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May 25, 2018, 04:17:21 AM

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Author Topic: I ask of you, are you my Master? (Fate/Stay night inspired RP!Need F char)  (Read 434 times)

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Offline ChangingsaintTopic starter

Hello to all readers. I have another idea thread but this thread is pertaining specifically to one idea that I have been very much craving to write about and expand with a certain writer. I recently finished watching the anime Fate/Zero, which is part of the Fate/stay night continuity. At the moment, I am really badly desiring an RP based off of the plot and style of the fate/stay night series, though it would be involving our own original and new characters, rather than using any of the characters from the visual novel or various spinoffs. You do not have to be (intimately) familiar with the universe of the setting at large, but at least looking up some stuff on a wiki or reading up on it would help a ton. Additionally, if you are not interested in a plot that has some inspiration from anime, this is definitely not the thread from you. I’m not really looking for kawaii uguuu stuff at all, but this is an RP that was as said, inspired from a japanese thing.

The overall plot i’d like is a non-cannon grail war located somewhere in America, maybe a larger city of sorts. Seven Mages from various walks of life from trained and expert practitioners, to those who were self taught or even just people with magical aptitude involved in the wrong place, and the wrong time are drawn to the conflict in the city. The goal of this ‘war’ is simple – to be the last Mage involved in the conflict and earn a wish from The Holy Grail, and to do that – the Mages summon powerful Servants – magical beings based off the legends and stories of ‘heroes’ from myth and legend. Arthur, Lancelot, Gilgamesh, Enkidu – all of these are examples of heroes summoned or capable of being summoned. Just as there are seven Mages, there are seven Servants, each belonging to a unique ‘class’. Saber, Archer, Rider, Caster, Lancer, Assassin, and Berserker – each with their own foibles and specialties. Mages fight using these Servants as proxies, aiding them and trying to survive themselves. Servants possess skills and weapons from their previous life known as Noble Phantasms – and the identity of both the Servant and these phantasms are kept a secret for tactical reasons. Afterall, if you know the identity of a Servant, you can learn who they were and what weaknesses they have.

This story would focus on a Mage and a Servant pairing specifically. I would prefer to play the Mage as a male, with a female Servant... But I have ideas for male Servants as well, providing I like my partner and think it could be interesting. The specific idea for the Mage is up in the air... But I like the idea of a self taught Mage, someone not from a magical family or teaching – someone self taught and involved in the war by proxy. Maybe he summoned a Servant as protection when he was targeted by another Mage, or perhaps he ‘finds’ the Servant of a dead Mage, and takes up the magical contract that Servant had with a Mage before, lest the Servant vanish back into the nether with an unfulfilled wish. Is the Servant forthright and earnest with their identity? Do they keep it hidden from their Master? If so, why? But together, the Mage and his Servant together must face a group of other Mages and Servants, each with their own skills, deadly prowess, and desires that they want to see fulfilled.

I like the idea of the Mage character perhaps being terminally ill in a sense, or someone who does not have a lot of time left. Is he sick with a disease? Cursed from another Mage with the curse beginning to take its toll? Is funneling his own mana into his Servant taking a steady toll on his body? But the idea of his wish being to keep himself alive... Only to see himself falling for this Servant, to want to see her wish fulfilled and damn his own life if necessary. Of course I also really love a happy ending, but sometimes you know, the hero dies. But sometimes not! Thats something that can be discussed quite readily.

And of course through the course of the story, there would be dilemmas. Body counts of both Mages and the uninvolved would ratchet up – a ‘war’ taking its bloody toll. Does the hero prevent as many deaths as he can? Is his Servant more callous or grim about the loss of life? The other Mages could be heroes, villains, or even neutral... With their Servants having the same gamut and range. So there would be action, drama, romance, etc!
Overall the partner i’m looking for is one who I hope to write a long term, engaging, and hopefully detailed story with. A writing partner who is unafraid to write for both their character and NPC’s  (As i’d be doing the same with NPC’ing) and someone I could collaborate with. I’m very open to ideas and thoughts on this RP. If you are interested at all after having read this wall of text, by all means send me a PM or reply here. Oh, and read my ons and offs just to make sure we're compatible.