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October 01, 2022, 03:05:45 pm

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Author Topic: Malara has RP ideas! F 4 M, F, Futa, particularly literate ducks, etc!  (Read 844 times)

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So, after a fairly substantial absence from E, I’ve found myself stumbling across a lost cache of free time, and decided to use it.  Do be so kind as to save all hysterical rejoicing until the end! :P  Below are a few ideas roaming the corridors of my brain, howling to be let free.

Posting expectations: I’m (reasonably) available during the week to post a few times per day, though it can vary drastically.  Weekends are generally bad for me.  I have no objection to a slower-paced RP, but I just like people to know how often I’ll be around.

Post requirements: I tend to work with what I’m given.  If one-liners work for you and we really click, we’ll go with one-liners.  If you write a novella per post and give me something to play off of, I’ll do my level best to match!  I tend to find my sweet spot is in the 2-4 paragraph range, but I’m usually amenable to anything.

General role info: Although I have no problem with some smut (I’d be on another site if I did!), I’m also looking for some actual plot for each of these concepts.  So most likely it would be a 60/40 or 70/30 plot/smut ratio.  If that’s not your thing, no hard feelings.  My o/o’s tend to be a bit fluid, so feel free to ask/suggest things.  I do love collaboration!

The concepts:  note – most of these concepts are based on characters have their roots in actual RPG characters I’ve played.  As such, actual game systems I wouldn’t mind using them for will be noted.

The daughter of destruction (systems: Scion or Godbound)

Few people know it, and fewer still would be willing to advertise it, but the Gods are real.  Monsters, demons, angels and myths, all roam the earth in some form or another.  Lissa is a daughter of the gods.  A warrior who’s been tasked with hunting the monsters that threaten mankind from the shadows.  Trained to fight, she’s been used as an attack dog for the Gods for years.  But over time, she’s begun to wonder, even to suspect, that many of the Gods are just as bad as the other monsters she’s faced.  Will she continue to serve as humanity’s troubled protector, or will she rebel against her family and masters and reshape the world?

Living Wire-to-Wire (system: Shadowrun)

Life in the sprawl is hard for some people.  Even hellish.  Unless, of course, you’ve got a skill that lets you name your own prices.  Danni had a reputation in Seattle for being a particularly talented and unscrupulous mage.  Bored with a day job, she quit and decided to make her reputation in the Shadows.  While the night-innocent-looking dwarf girl in the corner may not seem like much, she relishes the look on her foes’ faces a few spells and a well-aimed Predator into a run.  Always looking for the next big thrill—and payday, Danni has yet to meet the run she won’t at least consider.

No rest for the (not so) wicked (system: D&D 3.5 or 5e)

Amara’s reputation over the years varied wildly.  A thief.  A warrior.  An assassin.  A dragonslayer.  Depending on who anyone speaks to, the infamous half-orc is either a consummate rogue, only out for herself, or a misunderstood beacon of compassion, looked down on for her race and humble beginnings.  And at the end of the day, they’d all be right…a little.  What never changes though, is that despite her best efforts to stay retired, trouble always finds its way to her.  And when trouble knocks, Amara can’t resist answering…sometimes rather forcefully.

For Glory and Plunder! (system: Rogue Trader)

Andronica Garrius is the latest scion of the long and noble lineage of the Most Righteous House of Garrius, an ancient Rogue Trader family who made their fortune when the imperium of Man was still young, and have maintained a lofty perch for most of the intervening millennia.  Of late though, their fortunes have been less than stellar.  Plagued by misfortune, they rely more on name recognition than actual vast fortunes these days.  Andronica, the aspiring soul that she is, has never been satisfied with that.  Taking the family’s Warrant (quite literally), she has spent the last decade or so sailing the furthest stars, exploring new worlds and civilizations, exploiting them merrily when she can, and occasionally sending a few choice morsels to the Imperium in the name of family loyalty.

Why should God-Kings have all the fun? (system: Exalted (pretty much any edition))

The northeastern edges of Creation are a harsh, unforgiving region.  Between the Fair Folk, the Bull of the north, and the slowly-piquing interest of the Deathlords, it feels like people can hardly spit without hitting something that wants to spend their lives like so many talents of jade.  Of course, in those times, some whisper that if you want something done, pray for an Anathema to take notice.  If you really want something done, pray for Seventh Unfurled Lotus.  A powerful and dangerous Lunar, he/she is said to act as the people’s protector, eagerly smiting the wicked regardless of their agenda.  Is this mysterious Lunar out for vengeance?  On a mission?  Simply bored?  Only Lotus can tell.
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Re: Malara has RP ideas! F looking for M, F, Futa, whoever!
« Reply #1 on: August 24, 2012, 11:16:41 am »
Hello Malara Coward here^^ I'm curious about two of the ideas listed. The fantasy smut sounds awesome but will she have a partner or a little group that goes with her like a typical fantasy/rpg party? I would love to do a story like that. The second is the 40K idea. Are you open to all lore and creatures or would it focus on just one of the factions like Tau or Space Marines?

Offline Sussurus

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Re: Malara has RP ideas! F looking for M, F, Futa, whoever!
« Reply #2 on: August 24, 2012, 11:31:38 am »
I think the fantasy smut idea would make a great little multi-player scenario, if you wanted to go that way. I don't think I'd be up for playing a whole dungeon of 'em, but I'd definitely play a singular lustful fantasy creature. It would be fun to have them fight over her, too.  ;D