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Author Topic: Fiveblade's Diagnosed Roleplays (M for F)  (Read 859 times)

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Fiveblade's Diagnosed Roleplays (M for F)
« on: August 23, 2012, 03:54:05 AM »
I'm in the market for a one-on-one rp.  I'd prefer medieval, fantasy, supernatural modern, or sci-fi settings. 

As far as characters, I'm playing human males with female partners, but willing to explore alien, fantastic non-humans, spirits, etc.  I'd prefer to avoid animals and related beings, but that's negotiable.  I'd also prefer Dom, neutral, eager to try out Dom / Dom, but I'd prefer not to be the only one directing the story.

Other than that and my ons-offs.

----She’s Mine---- Taken
Possessiveness is very key as He doesn't want others to use her as she is His possession. 
Not really slave like either as He appreciates and loves her and she is not a mindless slut. 
It's about love, lust, transformation into the feminine ideal, possession, sensuality and all that it encompasses. 
Also, this is not a short one as I enjoy longer roleplays. 
Both in post & story length, so if that is not your style, then you might want to pass.
It's more D/S with Bondage elements lightly thrown in with some resistance at the beginning. It's also a bit romantic, sensual and vanilla.

In the time before Time existed, angel fought angel in the War in Heaven and two lovers parted.
One decided to rebel against the Creator, the other to obey divine law.
Some angels turned into devils, corrupted and corrupted. Some decided to stay apart and neutral, indifferent to the War.
One of the lovers, the disobedient one, took this path. The two sides made an uneasy truce.
Except for rare circumstances, the angels would not reveal themselves to each other.
But the truce has started to unravel.
Mortals have begun to see signs and wonders as angels has begun to take arms against one another.
One lover has come to Earth, illegally, having committed an act of treason herself to have done so, to warn her lover and try to give her one last chance.

Antagonist was a cleric of the goddess Loviatar, Maiden of Pain and goddess of hot, slutty dominatrixes, or something.
Started thinking about what kind of weird religious philosophy would be involved in worshiping Loviatar, and what kind of indoctrination and training her priests would get.
The scene could variate from medieval to high end futuristic.
Your character wishes to become a priestess of Loviatar, and has sought out a Senior faithful of the goddess to train her up.
She must endure a prolonged period learning the intimacies of enduring and inflicting pain at the hands of her sadistic teacher, who imparts deep lessons in the faith alongside His torments.

----Depressed---- Taken
I am looking for someone to play a girl who is troubled.
She is gorgeous, pretty and incredibly sexy and intelligent but she does not believe it.
Perhaps she is depressed and self harms but her feeling of self worth is at its lowest.
Her only release is when she humiliates and debases herself.
She begs for it to happen and as she feels the flush of embarrassment and the horror of the situation does she feel good about herself.
Then she finds a man who finally cares for her and she lets herself be used and abused by him thinking He is doing it because he cares and loves her.
Her mind is tricking her.
I have a few ideas for this game but i would love someone who is open-minded and happy to explore your character’s drop into depravity and a few kinks and fetishes.

I am looking for someone who would like to play a Dominant magic wielding character, sadistic and deliciously wicked with submissive tendencies.
They can be a mage or demon, or pretty much anything you would like to play with the limitations seen above, even aliens are okay,  just as long as they are not entirely animal.
Someone who is sadistic but also intelligent is preferred, I'd like a Dominant who loves to be harsh but also wants to explore their submissive side, guided by My character.
I am playing the Dominant equal who sees a submissive side in your character and from there the exploration starts.
The setting fantastical, preferably a medieval world.   
Again I would like to model the world on what works best for your character, so this would need a collaborative effort.

I want you to play a young woman who is taken as a pet or toy by My character. She would be turned into His toy,  plaything, her body modified for His pleasure.
She won't give in easily and this could get brutal, but that's the fun in it. 
He will use her, abuse her, bend and break her, make her cry, scream and beg... maybe even for more. 
Who knows maybe if He teaches and trains His little toy well enough she'll eventually come to accept and enjoy her life.
Body modifications:  These can go from simple piercings to something more extreme if you like, we can discuss the possibilities, though I will say now that I don't want her to lose any limbs.
Forced nudity/clothes wearing: She'll be stripped naked and forced to remain this way or at the very least in a state of dress that will always leave some part of her body revealed.

Now to the hopeful waiting part...
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