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Author Topic: something different *crosses fingers and hopes*  (Read 3814 times)

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Offline Kathadon

Re: something different *crosses fingers and hopes*
« Reply #25 on: May 11, 2008, 03:26:52 AM »
Looking for a good villain huh? I may be able to help with that. Ofcoarse he may be to much....

Name: Dorian Everrast

Alias: Gray

Race: Was a normal human a long, long time ago....

Sex: Male

Faction: Brood of the Abyss

Background: In a wealthy penthouse in New York a beautiful woman sits in a spacious study. Laptop open before her illuminating her features. A handsome man paces before the windows. The lights of the city sparkle below.

 "I hate speaking of my past. Really I do. The tedium of remembering it all," he sighs and sips from his sherry glass. "You know I have lived long enough to see the future become history...Fine. Fine."

 "I was born in 364 B.C. in ancient Macedonia. That would be Greece now, you uneducated cretin. I was the first born son of King Philip II of Macedon and one of his concubines, but since I was of bastard birth, I did not enjoy the prestige and glory of my younger legitimate brother. Maybe you have herd of him, eh? Young Alex did make the name for himself." He chuckles at this as the woman types. "Now my mother was secretly a priestess of the demon lord Azmodious and it was told that Philip was a descendant of Hercules himself. I do have quite the pedigree, no? Before my birth, mother said she had a dream where Azmodius came and stamped her womb with the seal of the serpent. Believing this to be divine will, she began to sleep with live snakes in her bed. So that Philip would stay away from her. Charming is it not?"

"I grew up in my father's house, I think my father loved me more, but found it impossible to show it properly. Custom at the time and all that rot. I was able to associate with my half brother; my father was kind enough to provide the best tutors to us both. In fact I taught my brother much of MY skill at sword play and horsemanship. Never read that in the dusty history books at that college did you? "He snorts. "Alex always was a bit of a dandy, you see, always hanging on Hephaestion," his face screws in disgust. He walks behind her and lightly caresses her neck.

"What? If I am that old, then why am I not some dried up piece of leather? Just dust and fragments in the dirt?" He chuckles. "Well, what do you think, eh? Care to check, the canines? See if they are a tad bit sharp than normal?" He opens his mouth wide and playfully flicks his tongue at her. "No. I am not one of them. Those uncouth creatures always skulking about. Preying on the commoners. Besides I enjoy a good Italian meal," he smirks at her as he takes her hands in his. "So how am I here then? He flashes a knowing smile as he pulls her to him. "I am immortal. You see I was one of my brother's generals. I was with him when he marched towards the Beas River. I was there when the rank and file cried 'No more!" Again he chuckles as he undoes the top button of her blouse. "Short sighted cretins. Alex capitulated to the peasants. But my soldiers and I marched onward to the east. Eastward crossing the Himalayas, eventually only I arrived in China at the twilight of the Zhou dynasty. It was the Warring States period. Ah, they knew how to make a man of my skills welcome." She doesn't resist as he traces down the front of her shirt and across her breasts.

"There I met a wonderful mystic, Liu Hui Ying, with him I studied the works of Confucius and Sun Tzu."  He smiles now seemingly lost in his memories. "Forged this," standing quickly he walks over to a short bladed sword mounted above the fire. He takes it down with reverence and unsheathes it.  "And learned of the Yama Kings and their pill of immortality. I traveled about, grappling with bandits and demons. Eventually I fell in with a petty little tyrant, the King of Qi, who honored me with a title and commission. Despite my victories, there was no one to share in them. Oh I had lovers. But none lasted more than a few months before I tired of them." Coming to stand before her again he smiles. One quick stroke and her blouse lie open. Her bra and toned flesh exposed to him. The woman licks her lips as he sits back down in the chair before her.

Again he sips from his glass. He offers her a drink as well before continuing. "After a particularly exceptional night of indulgence, someone or some thing came to me, in a dream. He spoke to me, consoled me in my anguish and made me see things the way I should have seen them years before. Being nothing but a lackey, a pathetic side note in history, denied my birth rite as Phillip's oldest son. He offered me the secret knowledge of the pills maker, and where to meet him. All that I had to do was be his agent here on earth. Offering the lives of others to him through violence or corruption and fighting the pawns of his enemies. I struck the bargain, signed away my soul. It was a small price to pay after all. It was all very Faustian," he waves his hand dismissively. "I was never one to age gracefully you see. And already I was feeling the effects of days spent in one glorious battle after the other. And nights spent in one debauchery after the next." He reaches forward, brushing a lock of her hair that had fallen across her face. His fingers intertwine in her locks as he grabs her neck and pulls her towards him. Her mouth opens hungrily to take his kiss but he merely brushes her lips with his own. She stays, only inches from his face as he continues. His caresses her thigh as he talks.

"I traveled to the mountains to meet with the alchemist, Bo-yang, that the demon told me about. Together we traveled high into the mountains. With us were two disciples of his and the master's dog. All of us, he thought were lacking in complete faith. When the medicine was made, he tested us. He said, 'The gold medicine is made, but it ought first to be tested on the dog. If no harm comes to the dog, we may take it ourselves; but if the dog dies of it, we ought not to take it.' Bo-yang fed the medicine to the dog, and the dog died an instantaneous death. Then he said to us, 'The medicine is not yet done. The dog has died of it. Doesn't this show the divine light has not been attained? If we take it ourselves, I am afraid we shall go the same way as the dog. What is to be done?' One of the other disciples asked, 'Would you take it yourself, Sir?' To this he replied, 'I have abandoned the worldly route and forsaken my home to come here. I should be ashamed to return if I could not attain immortality. So to live without trying the medicine would be just the same as to die of the medicine. I must take it.' With these final words he put the medicine in his mouth and died instantly." He chuckles again as his hands dance across her thighs. She eagerly opens her legs to his touch. He massages the front of her panties before continuing.

"Those fools left him there, to fearful of The Great Thief to try his elixir. Bo-yang was already immortal of coarse. He was a master of corruption. Offering immortality to the foolish, spreading his lies. The disciples had done awful things in their journey to the mountain. Lied, cheated, stole, even murdered just to find the name of the hermit that made the elixir. Only to be denied in the end by their monkey fear of death. I however had been told that this was the real pill. I drank his golden potion, and here I stand now. Imagine his surprise when he awoke, hmm?" She squirmed in her chair. She raised her hips to press her warm, sticky lips against his exploring touch. Her slight moan underscoring the desire flaring in her.

"I have lived a long life, my dear. In the centuries of wandering that followed, I have bested many lesser men and beautiful women." He smirks as he withdraws his hand from her. The look of disappointment is written all over her face. "I have traveled the globe. I have dined with Caligula. Posed for Michelangelo. Argued philosophy with Plato. I was in Salem when they held their trials," an evil gleam enters his eyes, as he stands before her again. Her passion left her with little control. She wanted him. She falls to her knees before him and begins kissing at the crotch of his slacks, eager to prove her worth to him. She massages his cock as he speaks.

"Recently my good friend, Oscar was particularly taken with my tale, his book was rather flattering. I even spent some time in Germany during the forties, before that little house painter grew tiresome." Again his eyes grow distant. She unzips his pants and pulls out his hard member. She begins to suck enthusiastically from the tip to the base. "I could fill far more than that one pitiful laptop you had been typing on, my pet. But I see our time grows short and my taste for telling tales has been satiated." He grins down at her as she continues her work. After she please him, he will have his servants take her down to the playroom. She will make a lovely addition to his collection.


Powers/Abilities: Gray simply cannot be killed. This extreme physical prowess coupled with a guiltless conscience makes Dorian a devastating killing machine. He recovers from most wounds almost instantly. Only massive physical trauma can slow him down. And with the knowledge he has accrued throughout his extraordinary long life, Dorian is perhaps the most dangerous member of the Brood.

Skills: Centuries of obscure knowledge. Ranging from the occult, to martial arts, to fine cuisine and Victorian polotics. He has forgotten more things than most professors have learned in a life time.

Gear: A master work Chinese scholar's sword he forged himself. He wields a matched set of .45 Berettas with gold plating on the stocks.   

Offline The Great Triangle

Re: something different *crosses fingers and hopes*
« Reply #26 on: May 11, 2008, 05:40:08 AM »
Dorian looks like a good foil for Frankie, although I'm prone to suspect that his name is just another alias.  Of course, they won't be getting into any swordfights, since Frankie is more of the "throw large blunt objects" type. 

Hmm... 450 year old with superstrength and regeneration vs. a 2500 year old with true immortality.  I'd buy tickets to that fight.

Online Captain Maltese

Re: something different *crosses fingers and hopes*
« Reply #27 on: May 11, 2008, 06:13:12 AM »
Hmm... 450 year old with superstrength and regeneration vs. a 2500 year old with true immortality.  I'd buy tickets to that fight.

A season ticket, I presume ;D

Offline Kathadon

Re: something different *crosses fingers and hopes*
« Reply #28 on: May 11, 2008, 08:26:57 AM »
So I'm guessing he meets muster, huh? ;)

Offline The Great Triangle

Re: something different *crosses fingers and hopes*
« Reply #29 on: May 11, 2008, 08:51:31 AM »
The GM hasn't posted on it yet, but I'm betting he'll be in just fine.  The entire game does have room for some fairly over the top characters so long as they aren't godmoders.  In other words, no silver age superheroes.  (the really overpowered generic ones, not the cool ones like batman and the flash)

Offline Shadowz

Re: something different *crosses fingers and hopes*
« Reply #30 on: May 11, 2008, 05:25:10 PM »
Name: Corrine Klasky
Alias: Itzpaplotl:
Race: Human/Demon infusion
Sex: Female
Faction: Brood of the Abyss

Background: The Victorian era is one marked by the peak of the industrial revolution and an increase in the belief and desire to seek out more of the intangibles that grow to make up the human existence.  The intellectual class had just been dealt the huge, life-changing blow of Darwinism, they were forced to contemplate the brutal fact that God had gone. Around this time, all sorts of mediums sprang up - or, at least, those that did began to be taken more seriously.

To this end a group of Victorian scientists and intellectuals sought to prove or disprove the existence of an ‘afterlife’ once and for all.  However, their spirits were crushed when at each turn they only seemed to come up against frauds and charlatans who were far from able to back up their audacious claims… but it was at a time when their spirits were at the lowest that they received evidence that they couldn’t ignore.  The founder of their group, Thomas Whittaker, had passed from old age, but before dying he had arranged a meeting with a young woman who seemed to posses some tangible skill at communicating with the dead.  It was with heavy hearts that they kept the appointment, the moment they arrived Corrine singled out William and walked across to him and whispered the words of an ancient verse… the same verse that Thomas had uttered on his deathbed to William…

“Taking, transforming the crude works of man -
Weaving them into its intricate plan -
Whether the knowledge be little or great
The song of the ley makes the crooked way straight.”

She stood back from him and searched his gaze for understanding; William was speechless upon hearing this and quickly told his companions of what she had said to him.  They were elated at having some evidence that at last they could use to refute the mockery that had faced at every failure.  With haste they talked her into going back with them to Thomas’s estate, and they wasted no time in further testing her skills with talking to the dead… she passed each successive test with ease. 

The mansion had been built upon a Ley junction, the believed energy stream that circled the earth; they thought that if they could somehow enable this true psychic to tap into the life stream then her abilities would be exponentially increased.  Thomas had spent much of his fortune on fashioning a pair of focal arrays that were situated in the basement of the mansion and fed from deep below the ground from the point where divination had said the lines crossed.

They lay her down between them and started the generators; the machinery began to turn as a faint green mist began to seep from the joints in the pipe work… the mist began to infuse with her and she became saturated with the energy force… but something went wrong, without Thomas’s guiding hand and judgement they had been to eager to see results and the flood of earth energy was far greater than it should have been… as the mist increased, the concentration cause a temporal crack.  From it something leeched into the mist, an ancient Aztec spirit torn from the depths of the life stream and from the forgotten annals of history.  Corrine screamed out as the energy leeched across her, they hastily tried to shut down the equipment but the rent they created continued to grow.   From the green mist she loomed, her figure staggering under the effects of the infusion, her mind filled with the sorrow and pain of countless dead souls that had touched her from the energy stream… she focused her gaze at one of the scientists and he dropped screaming to his knees, his hands clutched against his head as she unleashed a crushing and indiscriminate psionic wave against him… blood leaked from his face and with a deafening scream he crashed to the floor

William quickly drew his gun from a desk and put her down with three shots; her body crashed back and lay still in the mist.  Moments passed before her body twitched and with a breathless gasp she was woken once more to life.  Her expression was one of confusion and pain as the crushing sorrow burnt within her, her body was suddenly thrown into convulsions and they stared at her in horror as the skin of her face was suddenly etched with symbols of death.  Her soft tones had gone and replaced with dark malevolence of the ancient demon that had been infused within her along with the energy stream.

She rose and caught them in her glare and in her uncoordinated state she projected her own pain against them all… The entire room was enveloped in a crushing field the splintered bone and ruptured flesh, the field was so strong that the brickwork cracked and crumbled and the machinery that tapped into the energy stream twisted and shattered.  With nothing left to support the rift and the energy stream in the physical plain, everything around her collapsed and because her body was so saturated with the energy stream she was dragged from the physical world.

Powers/Abilities: The amplification of Corrine's 'human' psi skills has manifested themselves in her psionic Vampire abilities and so binds her with a need to feed from the lifeforce of those she encounters.  It is only the psychic field exerted by her that keeps the demon within under control.  As a result of the experiment she was subjected too, Corrine’s psionic ability now links her inextricably with the life force of the planet, she is not immortal in the true sense of the word and can be killed, however the infusion of life energy ensures that death is fleeting for her and she is returned once more to the land of the living but carrying increasing levels of pain and sorrow

Miring…  This ability draws from her increased psionic skills and is fed from the misery and sorrow that burns inside her.  Once initiated it creates a localised field of extraordinary force like compressed gravity that crushes against anyone unfortunate enough to be in her path

Misting... Her ability to cause her molecular structure to alter at a whim, this gives her the advantage of being able to pass freely through solid objects.  It also comes in useful when embroiled in a fight, and she will continually attempt to alter her molecular structure as she fights causing blades and bullets to pass harmlessly through her, but she has only a finite time in which she can keep up the drain of her body

Skills: Corrine herself still posses the skill of communication with the dead and to lay her touch on them will reanimate them, whilst her touch remains the life energy of the planet will keep them conscious and give her time to extract from them what she wants, releasing her grip casts them once more into death.  Her psionic skills also give her the ability to use anything she encounters as a weapon by using her mind to raise it up and throw it against her foes

Gear: She carries a single physical weapon, a knife carved from Obsidian, the symbol of the Goddess Itzpaplotl, she wields it to great effect.  However, snaking around her right forearm is a continually writhing band of energy… this is the twinned soul of the Goddess and remains in a visible physical manifestation for as long as Corrine’s psionic personality remains in control and acts as a defence for her.  Should she lose control or be disabled somehow, this energy is drawn into her body and she is physically changed as Itzpaplotl becomes dominant… her face and body become deeply etched with Aztec death symbolism.

Offline jisko888

Re: something different *crosses fingers and hopes*
« Reply #31 on: May 11, 2008, 08:26:14 PM »
Name: Kyle Martain
Alias: Train
Race: Augmented Norm
Sex: Male
Faction: Hellfire Brigade
Background: Kyle, up until five years ago, was in a maximum security prison for murder. Five years ago, in an effort to discover an easily duplicated method to augment humans so that they could stand head to head with the monsters of the abyss. Prisoners were often used for these kinds of experiments. If they survived, they were given their freedom back, and offered a chance to join the armed forces to use their newly gained abilities. Kyle is one of the few to actually survive the ordeal.

For him, the method du jour was an experiment in nanotech. Using a newly designed model of nanomachine, they injected him with them, spreading them throughout his body. The experiment was a success, but only partly. The nanomacines did what they were supposed to do, enhance his physical and mental strength, but they did it in a way that was unexpected. They replaced some parts of his body and nervous system with artificial parts, so that he became dependent on them. In an area of extreme magnetic fields, or electrical interference, most of his system shuts down and he pretty much falls unconcious until either the effect ends, or he's removed from the area.

Powers/Abilities: Kyle doesn't have much in the way of flashy powers, most of his abilities are passive. He has greatly enhanced physical strength, and the ability to process information much faster, which generally results in him being able to react instantly to any threat. His one non-passive ability is the ability to use the nanomachines in his body to interface with any device with electrical components. Door locks, computers, vehicles, anything with a circuit.

Skills: He has a number of combat skills, some learned after he joined the Hellfire Brigade, and some more rudimentary skills from his time as a criminal.

Gear: Kyle normally carries three different weapons on a normal mission. The first is a set of retractable gauntlets. When activated they sheath his hands in high strength steel, letting him use his full strength on objects or enemies without risking breaking his own hand in the process. The second is far less exotic, a black .45 pistol, with a modified magazine to hold 20 shots. His third however makes up for the simplicity of the pistol. The B.E.F. 4420 is a multi purpose weapon, designed to be mounted in light aircraft or ground vehicles. It was designed to allow smaller vehicles to combat much larger targets, while still being able to combat infantry with the same efficiency. Its a 5-barrel minigun, with a much shorter barrel length so that it can be easily aimed by a single gunner. The bullets it fires are .45 caliber armor piercing and high explosive, fired either in sequence to quickly demolish solid objects, or only a single type of ammunition can be fired as desired. Depending on the mission plan, the ammunition is either stored in a small drum mounted to the weapon itself, or for much longer missions, in a much larger drum Kyle wears as a backpack.

Offline Dragoondawg25Topic starter

Re: something different *crosses fingers and hopes*
« Reply #32 on: May 12, 2008, 03:42:47 PM »
Alright everything looks to be coming along great for the game.  Thou the hellfire brigade of closed i want the people interested in the Brood team to make their characters so we can start the two factions up and begin the well.....bloodbath lol

Offline Alexander

Re: something different *crosses fingers and hopes*
« Reply #33 on: May 12, 2008, 03:43:44 PM »
if it would help things a little i could tweak my character to be evil. ^.^

Offline Dragoondawg25Topic starter

Re: something different *crosses fingers and hopes*
« Reply #34 on: May 12, 2008, 03:46:20 PM »
thats ok im thinking i got a few potential recruits for that area am waiting on them to post their characters for me lol

Offline Adere

Re: something different *crosses fingers and hopes*
« Reply #35 on: May 12, 2008, 05:11:41 PM »
I'd like to try aswell, I'll make up a profile when I have more time, if that's ok with everyone? Is there any places left over that I may be able to fill?

Offline Dragoondawg25Topic starter

Re: something different *crosses fingers and hopes*
« Reply #36 on: May 12, 2008, 05:18:46 PM »
bad people we need the more evil the better heheh

Offline Shadowz

Re: something different *crosses fingers and hopes*
« Reply #37 on: May 12, 2008, 05:20:01 PM »
bad people we need the more evil the better heheh

*giggles* Maybe i should 'evil' my character up a bit

Offline Adere

Re: something different *crosses fingers and hopes*
« Reply #38 on: May 12, 2008, 08:09:45 PM »
Name; Sayuri Miako
Age; looks to be 21, centuries old.
Status; Banished Princess
Gender; Female
Race; Originally Human, now unknown.
Hair; Wavey, waist length, Ebony hair
Eyes; Cold, piercing sapphire blue
Skin tone; Flawless Lightly tanned

Faction: Brood of Abyss

Appearance and weaponry; Sayuri wore a pure white, short sleaved, backless cotton dress; proudly showing off her black and red tainted tattoo of Angel wings, given to her and her brother at birth as a symbol of their families faith, though originally white, with each murder they commited it grew black and stained with the blood of those they killed.
Hugging her curvey waist, was a blue sash, from which hung an azure tinted katana, which she fondly named "Seigyokuken", The weapon having serrated ridges for tearing, though deadly sharp and needle thin for slicing. The blade recovered from her fathers corpse, one of his prized possessions due to the magic intertwined within it, giving it's owner the ability to absorb any form of magical or elemental attack and throw it back at the person at will.

Personality and style: Sayuri is almost innocent in her own way, unaware that things she does is bad or cruel in any way, she believes that anything she has to give is a gift. Artistic in nature, a trait given to her by her mother, Sayuri loves to paint and draw. Her masterpiece being a dead, leafless tree painted with blood.
When interested, she stalks her prey as if playing a game, them being her new toy to do with as she wished... and if they were to disobey or disapoint her, they were nolonger useful and elminated, giving her the impression of a spoiled child who always got her way.
She is a know seductress, using her feminine ways and unworldly beauty to ensnare the hearts of men and get from them what she wants, be it information or just something to entertain herself. She usually prefers the company of men to women, finding it easier to control them. She did not like losing control in anything.

Background; her mother died, giving birth to her twin brother and herself. This left their father in a deep state of grieving, his heart becoming cold. A demon misguiding his grief, it was turned into rage, and their kingdom broke out in war to feed the demon whom had taken over the man’s soul.
Sayuri and her brother grew to know only war and death through out their childhood, accompanying their father on conquests of other natures. Obtaining a first hand view of the slaying, it had began to warp their minds. Their father, King Kaiso, had become so obsessed with the death of their mother that he changed his entire being thanks to the Demon know as Shijeng. Who renamed their melded form Yokoshima, a being of evil.
 At the age of 11, Yokoshima and his children were looking over the destruction left in their wake, at the Kingdom of Zarzan. As flames burned in a bright circle, smoke had separated the three from the rest of the army. This is when Sayuri and her brother discovered the nature of their father, the demon feeding from within. What exactly happened is unknown, but only the two siblings emerged, bearing their father's weapons, their bodies stained with blood.
Supporters of their father swept the children away, as they were not ready to lead a country that had been war torn for so long. Their warped perspectives would prove a factor in the outcome of things as well. So, for 10 long years they stayed hidden.. denying their names and true status as Royalty. Hidden in city slums, trained well in the art of combat, but little more than that was bestowed upon them by their care-takers. While they did adapt street smarts, they saw many more cruel things in the slums, which fed their own desire for wickedry and death.
Alas, but tragedy struck. Once encountering a village, they met a man whom knew of them very well.. to well. He sought them out to challenge their power. Sadly the outcome left Sayuri’s twin badly injured and poisoned. Fearing for her brother’s life, the only person she had ever truly cared for, Sayuri begged for the man’s help.
The man injured himself, was very weak but smiled an almost cruel smile. He struck a deal with her, he would save her brother under one condition.. She gave him her soul. She agreed stupidly and gave herself to him, unaware of what he really was. He kept his end of the deal and saved her brother, but she did not have much to to be thankful, for he instantly whipped her away to another world.
Taken to be trained for over 10,000 years, in one gruesome battle after the other until Sayuri perfected the art, She quickly rose among the ranks thanks to her skill and being the “devil’s” pet. She got away with many things, had more free will then most thanks to her willingness to obey the man reffered by: Lucifer, Naraku, The Devil,  Satan, Belial, the prince of darkness, Mephistopheles, Shaitan, the ruler of hell, Old Nick, Beelzebu, The dark one, etc…

She became his personal pet, his favored. She was both cruel and unrelenting, she despised all things weak. She thirsted for the blood of the innocent and was addicted to the hunt. She was always the first one willing to kill another, and looked at the dark one as if he were her true father. Because of this, he cared for her, he let her play as she wished and gave her free rein where other’s would be punished. As long as she got the job done, she had her freedom only because of her utter submission.

Sayuri would not submit to anyone else weaker then herself, she would not listen, she was always defiant, the only one that seemed to be able to control her was the dark one himself. Though most had no doubt that if she found someone with more power, she would gladly follow them and betray the dark lord. Another reason why the dark one kept her so close, she was a threat to him. There were hidden reasons behind him challenging her and her brother those centuries ago.

Abilities: Sayuri has adopted many abilities thanks to her alliance with Lucifer, she had an incredible speed and strength, as well as a heightened sense of smell, sight, and hearing. Her Sword allowed her the ability to consume other peoples attacks, increase the power by double and throw it back at them. She had a natural cat like grace and an incredible sense of balance. She had the ability to open a gate to “Hell” at almost any point in time. She is an expert in combat, able to use almost any kind of weapon ever created perfectly, though she was never seen without her Seigyokuken… NEVER.

Gear: She has many hidden weapons, though no one ever really knew how many weapons she had on her. She seemed to have an unrelenting amount, incase she was ever disarmed. Usually consisting of random things that turned into weapons but looked like any ordinary thing a women would have on her.

Offline Myrnodyn

Re: something different *crosses fingers and hopes*
« Reply #39 on: May 12, 2008, 11:54:27 PM »

seeing what I'm up against in this RP makes my character feel SO underpowered XD

oh well, all the more heroic it is :P

Offline Dragoondawg25Topic starter

Re: something different *crosses fingers and hopes*
« Reply #40 on: May 13, 2008, 12:02:38 AM »
Im going to try and have the threads with some intros into there respective places by tomarrow noon and start the wheel of dark horrific fun rolling.  Muwahahahahah

Offline Kathadon

Re: something different *crosses fingers and hopes*
« Reply #41 on: May 13, 2008, 03:20:11 AM »
Here ya go Shadowz. I saw this and thought of your character.[/img]

Hey Dawg. Since most of us in the Brood are Immortal, how about some agent cannon fodder for the Brood?

Offline Elohim

Re: something different *crosses fingers and hopes*
« Reply #42 on: May 13, 2008, 01:17:24 PM »
I was wondering if there was room for one more?  I've got a few ideas rolling around in my head, that I can hammer out if you've still got space.

Offline The Great Triangle

Re: something different *crosses fingers and hopes*
« Reply #43 on: May 13, 2008, 02:15:32 PM »
Looks like we could fit a couple more characters on the brood of the Abyss, it would be nice to not have the entire brood be the equivelent of Great Old Ones, on the other hand, a technology based horror of doom like a living grey ooze event would be pretty cool too. 

Offline Elohim

Re: something different *crosses fingers and hopes*
« Reply #44 on: May 13, 2008, 02:19:05 PM »
Actually,  I was thinking of some sort of android.  I recently finished up Xenosaga...  I read this and I couldn't help but think about Kos-Mos or T-elos.  Besides,  I think a duel between artificial constructs could be a blast...
« Last Edit: May 13, 2008, 02:21:45 PM by Seraph »

Offline Shadowz

Re: something different *crosses fingers and hopes*
« Reply #45 on: May 13, 2008, 02:28:23 PM »
Here ya go Shadowz. I saw this and thought of your c

Oh my... Very tasty pic indeed!! She looks perfect!

Offline Adere

Re: something different *crosses fingers and hopes*
« Reply #46 on: May 13, 2008, 04:58:16 PM »
I think that the Immortal's should be able to live forever -if- they are not killed by physical means via "swords, guns, etc", but they can not be harmed by desease and biogenetic weapons, ya dig?

Offline Ace86

Re: something different *crosses fingers and hopes*
« Reply #47 on: May 13, 2008, 05:14:15 PM »
Name: Damien Raymos  

Alias: That big ugly scary guy

Race: Undead

Sex: Male, at least he used to be

Faction: Brood of the Abyss

Background: Though Damien himself can't trace his past beyond his hatred for the human race, i will tell his story here, so you may better
                 understand the beast's history and know that he to was once a man of flash and bone.

His story begins in england in the year 1544. He was a young lad of eighteen known as Albert brickwell who worked for his father at one of the older mans many farms. Not much happened to this young man at this age, but i will tell you that he was a good boy who never complained about the hard life on the farm and that no matter how much he suffered he never tried to quite, for he honored and feared his father too much for that.

It was at the end of that year that Albert's father took him to a ball that was held by the mayor of village they lived in. Albert was to stay with his father and only dance with the women his father picked out for him, these were his orders. But on that night something happened, something that changed his life forever, took them of the course they were on...He fell in love with the daughter of one of the most powerful nobles in all of england.

Albert couldn't stop thinking about her, she was on his mind every day and every night. It didn't take him long to make up his mind and decided to go after her.. A big mistake. I can never remember this part clearly so i'll tell you just the end of his tries. He manged to meet with her and get her to full in love with him only to get found out at the night they planed on running away together. He was placed in prison and waited to be hanged and she set at home and cried.

In prison he meet someone who was unlike anything he has ever seen. The man's name was Damien Raymos, a weird man of 40 years that was waited to be hanged aswell. Damien's crime was witch craft and demon acts, as they called it. The two became friends slowly and on the night before the date of their hanging they both managed to escape.

They kept in hiding for a while until they reached a far enough distance between themselves and the village they escaped. Damien offered Albert to come stay with him and Albert accepted. For the next seven years Damien slowly turned Albert into a witch, as they are said to be. Damien introduced him to the dead and showed him how to do rituals. And when he though he was ready, they both kidnapped a small kid they sacrificed him to the demon lords.

One day Albert told Damien that he was leaving. He told him that he had to go see his love again. Damien told him no but Albert didn't want to listen so Damien agreed to let the other go on one condition, that Albert would help him with one more ritual. Albert agreed. And so it was at midnight with a full moon that they both stood naked in a bath of fresh blood and yelled out their spell to the heaven. Damien has placed a vase with all of the sacrificed body part on an alter and told Albert that they need it in order to finish the ceremony. Suddenly Albert started feeling weird, as though he is being pushed out of his body. Realizing that Damien planed on stealing his body and killing him, Albert could do the only thing he could think of. He broke the vase to end the spell.

Albert managed to break the spell before he was killed, but too late to save his soul. The soul that was now in Albert's body was half his and half Damien's. The two souls have mixed together to form one soul that had both of their wishes and both of their fears.

And so Damien, as he called himself now, got rid of the body that laid naked in the pool of blood and set out to return home. He planed on asking his father for advice on how to get his love back into his life. His father was surprised to see him but welcomed him home with open arms. Damien told his father everything that happened and asked him to help him get the women of his dreams. His father told him he will see what he can do.

That night Damien woke up and saw lights out side his window. He looked outside and saw his father talking to the guards pointing to Damien's room. Damien was shocked and full of rage, he couldn't believe that his father would sell him out like that. Then suddenly everything became clear to him. He remembered talking to his father about running away with his future wife two nights before he did him. He told his old man everything, all his planes and all the places he was going to be at.

Damien opened the window and then took out his knifes from his bag. He hid inside the closet and waited for the two guards to get to his room. When they got there they ran toward the window thinking that he escaped through it, perhaps he knew they were coming. Damien throw one of his knifes sticking it into the mans head, dropping him dead straight away and then charged the other one. The guard was shocked and didn't have time to react as Damien's knife slit his throat.

Damien came down with a head of one of the guards and throw it at his father. The two had a heated conversation where Damien learned that his father sold him out to get a lot of money and prestige. Damien killed his father and burned the house before ridding his horse toward his love's house.

When he arrived there he called her out. At first he stayed in the shades so she couldn't see him but when she came near enough he stepped out and embraced her. She backed away and asked him to leave, saying she didn't know him. He told her who he was and that they can be together now but she told him she was married and that she has no idea what he was talking about. At the end they had a terrible fight where Damien ended up killing her in his rage. But not before he made enough noises to get the entire guard unit to the scene.

Damien died that night, taking on the guards with only a knife, blind with rage. His soul lost forever, unable to rest. Unwanted in either world. And now he came back. His body can no longer be identified as a human body for it is decayed and ugly, it's flash gray and dead. He is now an undead monster. Forgotten was his memories of past life, all forgotten but two things. the first was his name, Damien Raymos. The second was the he loathed all of man kind. He loathed them so much that he takes great pleasure in destroying them.    

Powers/Abilities: Super Strength: Damien has the strength of a hundred man can lift incredible weights and take a lot of punishment.
                       Super Speed: Damien can move very fast. If he runs at his fastest speed he will only be seen as a blear, and that too
                                          is only for a second.
                       Immortal: Can not die unless destroyed.
                       Human Form: Can change himself into his human form. At human form he looks like a big bald guy with scars and a mean look.

Skills: Can read Latin and many different languages that are written inside books of dark rituals and spells.

Gear: Nothing. Damien doesn't need anything to eat or drink or anything since he can' feel anything.

*Note: just imagine the the leader of the virus struck people, also known as the "undead" type, in I AM LEGEND, only bigger. Thats what Damien looks like.
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alright Seraph has the last spot on the board if she can make a character sheet and get it submitted for me, i think 10 people is more then enough for the game. im excited to get this started and well underway so ill begin with setting up the boards momentarily.

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for the immortal ones its going to take something huge to defeat them, but i see that if they cant be defeated by conventional means they can be slowed down or forced to retreat.*chuckles and sees this becoming like a TV series almost* muwahahah*