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April 22, 2018, 12:08:34 AM

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Author Topic: Simple Story  (Read 440 times)

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Offline SagekittenTopic starter

Simple Story
« on: August 22, 2012, 06:31:54 PM »
I'd like to begin by saying, I made this story up for my youngest sister. She loved stories, but hated sad endings, so I always ended with some happy ending. But they had to be fairly simple, as she was around...5 or so at the time. And I'll put in what she said, as little comments I suppose. This is more of a...starting story to get me rolling, but yeah this was an actual story I told her. She loved it, and I've made more details in the later years, but this was the first one. So, here it is!

Once, there lived a man who had no tail. Now this wouldn't be weird, or an issue, but where he lived all the people in his world had tails.

(Tails? Like...on doggies?)

Yes dear. Shush now. Now, as I was saying, this man with no tail was named Leo, a mockery of his taillessness.

(That's a loooong word.)

Yes it is. Leo is Latin for lion, you see.

(*gasp* Really?! Wow!)

Yes, well...Now, Leo knew he was different, but it made no difference to him. He walked freely with pants that held no hole, had no special tail brush, yet he was happy. People who were kind asked him, "What makes you happy, Leo?" Do you know what he said?

(Mm...not having holey pants?)

Hehe. Nooo. He would say, "That is my secret. I will only tell it to those who deserve to hear it."


Yes. Anyway, those who were mean, mocked him, laughing and pointing and saying, "Tailless man! Tailless man! What kind of person is happy like that!" He would shake his head, and go on his way.

(But, but he is happy!)

Yes, very much so! And, this is why: Every night, he goes to a small home, down the road a ways. Leo would enter and say, "I am home." Out would come a pale woman, hair as red as fire, eyes as blue as the ocean. She would carefully wind her arms around him, her tail sliding behind her as she welcomed him.

(Was she his pretty? (Pretty always meant someone who meant a great deal to someone, like a wife or husband, or even siblings to her.))

Yes. She was indeed. Her name was Mira, short for Miracle. She was as blind as a bat, unfortunatly. But Leo loved her, as she would love her tailless man.

(Oh, how pretty.)

Mm. Now, it would happen that Leo would pass his days as such, everyone asking how he's happy, or mocking it. Coming home to his Pretty at night. It was wonderful.

And then she was blessed.


Yes, with an infant. She held the tiny close, his hair brown and eyes full of color. He had his tail, which was good.

(Oh yay! Baby baby!)

Hehe, yep! The boy would grow up, and make his Leo dad proud, and his Mira momma happy. He became a Knight, to fight for his town and keep his parents safe.

(Yay, so good! Someday, he have Pretty?)

Mmhmm...Someday, the boy named Daniel would have his own Pretty.

Tonight, go to sleep, and dream of your own pretties.

(Mkay. Night night.)

Good night all. Sweet dreams.