Shadowboxer need a male (mxm and mature)

Started by twerdgirl, August 19, 2012, 04:52:20 PM

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Ryan De Luca is 21 and works for mob boss Leo Russo after his family disowns him for being gay. Ryan is new, but has been trusted with finding a fighter for Leo's illegal underground fights. Ryan hates watching the fights, but forces himself to wanting Leo who Ryan now considers to be family to respect him. He eventually finds one and convinces him to meet with Leo. The man agrees to fight for Leo and Ryan start to spend a lot of time with the man. Ryan begins to crack the man's hard exterior and slowly Ryan starts showing the other man that he has romantic feeling for him. The man begins to realize he feels the same way when Ryan finds out a secret that skews his perception of Leo from protective surrogate brother to manipulative and sadistic.

I need someone to play the boxer or a mixed martial artist and only basic knowledge of fighting is required. I want the romance between Ryan and your character to be slow. I'd like someone who is on at least once a day and has basic spelling and grammar. I can usually post at least 1-2 paragraph in a post though for the mature scenes they may be less. If you are interested or have any other questions pm me.