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Author Topic: Scenes from a twisted mind.  (Read 376 times)

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Offline JezalTopic starter

Scenes from a twisted mind.
« on: August 17, 2012, 11:51:51 AM »
Hi, my name is Jezal.
And these are a few of the tales I would like to explore.

----------------------- ALL STORYLINES ARE NOW TAKEN. ------------------------------
(You may still express interest, in exceptional cases I will invite you to play.)

Soft & Romantic
- The Blind Date (any)
- The Longtime Friend (any)

Rough stuff
- The Breakup (F)

Non-consensual scenes
- The Forest (any | M)
- The Basement (f | f&m)

Introductory remarks.

  • All of these scenarios are set on earth, modern era. As for alternate settings, I will be looking to join in others scenes or stories, feel free to PM me.
  • If you are offended or turned off by non-consensual scenes, please, do not read those scenarios.
  • I will develop characters for the scenes upon request or after the scene is agreed upon. I enjoy the character coming to life through the telling.

Soft and Romantic

The Blind Date (need any)

Its an old modern story, two single people, whose friends are fed up with seeing them lonely. The blind date has been set up, each has been given an envelope and dropped off at a somewhat fashionable café. Sitting on opposite sides of the room, they open the envelopes and read the instructions.

Dear friend,

As you know we are tired of you being tired of being alone. And since you apparently can't seem to find a suitable date yourself, likely because you are too busy and picky, we have decided to give you a nudge. In this envelope you will find half of your itiniary for today. Your date has the other half. Our mutual friend Joe has rented a limo (OK its not a limo, its just nice a car with a privacy partition) and will be driving you for the day. Don't worry about expenses, all of this is funded by both of your christmas and birthday gifts for the next year. We wish you the best of luck and hope you have a great time. On the next page you will find a picture of your date. What are you waiting for? Go over and say hi!

Have fun,
your friends.

Pretty straight forward, your character will have to live in or near a city and like men (I may play a different gender upon request).
We each decide every other item on the agenda. They do not have to be actually  good ideas for date activities. Bonding over their friends being bad at setting dates can be fun.
This RP could, of course, end as a purely romantic scenario, it could get sexual or end platonically. Follow ups are a possibility, but lets take one step at a time.

The Longtime Friend (need any)

They had known each other forever. Went to the same primaryschool and highschool, lived across the street. Ever since hormones kicked in they had had an eye for each other, secretly of course. As all such tales of longing stares go, nothing came of it. He moved away to go to college and work. When he moved back five years later, she was still there.
He invited her over to help him move in, promising some great homemade food in return. They both felt the old tingling of butterflies return in force, as the doorbell rang. Would they have the courage to tell each other how they felt this time?

The helpful friend: Any gender and need not have stayed in the town, but she/he is established there at the time of the return.
I prefer to play the returning friend and male, but I'm open to suggestions (I can play either swap roles or play a different gender upon request).

Rough Stuff

The Breakup (need female)

There had been moments of intense passion, deep love and furious anger. It was a miracle they had lasted as long as they did. What was the final drop? It was hard to tell. To an outsider, the mutual cheating in the end would have seemed like the obvious culprit, but they both knew that was only the final symptom of a dysfunctional relationship. Neither knew the other had found out about their infidelity, but they where both looking to get one final night before they'd break it off. This was going to be a rough night, for both of them.

I'm not seeing abuse here, they won't have been physically hurting each other, like punching or kicking. But the sex has got to be hot and rough. Hair-pulling, biting (without blood) and scratching seems to be in the cards.
The woman: Pretty much any strong, hot-headed, independent female character.
I'll play the man, open for input, but he is a strong, passionate man.
I'm not open to gender variants in this scenario.


The Forest (Need any victim or male violator)

It had been a lovely day, the sun was shining and a gentle breeze rustled in hair. A perfect day for a stroll through the old path, on the edge of the forest. The path saw frequent use, by locals and tourists alike, looking to ease their mind in a peaceful setting.
As the sun was setting, the last few people had moved on, the path had an eerie abandoned feel to it. It was starting to get chilly. Getting the last serene breath of fresh forest air before heading back to the busy city, the decision to head home was a sad, but necessary one. A chill from the cold was followed by a chill of worry, as she noticed the tall man in dark clothes walking, further along on the path.
Uncertain whether to continue or go back, she quickly settled on moving forward. She had only ever met nice, polite people when walking in the area and the way back would be a hopeless detour. Still another chill went across her back and the man she had followed for the last minute was no longer to be seen. Had she only imagined him, was the shadows playing tricks?
She concluded that there was nothing to worry about and let her shoulders down. At that point she heard something behind her, close behind her. As she started to turn, she felt a strong arm wrapped around her waist and trapping her arms. She started kicking, and her eyes widened considerably as she saw a large, leather gloved, hand quickly approach her face with a piece of damp cloth. The smell was so wrong...
When she came to, she was lying on the forest floor. As she raised her eyes she realized she was in a glade, surrounded by a dense forest of large treetrunks. In front of her was a blurry dark figure.

The victim: Can be any gender, but she or he is not physically imposing.
The perpetrator: A natural man, tall and physically imposing.
This can be a single scene or it can be dragged out over several. With the possibility of adding further characters (NPC or players) to either side.
How extreme we go is mostly up to you. I'm more than capable of playing all but the most extreme (Snuff!) and tame (Pre planned & agreed beforehand).

The Basement. (Need victim, female or couple)

Jeanette was at home. It was 11 am and she woke from her restless sleep by the sound of contruction work across the street. Her husband was at work and this was her time to get some proper rest. Severely annoyed, she got hurriedly dressed and went outside to give them a piece of her mind.
As she approached the construction site, several of the men gave her long looks and one whistled at her. She appraoched the foreman who seemed thoroughly unimpressed by her tirade. "We have a job to do mam. If you are bothered by the noise, I can recommend some excellent earplugs." She left in a huff and heard the men talking, not so subtly, to each other and throwing obscene suggestions after her.
As she got home, she thought about the incident. Although she was offended and annoyed, a different emotion alarmed her. There was something about men working with their hands, sweat glistening on their tan bodies. She had to focus, try to focus on her reading. But the thought kept returning. Her husband worked a regular deskjob and she loved him of course, she reminded herself, but the image of the men outside and the faces that promised no sensitivity to her needs. The faces that spoke only of what they wanted, regardless of how she felt about it. She snapped back to her book and left the thoughts.
The doorbell rang and Jeanette rose to get it. Looking at her watch, she wondered who could be calling at her door at four thirty. As she opened she saw the foreman standing in front of several of the men, all dressed in their work wear. The heavy musk of their sweat penetrated her nostrils. "How can I help you?" She asked dismissively, still annoyed from earlier and especially at the thoughts they had planted in her mind.
"Is your husband home, mam?" The forman spoke with a rough voice. "No, he is still at work I'm afraid. What do you want?" She repeated, even more annoyed now. "We have come to check on the piping in your basement, mam. Can't finish the work outside until its fixed." With a heavy sigh, she showed them towards the basement. Only then did her distracted mind stop to consider why there had to be so many of them. She looked at her watch again, why they where doing this at four thirty? Jeanette heard a call from below. "Mam, we are going to need some help down here."

The Victim: is a married, natural female. She has to have some backbone. The relationsip to her husband is either good or she is disappointed in his lack of masculinity. (She does not need to be as arrogant as in the intro above).
Second victim: Her husband.  Not a very masculine man, has an office job.
We do not need both roles filled to play the scene, I will just take up the male roles. As long as the characters conform to some degree to these criteria adjustments can be made (especially with regards to the female perspective in the intro). The male character will only arrive after some time in the scene.
How extreme we go is mostly up to you. I'm more than capable of playing all but the most extreme (Snuff!) and tame (Pre planned & agreed beforehand).

I have a thread in group requests looking for two people for a medium to long cuckolding story-line. Its somewhat or at least, potentially related.
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