day ha ha :) did any of my ideas catch your interest or did you want to create something else?

Offline Lady Temptress

Re: Looking to Play Snake Plissken (MxF)
« Reply #3 on: August 23, 2012, 03:48:40 PM »
I'm glad that I made your day! :P I like the Snake/Utopia plot. That sunds fun. I rp by my phone internet, but I can make long detailed posts, just a heads up. I can't seperate paragraphs on the phone like some do here with their computer, but I am a good roleplayer and I'm on a lot. Will this be forum or pm rp? I can't do messenger rps hun, my apps are broken. Just a heads up. I'm excited about this rp. Hell yeah!

Offline AlphaWolfQuinTopic starter

Re: Looking to Play Snake Plissken (MxF)
« Reply #4 on: August 23, 2012, 03:57:49 PM »
Threads please I don't do messenger's at all so we're good there :) I can post as much as I'm given so if you're detailed you'll get detailed posts from me. I would love to do the Snake/Utopia idea with you and I can even start us off as it would probably make sense that I did seeing as Snake will be coming to rescue Utopia from the chair. Also don't worry about separating the paragraphs I can read posts no matter how they are written as long as you have good grammar and spelling then I will be happy. Would you like me to write up a starting post and PM you the link to the thread.

Offline Lady Temptress

Re: Looking to Play Snake Plissken (MxF)
« Reply #5 on: August 23, 2012, 04:02:54 PM »
Awesomeness and cool then. I'm pretty good at spelling and always got A's in spelling haha. My grammar is good too  and yes please, start us off & pm the link. Thanks!

Offline AlphaWolfQuinTopic starter

Re: Looking to Play Snake Plissken (MxF)
« Reply #6 on: August 23, 2012, 04:04:55 PM »
Alright I'll go write it up now :)

Offline Lady Temptress

Re: Looking to Play Snake Plissken (MxF)
« Reply #7 on: August 23, 2012, 04:09:56 PM »
Thanks and this is foing to be great!