Feamle lookin' for New RP Partners! F and M are welcome!

Started by NorthernQT, August 17, 2012, 06:55:51 PM

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Helluuu!  :)

With summer at an end, most of my partners have faded away...  so I'm lookin' for some new ones! 

I could really use some more F/F roleplays, but I will also do M/F, with me playin' as the girl (for a guy), or as the guy (for a girl).

I was goin' to say around 8 o'clock or later (EST time) would be best...  but that's just for IM sake.  Even then, I can be on randomly through out the day and catch you.  Not to mention I also do Forum or Email roleplays, as well, though I still prefer they move quite fast, at least one or more posts a day.  I realize people have lives and things to do...  but I also know there are others with more time on their hands, so that would be awesome!  :)

As far as what I like, I have an O/O page.  It may be a little outdated, I haven't checked it out in a while; but it's still fairly accurate as a general reference for what I'm into.  I can list a couple, though...

Modern/Realism  ((I can do a little of Fantasy mixed in, maybe))
DRAMA!  <3<3<3, along with twists and spontaneous things!  ((I think they keep the story interestin' and movin' forward, cause there's no end to the possibilities in a roleplay!))
Unique Characters ((Cliche can be okay, too))
Switch or Dom characters prefered.  ((I will accept Submissive characters too as long as they're not a doormat!  It's no fun.))
Teasing/Foreplay are a must!  ((Nothin' gets me more heated up than the foolin' around BEFORE sex.  Even when a quickie is to come, if there's leadin' up to it, I won't be interested.))
Humor/Sass/Attitude/Sarcasim, etc!  ((It's all good!))

Umm...  I dunno off the top of my head.  Hit me up if you're interested at all!  :)  Can reach me on IM now, my info should be below my name, or send me a PM!