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Author Topic: Monster Girl Extravaganza! (F roles needed)  (Read 280 times)

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Monster Girl Extravaganza! (F roles needed)
« on: August 19, 2012, 08:13:37 AM »
Aloha, as one might guess by the title, this will be mostly my collection about stories involving delicious monster girls. They come in many shapes and forms and are quite fantastic if I may say so myself. Most of these won't have any prerequisite on the monster girl counterpart, I am extremely flexible, as long as it's not just a human with some funky eyes, because that's a bit too tame for my tastes. That being said, the ideas!

The Unwanted Guest

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
The setting is in this world, only due some bizarre coincidence a very bizarre portal has opened up connecting this world to another one, a world of the myths. Magical powers, strange humanoid creatures and many other things which appears to be the foundation of many other older myths across the world. Funnily enough, in their world 'humans' and their creations are stuff of myths.

The world of humans is instantly united under this new 'threat', the portal is instantly put under military control consisting of an army of all the nations. Not that there is a war afoot, but they fear the other side, this is just as much true on Earth as it is on the other side. In fact, despite appearances and massive culture differences. The use of 'magic' compared to using electricity for instance, there are also strangely alike in behaviour towards the unknown.

Through careful negotiations, both sides decided to 'exchange' citizens, in the case of the two protagonists, the exchange of two students. Two curious but fairly young beings who are very eager to learn about the other side, their culture and ways of living. This is done for each school, every time both sides making sure only the most respectable students are selected. After all, they are expected to live with one another so they can get to know each other and introduce one another to their own world.

Note: My personal preference goes to a naga-like girl, though again, I am flexible.

A snake and a cat

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
This one is about a fairly young catgirl, alone in a world where water is the most valuable resource, a world where there are small communities but factions fight one another over water quite regularly and in the end it's every man for himself. In this strange, unforgiving world, she meets a much older man in a time of need. One with scales randomly spread over his body, a snake-like tongue and eyes.

All alone and in the middle of nowhere, this man gives her some water, only right after he makes sure she is al right, he just walks away. Filled with curiosity and hope of finally meeting a kind soul, she starts following him for a while from a distance, thinking he hadn't noticed. Though eventually the man gets tired of his stalker and confronts her, with this she quickly learns that the man is a wanderer and not only that but he is perverted and extremely arrogant and doesn't seem to care nearly as much as she thought.

Despite all this, he agrees to them sticking together for the time being, but demands she leaves him alone as soon as they get to a safe town. To which at first she happily agrees, not wanting to hang out with the annoying man for too long. Through this they start to know one another getting slightly more attached, the girl learning many survival techniques and ways to defend herself through him and the man earning a companion he could trust, a thing he never had before in his life.

In this harsh world, as they hang out together, despite being from a different race and should normally be clawing eachother's eyes out, instead they learn about eachother's past. She learns that his arrogance is almost justified, as he proves time and again why he was capable of wandering through the world and surviving to boot. And also, that despite his perverted nature, he never quite seems to act beyond simple teasing. Quite rapidly she finds herself falling in love with this strange one and becomes not very keen on leaving him, even if all he does is treat her like a young kid.

The Threads of Fate

This one is dark in nature, just a heads-up.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
This world is an extremely vast one, with very old rituals. A way of living so old, nobody knew where it quite originated, though everyone followed it fiercely. In this world the threads of fate are sacred, everyone has a role to play later in life each equally important. It was said very early on, someone devised a way to find out which threads of fate were woven in what child, thus able to determine what their future would look like.

However, that by using this method of 'cheating', people started taking matters in their own hands which in their eyes seemed justice. Pre-emptively murdering those who were deemed a 'threat' in the future. This quickly  build up to cause a massive ripple and lead to a catastrophe across the vast world. To prevent this, enormous schools were made. Children were sent there to find out about their future and receive proper guidance towards this goal.

Funnily enough, this meant it was a place where current friends could come become future enemies, though that was for fate to decided. Thanks to the diversity, accidents still happened, however were reduced drastically thanks to a very strict system. Until they had reached their peak, it was mostly just like a regular school. Only with all manner of monster and magician living together.

One young man, a very optimistic one and extremely kind one, came to the school with big hopes. Though after the process, it was revealed he would be a Prime Incubus, a very rare being of extreme power. Whether he liked it or not, such a thing caused commotion among the students. Most of them afraid and others very much attracted to his future power.

Though the boy himself tried to deny it, and clearly was very much opposed to the idea of him turning into it. A strange occurrence, since most people become exactly what they always wanted to be.

The story itself starts right after a tragedy within the school, where over the course of a few weeks, a female has been creating a bond between herself and the Prime Incubus and eventually killed him. The story behind this, is that she was seduced and deceived by a lesser demon nearing his end of the school term and enchanted her to get rid of this Prime Incubus, a being who would be far above him in status.

Accidents involving murder were almost unheard of, though the school dealt with the lesser demon and the woman was excused due it being out of her control due to the spell. Though what many don't know, is the boy just so happened to confess his feelings to her before the knife pierced his heart. A surprise attack he had not seen coming. A week later it came apparent, ironically, her betrayal and deceit by use of seduction, actually enabled the change to form within the boy.

Due a Prime Incubus being so rare, many did know this demon was created thanks to a man being murdered by his love. Creating a great sense of betrayal and a high desire for vengeance. So the boy returns to class, as if nothing happened, only this time very much in tune with his nature. His confidence through the roof. For her, a constant reminder of what she had done, now worsened by the fact that she knows it was her doing that created him.

Because even though she had been deceived herself, she had been fully aware of what she was doing the moment she pierced the boy's heart. (Note; The female character in this can have whatever role you desire or you feel is fit; I am quite flexible, though of course that of a priest or nun would be rather bizarre and unacceptable. :P)

Blimey, spent a bit too much writing that last one, I guess I'll leave at this for now. PM me for a high response rate if interested, if you have changes to the ideas or feel to elaborate on some, contact me as well. Most of them are more about the world itself and the type of relationship between characters, rather than the situation. So yea.. eh.. cheerio.
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