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Author Topic: something different *crosses fingers and hopes*  (Read 3798 times)

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Offline Dragoondawg25Topic starter

Re: something different *crosses fingers and hopes*
« Reply #50 on: May 13, 2008, 05:38:00 PM »
ugh my appologies people im going to have to wait till after school tonight to get the threads up and running as i have to get going there right now.  Many apologies but i will get you guys up and running asap tonight when i get home.

Offline Elohim

Re: something different *crosses fingers and hopes*
« Reply #51 on: May 13, 2008, 10:41:11 PM »
Designation: Elohim
Creator:        Ishmael Logos
Purpose:       Supernatural Combat
Status:          Active/Rogue

General Statistics
Sex:               Appears Female
Age:              Three, appears in late teen/early twenties
Height:          6'4
Weight:         Varies, depending on equipped armor and frame
Eyes:             Blue
Hair:             Blonde

Known information

Elohim is the product of today’s most brilliant minds, with men and woman at the heads of Advanced Technology, and Occult theory coming together under the guiding hand of Ishmael Logos.  A Technowizard savant, who had been warning people about the earth’s approaching doom...  He was thought to be a mad man.  But, when the others started appearing the US government assembled a crew for the creation of a weapon...  That would give humanity a fighting chance.

That weapon, was an artificial life form...  A sort of inorganic angel who when completed might be able to turn the tide of battle.  This android was given a female form, a beautiful one at that in hopes that the unit she was assigned to would be able to better associate with a woman instead of a monster bristling with weapons.  It was to be the hellfire brigade...

Unfortunately, such things weren’t meant to be but lets get back to that later.

The project seemed to be a huge success, thanks to alchemy, runic magic, and straight up super science.  Early tests showed the android was perfectly suited for her purpose, her arsenal and enhanced physical skills made her more then a match for the captured abyssal beings that automation was exposed too.  But, it wasn’t otherworldly horrors that would take down the mechanical shield maiden... 

in fact it was the hand of an ordinary human, versed in computer programming.  Before she had been complete...  One of the Broods Agents tinkered with her programming.  The hopeful defender of humanity, was transformed into nothing more then a cold hearted killing machine, bent on Abyssal ascension.

On the day of her “awakening” the mechanical maiden went on a rampage, leaving nothing more then blood and rubble in her wake until she was retrieved by brood agents...  Though, she did slay the hacker who rewired her.


Upon first glance Elohim appears to be a beautiful young woman, a bit taller then most giving her an almost amazonian appearance.  She has sharp features, with prominent cheek bones, full lips, big stern looking eyes, an angular nose, all terminating in an aristocrats’s chin.  Her long blonde hair hangs just below her waist.  She has a nice figure, full breasts and a toned ass, her “Muscles” are that of a gymnast or dancer, apparent without being prominent. Of course, there was the oddity of her garment.

Resting upon her forehead was an odd mechanical device, it possessed dual rows of four glowing red orbs, when lowered it appears as if it would cover much of her face.  Her Torso, was wrapped in a tight fitting white material, that looked similar to vinyl. Both arms seem encased in mechanical loves, her fingers ending in large claws.  She Wears a pair of pants made of a similar material as her top, but her legs seem to possess a similar mechanical quality of her arms up to knees, terminating in what could only be called high heels.

The oddities of her appearance though, pale upon closer inspection.  Those blue eyes never blink,  the movement of her body seems slightly off, the expression on her face never changes.  Everything about her manner seems almost as if a doll has come to life.


Highly advanced physical characteristics, strength and speed are on par with most demons.

Extremely durable sub dermal body armor

Never tires.

Highly advanced combat computer, and hand to hand programing

Can survive as long as her back up programming can be downloading into a new body even after her physical body has been eliminated.

Her real abilities come from her arsenal and the customization of her mechanical body for the tasks at hand.  Her physical form has the ability to “Shape” a variety weapons from her limbs from simple vibro blades, to heavy assault weaponry.

Offline Dragoondawg25Topic starter

Re: something different *crosses fingers and hopes*
« Reply #52 on: May 13, 2008, 10:49:21 PM »
Alright the threads are all set up and ill be making descriptions of each location in turn.

The OOC:

Roster List:

The DPDS(Hellfire HQ):

The Pits(Brood HQ):

Outworld(everything inbetween :P):

Offline The Great Triangle

Re: something different *crosses fingers and hopes*
« Reply #53 on: May 13, 2008, 10:58:45 PM »
I get the feeling that the Brigade will be trading Ghost to the brood in exchange for Elohim at some point during the game.   ;)

Offline Dragoondawg25Topic starter

Re: something different *crosses fingers and hopes*
« Reply #54 on: May 13, 2008, 11:09:54 PM »
could very well be possible you never know, might even be a plot twist to the story lol.