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Author Topic: M for F - Serious writing. LOTR Fan needed. Book knowledge, not movie!  (Read 379 times)

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Offline Retro HereticTopic starter

I would like to start out by saying that this RP will be very important to me, it is an idea I have had for years but have never truly brought to fruition. I am not a very big fan of ripping off of other peoples work and using worlds in popular fiction but I have been a Tolkien nut since I was 11 years old and first picked up The Hobbit. This RP, will be my foray into middle-earth, something I have always wanted to do. If you, are a serious writer who shares the same love for the greatest trilogy ever written (if you are a true fan you will know what I just said was a false statement) than please join me in this story, a story that we can weave together and write!

I want to do something a bit odd, I want to write in a Tolkien-esqe style, those of you who have read The Lord of the Rings know that it was written majorly as a linguistic novel rather than an adventure. That being said it was odd in it's time, it was written as a history as well and not in the normal manner that a fiction would be written. I wish to manipulate, if we can the style of J.R.R. Tolkien.

While this is to be manipulated into a Tolkien-esqe style form of writing, we must not forget that this IS an adult RP site and there will certainly be adult themes used within the RP.

This RP should be beautiful, verbose, and well composed. I am going to be EXTREMELY picky with who I pick for my partner...I want to make sure you can handle it, and I want to make sure you have the drive to take on such a project as this. My usual posting length is one thousand words or more, that being said I would prefer quality over quantity of course, however if we write in the style mentioned above I see no problem in going to that length, or beyond. That being said, let me give you some story.

-The timelines are in accordance with the actual timeline set out by J.R.R. Tolkien, as are the places, people, and events mentioned with the exception of the character of Valimril, the elven maiden, the battle of The Belfalas, and the flight of the Edhellond settlers which were created by me to make sure they were not cannon with the story line and may be something altogether new, while still functioning correctly within the world of Arda-

The Background
Before the War of the Ring life in Middle-Earth went on as it normally would, though even before the war and the Long Expected Party in which Frodo Baggins received the Ring of Power the threat of Mordor was still real. The Orcs poured from it's black gates in a number unprecedented since the second age, and the tower of Kirith-Ungal was busy with the Agents of the Dark Lord Sauron. The year is TA 2952 and only a year after the Necromancer had revealed himself as Sauron in his Fortress of Barad-Dur (Just for a time reference Bilbo returned to Bag End from his adventure in 2942 and Frodo doesn't even leave with the Ring until 3018)

War is all but inevitable as the Dark Lord gathers all foul and fel creatures to his black gates, the aging King of Rohan Fengel, father of Thengel and grandfather of Theodon has not responded to the aid requested by their cousins to the south. Gondor has requested horsemen to secure it's borders and patrol the outlying lands of Mordor and no one word has come.

The white council is preparing to meet (for the last time) in the coming year to discuss the need and the strategy to fight against the evil in the East. During TA 2952 the Corsairs of Umbar have allied themselves with Mordor and sail north to pillage and harass the southern and western edges of Gondor by sea. The Bay of Belfalas becomes a war zone as the Umbarians descecrate and tear down the statue of Az-Pharazon, the last Numenorian King. It is near at this site between Edhelland and Dol-Amroth that the cousin of Prince Adrahil II (Who is the father of the future Prince Imrahil, one of the Captains of the West in The Lord of the Rings) makes his stand with five hundred Gondorian soldiers of Belfalas and Dol-Amroth against the Umbarian Corsairs who have come to raid and harass the people.

It is of note to say that the conflict to occur has not only attracted the notice of Dol-Amorth and it's Prince, but has also attracted the attention of the settlement of Edhellond to the north, one of the few elven settlements which did not sail to the west and had chosen to remain in Middle-Earth along with the Mirkwood, Lothlorian, and Rivendell elves. While the small settlement of one hundred or so elves have no true fighters they have sent scouts and were the ones who had warned Dol-Amroth of the coming invasion.

Before going further into these events it is worthy to give reference to the line of Imraz├┤r who was a numenorian and the first of his line to take control of Dol-Amroth and spawn the line of princes there. He had wed the Silvan Elf Maiden Mithrellas in his youth and her lineage is still apparent in the heirs and family today. It is often said that the Princes and their households are more fair than most men of Gondor and still hold to their elven blood.

My Character
So Valimril cousin of the Prince, son of Ecthelil (who was uncle to Prince Aradhil) stands at the forefront of his army preparing for their charge against the Umbrians on the coastal region of the Bay of Belfalas, it is a force that is evenly matched to theirs, though it will still be a tough battle with the enemy's propensity to fight dishonorably. The battle will wage, and the outcome will be determined in the story! (very quickly I might add) I would rather not say too much about Vilimril yet as there is much to be said within the story itself!

Your Character
The settlement of Edhellond fears that the defeat of Dol-Amrothian soldiers are imminent, the corsairs number too many and will be too much of a match for them when the reinforcements come. The elves have decided to leave these lands and run to Lorien to be with their kin and flee the soon to be war torn countryside. Yet, as they flee down the river Morthand towards Edoras, to make the pass of the mountains and continue north they are set upon by a company of Orcs who ambush them from the river banks with a volley of arrows. Near all of the elves are scattered or killed...yet two escape and run back to the south. A sister and brother, the brother has taken an arrow to the thigh and has a difficult time walking while the sister must assist him. They must return to the south where know that shelter and help can be trek north would only trek further into unknown territory.

After the battle on the coast Valimril leads his army to the north to secure the lands and runs across this sister and brother, the young noble man offers them aid. Yet her brother is far too gone and his wound has festered and become does not look good for the young elf and indeed he passes during the first night. Valimril is left to console and tend to the young maiden, who begs him to take her north to Lorien to see if she can reunite with any family who escaped, or at least be with her own people.

What will happen from here? Who knows, will love kindle between these two as the story unfolds? Will he bring her to Lothlorien safely, or must his sense of duty to his Prince return him to Dol-Amroth to continue to wage war against the evil of the east?

Let's weave this story together and find out, shall we?
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Here are the links to some of my current RPs so that you may see my writing and determine whether or not you wish to RP. I know that you can dig through my posts anyway, but I find it is much easier just to provide links :)

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