New guy searching for roleplay.

Started by SneakyGuy, August 20, 2012, 06:25:25 AM

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Greetings people. Yep, just got approved and decided to make myself a search topic. So, where do I start from?

What kind of roleplayer am I
I roleplay by post, you might get me on skype, but chances are slight, I don't use it often and I don't have like 3 hours straight for chat roleplay. I consider myself literate in the sense that I reply coherently,  try to contribute to the plot, pay attention to the characters and the background... However, my posts vary greatly in length according to what is required by the current scene. In particular, I tend to reply shortly during dialogues and more verbosely, when describing surroundings, or state of mind.  I'll usually reply within a day or two after a post, but if it takes longer I might have simply forgotten, in that case an IM will solve the problem; I don't just leave roleplays.

What I search
I play male characters and I don't object to either male or female partners. There is a wide variety of plots I enjoy, but please no fandom stuff. I suck at playing cannon characters.  A setting of game/book/TV series is fine, as long as I have some knowledge of it. Themes that I usually enjoy roleplaying include BDSM in different forms, slavery, survival (usually paired with post-apocalyptic or sci-fi world), inexperienced or experimenting characters... I might be up for something pretty simple as "fresmen meet in college", as long as it has some minor twist to keep it interesting, but I'm really not interested in completely ordinary daylife stories. I live one in real life after all :)
Furries are a bit dull to me, but I enjoy nekos and were-creatures. As for other strange creatures, it is a bit on a case-by-case basis. Some demons are hot, others - not so much; same is valid for aliens. Zombies however are good only for extermination and my weapon of choice for that would be a makeshift polearm. And a SUV.

(not a complete list, just samples)
-Pet play goes here, yes. In the sense of dog and pony play, not an idle girl just living in your house and calling me master
-If I play a submissive character,  he usually winds up strong and capable one.
-If I play a dominant character, I don't really tolerate overly attached and spineless subs
-Switch characters and struggle for dominance. Love that stuff
Experimenting with one's sexuality
Inexperienced partners
Rough sex
Body modifications (nothing irreversible or crippling, except for may be in sci-fi)
Different subcultures (just don't give me the archetypal overly depressed emo)
Leather, rubber, latex, stretchy or skin-tight materials
Mind control, brainwash or manipulation

(again, not a complete list)
Toilet stuff...
Vore, snuff, mutilation, necrophilia...
Male pregnancy
Hermaphrodite characters

Just random ideas that I took out of my mind. They are in no way well-developed plots, but should give you an idea of what I'm into.

New to the scene Guy from a backwards place starts college in a new city and uses this opportunity to finally get some real experience with kink.  Ideally I'd like a switch or dominant partner for him (can be either male or female), someone local that he meets and who agrees to show him the ropes and such. Or may be another newbie on campus, eager to try new stuff. Could include a lot of different scenes and fetishes, some romance...

Submissive male Not really an idea, but I think I can handle one more roleplay right now and I'm in the mood to play a submissive male. It might get combined with the previous one, or not, just give me an idea that you have. One thing I'm not going to play is whiny and cuddly sub, there is too much of them already. I prefer my characters having some spine (which does not mean I won't enjoy them being beaten or trained into submission).

Archived ideas
Family business Will's grandfather used to be the patriarch of the family, helping his numerous relatives with advise,  connections or the occasional small loan, until his death. His son replaced him in that place, but a car accident brought his untimely demise. A year later, twenthy-something years old Will manages the family business and is gradually becoming the new central figure of the clan, continuing to do, out of pride, what his grandfather did. A distant cousin of his (may be male or female again) makes a major fuck-up and to avoid further repercussions with the law, as well as give their child a second chance, the parents ask Will to accept her for a some time at his place. He accepts, somewhat reluctantly, and soon finds himself with a juvenile delinquent in the house.

Sub couple Not exactly one on one, but I've seen other people post here plots that have three major characters. The basic idea is boyfriend and a girlfriend that are happy with each other, but at some point both of them discover they are more on the submissive side.  May be, the female starts dominating her bf, but then decides she needs a strong male hand in bed too. Anyway, this is what leads them to their future master and the three of them start a rather complicated and rare relationship. I lean towards playing the master in this one, but can be persuaded to play the other male. Also, I'm fine with the couple being same sex one.

Urban wolves I don't have clear idea about this, but something involving urban, may be slightly decrepit setting and were-creatures. May be some kind of friendly rivalry, or uneasy friendship in the face of some common danger (hunters of some kind?). Open to suggestions 


Edited to archive old ideas and  note that I'm in the mood to play a submissive male.