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Open ideas:

The General's Daughter
There is a war going on, and General Riker is probably one of the most pivotal figures in the war. While the politicians discuss it, he is the one making battle plans and moving troops. While diplomats wheedle and deal, he is the one commanding the soldiers, choosing the battlegrounds and advancing their interests. To the group of highly organized but less-powerful rebels, he is unstoppable. It's said that his daughter, loyal to the bone, rides with him to every battle, and sits at her father's right hand at meetings. She is a formidable tactician and strategist herself, and no helpless flower.

She meets an insurgent spy, though she has no idea of course that this is a spy. He has no idea at first that she is the daughter of the man slowly destroying his comrades. They slowly find out about each other, even as their romance blooms. In a true Romeo and Juliet story, their love blossoms despite their loyalty, each to their own side. They meet secretly. They don't discuss the future, because they may not have one. They see each others' wounds gotten from battles where they fought on the other side. They know that this cannot last. And indeed it doesn't - the General will eventually find out about these meetings and mistake his daughter for a spy. This story will end with my character, the daughter, executed for treason. I'm looking to write the story in between.

The Sun and the Moon (Original here)

Another one that never quite took off. I'd really like to make a go of this one. My cowriter honestly has a lot of freedom in determining his or her role here. Do you want to play the Roman Emperor who is trying to figure out what in the world to do? Do you want to play a servant, someone who has loved and cared for this girl for years? Do you want to play a scheming family member? Do you want to play an Oracle convinced that the hated spawn of Cleopatra should be locked away in a temple? It's really up to both of us where we take this, and I've left the opposite role wide open on purpose.

Cleopatra Selene II has a bit of a reputation to live up to. Daughter of the Roman Mark Antony and Queen Cleopatra VII, Selene was only ten years of age when Caesar Augustus marched his army into Egypt and plunged her life into chaos. With her parents dead, she was sent back to Rome with her brothers in golden chains and humiliated in the streets for crimes not her own. Fostered among the very people that took her from her homeland, she now resides in a villa in Rome, a curiosity of times past as the Roman Empire is constructed around her. The new Emperor has been benevolent, but watchful, and wishes to get the daughter of the legendary Cleopatra out of his city.

This is only a very rough sketch of an idea, in which I'm seeking to play Selene, but unsure of where I'd like to take the story. It's based off of history, yes, but doesn't have to follow the timeline precisely. If someone has an idea of a counterpart that they would like to play to this character, PM or reply with ideas and we'll see where it goes. Category can range anywhere across the board, and I'm basically looking for someone who is willing to flesh this out with me. PMs or replies with ideas are welcome.

Career Advancement

Missy has just landed herself the dream job of a lifetime, or so she thinks. When she was accepted for the position, she bragged to everyone and anyone about what an amazing opportunity it is, and how she can't imagine how the position opened up since the previous person would be insane to have given it up. Or... so she thinks.

Her new employer is interested in dedication and loyalty from his (or her; using 'he' here for convenience) employees, and for good reason. He enjoys slowly drawing them into states of depravity and compromise that would completely destroy the reputation of anyone who was found out. It starts out slow, perhaps with a uniform or an instruction to have better posture. Then an instruction to dress nicer. Then perhaps telling her how to wear her hair, or sending her to a professional polisher to improve her professional image. Gradually, he will have her under his control and utterly devoted to him, eager to do anything and everything his heart - or other parts of him - might desire...

Might Makes You Mine (Original here)

Some inspiration.

... you call me strong, you call me weak...

Mollie Smart was really caught in a terrible situation. She happened to be taking the train across the city to visit her mother when said train was hijacked and held hostage by the most dangerous man in the city. Of course she thought she was lost, until He showed up.

... If not for me, then you'd be dead...

He saved her life, and that of everyone on the train, though it was her that caught his eye. She's the most beautiful woman he's ever seen, and, smitten, she ended up giving him her number. During their first meeting, he was charming, dashing, and polite. Perfect.

If I go crazy, then will you still call me Superman?

With every meeting, every date, he gets a little more obsessive, and a little more scary. He starts outright forbidding her from things, 'for her safety', and getting violent if she tries to tone him down or tell him no. He makes it clear she's his girl, and he won't have her running around on him. He saved her life, and now she owes him. And besides, who wouldn't kill to have him like she does?

... I'll keep you by my side with my superhuman might...

I've deliberately not named the superhero because, well, I wanted to leave this open for someone to play a canon superhero if they want, or a completely made up one. I'm not a comic book fan, so all I know of any superheroes at all is what comes out of movies like Batman and Spider-man, so if you're a hardcore comic book canon junkie ... either you'll have to be patient with me, or you shouldn't write this story. I just cannot keep up with canon. Also, the superhero could also be a woman; the concept just sort of seems to fit a guy better.

But... I'm Not That Kind of Fairy! (Original here)

(I had help developing this story ... thank you, Kalen!)

Deep in the rainforest, where few men dare to go, is a haven. An enclave of fairies who go about their days largely carefree and unmolested. There are countless legends about the fairies, spread across the country by travellers who may or may not know anything about the tiny creatures. Rumour has it that they can shapeshift, that they can control the rainforest, that the plants speak to them and the animals follow their every order. Some say they have the magic to make or break a man's fortune, and the power to grant wishes if caught.

Nissa is one such creature, a fairy who is quite young by fairy standards, though she's lived many more years than any human could hope to. She cannot, in fact, grant wishes, but that does not stop her captor from trying. Her ordeal begins when she accidentally springs a trap, and its owner is quick to demand a high price for her release... the only problem is that it's a price that Nissa can't pay, and unless she can convince the one holding her of this, she's stuck.

I've purposefully left the other character very vague, so that it can be shaped by the other player. The person that captures Nissa can be another mystical denizen of the forest - a shapeshifter, some sort of elf, whatever - or can be human. They can be as wild or tame as you like, male or female, and can have whatever powers you wish... the only thing I really ask from the other writer, here, is that the story stay on the bleeding edge of NC, possibly ranging into extreme. I am not looking for a nice little village boy who is simply being opportunistic... The character I'm looking for is cruel, not inclined to compromise, and not going to be easily moved by tiny fairy tears. Again, PM or reply; makes no difference to me.

Catching Fire

NB: This story is not inspired by and has nothing to do with the book by the same title. I came up with this title well before I had read any of Collins' work, so I would appreciate it if possible cowriters would divest themselves of that idea before contacting me about this one. Thank you.

Inspired by this picture.

The old legends and the creatures that inhabit them are long-gone, or so they would have the world believe. While those that inhabited the old villages and hamlets might have left milk on their doorstep and thrown salt over their shoulders, the modern man lives in a city and doesn't believe in such things. Thaddeus Dover is a man of science, who spends his life chasing myths and hauntings. Not because he is some enamored dreamer who wishes to see all the wonders of the world, no, but because he doesn't believe in them. The witches, the myths, the ghosts, the spirits, all of them are a scam and there is always some unscrupulous - and mortal - person behind the deception, ready to use it to fleece good people out of their hard-earned savings. Sir Thaddeus - for he was knighted, once, for sparing the Queen's own Exchequer such a scam - makes his home in rather nice quarters in the city, but he will travel as far as it takes to chase down the ludicrous superstitions of the past.

What happens when he comes across a genuine supernatural being? A fire spirit who, if he doesn't contain her, threatens to unintentionally burn down an entire village? How will he adapt his knowledge to keeping her contained as opposed to destroying her? I would like to play the fire spirit, myself.

Next Door Neighbor

One of the most ambitious and successful spies in the Third World War was known only by the codename of Next Door Neighbor, more often referred to as simply Neighbor, or NDN. Only a handful of people knew whether NDN was a man or a woman, where NDN was stationed, and what NDN accomplished. When the bomb that rocked Silicon Valley and turned the western half of the continental U.S. into a radioactive wasteland went off, no one in the media reported that NDN had been the one to plant it. The Neighbor could be anybody, and was known among superiors for hir ability to masquerade as male, female, white, black, young, old, and many things in between.

When the war ended with the surrender of the West to the benevolent and gracious powers of the East, one of the terms of surrender was that NDN be held responsible for war crimes and tried for heinous acts. The Emperor handed over a middle-aged man who refused to say a word during his trial, and who was executed without a single utterance of apology or anger. In the meanwhile, the real Next Door Neighbor was just opening her eyes far, far away...

For this story, I'm very interested in worldbuilding and in throwing ideas around with my partner. First of all, the world is set in the not-too-distant future, when the superpowers of the world have broken into war and the U.S. has lost. China has annexed most of the far east including Japan, North and South Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, Mongolia, India, and a good amount of eastern Russia. They are the new world power, and while they did not start the latest war, they certainly did finish it. The Chinese did not escape the war unharmed; in an effort to destabilize the entire far East, the U.S. destroyed most key members of the Communist Party of China, plunging the country into chaos for two years until the rise of the current Son of Heaven, Emperor of China and supposed long-lost heir to the ancient Qin Dynasty.

Second, the idea of the Neighbor herself is mutable. Perhaps she was some sort of experiment, or perhaps it was a lover who recovered her after the war and whisked her away to somewhere, avoiding her execution. I will be playing the spy, and the character concept depends entirely on the concept of what my partner wants to play. In the aftermath of a world war, the world could easily take on a cyberpunk feel to it, or perhaps the industries of the world are so crippled that society has returned to a pre-industrial flavor. Whatever the case may be, I would like to play around in a strange world where the great powers have shifted, and life as we know it is over. Inspiration can come from anywhere.

Identity Theft

I would like to explore the depths of a story where my character literally does not know who she is anymore. This could be due to your character's tinkering, or it could be something else. Maybe your character is missing his or her dead wife, and discovers in my character the perfect replacement. It will definitely include mental conditioning, purposeful or not, to make my character believe that she is who your character wants her to be, to the point that she would stake her life on it. It could also include physical changes, if someone is into transformation.

It's a very open idea, and quite vague. It's a theme that I've wanted to explore for a while now, though, and I think it has some potential.

I'll Tell You When You Can Leave! (Original here)

This one sort of fell through, and I think I'd like to give it another try at some point. So I'm putting it back up here!

Pure, unadulterated twincest. One of the twins (your character) is the more aggressive one; strong, dominant, stubborn. The other (my character) has always been meeker, followed along. Your character has protected mine, and they've been close. They've gone off to college, though, and my character has started to come out of her shell, develop her own interests. She doesn't need your character like she used to, and it makes your character angry. The relationship gets abusive, violent. Your character seeks to humiliate mine, and then threatens her with blackmail over the humiliations your character has put her through. Your character's goal is to make her into an extension of your character, unable to function for herself, barely able to think without your character's consent. Perhaps my character becomes an extreme BDSM-style slave, or maybe something less formal. The point is that this is no longer a happy, loving, consensual relationship, and the only way affection might enter into it is through some sort of bizarre Stockholm syndrome.

Live and Let Die

There is a woman who cannot die. She has tried to take her life. She threw herself from the face of Mount Athos when Poseidon himself was young. She rode among the vanguard at Jerusalem when the Lord's Army clashed with that of Saladin. She haunted the streets of hard-hit Florence during the height of the Black Death, and she was in Paris for the pandemic of 1918. She has flitted through history books as an observer, never quite taking center stage.

The creature that gets its hands on her delights in her wish to die, revels in finding ways to raise her hopes and then dash them. Perhaps the creature has found a way to leash her down and follow her. Perhaps he is simply another immortal who catches up with her from time to time, when he is bored. (The creature can be male or female, actually, but I'm using 'he' for simplicity.) For whatever reason, he has frequent interactions with her, and he takes advantage of that. He may directly intervene in her fate, perhaps promising to have found an enchanted sword with which he can pierce her heart and finally grant her rest. Or he may move indirectly, manipulating others to persecute her. He may use a combination of the two. He could be someone of another race, or one of the undead. He could be the incarnation of divinity, or he could be something else. That would be up to my cowriter.

I would expect my cowriter to flesh out the character of 'the creature' and come at me with some idea of who he is and what he does. This story will be quite dark, and as much mental as physical.

Pawn, Puppet, Pauper, Poet, Pirate Not feeling inspired by this idea currently. Will have to get back to it when I can.

The turquoise sea sparkled under the setting sun as the ship set into its berth. The barnacled prow sidled up to the dock like a sly lover, its pair of crew members dismounting the carven sides and casting lines to hold her still. The two of them, Captain and scullery-boy-turned-First-Mate, had sailed the ship from Sénégal after escaping from a tribe of ravenous cannibal heathens. The boy was mute, of course, so it was the Captain that told the tale. He was only half believed, but what his listeners did believe that day was that the Captain meant to rebuild his crew - the previous one was shipwrecked in a hurricane and then roasted over spits, may God rest their souls - and plunder the vast wealth of the tradewaters that surrounded them.

It's my intent to play a role somewhat similar to that of Elizabeth Swann in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies (the first, er, couple... I think) where she is first a hostage and then a Captain. The skeleton of the story is thus: The Captain ends up with her on his ship, and sets out to return her for lots of money. There is a delay, and she finds herself biding on the ship among the crew. The Captain foolishly wagers his ship against some impossible task, and she wins. She becomes Captain, and he the First Mate. While there is some romance to be had between them - and plenty of banter - the two of them aren't meant to be. Instead, I would like there to be a bit of adventuring, and if there is romance, it would be of the sort that is somehow forbidden, or can't be. Maybe she falls in love with Poseidon himself, or catches the eye of some sea maiden who is bound to stay beneath the waves. Perhaps a member of their new crew is the soul of a drowned sailor, forever cursed to ride the waves but never to return home again, who must leave a crew if his identity should be discovered.

Hey, I did say it was similar. In my defense, there really is nothing new under the sun and the difference is in the details. ;)

Whatever the case, this will be a story that I'm open to making a group game, but if it ends up being only me and one or two other people, I will expect you to play several of the characters and make them pretty vibrant. I will do the same, and I daresay I do a good job with it, so I'll expect you to as well. Please make sure to read my Ons and Offs, and then feel free to PM me or post with interest.

Past ideas:

[I leave these here because people apprently enjoy reading them from time to time; I got protests when I tried to remove them last time. ;)]

The Price of a Good Education (taken)

Any conscientious parent cares about their child's performance in school, especially if that child attends a private school with a hefty tuition. Josephine is a married woman - or possibly divorced, depending on partner preference regarding infidelity, although given the time period it's less likely that a divorced woman would be able to send her child to a private school so there is an added facet there - from a good family that's fallen on hard times. She managed to marry into wealth; her husband runs most of the massive textile factories in the city. He's a powerful man, of course, but he doesn't have much interest in raising their children. Josephine sees to their education, sending them to the best academy that money can buy, in the hopes that they will attend ivy league colleges and business schools. The headmaster of the school gets it in his head to find out how dearly she is willing to pay for continued good marks under her son's names. The boys do perfectly well at their lessons, true, but it's in the headmaster's hands to make sure that excellence gets marked down in their records...

I'm seeking to play Josephine, and my partner will play the unscrupulous headmaster. The story will probably last long enough for the boys to reach an age where they graduate and move on, at which point the headmaster has no sway and they both move on. :)

Living Space (taken)

Completely cliche. An inhuman (they don't even look similar to us) race has come to Earth to solve their problem: their race is dying out, and they need to solve their population problem. Humans are the perfect incubators, with the nice cozy space tucked up against the females' pelvis. They think of humans as being reasonably clever, for a non-sentient species. This visiting race has taken up hunting humans for sport and taking them as pets, breeding the especially nice specimens and making modifications as liked or needed. Human civilization has been devastated; the rural areas are wastelands barren of human life and the large cities serve as warrens for the hunted humans to hide in. My character is human; my partner's character would be of this alien race. My intentions with this RP are to have repeated rape, objectification, oviposition, swelling or stretching, possibly alteration or augmentation through surgery or whizz-bang tech.

Only What Heaven Allows (taken)
My character is an angel, and a loyal one in no danger of falling. She carries out the role of the ancient Greek goddess Nemesis, rewarding the worthy and punishing the unworthy. She has done her job for aeons; it was her that cast Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden, and set the flaming sword in their way in the name of The Unnamed, which the humans call God. She is glimpsed one day by one of the Fallen, a dark angel who had been sitting on the shoulder of some sinner, whispering in the human's ear and inciting them to sin more. This is what the Fallen do, and they take pleasure in seeing the wrath of the Nemesis angel. For this Fallen, however, the terrible beauty of this angel catches his eye, and he finds himself taken with lust. Perhaps it's a dark sort of love, but unlikely; the Fallen angel begins to stalk the humans in earnest, inciting sins in any place he can if only to catch a glimpse of the wrathful angel of consequences. He watches her, he stalks her, and eventually he takes her for his own. All he needs to do is figure out how to strip her of her angelic protections and keep her captured. Perhaps by removing the great white wings that mark her as an angel in the first place ...

The Perfect Roommate (taken)

This idea ended up turning into the story of Lacey and Alexia, and Lacey's birthday wish ...

This isn't so much a storyline as it is a craving. I'm looking to build a story around gender-play. One of the absolute musts at the base of it is transformation: I want my character to start out female and end up somehow male, or vice versa. It can be magic, science, or Something Else.

I don't play in anime or manga-style stories and I'm not looking to play a futa, however. Very sorry.

My vague sense is that I would like it to be part of the process of trying to make one's ideal partner. I think I would like the other character to be either a woman or man who for some reason felt that my character would be somehow improved by this change. I would like the change to be NC, or at least carried out as a little 'extra' that my character did not bargain for. I like to be pursued, and I would like for the other character to be at least a little sinister.

Check out my O&O and PM me with your concept, please and thank you. :) Do not IM me; I will invariably lose the IM.

Lessons in Blackmail (taken)

Savannah Thurst is a professor, and a very attractive one. She's married to a much older man, one who was able to support her through her PhD and pay for much of her research. He's not much one for sex, though, and she, well, is. She's taken to occasionally diddling a grad student, getting her fix from adoring young men eager to obtain a higher grade for themselves, or just simply wanting to tap that. Your character is another professor, one who's had his (or her!) eye on Savannah for a while. She keeps turning your character down for dates, and avoiding talking about rescheduling. Good thing for your character that he finds out about Professor Thurst's infidelity, and he happens to know that there is a prenup in place that would leave her with absolutely nothing...

Unhappily Ever After? (taken)

Everybody knows the story of Cinderella. There's a ball, there's a shoe, there's a search, and then there's a wedding. But how can two people who barely know each other get along, stay married, rule a kingdom and not be at each others' throats?

After the wedding, the King and the Queen stepped aside, retreating in relief to their country estate, leaving the newlyweds to their happiness and their kingdom. The stepmother and sisters have been taken care of, either shipped away or just so far removed from the palace that they no longer matter. The storybook ending is actually only the beginning, as the two of them learn their new roles in life. There might be magic involved, but it's rare and only something that shows up once in a while. They're a married couple so there'll probably be some nookie to be had ... as long as one of them doesn't end up sleeping on the royal couch. :P But the focus of this story is more interpersonal interaction.

The role up for grabs here is Prince Charming, the guy who convinced his parents that he's madly in love and found someone worth marrying for passion, despite the fact that she's far below his station. There are a myriad interpretations of this story, so whoever responds will have to be prepared to settle on one, or some combination of them. I'm open to go off of the Disney version, the Ever After version, various others. As long as the base story is there.

My Fair Lady (taken)

The kingdom is vast. Powerful. The crown jewel of the world. And it's in serious trouble.

The thing is, the King is largely a fair man, who is more protective of his country than he is of his own flesh and blood. The only reason he feels any bonds at all to his son is because his son will be the caretaker of the kingdom after he's gone. And while the King is strong and healthy now, he knows he won't live forever. The only problem is that the Crown Prince is spoiled, indulged. He's soft and weak, and will no doubt impart those qualities on the King's beloved country when he takes the throne. The King does not want to see this happen, and while he has little choice as to whether his son inherits, he does control who the future Queen will be.

One of the noblewomen in the court strikes him as being excellent raw material. She's been coming to the palace since she was a child, and is as fond of the royal family as she is of her own family. Perhaps he catches her admiring the Prince from around a corner, or perhaps he sees something else. For whatever reason, he decides to mold her to be the next Queen, and train her to be the power behind the throne. She may or may not be amenable to the idea; I haven't decided yet, and it'll depend on the inclination of the cowriter(s).

This story will be about power, and how to wield it. I'm looking for a King (or Queen!), with a possible cameo for the cute little Prince. Despite the fact that I'm obsessed with fairy tales, this will probably be more of an historical setting.

Speaking of being obsessed lately with fairy tales...

Off-White (taken) (And a part two!)

Mercia is a princess, of course. Her father was King, and her mother was Queen, and all was well. Except that first her mother died, and her father remarried a rather ... severe woman. And then he took ill quite suddenly and died himself, leaving Mercia with only her stepmother to care for her. With no allies left in the palace, Mercia was quite easily made to disappear. She vanished from visibility, and with the country's populace it became 'Out of sight, out of mind'. But Mercia is still very much alive, kept in the warren-like kitchens and corridors of the palace. She dresses in clothing that commoners wouldn't even deign to wear, full of frayed edges and gaping holes. She works harder than many of the others in the palace, and sleeps little.

Meanwhile, her stepmother, the Queen, has arranged a remarriage for herself. She will make sure that darling Mercia will never, ever inherit, nor escape the misery her life has become. The new King is cut from the same cloth as the Queen, harsh and unforgiving. And Mercia knows exactly how much they're alike. After all, she travels all through the palace, cleaning it up and learning its secrets.

Roughly a year after her new stepfather came to the palace, Mercia was doing just that, and came across a splintered panel in one of the walls. Moving to inspect it, her mind on summoning a carpenter to repair it, she found a latch underneath the wood-inset stone. Opening it revealed a long, narrow staircase, leading to the discovery of how very involved both King and Queen are in the black arts.

This story can start somewhere around the King and Queen's wedding, just prior to Mercia's discovery, or it can begin after it, with Mercia trying to hide what she knows from the King and Queen and whatnot. I'm looking for either a King or a Queen, with a possible cameo for the non-main monarch. Possibly might work out a trio thread; I'm not sure.

I'm sure there are more coming. I'm on a fairy tale kick lately. *nodnod*

I Kissed a Girl! (taken)

Julia Poste has everything... she's an heiress, her family's wealth dating back hundreds of years, through Europe, the Americas and beyond. Loft apartments in Manhattan, cozy vacation houses in exotic locations, a closet full of fabulous gowns and a social agenda chock full of high class charities. Her husband is her high school sweetheart as well as an equally well-bred young man. The blonde beauty has pretty much everything there is to have.

Her twenty-first birthday was a quiet affair at her own home with presents and laughter, but Julia wanted more of a celebration. On a whim, she pulled on some more casual clothing, grabbed a couple friends and went out barhopping. They spent nearly all night drinking, dancing and flirting, until all three of them could hardly stand straight. Comments about other bargoers flew back and forth, until some of them teasingly made comments on the waitress. On a dare, Julia called over the waitress, one thing led to another, and the two ended up making out to whoops and whistles from Julia's companions. The difference is that her companions went home and didn't think about it again at all. Julia is a bit different.

I'm looking for someone to play the waitress. Essentially she's picked up a liking for Julia and has decided to pursue her. Whether it's by stalking, blackmail, persistence, or whatever is up to the other player. Julia herself is married, and sure she's straight. The waitress is pretty sure she's wrong. This story can range from twilight-esque to pretty damned dark, so if someone picks this up I'll be wanting to know what sort of tone they want to go for.

Jareth's Revenge (taken)

I am going to go out on a limb, here, and pitch something I don't normally do: a fanfiction-ish story.

It has been several years since the Goblin King ran Sarah around his labyrinth, and those fateful thirteen hours have stuck with him in the back of his mind. Though he once loved her, Jareth's feelings toward Sarah have turned to bitterness, and he wishes nothing but ill on her and hers. His chance to see that through comes with the news that his Sarah has borne a child, and the ageless King waits as she grows, watching through his crystals, focusing on the developing girl. He sees her take her first steps, speak her first words. He watches her as she goes through school and - true to her mother's heritage - acts in her first school play (she was terrible). He watches her first clumsy attempts at a boyfriend, and sees her steal her first kiss. Each year seems like only a day, and yet like an eternity.

Finally, the time comes when she's reached the same age that her mother was, and though she speaks no words to summon him, appear he does. Knowing her mother will know precisely who is responsible for her disappearance, he carts the young woman off to his own land, perhaps to run her through his labyrinth, or possibly simply to torment her in his castle. I'm looking for a Jareth, here, and will probably be very choosy in who I pick. I want this thread to be very solidly NC, with only the vague possibility in the distant future of some sort of affection between them. This is not meant to be a Disney fairy tale... but a Grimm one.


Note to self: Inspiration for Hook's Hidden Life - This is not something I have the resources to write right now but I'm saving it here for later.

In similar fashion to Peter Panning (also known as "Robin Williams plays a big kid yet again") from the movie Hook, Captain Hook himself has somehow left Neverland and stepped into the real world (Nathan Hooke, maybe?). He's still not entirely a nice guy, and I think it would be fun to work other popular characters from the stories into his life. I picture the Captain as still having something to do with money - possibly stocks. His PA is oddly reminiscent of Tiger Lily. He is regularly subjected to legal counsel regarding the ethics of his trade by T. Bell, J. D. He's roped into volunteering with the Boys and Girls club by a maternalistic younger intern named Wendy - and subsequently is reminded of how much he hates little children.

Something happens to drag him back into his original world. I don't know what.

And I don't know what happens after, other than that I would like to see how Hook readjusts to life in a fairy tale. I'm also not sure how to handle his iconic appendage in the real world. I guess we'll have to see.

I'll move this to active story ideas when I feel like I can write it. But the picture was taking up a browser tab and I wanted to get it somewhere I'd remember it.


Another one to save for later.

He wasn't the sort of person who often ended up at parties. He was handsome enough, and quietly charming, but he was often oblivious to the advances of the fairer sex. He really preferred to be alone, most of all. Most days, he worked all day, driving his hired carriage around the city. Most of the time, he had only his horse for company, or the occasional chatty fare. He was at home in the city, had grown up there and lived there all his life. Still, it would have been rude of him to continually refuse his sister's invitations to visit her at her home in the country. It was there, toward the end of the evening after a garden party, that he saw the tiny bit of light glinting through the bushes. He followed it further and further away from his sister's home ... it happened again several nights later, and again. At first, the little wisps drew him away only occasionally, but it started happening with more frequency.

He took the experiences that he had on those nights for dreams. The unearthly light of the wisps, the feel of the mossy path beneath his bare feet, and the ethereal beauty that awaited him at the end of it. She made him feel delightful, special. She filled all his senses, intoxicated him. And even when he returned to the city, she never quite left him. She was in his dreams, and he had started hearing her voice in the back of his head all the time. At first, it was hardly a whisper, and then more insistent. He found himself listening to the voice from time to time, until it was guiding him through his days and driving him toward a much more hedonistic lifestyle than he otherwise would have sought out. The fae woman that had first lured him out to the forest slowly takes over his life. She has existed for quite a while, and she thrives on the conflicted feelings he gets. He shouldn't enjoy the way that she makes him act - it's not very nice to the young ladies that he finds himself passing the time with - but he does enjoy it. And she loves that he does.