Competing Mafias-F for M

Started by LittleKitten, August 20, 2012, 10:17:50 PM

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She's the spoiled daughter of the Sicilian Mob. Her father is the Don and he has insured she lacks nothing. He's also insured she's a virgin, assigning and older bodyguard to keep any interests far away. She's pretty, a tease and doesn't know her life is about to change.

He's the leader of the Yakuza and he wants the Sicilian Mobs territory. The two organizations go to war, both groups knowing only one can survive. Unfortunately for her, it's not her family. When he enters the mansion, he plans on killing the whole family. Then, he sees her. She's crying in a corner, huddled next to her mother. Young, beautiful and the enemy.

A gunshot sprays her with her mothers blood and he ignores her shrieks as he pulls her from the burning building. He's claimed her. She's a trophy, proof of his victory. He can do what he wants to this young virgin.