Looking for a detailed writing partner - Man looking for woman writer

Started by Kenshin, August 17, 2012, 10:03:48 PM

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At the moment I have many requests and a few stories going on, I am no longer accepting new stories. You can still pm me to chat if you wish.
I am looking for someone who can write at least a paragraph per response, if not more. Someone who can challenge my writing skills.

I am looking for someone who can help me lead the story and not have me just carry them. If you have any idea's and would like to discuss send me a PM, most of my RP's have a dark theme to them. The vampires I am familiar with are the Vampires from the lore of Anne Rices Vampire Chronicles.

Pairings I am looking for:


Vampire pairings

  • Vampire/human
  • Vampire/underling
  • Underling/vampire

Angels and demons pairings
  • Demon/Angel - Or Vice Versa
  • Fallen/Angel - Or Vice Versa
  • Fallen or demon/Human - Or Vice Versa

Human Based pairings

  • Solider/civilian - Or Vice Versa
  • Rich/Poor

Setting based desires

  • Medieval
  • 15 years in the future in Russia
  • Present time in a big city, Los Angeles, or NewYork
  • Any other, these are just suggestions.

Story ideas

The awaking of an Ancient -  An ancient vampire who was around 2500 years old awakens from his sleep to find the world completely changed. The last thing he remembers is the Roman Empire's collapse and the betrayal that would ultimately leave him buried for over 1500 years. Because his blood was so close to the original vampires, and so old he was a very powerful vampire. He was buried inside of a sealed coffin made of marble and was left inside of a underground tomb that had been discovered close to the Hungarian city of Nagykanizsa. He awoke as his coffin was shattered by the grave robbers, and in a weakened state his naked body fell to the floor. They thought he was dead, as he looked like a rotting corpse. The grave robbers smashed his body with a sledge hammer to further disrespect the dead breaking his ribs, but his right hand grabbed the man with hammers ankle before he could hit hit again.

The vampire brought the man to the ground and fed off of him and the other two watched in fear, a spell overcame them as the vampire's aura regained its now greater strength. When he dropped the man to the ground his body began to form again. He looked into the eyes of the men and they began to shoot at him with 9mm pistols, something the vampire had never seen before. He quickly subdued them both in fear of what strange things they held, and he fed from them both.

He walked out of the tomb wearing dirty ripped clothing, and in his pockets he hid the pistols. The world he awoke to was different, and he knew nothing of it. Everything was so... fascinating.